2007-08-27: DF: Shadow Boxing


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Summary: A impromptu training session with with shadow abilities and punching— and then some serious stuff tacked on the end. It's Peter. Go figure.

Dark Future Date: August 27th, 2009

Shadow Boxing

Rising Phoenix Towers

Its late in the evening, and most people are asleep. Most people, but not all. Normal people are in bed, not normal people are working, and members of the so called Saints are trying to deal with the latest in what seems to be a series of strikes against them. They get Jack back, then they loose Cass. The world isn't fair.

Of course, the world in general seldom is.

Eric Lancaster though isn't thinking about thease things though. He is trying to meditate, trying to center himself a little bit. One of the best ways he's found to do that is to go to the training room and…well…work himself half to death. Currently the young man is in the middle of a twisting series of martial katas, slowly moving though the forms in order to memorise the way the flow from one move to the other.


The world isn't fair. Not in the least. In the few days after losing Cass, Peter's not left the building since he returned from the S*Y*N nightclub. In fact he's under "house arrest" in a way, by way of the Dark Angel of the Saints. Which is for the best because there's a lot of trouble he can manage to get himself into. At this late hour in the night, though, he's wandering the halls, quiet and silent, but not as outright devestated as he'd looked when the young man saw him last. He'd even cooked breakfast this morning— a tad later than normal. And who knows how many people ate it— he'd left the kitchen once everything was laid out and went back to his room and only returned to clean up later.

It could be he was planning to get some training room time in since, once again, he's unable to sleep. Nightmares. Upon entering the training room, he spots the young man, who he has much more in common with than one would think, and he watches him quietly for a time. Interupting someone like this is never a good idea. He'll watch in silence until the man's finished— or apparently finished— before he says anything, "Where'd you learn all that?"


Someone else is there. Eric isn't near as good at that sort of thing as Elena is, he dosn't cheat at least…but he can feel is just a moment before Peter speaks. Its the shadows, a subtle change, an added patch of darkness. That he can feel. His eyes stay closed though as he preforms a series of slow kicks. Knowing that he has an audiance he cuts his kata short though, coming to a smooth stop before breathing out slowly.

Eyes open, eyes that are still that odd pale silver color that he uses for seeing in the dark. "…Louis tought me some, school others…a little bit I learned from Jack…though he's more of a brawler than I'll ever be." He adds with a slight smirk before he turns towards Peter. Dressed in a light t-shirt and a barefoot, wearing a pair of karate pants he raises an eyebrow. "…couldn't sleep?" He asks, at least Eric seems a bit calmer than he did before.


"Never learned any of that," Peter admits, stepping a little further into the room, closing some of the distance. He's dressed in looser clothes, ones borrow from the Saints, actually. They're better suited for training clothes than ones he'd pick out for himself. Favoring the grayscale of things. "No, not— really. Most every night I— don't sleep well. Not since I got here." The time isn't doing much for his sleeping at all. "Started using Elena's ability to try and force my body to sleep— but it still doesn't last as long as I'd like it to." Which is why he's wandering the halls, why he's away. Maybe this is part of his way of mourning. His way of dealing with failure. There's a long pause, as if he's considering something. Then… "Do you think you could teach me? Just a little. I— I trained with Elena before, mostly the obstacle courses— and with her ability, but…" She's busy now.

"Well its useful now, didn't know it was going to be way back then," Eric replies with a smirk. "I learned it in the beginning to keep fit, have something to do. Helps with focus and meditation." He gives Peter a look then, a thoughtful look coming to his face.


"…I wonder if thats times way of trying to get you to go back," Eric says softly before he shakes his head slightly. At the question of training though he blinks slightly. "…well I guess I could show you most of the basics." He says with a slight nod of his head. "Heck…I can even show you a few tricks that I use with my power…I don't know how useful they would be to you."


"I read a couple books on meditation— did some practice on my own, but nothing like that. It was mostly to try and keep my abilities in check." Peter has so many that need to have some semblance of control, else there's a strong chance of major damages. Kaboom or otherwise. "Maybe— could also be— I've had dreams before, where things happened. And— well they weren't really dreams." It's difficult to explain, but with all of his abilities? "But I will go back— I don't think I can yet. Feels like I'm missing something. Like— it's hard to explain." Maybe he'll know when it's time? Or maybe he's hoping that Hiro will show back up and help him get back. But he'll be leaving soon, as he's supposed to…

"Basics might be good. Haven't done much with your ability— except make rooms dark apparently, but doesn't hurt to have some demonstrations."


"Well you know best," Eric replies with a slight grin towards Peter before he hrmmms to himself. Well, for the moment it might be the best to just stay on training terms with him, though its mildly amusing. The man is seven or eight years older than him. Ah well. "Visions or dreams, they don't seem to be pleasent enough to sleep with…so lets think about something else." He adds with a slight shrug of his shoulders. "Like…you say…the basics." He waves Peter into the room and onto the mat. Its just a simple layout at the moment, a few mats laid down for padding and little else. "You can take your shoes off or leave them on, whichever your more comfortable with." He raises an eyebrow then before watching Peter. "…alright. Punch at me. Let me see what you have." He says with a slight smile.


Taking off shoes seems the polite way to go. Peter slips his off and sets them aside before walking onto the mat. He's familiar with sports, so the small hints of stretching he does might be because of that— more his arms than anything else. Thinking about other things would be exactly why he's here, so— that's a good thing. Basics of beating someone up, or getting the snot beat out of him— He had one lesson with Prime, but that had been abusing abilities. This time— he's not thinking about using them. Though he could probably cheat a little and use Elena's. Not yet. There's a skeptical look when he's asked to punch, a hint of a quirked eyebrow— but then he does just that. It's not a martial arts punch, that's for sure.
Peter is also aiming for the face, because that's the place he knows where to punch.


Its not a martial arts punch. Its a brawler's punch. Eric's old teachers would have shaken their heads and beaten the bad habbits out of Peter. However Eric dosn't have that luxury or that time. His hand snaps to push with the palm of his hand against Peter's wrist at the same time his head moves in the opposide direction, Peter's fist connecting with nothing but air. "…right. So you've learned more like Jack and Elena…" He says with a slight nod to himself. "…you know how to punch at least." He adds, noteing how he makes his fist and swings his body.

"…since you know that already…you get to learn target areas…and then how to cheat." He says with a grin. "…now…the best places to hit with your fist…is actually not the face." Pause. "…well…unless your /you/ and can regenerate broken knuckles at least. Throat, center of the chest, knock the wind out of them and then pummel them at your leisure." He adds with a grin. "…or you just stright up cheat."

He steps back a moment before closing his eyes. "…now…you can make a whole room dark…but see if you can just create a /little/ bit of darkness. Like a cloak…just enough to blur your outline and make your opponent unsure just where you really are." As he speaks he deminstrates, and soon there is this almost mist like film of indistinct shadows cloaking his arms and legs. "…they don't know where to parry if they can't see your hands."


Yeah, he can regenerate broken knuckles. Face is the place he knows to hit. But he does listen and nod. Peter can pay attention, at the very least. Hitting someone in the throat actually sounds rather… mean. It's not easy to learn all of this in a day— and he's not expecting to leave a better fighter overnight. But at least… he's trying. "Invisibility might be easier for that," he mentions softly, squinting at the weird shadowy outline that he can't quite see through. "But since Sylar already has invisibility when I come from— it'd probably help to try something else." Or then they'd just be fighting each other invisible.

He looks at the man, and then down at his own hands. There's a pause, and then— it starts to happen with him to. It's a lot easier to focus on an ability when he's seeing it being used right in front of him, when the person it comes from is right there— that's how he'd gotten so good with invisibility. There's a pause, and then he takes a test swing at the other man, choosing the chest region this time. He's better accustomed to hitting faces— and bleeding for it.


Well yes, but they weren't supposed to be playing /nice/ now are they? Eric smirks slightly before he nods. "…well this is true. Invisibility might be better, but it does set up something else you can do with my power." He adds with a nod. "…and this might surprise Sylar. You can always also throw darkness at his eyes. It might help you if your opponent can't see." He adds with a slight shrug.

He nods slightly. "…thats almost perfect," He murmurs before he has to take a step back…almost missing the dodge of that punch towards his midsection. He raises an eyebrow. "…see…it works wonders when someone has to dodge and doesn't exactly know /what/ he's dodging." Then a nod before he glides forwards himself, aiming a punch of his own towards the center of Peter's chest.

"When you punch…use your hips and your body to give it more force as well…" He adds.


Though there may have been an attempt to dodge on Peter's part— he still gets hit solidly in the chest. At least he doesn't get knocked onto his backside by the hit, which could've been a possibility. Taking a few large steps back, he gasps for breath to keep from losing it entirely. He probably should have bruises in the morning from that— but he won't. "Right— hips and body," he says, rubbing the area that'd been hit. Apparently, even with regeneration, he's not a fan of pain. There's hints of complaining in his tone.

"The blinding thing would be useful— I don't think he'd expect that." It's not been demonstrated, though, and he doubts it could be practiced on this particular opponent anyway— so he waits til his breath is all better before he steps forward and attempts that advice. Hips and body both— increase force. And this time, he's aiming for the neck, despite not really wanting to hurt him at all. He can heal, though, right?


Eric actually looks kinds suprised at that. "…er…sorry," He says as he blinks for a moment. "…really, didn't mean to go hit you like that…" He shakes his head slightly. "…but you'll likely get worse than that from anyone that is actually trying to kill you…so remember to dodge eh?" He asks as he almost seems to glide back, his feet not even seeming to move though the haze of shadows around his legs.

"No one usually does, people rely on their sight too much…" He says before his eyes widen just slightly as the fist suddenly darts towards his throat. He has to duck to dodge it. "…much better." He adds after a moment before he grins. "Now again…try to box my movements in, predict where I'm going to dodge to and aim for there…like a chess game."


"No man, it's cool," Peter says, still rubbing his chest a bit. "I've been hurt a lot worse." By a certain invisible man who liked to hit him with a stick and throw him off of buildings, for one. And that was a man he almost considered a friend. Enough that he uses his pigeon coups to send messages to the other time traveller— who hasn't responded and maybe never will. Whatever happened to him, anyway?

The shadowed haze is really starting to bug him, but he's getting used to it. The more in tune he is with the young man's abilities, the more easily he can see around the darkness. It isn't perfect, and it doesn't negate what he's doing, but at least it's something. Box him in, predict movements. For a moment the haze of shadow around him disappears, as it seems he's trying to consentrate. Then he shakes his head. Whatever it was, it didn't work, and he just aims a fist at the other man's chest, again, much the same as he'd just done to him. Predict his movements? Not quite, but he's trying to figure out which way those shadow feet are stepping next.


"Alright then…" Eric replies before he grins at him. "…besides, pain really is a good teacher, at least at the learning to dodge stage." A smirk then before his eyes seem to narrow again towards Peter. He watches that frown though…trying to use different powers against him. Cheating maybe? Why yes. He possibily is! That means Eric can cheat back right?

The punch towards his chest is noted as he flows out of the way. This time though he just grins. "…if you have enough darkness around your hands…you can also do this though…" He adds quietly. "…which is something you can't do invisibly." The darkness around his hands suddenly thickens to pitch black as he swings a blow towards Peter's face…

…a blow that dosn't connect at all, as he shadow walks the fist though the darkness in order to try to land the punch in Peter's chest.

…at least thats the plan.


A blow towards Peter's face! There's a shift to dodge out of the way of that one, with no idea for sure what the man is trying to do, when it suddenly— doesn't connect anywhere near his face. Instead, it lands on his chest. The blow actually doesn't land as hard as the first one, though, only knocking him back a step. A grazing hit, really. Ow. Son of a bitch. When he looks back up, his eyes have changed colors— the small flecks of green he had that only were visible in a certain light are now fully visible, expanded— almost glowing, even. He should know what he just decided to pull out this time. This hit isn't aimed towards any of the areas that he had told him about, but aimed at the face. He can handle bruised and broken knuckles. He knows how to punch people in the face better— even if it leaves him open to counter attacks.


"…now try that," Eric replies as he retracts his hand through the shadows. Ugh oh. He knows that look. He rases an eyebrow towards the older man before he just shakes his head ever so slightly. Getting angry like that…even if it might be useful…doesn't make someone a better or worse fighter. Bad habits can't be unlearned in one day. The shot grazes across his chin and staggers him slightly, though he recovers quickly enough as he shakes his head.

A slight frown tugs at his lips before he glides frowards again. "Your fighting with your emotions," He says quietly, the words arn't insulting or placating, its just a matter of fact statement.


Actually that wasn't anger— it was determination. That's the emotion he associates with Elena— anger would have been something much worse. Peter steps back, taking a slow breath. The green fades out of his eyes. All right— all right— he'll try it his way. "Kinda have to if— nevermind," he tries to explain, shaking his head a little. The triggers for his abilities happen to be emotions, and there's only a few he really needs to avoid losing total control over. He's pretty strong willed in that sense—

The shadow gathers around his fists again, and he waits a moment, before he finally thinks he figured it out. He wheels back for a punch, swings at the man's neck— and the fist goes through shadow, but doesn't come out anywhere near the target area. He'd meant to punch lower with it, but instead his fist's about a foot away from hitting anything. He'd have to trip in the wrong direction to get hurt. Only thing worse would have been punching himself in the face with his own first.


"…your powers work on emotions or something?" Eric asks curiously. He's never even actually talked to Elena or Peter about anything like that. He shakes his head. "I didn't know that…I don't want to handicap you Peter…so do what you have to do." He says with a little bit of a grin.

…a blink then as he notes Peter's fist…trying to tickle him or something.


"…well…at least you got the trick right."


When his hand pulls back, it's still fully intact, at least. Didn't fall off halfway through. Peter gives it a shake, as if it stung a little. "Failed at aiming, though… But— yeah. I think. Based on the people and how— well— how I feel around them, or how they make me feel, I guess." It's never easy to explain. Maybe now he'll realize why the darkness ability randomly pops up at time when the two of them are in a room with a certain beautiful young woman.

There's a pause. Maybe he shouldn't even be trying to throw his fist at him normally? Maybe he should figure out how to aim the… exit? … first. There's a pause, and he swings a fist at— well— the air. That's the point. He's practicing where it will come out, and trying to hit the other man somewhere at the same time. The shadow's definitely thicker around his fist, though, and the portal is a little better aimed. Not tickle range.


"…better, very much better…" Eric murmurs as he actually has to dodge just a bit this time. He nods though before he grins slightly towards them. "Alright…nevermind about fighting with your emotions then…you sort of have too…" He wonders just /what/ emotion that is fixed in Peter's mind when it comes to him…then again…from the past times he might not exactly want to know what emotion it is.

Especially when the room goes dark usually when Elena is involved.

He dances back a moment and then nods slightly towards him. "…you want to continue practicing with that power…" He smirks. "…compared to you I'm a one trick pony…but I'm fairly good at that trick." He adds lightly.


"One trick or not— using it well is better than doing nothing well," Peter says, pulling back to look at his shadowed over hand for a moment. He opens his fist and flexes his fingers. The shadows start to fade out and disappear. "It's easier to try to use when you're right here. Don't need to try and think about it too much." Or think about it at all. It's easier to connect to someone who's right there, after all. There's a pause, before he steps back. "Also helps that you know what you're doing without your abilities, too… that's more than I got going for me."

But, he's trying, and he's getting a little better.

There's a long pause. "Eric. There's— something that…" There's another pause, a hint of hesitation, and then he says, "I'm going to be leaving soon, so… I need you to do me a favor when I leave." That hesitation is there again. How weird to bring this up after they just finished trying to hit each other (and the other one suceeded).


Pausing a moment he blinks as the other man lowers his hands. A raised eyebrow as he does the same, crossing his arms and watching the older man. "…what?" Is all he asks as he hrmms towards him, leaning back on one leg as he settles down from the little training bout.


This would be a serious conversation, or at least Peter seems to think it is. There's that odd set to his jaw for an instance, an intensity around his eyes— very similar to that determination that had been mistaken for anger when his eyes changed colors. "I need you— to take care… I know that you and Elena have an agreement of some kind— and I know that what she's doing here— she puts it before anything else. But…"

There's a slow breath. This isn't easy for him. "She's going to need someone to make sure she spends some time on other things. Even if you have to be… bold with her. And I'm not— talking about the more fun jobs you guys do— like the nun mission or— I'm talking about… the two of you." Is he really giving his rival advice on how to get the girl to start… uh— giving him some time? "Not saying kidnap her away or anything, just…" He sighs.

"I don't know how to explain it, I just want to make sure that— someone will be there for her even when she… might try to tell them she doesn't want them to be. People shouldn't be alone in these situations." Even if that's how they deal with certain things.


He is silent for a long moment, eyes looking away from the older man. Then Eric sighs slightly, bringing a slightly amused smile on his face. "…you sound like Ali." He murmurs softly. "…she told me something similar you know." He adds after a moment as he turns to look at Peter once again. "…but…regardless of what she thinks is the best for her to do…she needs…something else. She'll break if she keeps pushing herself this hard…"

He knows it. He's seen it sence he's been back. Shoulders to young to hold the kind of job that she has, but she does it anyway because someone has too. He smirks though, giving a soft laugh. "…you know…its kind of ironic you telling me thease things." Pause. "…and you /do/ realise that in order to do something like that I might just have to kidnap her. Thats the only thing she'll listen to sometimes." He smirks. "…oh she would be pissed at me wouldn't she?"

He shakes his head slightly. "…you do realise that if she hadn't of gone running after you right after you left, I would have told her something like that." He says with a slight smile aimed towards Peter. "…I know people shouldn't be alone. I won't leve her alone…even if she hates me for it for a little while…" He pushes off the wall then, starting for the door. "…didn't you know Peter?" He grins then, a sharks grin but one full of amusement still. "…I'm stubborn. You have your work cut out for you when you get back." With a grin and a wink then, the tall billionare starts to stroll off deeper into the complex.


"I have my work cut out for me in a lot of ways— but it's this one I'm worried about now, for after I leave." After he leaves! After! "She's stubborn too, so yeha— you may have to kidnap her— lock her away in a room and hold onto her until she stops fighting." Peter knows that he could lose to him when he gets back, that he might have already lost her— but he wants to make sure this one is safe. That she has someone to hold her when she needs it most. She's already been without that long enough, due to her stubborness. "See you." He inclines his head a bit, but makes no move to chase after, actually looking back towards the training room. He might try a few courses before he wanders off to bed.

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