2007-07-29: Shadow Threats


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Summary: Peter returns to the Zoo after dropping off a message for Hiro and runs into Eric, who has a few words for the time traveller.

Dark Future Date: July 29th, 2009

Shadow Threats

Deveaux Rooftop

On the way back from Bat Country, Peter did as he said he would… he walked a long distance invisible and sticking to the sides of buildings in case of a patrol until he felt safe to fly to the area around Central Park West. Short flight, would've been a much longer walk… much longer. Landing a good walk away from the building of choice, he only flies up once he's done looking around.

The pigeon coup is opened, and another piece of paper is written on:

I found a few people I knew before. They're going to help me figure out what happened. Sylar is dead. The Company is small, if they even still exist. Be careful if you approach old friends, they may think you're fake.

It's a short message. There's a pause, before he adds on. Try not to get captured.

It isn't signed.

Folding it up into the 'almost a crane, more of a duck' Peter leaves it in the coup before he flies most of the distance to the Zoo. Where he lands… he still has a good hour's walk. He really needs to learn a more time efficient way of travel now that cabs are out of the question.

Bronx Zoo

An hours walk invisible, and he enters the Zoo. Luckily, the animals still recognize him from yesterday as he drops the cloak… and walks in with a bloodied leg below the knee, and torn pants. But he's walking just fine now.


"…you seem to have had a rather intresting day," Comes a cheerful voice from off too the right, near a few ruined cages overgrown with vines. There stands a smiling young man, he's got two scars on his face, one above the eye and the other along his chin. He is smiling though, behind mirrored shades. The rest of his clothes are a fine pair of black slacks and a grey silk button down shirt. The shirt is rolled up past his elbows though.

"You remember me?" The figure asks as he grins towards Peter, hands crossed over his chest and with a smile spread across his face.


There's a blink at the voice, which draws his attention towards the right and the overgrown vines. The scars draw his attention, but the young man himself does ring a few mental bells. Peter tilts his head in surprise and then walks closer to the area, looking him up and down. "Eric?" They weren't the best of friends two years ago, casual aquintances and a source of jealousy of sorts, but enough that he recognizes the man. "I heard you were still…" he trails off, then looks down towards his leg. "Oh, right— I got shot— Apparently I didn't know the proper code." And honestly he still doesn't know much of it, just enough to get into the labs without getting shot next time. "Are you… okay?"


"Got it in one," Eric Lancaster replies with a grin towards the other young man. "…rumors of my death and all that…" He adds after a moment, with a slight smirk. "I didn't expect to see you here though. I just decided to droped by here to say hello to Daphne." He replies as he starts to stroll towards Peter. "…yes though I'm fine. I just moved back to New York is all."


"I actually didn't— think you were dead…" Peter says, looking a little nervous, which depending on how long it's been since Eric last saw him… it might look very different from how he normally would. "You've changed a lot…" And from the look of him, he might not have changed a bit in two years— because he hasn't. "How long were gone?" It's weird, because everyone else mentioned how his hair looked, and as if he shaved off some huge beard he must have— When he's actually got stubble from the fact he hasn't shaved since he teleported into this future.


"I've been gone for a year and a half at least," Eric replies with a shrug. "…well we both changed alot." He adds after a moment as he slides his hands into his pockets. "I take it you were gone too? Or something similar." He smirks slightly. "Knowing you it could be almost anything right?" He has a tone of subtle jesting in his tone as he watches Peter.


"Almost anything… yeah…" Peter trails off, looking towards the depths of the Zoo. Why would this young man be gone for so long? A year and a half… There's a hint of anxiety in the set of his jaw, but when he looks back he gives an answer. "I'm actually from the past. Two years and a few days ago. Last I remember you were in Spain with…" There's a pause, a slow breath. "You were in Spain."


"…" Wow. Thats not something you hear every day.

Eric pauses a moment to stare at Peter before he slooowly sighs and shakes his head. "You know Peter…" He says slowly. "…if it was /anyone/ else I'd say you were crazy as a loon. However…since its you…I almost think your telling the truth."

He sighs though and shakes his head, looking away from the other young man. "…yes. With Elena." He says quietly. "…it was a fun trip." He adds is a soft voice, before he sighs. "You have alot of catching up to do. Depending on how long your going to stay."


"Maybe I am," Peter says, rubbing a hand through his hair, which has been dramatically windblown. The mention of Elena actually draws a hint of a guilty expression from his eyes, before he looks back towards the taller, if not older man. "I'm glad it was a good trip. She never returned any of my calls…" he trails off, looking away again. Now he's fidgeting with the sleeve of his shirt as if trying to pick something off that isn't even there.

"I am telling the truth, though— all the prophecies— the paintings and Desiree's visions… they weren't enough. Cass told me about one and I decided to find the guy who can travel through time and— here I am." The hand drops away, and he looks back up again. "I'm only staying as long as I need to to… find out how to fix this. Change it. Make it so this… make it better." Save the future.


Eric looks down for a long moment as Peter talks. He glances back up towards the younger brother of the man that caused him so much trouble over the years. A slight shake of his head and he smiles slightly. "Well…if anyone can do it." He murmurs. "…she was so mad at you, you know." He adds softly. Again he hrmms a moment before he looks back towards the other young man. "…so what do you need to do Peter Petrelli…to get rid of this…hell…we all found ourselves in."

He pauses a moment before he laughs. "…and yes. I do believe you. Why the hell would you lie about something like this?" He asks with a smirk. "…it sounds like something the old you would do. Save the future."


There's a wince. Peter seems to be fully aware of just how pissed off the younger Hispanic girl would be. Even after her name was mentioned twice today— there's hesitation to ask about her— even if there's visible clues he's holding something back. Instead he picks the saving the world topic to start, "I don't know— Need to find out what caused all this— the war I've heard about, the tornadoes and the storms— what caused my brother to…" He trails off. There's another grimace. He doesn't seem to want to accept what he might have had to say there.

Instead of trying to figure out more, he looks back up to make eye contact and asks something that has nothing at all to do with saving the future… as far as he knows. "Is Elena okay? I heard— Lachlan said she was around, but I haven't…"


"…to go insane? To make this a living hell? To cause the deaths of everyone that mattered to me besides Elena and a few select friends?" Eric replies, his voice and his eyes turning hard as he looks away from Peter a moment, the anger an almost palpable thing there. The shadows ripple like a live thing around him. He's gotten more powerful it seems.

He shakes his head though, mastering the anger before he breathes easier. Turning back towards Peter. His eyes though as still hard, his posture still tence.

"…no Peter. She's not okay. None of us are." He finally says quietly, his eyes narrowing. "Not a one of us are. She lost family, just like the rest of us. She's changed. Just like the rest of us." He shakes his head slightly. "Ramon is still alive. He works for me." He adds after a moment. Just incase Peter was wondering.

Turning away from Peter though, Eric shakes his head. "Ask if you need my help for saving the future Peter. I have an apartment under the name Sven Markisson." He smirks, also giving the apartment complex so he can find it. "I'm technically dead you know. Beside that though…just be careful." A pause again before he sighs. "…and be careful if you talk to Elena. She isn't the same, and if you break her worse than life already has…" He smirks. "…I'll kill you."

And with that Eric turns away and steps into the shadows, and dosn't step out again.


Well, Peter doesn't tend to expect the nicest things from people in this world. Oddly enough he's still shocked that the nicest greeting he got so far was from Lachlan. Cass shot him. Daphne, whom he only met once, glared at him, Jane accussed him of being an illusion, even little Portia looked so broken… But the way this man sounds makes him actually take a step back. The offered name is commited to memory with a nod, as well as the location.

His brother caused the deaths of everyone this man cared about… What happened to turn his brother into this monster? The threat to kill him? Taken seriously. The idea of a broken Elena… it makes him pale. If he broke Elena more than this man says she already is… "I'd let you," is said with a tone of truth before the man disappears into the shadows.

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