2008-01-04: Shaken And Rattled


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Summary: The incorrigible Joule should never be encouraged. Tyson and Ophelia find this out the hard way.

Date It Happened: January 4, 2008

Shaken and Rattled

The R train, somewhere in Brooklyn, en route to Manhattan

The subway is a great place to get where you're going, meet new people, and, oddly enough, relax; the latter of which, Tyson is currently doing as he leans back in his seat watching the darkness of the tunnels go by as stationary patrons of the same car with Ophelia in the seat next to him. They were trying the whole 'people watching' thing again and although it kind of weirded him out to do so, he was ready to give it his all. "… I just hope nobody gets on and ruins all this fun, right?" He speaks quietly to himself and the girl next to him.

"You're paranoid, you know that?" Ophelia murmurs, glancing around quietly. "You need to learn to be able to just sit still and enjoy things." She pats his arm. "So sit still and stop worrying."

The train pulls to a stop and Joule climbs aboard, camera bag slung crosswise over her chest because she got the bright idea to go shoot Brooklyn in the winter without calling her bag caddy first. She's chilled, windburned, and a little out of breath, but she seems to be in good spirits for all that.

"Hush you." Tyson sides as the subway picked up again with its new passengers despite the fact that room in their present car was dwindling… standing car only, it seemed. That being the case, when Tyson notices a weatherworn individual with a small bag, he can't help but stand up to make room. "Miss, you're more than welcome to sit down over here. My friend bites, but it always seems to make my day better…" He's joking, but that joke… sounds a little dirty, to Tyson, at least.

"Ty!" Ophelia promptly nudges him with her elbow, offering a glare. "Don't listen to him. He's verifiably insane. He's got a certificate and everything. He's.. also got tourettes." She nods, knowingly before smirking over at Tyson.

"Hmm?" Joule gives Tyson the 'you talkin' to me?' gesture, then shakes her head. "No thanks. I've been sitting on my arse all day in the freezing cold. I could stand to stand up a bit. Get the circulation back." She grins at Ophelia. "Let me guess. You put up with all that bollocks from him because he's cute." Her expression is wry. She must know the feeling.

"What?" Tyson shrugs as if nothing of the like had been uttered. "Oh, right. SPOOTYMONKEY!" That, however, was done just to spite Ophelia as he takes his seat next to the nudging female having noted the other woman's decline of his offered seat. "Well… if you want a seat, you've got it. And thank you, I am quite cute, aren't I? Though, I've got to admit, my cohort hear has got a leg up on me in that department." This time he nudges Ophelia.

"What?" Ophelia was already red from the comment Joule made about Tyson being cute, but Tyson's own comment embarasses the hell out of her. She answers a bit too quickly. "What? Sorry, Ty, I think your eyes are going. Freak of nature, remember?"

Joule grins at Ophelia. "No reason to be embarrassed, luv," Joule tells the other woman. "'Because they're cute' forgives a multitude of sins. 'Because he can do that thing with his tongue' forgives even more. Other than that, why else wouldja keep 'm around then, hmm?" She hangs from the metal grip, smirking down at the pair of them.

Hearing Ophelia's retort, Tyson can't help but hang his head, only to immediately raise it when he hears the other woman's continued speech. "… Wow…" Is just about all he can say in regards to the statements, and yet he finds himself turning slowly towards his seated travel companion, "So… I'm going to go ahead and assume you know what kind of things she's talking about me doing with my tounge…. Such being the case~" He nudges Ophelia a bit more, looking over at the standing woman with a look on his face that seems to say 'Messing with Ophelia is fun!'

Shitshitshit. Ophelia is actually getting entirely embarassed by all of this. She's red. And really not sure what to do, or say, or think at this point. She folds her arms over her chest… and… doesn't. She doesn't say a word.

"You," Joule declares at Ophelia, "Need to breathe and relax." Not that Ophelia is the only person blushing at Joule's frank and direct terminology.

Yeah, blushing is definitely what Tyson is doing, good thing he's a little too dark for it to be noticed… Still, Tyson watches Ophelia closely, beaming too broadly to be missed; and, frankly, fearing an attack. "Right, Phi… c'mon… calm down… it's not like there's about to be an orgy." Looking from Joule to Ophelia, though…

"'m relaxing." Ophelia murmurs, arms still folded over her chest. She's red, and it's really hard to tell at this point what she's going to do. "I didn't say there was going to be one! Jesus!" She glances out the window. "You guys are freaks."

Joule casts her eyes skyward. "Save me," she says. "'M not a freak. I just am more forthright and direct than you're used to. That doesn't make me a freak. It makes you frightened of new things, and unadaptable, luv. Not my problem, that." She shifts her bag slightly. She reaches into her bag and plucks out her cellphone, deciding she'd rather text while the train is still above ground than try to continue this conversation with the extremely reticent female. Thumbs go quickly.

Tyson shakes his head at where the convesation was going and instead silently opts for carefully rubbing the gal's arm to try and calm the girl's flaring lovenerves, all the while thinking they must come off as some sort of couple when actually… Tyson sighs. "Right, well, freak or not, at least we can all say… Actually, I don't even know… Wait, yeah… Yay life!"

Joule looks up from her cellphone. "Sorry, what? Was texting my love slave." Is she kidding? Does she really have some willing adult male kneeling at the foot of her bed waiting for her return. "Run along, now, kids." Dismissive. Thumbs resume their motion. The lurch of the train doesn't even budge her.

"No. You don't know me." Ophelia murmurs, oddly calm. Calm, but there's a rising anger and passion in the words. "I'm used to forthright and direct, nothing fucking wrong with that. So don't tell me I'm frightened and unadaptable, because I can't fucking change the situation I'm in. I'm not dating Tyson, here. I'm dating a guy named Manny. And I can't ever leave Manny because I seriously care about him. And he /needs/ me. And I need him too. I don't know what the fuck would become of me without him because I'm so fucked up as is. But you poke around the fact that Tyson's cute and he teases and plays along and it's all that I can stand because, yeah. He's cute. He's cute and I like him and he's my best friend. And I like him. But I can't fucking deal with that because I have a boyfriend who I would never, ever want to hurt, and I'd never want to hurt Tyson either. So there are some things that you can't fucking adapt to without breaking everything that's remotely good in your pathetic life. You don't know me, you don't care, and yet you try and fucking judge me, just like everyone in my entire life has!" She gets to her feet, regardless of the moving train and stands in front of the door. She kicks it, glaring at it as if it were the cause of all her problems. "Goddamn train needs to stop. I want off."

Joule raises an eyebrow. She quite plainly returns the phone to her pocket, and begins clapping. Slowly. Not too loud, of course. There are gloves on. "That's better," she says, calmly. "But the question you need to answer now is why you feel the need to hang out with the best friend who you like if you do't want to hurt the nice boyfriend you genuinely fucking care about, innit?" She doesn't even seem remotely irritated by the outburst; rather she seems pleased to see Ophelia finally open up and talk. She pauses to consider Ophelia at length before continuing. "I mean, 'lead me not into temptation, I can find it for m'self'. That's how the saying goes. Why tempt yourself? You can have a friendship over the bleeding internet without putting your ovaries all in a flutter, right?"

She waits a beat, before adding, "Here's the thing. Life's for living. Stop worrying about who's going to judge you, all right? Worry about what makes you happy and do that."

"I-…" Tyson begins, but really, really, REALLY has nothing to say, so when he comes to terms with the fact that the subway had just taken them to awkwardville, he silences himself; ESPECIALLY, since everything he knew about Ophelia pointed to the facts that she didn't lie about things like that and that he was one of the reasons things were so… 'messed up'…

Fortunately, "Next Stop, Lower Manhattan West." Comes over the intercom, subsequently making Tyson heave a sigh of relief to, potentially, get out of the kitchen where this heat was getting to be too much for him.

The anger is quite apparent. "I feel the need to hang out with my best friend because he's my BEST friend and one of the few good things in my life. I like hanging out with him and I genuinely like being around him." Ophelia kicks the door again and glares over at Joule. "Nothing makes me happy, alright? Nothing in this goddamn stupid fucking world. So I guess I do nothing. Thanks for all your help, that was a real revelation." Thankfully there was a stop soon. It would be good to get off. After all, there'd be quite a storm tonight. Literally.

"Well, that's a true shame, that is," Joule says, sincerely. "Think you need to figure out something that makes you happy before you cause yourself a stroke and make those two blokes of yours permanently unhappy without you. I'm sorry for hitting you in a tender spot. Truly, I am. Take care, will you?"

"Thank god!" Tyson sighs as the car stops, the door opens, and even though there are people trying to get on as well; he is barrelling through to get the hell out as quick as possible. Yes, he's waiting for Ophelia, but even if he had a scheduled fight planned in that very place, he would not have wanted to witness any other more back and forths between Ophelia, his conflicted comrade, and the woman he didn't even know; although he had a feeling he'd be running into her again, hopefully at a time when all three of them could be friends? As a testament to that, he shouts back, "IT WAS… NICE… TO MEET YOU!"

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