2007-07-17: Shaking The Canvass


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Summary: What circles honeypots?

Date It Happened: 17th of July, 2007

Shaking The Canvass

East Village - Ink By Numbers

This. This is a bad idea. Not that anyone besides ONE PERSON EVAR is going to know about this. Srsly. But if Carmine gets wind? Someone's dying and someone's business is getting firebombed. SO. HE JUST WON'T FIND OUT. End of story. Into the doors of Ink by Numbers, Nadia strides. She is on a mission! And dressed comfortably for one at that. A fluttery yellow skirt and matching tank top. Sandals. Hey. She doesn't know what to expect from this okay? Look cute and be comfortable. That's what counts right?

"And baby WE'LL beee~, at the drive in, in the old man's Ford~, behind the bushes~, where I got ya screamin' for more~…" Yeah that would be the calming tunes of Poison rocking out on the speakers as Nadia walks in. Business is never usually hopping except when, say, a sorority of girls come stampeding in to get their navels pierced. Yeah. That's /always fun/. But that's blissfully not happening right now, and the store is quiet aside from the glamrock and the quiet conversation between Sal and a young woman who likely works here too, if her casual lumping onto the counter has anything to do with it. When Nadia enters, the woman glances over, smiles, and heads off into the curtained-off room. Sal, in jeans with sharpie marks and sketches all over them and an open shirt, hops off from where he was seated on the counter. "Welcome, what can I do you for?" he asks, glancing her over.

Nadia smiles brightly, yet with a touch of nerves. Who isn't jumpy about a first tattoo? Sitting down for the first time is the hardest! "Hey, well, I was wanting some work done.." Which y'know, is obvious cause she's /here/ and all. Folding her arms against the counter, she kinda leans in towards Sal, "I want a small tattoo.. and I want to.. y'know.. have it someplace as a surprise." Oh Nadia, so blunt 90 percent of the time! Now look ather.

And Sal has just about the right amount of imagination to interpret that. Plus, he's drawn on more body parts than one would hope to see in a lifetime. "So someplace you can hide easily," he sums up, Californian accent obvious as the conversation goes on, even with Poison blasting sound into the small store. "You got any idea about what you want?"

"Sure do!" Nadia says with a bright smile. She reaches into her stylish and little purse to pull a picture of a bee. It's a cute bee. Not too cartoony. He's buzzing around a rose. "This.. and I want it.. here." Which she points to, trying to be discreet about it.

Sal takes the picture when it's held out, looking it over with a half-smile. "With the rose too?" he asks, before looking up - then looking where she points. It's a good thing Nadia isn't a mafia princess or something wild like that! "Dude, and for your first tattoo, that's awesome. I'm Sal, by the way."

"Yeah, the rose too.. maybe not the whole stem. Just the bloom with the bee buzzing around it.. It looks cute, and I thought down.. well.. that would be a good place for it." She is trying to be discreet here! "Hi Sal, I'm Nadia. Yup. The first. I'm nervous about it to be honest! I've thought about one for awhile, the whole teenage rebellion deal to make ma faint and piss off papa.. but now that I'm an adult!"

"Now that you're an adult, it's legal and everything." Sal holds up his hands, displaying the backs of them. Angled spiderwebs are drawn in thin black ink, and he shrugs at her. "I got these done along with the whole teen rebellion thing too. They're sort've lame, but you know. We gotta start somewhere." He moves around the counter, tilting his head towards the curtained-off room. "Come back here and I'll show you the equipment we use. Maybe it'll make you less nervous." He holds open the curtain for her.

"Of course! But you don't know my papa. I'm always gonna be a little girl in pigtails to him," Nadia says with a slight frown. Then again, she didn't see him from pre-puberty until afterwards.. so you can't really fault the man. ANYWAY. She inspects the tattoos on Sal's hands when presented with them. "Oh man, that's awesome though! I don't think it's totally me to have any where they can be seen." As she talks, she's following after Sal.

"I definitely wrote off any suit-and-tie jobs early," Sal says with a grin, as they head into the room. Inside, employee-from-before seems to be cleaning up, and after glancing over at Sal and Nadia, she starts helpfully setting out fresh tools and such-like. Meanwhile, Sal chatters. "So it's probably a smart move on your part. You in school?" He gestures for her to take a seat.

"Ha! Lucky you, I think I'm gonna get disowned for having a job." Nadia says conversationally as she settles into the offered chair. "Mmmhmmm. NYU. Still getting my basics out of the way. I thought I had a major in mind, but not so sure about it. Which makes the thought of graduating all that much harder."
All channels have been gagged.

Sal perches up on a high stool, picking up a pen and a sheath of tracing paper, setting the rose and bee picture on a tray nearby. As Nadia talks, he starts to draw in confident strokes, creating the outline of the picture he was given, scaling it down to the size needed for the tat to work. "Sounds like the song and dance of at least half of the students I talk to," he says, without looking up. "So, I dunno, sounds like you're doing it right to me, the whole having absolutely no idea of what to study thing. I skipped that whole process, myself. But don't worry, you're in capable hands."

Nadia laughs as she settles in to get comfortable, and to wait to see what she needs to uh.. nevermind.. She knows what needs exposin'. Man. Leo will probably hit the roof.. after he's surprised. "Thanks. You look like you've got a professional shop here and do good work. At least that's what I heard. I asked around.. as for school.. I could have skipped it, but I didn't want to. I want an education."

"That's fair. Education can take you to good places, I hear tell," Sal says, as he draws, flashing her a smile before tilting his head towards where the equipment is set up. "Okay, here's how this works." And then! Then he explains the process, from the sanitising through to the tracing to the actual needling itself. All the while, he finishes up the inked drawing, the lines thin but dark, the design professional, handing it over for her to inspect. "And it totally does not hurt as much as people say it does," he puts in, gesturing towards himself, ink plain on his arms after the rolled-up shirt sleeves. "I'm a grade-A wuss and lookit me. Plus the design you want, it won't take me long to do, even with the colour."

"Tell that to my daddy. He's so old fashioned. Girls shouldn't go to college, have jobs. They should stay at home, be taken care of, get married and have babies. You would /think/ he was born in the old country. Oh noooo.. right here in New York." Nadia just prattles on, then shuts her yap as Sal goes into giving her the layout. She listens attentively then nods. "Alright. Ink me, Sal!"

Sal grins. "Great," he says, and after a quick instruction to Employee Girl to make sure no one goes in or out without shouting through the curtain first, for Nadia's sake, Sal slips on some gloves. "Old school values, huh?" he asks. "He's not gonna come round here and knock my lights out, right? Here, I'll need you to lie down however you're comfortable, and we can get this show on the road." Or the bee on the y'know.

Nadia rolls her eyes and says, "Totally old school.. and I'm so not telling him I have a tattoo, where it is, or who gave it to me. I may be legally an adult, but I'm not stupid." She does as instructed, and doesn't say that getting knocked out is the least of the worries. Settling into the seat, she leans back, and is ready to.. oi.. okay.. think of this like going to the doctor.. a doctor with a needle and ink.

A doctor that looks like a pirate minus a gold tooth, but you know he'd get one if he ever needed it. The radio outside has switched from Poison to, uh… Bonnie Tyler, apparently, which is what happens when Sal isn't DJing. "You good?" he asks, raising an eyebrow at her. Detecting nervousness is something that comes easy in both of Sal's professions, and in this one, it's always good to check. "It'll be over before you know it."

"I'm good!" Nadia gives two thumb's up, takes a deep breath and finds other things to focus on while Sal works his magic. She also tries to not think about whatever fight could ensue cause someone else saw that part of her aside from Leo.. She will just.. THINK ABOUT IT LATER.

And we're on like Donkey Kong! Sal smiles at her, salutes loosely, and begins. He may not look it, but he's a gentleman. …well no, not at all, but when someone is in the Chair, he's at least professional, and makes quick work of the tracing and not before long, the whir of the needle helps to drown out the epic tunes of Total Eclipse of the Heart. "Heard the Dan Band version of this? It's hilarious. I don't even know the movie, just the track." Small talk. :D

Nadia is totally cool once things get underway, even peeking down.. but not able to see past her boobs. They get in the way, okay?? *sigh* "Can't say that I have. I'll have to look it up and get a copy." The blaring music does help take the edge off the droning of the needle though!

"It's pretty much this, with a faster tempo and a few curse words thrown in," Sal says, a little distracted as he works, pausing now and then to mop up extra ink and the occasional droplet of blood. WRRR WRRR WRRR. "Red for the rose, yellow for the bee? All that usual stuff?" he asks. "And no names, right? You'll always regret it if you get a name on yourself."

Nadia laughs a little, but not too much. No need to shake the canvas, right? "Sure thing Sal, you're the artist here.. and as tempting as a name would be.. naaaaah.. just the little bee and rose will be fine. I doubt my man and I'll wind up like my papa and his current.. w..wife.. Man that Francesca, what a bitch. But all the same, no names!"

If Sal was a lesser man, perhaps there'd be an unwanted ink squiggle on Nadia's hooha around now. Instead, he simply lifts the needle and glances her way, foot off the pedal for the moment. But Francesca is totally a common name! Bitches named Francesca. Right. All over the place. He resumes drawing and decides to share this moment of lulz. "No names, got it. I got a guy in here the other night that got that name, Francesca, done on his chest," he says. "Along with like, I dunno, a power drill or something like that. No idea."

OKAY. WELL. THAT IS EERIE. Nadia's brows shoot straight up her forehead, practically disappearing into her hairline. "No shit? Really? A drill and that name huh? Small freaking world we got here." Uh huh. WELL NOW. She can only think of ONE PERSON who this could apply to. She's so giggling next time she sees her daddy.

"He was totally drunk too," Sal says, seemingly oblivious as to what Nadia has to say about that. "But I figure, it had to be an act of love, right? Who am I to turn that one down." The needle ink is replaced with some tame yellow for the bee, whose stripes are slowly coloured in. "Cute idea, by the way, this tat."

"Uh huh.." There's a suppressed giggle on Nadia's end. Oh man, oh man… "I thought you guys weren't supposed to tattoo drunkards? I don't think there's a law against it.. but I suppose if they come in waving money and signing the waivers, no prob huh?" Sorry. Another snicker leaks. "Thanks! I saw some others on the internet, but I liked this one.. the other one I started to think about.. well it was kind of vulgar."

Sal lifts the needle as she giggles, an amused smile tugging at his mouth. "Yeah, you wanna go for something cutesy in this case, so good call. Otherwise you may as well tattoo 'raging whore', and well. You don't wanna end up like me, do you. Also, careful with the giggling, or Henry will turn out weird looking." Yes, he named the bee Henry. He resumes the needling, swapping the colour again to start work on the rose. "Made sure he signed a waiver beforehand, yeah. No one official ever comes peaking around parlours except for cases where minors are getting their asses tattooed, but anyone with a needle can charge money. It's just bad form to tattoo drunk dudes. He didn't seem too bad off, just… encouraged."

"Sorry! I.. it tickl.. what the frick? HENRY? You better be bullshitting down there." Nadia resists the urge to squirm upright for a closer look, and settles back in for comfort. "Aaah.. Got'cha. That's so awesome that you guys are so clean and have waivers, y'know? Cause you're right. Anyone with a needle can tattoo someone."

"People talk. These kinds of stores don't get a huge amount of business, so we need to have a good reputation. And yeah, Henry," Sal says, words coming out in a slight cackle, unable to help himself, as he colours in the rose petals with a vibrant but not garish red. "Me and this bee are getting personal, okay? I figured he needed a name."

"You are so full of shit," Nadia says, but the words don't come out threatening. This is one funny guy! He gets to live! "And Sal? It better just be the bee you're gettin' personal with down there. Otherwise, we're gonna have an asskicking goin' on.'

"No names, don't worry," Sal says, flashing her another smile. "I'm pretty sure you could take me in a fight, I'm so not as tough as I look." Almost done. He works on emphasising some of the shading, eyes back to his work. And only his work! "I'm being a perfect gentleman. Or something."

"Man, that is sayin' somethin'. I could have learned to fight, but nooooo…." Obviously, something /else/ against the rules. Nadia grins widely as she stays still. She knows Sal's messin' with her, and she's messin' right back. It sure makes this whole business more comfortable.. despite .. nevermind. It's good Sal's a pro. "Aw. I bet you say that to all the girls."

And… with a final whir, he lifts the needle and sets it aside, foot off the pedal. "I totally do," he agrees, gently wiping down the tattoo with a sanitised cloth. "How else am I supposed to get 'em into bed?" The cloth is tossed into a nearby bin, and he gestures. "Alright, take a looksee and let me know if you want anything more done." The image is very much the picture she gave him, colours vibrant, shading dark, and skin a little red but not scratched up more than it should be. "The shading will fade over time," he puts in.

Nadia LAUGHS, and thankfully this is after he's finished. "You are /so/ bad." Obviously, she doesn't mind. Hoisting herself up some, just enough to look down.. and heeey.. lookie there! "Aw, I like that." And if Leo doesn't like it, he just doesn't have to look! "That is so cool!"

"It looks great on you," Sal agrees, passing the compliment back over to her with a smile, before moving to cover the tattoo with basic first-aid stuff. "You'll have to surprise your guy after this has healed some, but that won't take long. When you're ready, we'll go around the front, do the payment thing, and I'll give you some info on how to take care of it."

Once Sal is done, Nadia hops up from the chair, adjusts her clothes appropriately and just grins. "Oh man, I gotta tell him no fun for a few days then? He is sooooo gonna be disappointed." Putting it mildly. "Alright! You guys are just awesome." Flashing a wide grin at Sal, she walks around back to the front to make payment and get care instructio.. and wow. Soreness kicking in. Yowzer.

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