2007-05-27: Shaming The Family Name


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Summary: Fallout from Carmine going after Leo! Discuss!

Date It Happened: May 27th, 2007

Log Title Shaming the Family Name

Outside Famous Vito's

Arms crossed, a very put out expression on her face, Nadia lingers around the front of Vito's.. as instructed by her papa. She's not happy about this. No. It's awfully quiet down that alley. Too quiet. It's like that quiet in the middle of the day when the kids are at home. This could mean… maybe Carmine isn't pounding the snot out of Leo.. or.. he could have wait.. don't wanna think about papa snapping Leo's neck.. cause let's face it.. Carmine is more than Leo can handle. So here Nadia is, pacing by the door, displeased.

No, Carmine didn't beat Leo to a pulp, just like he promised not to. That doesn't mean he was nice to the boy. Coming back out of the alley smelling freshly of cigarettes, Carmine does not hesitate to approach his daughter, around whom he moves to put an arm. "Sorry for the wait." It sounds like he means it. Really.

Nadia lets Carmine put an arm around her, all the while she looks up at her father with one of Those Looks <tm> on her face. Okay. Wait, what wait? It felt like an eternity, because of the visions running through her head of Carmine using Leo as a punching bag. No sounds of a drill were heard, so that's good. Right? "It's okay dad," she says, still peering up at the man with equal suspicion, caution and concern.

With Nadia well in-arm, Carmine starts off down the sidewalk, away from the alley and away from the parlor. He doesn't say anything until they're some distance away, and then the look is just too much to bear. He glances down at his daughter with a raised eyebrow. "Somethin' wrong?" he asks. As if he doesn't know what.

Fine. Whatever. Play dumb pops. "What did he do wrong about a car? What was so special about it? And what did you /do/ or /say/ to him?" Nadia just asks, point blank and almost straight up.

And there it is! Carmine sighs a little and glances on down the sidewalk. "He lost one of Tommy's cars in a race that he shouldn't have been in." And the fact that it's Tommy's car ought to be important enough. "He said he wanted to get it back, and I told him that I would help." There's a moment's pause, and then the elder Selvaggi stops walking. He turns to face Nadia full-on, his face stern. "I don't want you seeing him anymore."

"Okay, so yeah, that was stupid. Racing a car that's Tommy's.. so that's on the indefensible side." See? Nadia's agreeing with papa here. That really was stupid. Even she knows better than to eff with Family Property. "Well, that's good that you're giving h.. what?" She looks up at Carmine, meeting his gaze full on. Incredulously, she repeats, "What?" Uhoh. Countdown to Italian temper flare in 3, 2, 1.. "What in the hell is that supposed to mean!?"

It would have been a mistake to expect Nadia to take this well. Carmine didn't expect anything of the sort. Honestly, who ever says, "Oh sure, Daddy, I won't see him anymore because you asked me to!"? Nobody. That's who. Francesca certainly didn't, and Nadia certainly wouldn't. Still, his expression does not change, even in the face of such feminine wrath. "I don't want you seeing him anymore," he reiterates quite plainly. "He isn't the sort of boy you should be with."

Nadia throws her arms up in the air as she rounds on Carmine. "Oh for… come off it dad! This is exactly /why/ we didn't say anything! You're /never/ going to think anyone is good enough for me! I /like/ him, and he treats me nice. Why can't that be enough?" Gesturing rather angrily with her hands, yup, temper is going up. "So just /what/ is the sort of boy I should be seeing? Huh? A priest!?" Oh boy.

Why can't that be enough? Because Leo is an idiot. And Carmine doesn't want Nadia attached to an idiot. The fact that she /likes/ him is somewhat disconcerting, but this isn't apparent on Selvaggi's face. In fact, there's nothing apparent on Selvaggi's face. This is his "sigh, I am being yelled at" face. The one where he shuts down entirely. Francesca knows this face. So does Brandi. "The sort of boy who isn't going to be stupid enough to run out and get himself killed in a year or two," he retorts flatly. "The sort of boy who is competent, and the sort of boy who is brave enough to approach me about seeing my daughter." The last is said with a little more inflection: harsh, cold inflection, however minute.

Again with the hands in the air, 'why me' gesture. "C'mon dad! He's young! He's still learning and I'm sure he had an explanation for that moment of stupidity! GAWD. Give him a chance! Let him prove himself!" Then she jabs an index finger for Carmine's chest, "AND for the record.. You've never even met the boys I've dated before.. OR for that matter.. my prom date.. WHO WAS JEWISH." Oh snap!

What's she trying to do, here? Is she trying to kill him? It might be working! Nevermind the cigarettes, the booze, the dangerous lifestyle, the homicidal crazy wife — the death of Carmine really will be Nadia. His breath catches in his chest for just a moment, and his expression changes just slightly into the shock he would wear were he just slapped in the face. This quickly hardens into anger — but it must be said that, as always, his face does not seem to react much at all. If Nadia did not know him so well, such subtleties would be lost. "«Nadia Carmina Isidore Gioia Selvaggi,»" he utters in a low growl, slipping reflexively into Italian, "«you shame me. You shame our family.»"

Nadia's jaw sets as she steels her gaze at Carmine. "FINE. SO WHAT IF I DO?" Whups. Raised voices, LOUD NOISES. YES. Her cheeks color with the flare of temper (and sting of Carmine's words) as she continues squaring off. "«Why? You already said you don't mind me dating. I am /twenty/ years old. I would have to be a nun to not have dated by now! Or are you just pissed that I went with a very nice Jewish boy to prom? It's 2007 if you haven't realized. GOD you are so old fashioned!»"

"«You screwing around behind my back, not telling your papa what piece of /trash/ you are out with — that's your idea of dating? Because I am /not/ okay with /that/.»" Carmine's voice is starting to rise, but not by much. He's also growing more animated the more infuriated he gets. By normal standards, he's still fairly calm, but by his standards? He's outraged. "«Maybe your mother raised you without scruples, but /my/ daughter will /not/ do such things. You /will not/ see Leo again, and that is my final word.»"

"«Leo is not trash! He's a Moretti! You should be pleased! For the record, we do more than screw! AND I should point out you did the same with Francesca while still married to mom!»" Yes, Nadia has to throw that back at Carmine, because she's angry, and the hypocrisy does not help her mood. She's just as outraged as her dad, only she's much more physical about it with the angry expression and gestures. "«You can't stop me from seeing him. I don't live under your roof! I'll see who I like! And maybe I'll just help him get the car back. SO THERE!»"

Carmine would be pleased, were Leo not the worst Moretti to ever exist. He would express such, too, but that little jab about his conduct with Francesca really rankles. His jaw flexes, his breathing comes in hard hisses through his nostrils, and his hands clench into fists. Really, there's nothing he can say to that (or nothing he would /like/ to say at this time, when he's angry enough to kick a kitten), so he simply glowers at his daughter for a moment before turning and stalking off down the sidewalk. Time to go home. He can smoke and have a drink in his office, cool down, and have a nice fitful slumber.

Nadia stares hard at Carmine, even as he looks ready to hit her. A child of his own procreation. Expecting more harsh words, she starts to tremble when they don't come and the man just stalks off into the night. Drawing a shakey breath, she retreats back to her dorm.. and perhaps a few attempts to call Leo's cell are made.

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