2010-01-22: Shards Of Madness (Phantasm)



Posting Date: January 22, 2010


Hallis goes from classy to glassy.

"Shards Of Madness"

The Corner Master's Store

It is a dark time, and it calls for darker measures. The sweet, overly empathetic and sensitive Sophie survived by not being that person anymore. With the new laws and restrictions in place, she lost her college education, her potential career, and has to stay undercover much of the time. But people have to eat, and she is on a quick food run, to one of the few, at least.. if not sympathetic, at least profit minded humans, offering her abilities in return for food for the group she is hiding with. Its night time, and she sticks to the emptier streets, dressed in black, every bit of exposed skin from the neck down covered.

Dark times indeed. Especially for those who pretend to be something that they're not. Georgia Gregaire has been working for Hallis Van Cortlandt for some time now. For almost the whole time she has worked for Hallis, Hallis has known of her ability. Was it by accident or by Georgia's design? No one will really know. Though it has brought difficulty on Georgia, she has at least had a job. Why would she want to work for non-evolved? Well, that's a simple one. She has come to hate non-evolved, yes, and this is her way in to damage them. She's had to be careful though, as to not be caught. Tonight, she's been escorting her boss, Hallis, to and from an event.

Hallis isn't exactly the easiest woman to work for either. Knowing about Georgia's ability has given her complete leverage over the woman, especially knowing that the Nubian queen has never been tagged or even suspected. It wasn't an easy task to keep her servant under the government radar, but somehow the petite socialite has managed with multiple bribes and morally ambiguous favors. It just so happens that one of these favors just happens to be connected with a small grocer on the corner that claims to be friendly toward the evolved folk. To regular humans, it's not a very well kept secret that one of the clerks there uses his position to turn in those in hiding. It is to him the tiny woman is paying a visit to tonight. With a narrow eyed glare to Georgia, Hallis practically hisses a command. "You will tend the store while I do it. You have no idea what kind of trouble just having you around can get me into. You probably don't even appreciate everything I give you. You should worship the ground I walk on."

Sophie moves to the back door, waiting for the proper time. Not a second earlier or later, that's the deal. She hands over the items (it helps to have a friend who can turn things into gold), and in return, she gets bags of groceries. Looking at her watch, she moves to the door, tapping lightly, the code knock.

Georgia shakes her head, rolling her eyes slightly. Yes, she's done a lot to keep her hidden, but that doesn't mean she can be cruel to her. She a real rich…person! "Oh, yes'm! Kissin' an' bowin' b'fore the ground you walk on, ma'am. You're been very kind ta me. Thank ya, ma'am." She says, trying to put on her happiest face, lying through her teeth. "I'll keep my post, ma'am. Oh yes'm. Ain't gonna leave m'post here at the store and tend it till you tell me too. You're the boss lady ma'am." Oh, one of these days! One of these days, she's gonna get what's coming to her! Oh yes, indeed.

The two enter the store just as the clerk in question is answering the back door to the woman with the groceries. Hallis already looks a little too nervous but she's keeping a very cool exterior, especially toward her escort. It's a well known fact among humankind that if you show the animals your fear they will pounce and devour you. Unfortunately for Georgia, this is exactly how she is treated, like an animal. "Sit over there and stay. Unless you hear me screaming, in which case, you can run in and kill him." Then she drifts toward the back for the rendezvous that's already making her stomach churn.

Sophie is simply busy with her.. business. She keeps her voice low, "The usual trade?" as she hands over several common items given the 'Midas Touch' by one of the people in the basement with her. She is reaching for the grocery bags, hoping its at least a healthy selection, since she has no way to really check it now.

Georgia raises an eyebrow and lets out a low chuckle. "Boy, the life I got m'self inta. Girl, talkin' to me like I'm some kinda dog or something. Hell if I'm gonna be treated like an animal for much longer. I ain't no animal. Shoot, I'm a person too. Damn blind rich people orderin' people 'round like they're nothin' more than a common…a common…a common house anteater or something crazy like that! Well, I'll tell ya what! I ain't no anteater. I'm a full grown aardvark is what I am. I ain't no anteater." She mutters under her breath, taking said seat she was ordered to.

When Hallis enters the back room, she spies another woman with the clerk. Her eyes widen at the amount of gold that he is handling and weighing in for trade for some paltry food items. A few cans of beans, some cranberry sauce, pumkin purree that was leftover from the last holiday season, everything on the shelves that can't or won't be sold by the time the next inventory comes around. It's unfortunate for Sophie that she chose this time to make her run. Unfortunate that she had to run into this particular clerk.

Hallis' eyes flit toward the camera that's pointed directly at the other young woman, knowing that the gold she is peddling is likely buying just another surveillance tape and just enough to eat for a few days. Clearing her throat to announce her presence to the two, the young woman is quite surprised when the clerk turns around and shooes her away, like a servant or something. "I don't think so, I came to make our trade." Her dark blue eyes drift toward Sophie and narrow just slightly before darting to the camera again. "Send her up front, she can keep my escort company while we make our trade."

Sophie's eyes widen as the woman talks to the clerk, hearing the words. She looks at the food, at the door. Going back without food is not an option, and then she walks to the front.
Georgia looks up at the camera that is pointed at her. A small smirk comes across her smile, the glass of the lens begins to distort, and the image begins to distort. She grins viciously. She's not gonna make herself easily seen, not if she has her say about it. Boss lady can't always have her way, now can she?

As the clerk's eyes fall upon the socialite, Hallis' stomach actually churns. It's not just for Georgia's sake that she goes through this humiliation, the little blonde could also be arrested for hiding one of the evolved. Slowly, she begins to tug at the shoulder of her dress, following the man's direction as he readies his camera. A fake smile is pasted on as she poses once with the teasing shoulder bared. Then it's time to remove more of the clothes. His yellow tinted smile is meant to be encouraging, but it really isn't working very well for him. Especially with the little black holes of decay tucked in between a few of his front teeth. Closing her eyes, Hallis takes a deep breath and licks her lips, praying silently that he won't attempt to get close to her at all.

Sophie watches the woman go through.. what she feels she must go through, her eyes narrowing. Lips tightening, as she sits by Georgia, starting to look into the bags and sighing over the selection, she gives a commiserating glance toward Georgia. Then she sets the bags down, and then keeps her hands, interestingly, bared and out of her pockets.

Georgia turns her head to slowly face Sophie. She considers the woman silently for a few minutes without speaking. Finally, she says, "Yer one've us, ain'tcha? One've the 'despised', ain't that so?" She looks down to the bags. "If that be the case…how'd ya like to get revenge for how we've been treated? I can help offer that revenge." She states, not wasting any time. She knows what's wanted by many of them. That sweet revenge that many hope to give, but that many powers do not allow.

Closing her eyes, Hallis starts to unzip her dress even further. The things she goes through to keep that woman under her roof safe. If her father ever found out what was going on… well perish the thought. James Van Cortlandt isn't a man to be trifled with, his daughter learned most of her ruthlessness from him. It's a wonder why she even defies him as she does by keeping Georgia, after all, James was one of the biggest investors in the campaign to round up the evolved and have them tagged or killed.

Her eyes are still closed when the clerk abandons his camera and moves silently toward the woman. With his arms outstretched, he touches her zipper, causing the woman to emit a very loud shriek.

Sophie jumps a little at the shriek. Her voice is low, and tense, as she gives Georgia a glance and merely says, "What did you have in mind?"

It's a wonder, perhaps, but Georgia is just happy that it's the case. Not happy that Hallis is so cruel to her, but happy for the chance to cause some havoc. She could care less about what the infamous James Van Cortlandt would think. He'd probably, in fact, kill his daughter himself! Which would be fine with her! Georgia grins at Sophie, not jumping at the shriek, seemingly accustomed to it, even seeming to take pleasure in it. "Well, follow me ta the back, an' I'll show ya! And grab some glass items on the way down, sugar." Once they're down there, she smiles wickedly. "Oh, good sir, ya ain't gonna be doin' no more of this." She glances to Sophie, taking any glass objects that were gathered on the way down. Suddenly they're crashed to the ground. To Sophie, she says, "Watch this, sugar pie." Suddenly the glass shards raise up and fly toward Hallis, some flying through her, leaving her bleeding out. She winks at Sophie, and grinning slyly at the store attendant. "Well, I suppose that ends our business for the night?"

When the glass shards rip through her, Hallis is left riddled with holes and pieces of glass stuck inside of her skin. She turns her head, her eyes open with surprise at Georgia. Slowly, her lips part to speak but no sound comes out, just the burble as a mouthful of blood spills out and onto the floor. With that, she drops, dead.

The clerk is surprised, but relatively unscathed by the barrage of glass. He had used the small socialite as a human shield when he saw the shards coming. With one swift movement, he strafes to the desk and grabs the shotgun hidden underneath. Pumping it twice, he blasts one large hole in a shelf just on one side of Georgia.

Sophie has anticipated, watching Georgia in act, that the clerk isn't going to just stand for this. She's taken the gloves off, not just metaphorically, but literally, for a reason. Her hand reaches out, reaching the clerk in two steps and grabbing his arm. "A little karma." she says, flatly, as she pours into the man's brain a barrage of not just memories of she's collected from others of their deprivations, rapes, beatings, the fear and hatred that's been poured out at them, but the actual /experience/ of it, every sense, even the physical impact, all at once.

Georgia twists her pinky in the ear closest to the blast of the shotgun. "Boooy, that certainly ain't the proper way ta get a gal's attention. Ya might wanna try askin' her out to dinner first." As Sophie places her hand on the man's arm, and she watches how he reacts, dropping the gun, Georgia grins. "Girl, I don't know what you're doin' to 'im, but I like it!"

The images, the screams, the pain, the torture… It's too much for the man who is lost within the visions his own mind is putting out. He pumps the gun twice more and fires blindly into the other room, likely hoping to hit one of the more frightening ghosts in his head. It's really too bad that this particular gun only holds a couple of shells before he needs to reload, because he really isn't in the presence of mind to do so.

Sophie looks over at the woman, "You can take care of the tape?" she turns back to the man and when she's finished, he not only doesn't remember they were here, he doesn't remember anything about Evolved at all, even that they exist. But those memories, other than what sort of people they happened to, they remain, to be played over and over in his dreams, "Because he's not a threat anymore."

Georgia grins widely at Sophie. "Oh, I got the take alright, sug. I got it alright." She chuckles softly. "Girl, I like your style." She says, walking leisurely over to the recorder and stops it, ejecting the tape. Throwing it on the ground, she takes control of the glass shards again. While they float in the air, she pauses, sharpening and strengthening the shards. Once they're to her satisfaction, they go about attacking the tape, shredding it beyond recognition. She sighs softly. "Well, that was satisfying."

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