2010-04-02: Sharing Space With Ladies



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Date: April 2, 2010


Mark's working overtime, by hiring Dr. Ray another lovely new assistant!

"Sharing Space With Ladies"

Lane Industries - Washington D.C.

Another new face has been added to the Lane Industries family, Mark leave it up to Cody to bring the new lab worker to the underground structure, past the glass hallway and the display of scientists on the other other side of the glass, who blink curiously at them as they pass. Some one has humorously taped up a 'Do Not Feed the Scientists' sign on the window.

When the two woman reach the end of the corridor and push into the laboratory of Doctor Raymond Walkens, Mark is already there with the elderly scientist. The heir to the company doesn't look all that happy, in fact, behind those black framed glasses, his expression is concerned.

"And you have no memory of making them?" Mark's baritone voice reaches them over the upbeat tunes of Green Day's Basket Case.

Dr Ray gives a slow shake of his head as he looks at a photograph. "They look familiar, but I don't remember making them." The hands the photo back to Mark, who finally spots the girls.

Tucking the photo away, Mark flashes them a bright smile, "Ladies." He says politely, before his eyes flick over to Alexandra.

"Mark… your going to kill an old man." Dr Ray comments rather jovially, slapping the younger man on the shoulder. "Making me share my space with two lovely woman? I don't think my heart can take it."

A grin is angled at the scientist. "Are you complaining? I have never met a man who would complain about seeing that everyday." Mark motions to the two woman. "I could send them to Dr Franklin."

"No no… heavens no. Do not punish them with Franklin! The man is bland and boring." Dr Ray shakes his head quickly, and pats a hand on his chest. "I think I can power through it." The older mans, moves to grab up Alexandra's hand to shake with enthusiasm. "I'm Dr Raymond Walkes… but everyone calls me Dr. Ray. You are?"

"That, Dr Ray, is Miss Liberty Taylor." Mark supplies from his spot, a wink going to Cody.

It's been a fun few weeks for Cody, testing the new armor and being around for all of the latest, developments on it has been a highlight of her life for the past couple of months. She looks much more at ease in this building than at the apartment back in New York, it's quite a change. "Okay, Libby, the most important places you need to remember in this building are: The bathroom, the lunch room, and down here.. the lab."

"If you're looking for a good bathroom, you want the one on the third floor that's on the north side. It's probably the least used in all the building. The lunch room, well there's enough signs pointing to it." The former agent rounds a corner and pulls her ID badge out to slide it through the pass to enter the lab. When the light flickers green, she pulls on the door and motions the other woman through.

"Dr. Ray, behave, she hasn't even see the zoo yet." Turning to Liberty, Cody gives a brilliant smile, "You need to see the zoo, as soon as possible. It's the best thing I've ever seen in my life. I didn't know there were jars big enough to fit baby cows in." The rest is left unexplained.

"Ugh…I think I saw one of those when I was in college, and about lost my lunch. I'll pass, unless it's part of the job, of course. Pleasure and all, Dr. Ray, but I'll have to pass on the jar zoo, for now at least. And, like they've said, my name's ah, Liberty Taylor." Alex, well, Libby now, shakes the doctor's hand up and down two or three times, then lets go.

She has the sinking suspicion that this job isn't exactly in the field she's accustomed to, but who's she to complain? Fake ID and all, she's found gainful employment as some sort of tech at Lane Industries. The specifics of the job aren't exactly known as of the moment, but hopefully she'll find out soon. However, she has the sinking suspicion that the resume she forked over makes her out to be woefully underqualified for anything here, but…with Mark making the decisions, that shouldn't be much of a problem, right?

"Ok, got it. Just like at my last job. Well, minus the office, but you know how that goes. Good to know about the bathroom though."

"Yes!" The mention of his precious collection of the things in jars, makes the scientist light up. Though when denied being able to show it off, his face falls some. Though not for long, "Well, it is not for everyone. Cody here always says it makes her hungry." Dr Ray gives Cody an amused expression. "Anyhow, my dears."

The scientist straightens his back some. "As I'm sure Mark here told you. We are in the design and manufacturing of various things for the government and other privately owned companies." A hand fists up and settles at Dr Raymond's back as he turns sharply and starts to walk away from them. "We tend to do a wide variety of things, and I always encourage cautious experimentation."

The older man passes a beaker and stops, picking it up and eyeing it critically. "What was I doing with this again?" He murmurs to himself. He's quiet for a moment, Mark of course looks rather tolerant, eyes rolling ceiling ward.

"Oh yes.. the additive to remove the burp from sodas." Yes, Cody.. he's still fiddling with it." It's set down and he continues one. "So… Miss Taylor… What is it you'd like to try your hands on?" He hands rub together and he studies her. "Our big thing right now.. is a lightweight body armor that is a bit more flexible but can hold up to many things. I'm sure Cody here can explain."

"Speaking of body armor." Mark chimes in finally, "Cody, my dear… how is the bruising from the last test?" A brow arches, his mouth pulled into a crooked smile.

Glancing toward the room where the jars are kept, Cody simply shrugs and turns to Libby. "Well it really all depends on how you look at it. To me, it's like looking at all sorts of pickles. Pickles are good, maybe pickled veal, pickled lamb… pickled kitten… Maybe they're all good too." That's when her stomach actually starts growling in earnest.

She reaches into one of the many pockets of her lab coat and pulls out a Twix bar, unwraps it, and takes a big bite from one of the twin bars. "Mmm… Remindsh me.." The woman says as she chews slowly. After swallowing, she finally continues. "I'd tell you about this place in Chinatown where I swear to god they serve rat, but it might turn you off of the place. So I'll just keep the name a secret and tell you why I think they serve them. We'll have to go sometime, I think you'll be pleasantly surprised."

Mark earns himself a big grin as Cody shrugs. "You mean you didn't get enough of a look last night?" It's his turn for the wink and then she sidles closer for a nudge. "So what are you doing way down in our dungeon? Come to see Dr. Ray shoot me with some things?"

"Yeah…I uh, I think I'll pass on pickled rat and Chinese kitty food or whatever. I can feel my stomach turning right now, just from listening to that. I'm here to work, remember?" Alex says, eyeing Cody with a glare, out of the way corners of her eyes. So, that put out of her mind to avoid wretching and vomiting all over the lab floor, Alex steps away from Cody and leaves her to her talk with Mark.

"Well, Dr. Ray, I've had some interest in petroleum. Enhancing refinery methods, extractions from exhausted fields, or fields we suspect are exhausted, offshort stuff, the whole shebang. But, if that's not what you do here, that's not what you do. I'm flexible enough. I just need a job."

"Pffts. I wish, Miss Flannel PJ's." A finger hooks in the collar of Cody's shirts, and tugs it aside as if looking for bruising on her shoulder. Mark lets go quickly enough though and reaches into his shirt pocket and shows a photo of the collars he retreived from the vault, laid out on a table. "I figured I'd see what he knew." His words are some what quiet. He follows that shortly with a verdict. "Nada." There is a small frown of confusion. "If he did build and design it… well… he doesn't remember a lick of it."

"Really?" Dr Ray says with genuine interest, "You will have to tell me more about that, Mr Lane… Mark's Dad is the type that likes to look at new avenues of well… many things. Mainly, young lady, we look at ways to make things the government uses… or make what they have better. Namely weapons and things like the enhanced armor."

"What I do suggest is that if you'd like to also pursue what you enjoy studying… Then purpose it to the board." Here Dr Ray frowns slightly, "Though mostly they look at things from a purely financial point of view. But.. sometimes you can work on private projects. I like to work on food additives in my spare time."

"I told you what it would take to get rid of the flannel," Cody says idly as she lifts her shoulder to proudly display the bruises. When the pictures are laid out on the table, the woman leans in a little closer and rubs her chin. "Well I can't imagine anyone else designing anything that's remotely as ingenius as these. Dr. Franklin couldn't have done it, that's for sure. His team is full of… people who aren't so eager." It's a mild way of saying they're lazy.

The conversation between 'Libby' and Dr. Ray is left between them, since most of it goes pretty much over the agent's head. Also she's too busy looking at the pictures of the collars. "So you can't remember designing or building any of these? That's… interesting. Not an adverse effect from something else you were working on at the time?" A dubious look is thrown toward the beaker with the anti-belch formula.

"Well, are there any projects you're looking to really get off the ground? I don't want to just stroll in off the street with a wink, a nudge, and a good word from the boss and expect to run my own project." Clearly a product of working in industry for a while, where higher-ups than her make the decisions about what gets done and what doesn't.

"I personally, have never seen anything like that come across my desk, but then you know how my family sees me. The sheep in wolves clothing." Mark plucks up the photos again and tucks them away, a glance going to Dr Ray and Alexandra. "It worries me that he doesn't remember, I mean… the man is as Absent Minded Professor as they get, but he remembers the projects."

"Oh!" The eldest Lane son says suddenly, a grin flashing teeth at Cody. "I got my new copy of the The Weekly Witness." There is a look much like a little kid who got his hand into a cookie jar. "Loch Ness might just have to wait. She has been replaced by…" His brows lift in a bit of a quirk, the excitement clear on his face. "… Ents!" He declares, picking up a folded copy of the Witness. The photo something like one would see in that Disney movie Snow White.

"South America, where the trees eat you!" Okay, maybe not. "Well… your car anyhow."

"Oh… yes yes… I forget sometimes that Mr Lane often gives me leeway." But then the scientist before her is how Lane Industries got ahead in the business world. There is a frustrated huff from Dr Ray, fingers scratch at his jaw. "Well… let me see. Ah!" He hurries forward to a rather messy desk, shuffling through paperwork. "Hmm… No… Not that… what about… Ah!" A file is pulled out.

There is a thoughtful look on Mark's face. "Actually… Dr Ray." The Lane heir winks at Cody. "I think I can use her." His eyes focus on Libby. "I've got an upcoming expedition. Into the Amazon… I could use some help. How good are you at designs? We're going deep into the Amazon rainforest. Meaning things need to be waterproof.. and light. We're talking river travel… probably some horseback… Climbing, repelling. You name it."

"We can talk about it more tonight after work? We'll go to the original Nathan's, my treat." There's a silly grin on Cody's face as she makes the dinner offer. It really doesn't even begin to rate against the steak dinners that he's taken her to but a Nathan's dog (in her opinion) isn't just a meal, it's an experience.

That rag of a magazine is grabbed and the woman lofts her eyebrows quite high as she reads the article. "Ants?" She actually quite curious about this and studies it for a while before looking back up at Mark and pursing her lips, "Ents? Well South America, I'm in. It'll give me a chance to study some of the cartuches there, you think we'll have time to do that? Or are we even going into one of those areas?"

Turning to 'Libby', she finally holds up the paper and passes it to her. "You should think about this, if you're interested. If I can get the time off…" She peers at Dr. Ray for a moment and then gives him a brilliant smile, "… I'll be going. Sometime in the fall? Or right away?"

"You mean to say, you want me to help develop products that these two can use on their, ah, international quests for stuff that was in Lord of the Rings?" This is all got a very Batman vibe to it, you know…" Alex glances down at the paper that's presented, reading the headlines as she arches her eyebrows. She's not much into this sort of stuff, which should be pretty obvious from the skeptical look that she gives to Mark.

"You definitely don't seem like the sort to go out and hunt down these types of things, especially given that you, you know, operate this massive lab and company and all. I mean, sure, I can totally help with the lab stuff."

"No.. probably sooner actually." Mark glances to Dr Ray, and then up at one of the camera. "I was gonna ask the labs to get to work on it all actually." His head drops back to the good doctor. "Think the lab can spare a few weeks to work on some goods?"

Dr Ray's brows lift high on his head and he also does a glance to the camera, this wouldn't be the first time he's done it. "Of course, Mark." There is a mischievous quality to the older mans smile. "I'll inform the labs, tonight." All four floors, that usually got them all excited.

Of course, for Mark it is all about getting under his dad's skin.

Business taken care of he turns to Cody, "You have seriously not seen Lord of the Ring?" He motions to the paper as if the answer was clearly there. "Trees moving and swallowing up lumber company vehicles? Men swearing their buddies have been scooped up by these trees? People crushed in their cars?"

"This is seriously, some weird Lord of the Rings shit going on I'm telling you." Mark gives Cody a matter of fact look. "Never know, might find Gandalf wandering the forests… screaming 'You Shall Not Pass!'" His arms fly out as his voice deeps to mimic the part in the movie. "And like.. the trees going.. Rar!"

Yes… This is Mark Scotts, the writer of The Mysterious Truth talking. The man loves his mysteries.

Alexandra's assessment, has Lane's arms dropping to his side and blinking. "Seriously?" A glance goes to Cody, his excitement waning a bit, " Actually, it's my Dad's company." Mark admits. "And I do travel… I run a site called the Mysterious Truth, but I'm sure Cody can explain all that too you." He grins at Lady Medusa.

"Mark just uses us sometimes." Dr Ray explains, the fondness for Lane's oldest son, not too far away, going through paper work. "We tend to have the time, my labs run efficiently and we tend to run ahead of schedule. Plus, he brings me stuff for my Jar Zoo if he can sneak it past customs."

"I haven't seen a movie in …" The former agent counts on her fingers and then looks up with a shrug, "Too many years to count. I think Blackhawk Down was the last one I saw in the theater, then of course I've got my kung fu movies at home. You should come over one night for an extravaganza." The invitation is set with one of her room mates present, whether it flies or not is a matter of discussion at home.

Turning to the new assistant, Cody raises her eyebrows and balks a little bit. "I thought you'd enjoy something like that, I mean… aside from the adventure, there's all that unspoiled land to … Well I guess you're not exactly a plant person, being in oil and everything." The emphasis on the word is actually an oversight, but it serves to drive home the point.

Then she's turning back toward Dr. Ray and looking between him and Mark as she becomes as animated as the explorer himself. "I could probably collect a bunch of stuff for the jars, man, I can just imagine the stuff we could find down there. Spiders, snakes, bugs… frogs…" Her stomach begins to growl again and the forgotten chocolate bar is finding a new home in Cody's mouth.

"I…maybe. Maybe I'll go. Who knows!" Alex gives a look at Cody, turning her head to the side a little and motioning in the direction of Mark. It's like her way of asking if he knows about powers and stuff, or at least, her attempt to ask Cody that. Maybe she put too much emphasis on that word in what she said, but it's making Alex feel a little uncomfortable given that one, Lane Industries does government work, and two, Cody brought her into AP first and now into Lane Industries. "As long as I don't have to help you catch bugs and stuff. Ugh, that's disgusting."

"Oooh trust me. There will be plenty of bug." Mark says without batting a lash. "Land leeches.. water leeches. Ever seen Archnaphobia?" He's teasing now. "Okay, so we won't have to worry about that.. but there will be plenty of bugs. I hope your okay with tent living."

An arm loops around Cody's shoulders, pulling her against his side, briefly. "It will be a hell of an adventure. Though I do hope we don't become Ent food. Oh… And while we are down there. I believe there is a lost city down there too. Not sure." A chaste kiss is pressed to Cody's temple, before he lets her go. "And plenty of strange cuisines."

Mark turns to Dr Ray. "Ready to go? Meeting." A look goes back to Cody. "Think you can show her around? Make sure she's settled in?"

Dr Ray, perks "Oh! Yes yes.. The meeting… Okay… Let me find my notes." The scientist scurries off to find them.

"Just hurry. You know how dad gets when we lolly gag." Mark calls after him.

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