2007-03-11: Sharks All Around


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Summary: Matt is tossed into the water as a detective, dealing with one of the other cases on Demsky and Damaris' docet. Before he has a chance to sink or swim, however several 'sharks' emerge.

Date It Happened: March 11, 2007

Sharks All Around

NYC - Police Station - Interrogation Room

It's early afternoon when Matt enters one of the smaller and more relaxed interrogation rooms. He doesn't exactly have an office to do this in, but no one is complaining. Not at all. Especially not when they get to wear an actual suit and tie to work. Matt is wiping his hands on a napkin when he enters the room, getting rid of whatever bits of his lunch might still be on his hands. The napkin is uncerimoniously placed in the trashcan outside the door before Matt closes it behind him. On the other side of that one-way glass is his new partner, but this is Parkman's chance to prove himself, as it were. Throw him in; see how he swims. Matt offers the blonde sitting at the table a soft smile. "Mrs. Johannsen," he says with a nod. "Thanks for coming in today."

Arianna Rockford-Johannsen is sitting in a relaxed fashion in the police station, having been called in to answer a few questions regarding the fire at the Foundation Building. "Of course, Detective.", she says amiably. "Anything that I can do to help the police bring whomever is responsible for this is the least I can do for the families of my staff that didn't make it out of the building."

Parkman nods, already slowly turning up the 'volume' in order to catch anything that might be useful. There's no reason why he shouldn't, after all, and it'd be nice to know if he's already made a bad impression. "That's very admirable of you." Extending a hand across the table, he adds, "My name is Detective Parkman." The fresh fish of the detectives then takes a seat opposite Rianna and pulls a file out from under his arm where it had been previously concealed, for the most part. Opening it, he starts to survey the contents. "You'll have to forgive me; I'm taking the case over for someone else." There's no harm in honesty. It's the best policy! …most of the time. "Do you have any idea at all who might have wanted to do this to you and your organization? It doesn't seem like the sort that would inspire terrorism." Not like The Company.
GAME: Save complete.

Rianna raises herself from her seat and reaches out to give Parkman a brief handshake before sitting back down. She nods lightly as he explains his taking over the case and then as he asks his first question. "It's no trouble at all, Detective Parkman.", she says. "As to ideas for those who might be responsible, I really couldn't think of anyone. My employees are honest, hard-working, and there is very little turnover amongst our staff.", she says. Which is mostly true. (Fucking Bishop. I know he ordered it. But I wouldn't have a leg to stand on for now in accusing Primatech. And no evidence. Hopefully this doesn't take too long. It's not like the police can help me.)

There are few words that stand out in Matt's mind as much as Primatech does. Primatech Paper. Bennet. Claire. Ted. Matt can't help but flinch a bit at the thoughts he hears, but he does his best to turn it into a contemplative squint. "I see. No enemies? We'd really like to help you, Mrs. Johannsen, and any information you could give us that could possibly help us do that would be much appreciated." Matt leans forward a little bit as he talks, but his expression remains generally relaxed, save for that steely, determined concentration in his eyes.

Rianna looks calmly back up at Parkman. "Like I said, Detective Parkman.", she says evenly. "I can't think of anyone who works for me or any beneficiaries of the Foundation who would want to act in the way they did. My employees are paid more than what they would normally receive in their current positions and enjoy excellent benefits. And all of the people we sponsor are receiving free funding for the most part. I don't see why they would want to endanger that.", she finishes, picking up a small mug of coffee she was offered while waiting and sips at it. She is looking at him a bit more intently now as the names wander through his mind. She's not familiar with Claire and Ted, but she knows only all too well about Primatech and Noah Bennet. She ponders on Bennet for a moment before her eyes widen in Parkman's direction and her thoughts go silent.

At this moment, Matt's phone rings. And it will continue to ring until he picks it up. Even if that means there are successive calls.

Hearing the name he had /just thought/ himself is a bit of a shock to Matt, and try as he might, he can't get anything else from the blonde. Well, it's a lost cause of sorts then. Still, if she knows Bennet…well, things could be stickier than the new detective had imagined. Still, this isn't half as important as the Sylar case in the main scheme of things, especially with the pressure coming down from the Lieutenant and the Captain above her. "Well, Mrs. Johannsen," he says as he slips a card from his jacket pocket and starts to scrawl his numb-, but there goes his phone. "If you'd excuse me." Matt smiles weakly as he retrieves his phone from his belt and flicks it open. "Parkman."

Rianna stays silent as Parkman picks up the cell phone, but however, a brick wall is starting to materialize in her mind, her thoughts concentrating on every detail of the construction. Spreading the mortar, laying the brick, fitting it perfectly. This is going on, multiple bricks at a time.

It's Viola's voice on the other end of the line and she sounds decidedly unpleased. Even more than usual lately. "Parkman. You've got company on the Gray case. They sent some Fed to watch our steps. I want you working double time on this. I'll be damned if I read in the papers that the FBI came in and saved our asses on this."

It soon doesn't matter if Rianna is building a wall or not, as Viola's words snap Matt back into his default state of Low Volume. He narrows his eyes as he turns his head away. "Fed? Who?" Not Hanson. But 'who' soon becomes less important. "Top priority, ma'am." Matt then turns back enough to finish writing his number on the card before sliding it across the table to Rianna.

Rianna looks at Parkman for a moment before taking her own business card and writing a bit on the back of the card. "If I think of anything, Detective Parkman, you can give me a call as she slides the business card for the Johannsen Foundation across the desk. Then, in his mind. (Why don't you give me a call when you'd like to talk about the fact that you can hear my thoughts and know about Primatech.), she projects, looking at him before she walks out from behind the desk and walks out of the Interrogation Room.

"Some guy named Ed Boone. A real bleeding heart." Viola has passed on all the information that she needs to tell him. "Don't let him take charge of the investigation. It's yours and Demsky's. You kick his ass if you need to." That said, she hangs up.

Well, Matt wasn't expecting THAT. Before he can even think of a response to his Lieutenant, she's off the line. He closes his phone in slow motion and stares at the card left for him, then looks up at the one-way glass. What kind of a show did he put on for Demsky there? And why didn't Viola call /him?/ But maybe he was just getting thrown into deeper water. Time to swim, Parkman.

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