2010-01-05: She Just Don't Understand



Date: January 5, 2010


Siera comes over to Hallis' for a post Christmas dinner, they catch up and don't see eye to eye on a couple of things.

"She Just Don't Understand"

Hallis and Andra's Apartment

It's early evening, around Six in the evening. Sierra slipped home quickly to slip out of her work clothing (which is rather quite drab and boring, thank you very much work dress code). It was touch and go for a little while, as she didn't know if she'd make it to Hallis' on time, having had only a half hour to get ready before she had to leave. By some miracle, though, the gods of speed were shining on her tonight. She caught every train she needed right as she got to the stations and was able to make it out to Hallis' Greenwich Village apartment in no time. As she approaches the door, she knocks lightly a few times to announce her presence.

It doesn't take but a moment for Hallis to fly across the apartment and open the door for Sierra. "Hi! Oh my god! I'm so happy you came over. Guess what? I made supper! I cooked it with my own two hands!" There's no smoke in the hall, no smell of burnt food, no cold breeze to get rid of the burnt smell of food. Just what is going on here? But Sierra is ushered into the house with a large smile and the door is shut behind her. "Can you believe it? I cooked with my own two little hands!" The table is even set, with a centerpiece of flowers, folded cloth napkins, china, crystal, and real silver silverware. The debutante went all out.

"Mon dieu." Is uttered quietly with a wide grin by Sierra. "Bonjour mon cherie!" She says as she's ushered in. "That is tres magnifique. I am so very proud of you." She takes off her coat and places it in the appropriate closet, looking around. "What a beautiful apartment you have here, mon cherie." She turns back to face Hallis, this time fully considering her. "There is something different about you, mon cherie. And it isn't just the happy glow from making supper." She furrows her brow. "Did you change your hairstyle?"

Since Hallis' hairstyle changes with the winds of fashion, she puts a hand to her head and smiles. "Yes! I'm so happy you noticed! I got some platinum streaks put in and I've actually been thinking about getting.." She looks around the apartment to make sure no one is listening before leaning closer to the brunette and whispering, "I'm going to get a breast job." Then she straightens again and smiles brightly. It's a great idea as far as she's concerned.

The timer on the oven goes off and Hallis rushes for the kitchen and ties on her apron. It's a cute little number, not made for anything practical, it really just hides those extra two pounds that have firmly attached themselves to her hips. A pair of frilly little oven mitts are pulled over her hands before she opens the oven to withdraw a perfectly made … store bought… lasagna. Okay she didn't really cook it all by herself, but she followed directions.

Sierra smiles widely and nods. "Oui. That's it." She says happily. "It looks good, mon cherie." She looks around as well, a little suspiciously as if they're both co-conspirators of sorts. She raises an eyebrow as Hallis mentions what she's planning on doing and lets out a little snort of air out of her nose. "Breast implants?" She shakes her head. "Oh, mon cherie, mon cherie. Why? Why do you want to get implants? They are perfect the way they are, and I'm telling you that both as your friend and as someone who has been able to experiment in that area without getting implants. You do not need them." She follows Hallis toward the kitchen as she talks, watching Hallis take out the lasagne. "Mmm. Looks delicious, mon cherie."

"If they were perfect the way they are then people wouldn't keep mentioning how small they are." Hallis says matter of factly, "Not that I'm naming any names, but you were there when one of the instances happened." Yes, she's talking about the disgusting kidnappers. Once the lasagna has been set on the counter to cool, she pulls out a loaf of ready made garlic bread and pops it into the oven to heat. "Wine? Or beer? Or something?" No, she's technically not old enough to drink yet, but nobody cares.

Sierra gives Hallis a look. "Mon cherie…I can think of at least one man who probably likes them as they are." Yes, she's talking about a certain congressman. "You know, mon cherie, some people are just pigs. No good, rolling in dirt, pigs. All they care about is how big a gal is in that area. But that is not what is important. You are gorgeous! Absolutely gorgeous! Changing your hair is one thing, your breasts is quite another." She says kindly and sincerely to Hallis. "Wine would be wonderful, merci."

"I bet he wouldn't complain if they were bigger though." Hallis challenges as she pours two glasses of the requested drink, it's Merlot tonight. Handing one of the glasses off to Sierra, she gives her a little smile and settles down into one of the dining chairs. "Anyway! Enough about me, how was your Christmas? Did you ever get the present I sent over to your office? I couldn't remember your address so I just sent it to the Gazette." She takes a sip and then places the glass down on the table with a quiet click.

Sierra tilts her head slightly and shrugs. "Mayhaps non, but…" Must…resist…urge to change into Hallis! "You do not need them to impress men…well, not the men worth knowing." She says, smiling. "Besides. If I were a man, I'd like them as they are now. But…that's just me." Accepting the glass of wine, she follows Hallis to the table and sits down as well. "My Christmas was quite boring, I'm afraid. But I did go back home for New Years." She says, before grinning widely. "Oui. Oui. Merci. I absolutely loved your gift!" She says happily. "Though of course, the mailroom clerk was curious as to why I was getting something in the mail that was not a letter." She grins. "Did you get mine? I hope it was okay. I wasn't sure."

Raising her eyebrows, Hallis nods quickly and grins. "I loved it! My perfect color and size, you must have been shopping forever to find that particular design. I haven't been able to find it anywhere, I even looked in the Anna Sui store and they didn't have any left. Though, I think she only made a few… So of course I loved it." She leans back in her chair and glances toward the kitchen where the first smell of what could be burnt toast begins to come from the oven. "Oh no…" And she's off… to rescue dinner from disaster.

Sierra smiles sweetly. "Lets just say, I made a few phone calls, searched around, tweaked myself only a little, and with a little hardwork, it was mine for the taking…buying. Mine for the buying." She grins. "Besides mon cherie, when looking for a present for someone, especially clothing, it comes in very handy to be able to turn into said friend." She says with a little wink, taking a long sip of the wine. As the certain smell reaches their noses, she stands slowly, ready to jump in and help should the need arise.

"Well it's a good thing I just got you a bracelet…" Hallis calls out from the kitchen, "I can't turn into you to get the perfect size." The bread is pulled out and it's only a little extra toasty around the edged, nothing that can't be scraped off. She puts her oven mitts back on and carries the lasagna to the table then wanders back into the kitchen only to return with the bread and a salad. "So I'm on this new diet, it's wonderful. I feel so much better lately, I have all this energy and … well…" She drifts off and cuts the pasta dish and serves out two pieces. A large one for Sierra and a significantly smaller portion for herself.

Sierra grins and chuckles to herself. "And the bracelet is absolutely perfect!" There's a short pause. "Do you need any help in there, mon cherie?" She calls out. When Hallis brings in the food, she smiles. "Mmmm. It all looks so good!" She says cheerfully. "What diet are you on?" She asks. After all, she's been on one or two herself, in her time. "You do seem to have a certain…healthy glow about you." She says happily. She lifts up her glass once Hallis sits down. "To friends, food, gifts, and to all the good things life throws our way!"

Smiling, Hallis nods and clinks her glass to Sierra's, "To all of that and to being glad that I didn't bring out the soup!" There's no need for explanation there, it's likely the young woman ruined it completely. Oh well, it's not like they needed a bowl of Campbell's Chicken and Stars to complete the meal anyway. Once the toast has been made, Hallis lifts a healthy portion of salad from the bowl and piles it onto her plate. "It's a great diet. I have all this low carb, low calorie water. I have to drink eight bottles of it a day and I can eat practically anything I want as long as I don't go over 1400 calories. Last week it was 1200 but my dietitian said I'm doing so well that I can have the extra 200 without a penalty."

Sierra smiles and bows her head. "I'll take your word for that, mon cherie." She grins, as the glasses clink. "Sounds marvellous, mon cherie. Makes me wish that I'd heard of that diet the last time I went on one. I just keep trying to give up food and it never works!" Yes, even though she can adjust her shape, she goes on diets. "There are just some foods that are too difficult to give up, you know?" She shakes her head, taking a piece of garlic bread and then scooping up salad when Hallis is done.

"What do you need to diet for? All you have to do is suck it in … speaking of which… Do you ever need down time? Like time to be just yourself?" Hallis is very interested in this answer and she leans forward while nibbling on a piece of lettuce from her fork. "Because you could be like… 400lbs and not have to ever diet. You could just look like that all the time, right?" Oh the possibilities! With a perfect face and body a person could make millions, why ever change back into the mundane?

Sierra shrugs a little, taking a bite of salad. "I…well, I need to keep mon figure just like everyone else, I think. I don't know. I guess you are right, mon cherie. I could be VERY overweight and no one would know. But then I might have to worry about things like, what if I lost control of my ability? Is it possible for me to keep up the charade forever, if I wanted to?" She frowns and furrows her brow as she thinks. "You know…perhaps I should take a few weeks off of work to test out looking like someone else. What do you think, mon cherie?"

Hallis puts her fork down and gazes at Sierra, then she slowly lifts her shoulders in a single shrug. "I— I don't know. I'm not special, remember? Just everyone else on Earth is." Yes, the woman completely believes that she is the only person that she knows that isn't special. It's a bitter point for her. "Hey, Sierra, why do you work at the newspaper instead of .. oh.. I don't know… Have a career as a supermodel or something. Or heck, you could even walk into a bank looking like the richest man on Earth and take out a bazillion dollar loan and no one would ever know."

Sierra sighs softly, gazing at Hallis for a good, few minutes. "Sometimes it's a blessing to not be one of us. I use my ability to have fun. I'll admit that. But…there are times when I've wish I was not 'special', as you put it." She says softly. "I'd give anything to switch lives with you, even for a few hours." Yes. She said it! "Why do I work for a newspaper? Because, partly, it's the only life I've really known. My maman worked as a manager at a small local paper in Dieppe, where I grew up. I was with her at work all the time. It just seemed natural to me." She smiles. "Sometimes an ability is best served in serving others, mon cherie, instead of serving yourself and your own needs…besides, this way I can be like spiderman or superman. Work for a newspaper by day, be a superhero by night." She says with a wink.

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