2009-12-08: She Related to Harley Quinn?



Date: December 8th, 2009


Prometheus and Lena go to meet a psychotelekinetic who has odd ways of showing that she likes someone.

"She Related to Harley Quinn?"

Hartsdale, NY - Primatech Ruins

"In this encounter, I will be a different man," the man in the black biker helmet says, riding along on his special ride, the S.W.I.F.T.. While the S.W.I.F.T. is meant for one person wearing combat armor, two people can fit together if they aren't wearing armor, small enough and willing to be close. "My words will seem harsh, my willingness to comprimise lowered. Dealing with chaos requires control and Prometheus allows for that." The fact that the man sounds like Darth Vader only seems to further the difference between Gene and his alter ego. Bruce Wayne was a skilled actor… Gene just relies on modern technology.

The bike stops at the gate, the covered top lifting and pulling away to reveal the 'hero' in black along with someone else, Lena. Waiting for his company to exit off the bike before he does himself, Gene walks toward the gate as his trenchcoat sways slightly in cool night air. Seeing the lock on the door, a lockpick is soon pulled out and it isn't long before he picks it. "Any questions before we begin this little encounter with your friend?"

One day, Lena is going to have a snazzy X-Men style black body suit, just like that one. For now, she has to settle for black street clothes: hoodie (with the hood drawn up), tac pants, gloves and sneakers. Maybe not as intimidating a look as Prometheus, but suitable for a sidekick. Which appears to be her role tonight.

Folding her arms across her chest once off the bike, hands tucked underneath them, she bobs a nod at her companion to show that the instructions are understood. "Yeah, I got it. I won't take it personal, I promise," she mumbles, mustering a thin half-smile for him. Has she mentioned how odd it is to speak with someone whose face you can't see? Yes. It is odd. So she lingers close but looks off past the gate, squinting into the gloom. Her voice is pitched low, the lack of artificial modulation making whispering possible. "Here's hoping she's in a good mood and we don't see any of that chaos sh—stuff. If it goes bad…if it goes bad, should I try to knock her out? 'Cause I could, maybe. If I could get in close."

"Took you long enough." Comes a voice from the dark, the voice would sound familiar to Lena. The one of her mentor, Dextris Neal. "I've been waiting all of five fuckin minutes." She says a loud and then stops herself, the dark smile can practically be heard in her tone. "Sorry lass, I promised to be nice to your friend." She says in apology. A shift of movement in the corner of Gene's eye maybe, then the shadow of a person can be seen in front of them, still clinging to the shadows.

"I am offended at your talk Lena, you.. wanna knock me out?" she says and then something can be heard crashing in the background. "I said I would try to be nice.. didn't I?" Gene meet Dex.. Dex meet Gene..

"Now, where are your manners?" a finger can be seen pointing at Lena and then Gene. "Whose your friend?"

The helmeted man is about to say something to Lena, but he finds that he is interrupted. "If you make yourself a problem, you shall learn how efficient a problem solver I am. But I assume that will not be an issue." He has his hands at his side, which isn't too much of a consolation considering the nature of Evolveds. "You wished to meet with Lena's 'friends'. I am Prometheus. Speak," Vader's voice commands.

Lena is obviously not cut out for the spy gig. She stiffens upon hearing Dex's voice, and pales upon realizing that her oh so casual badass remark was overhead. Maybe the next thing her evil sensei can teach her is how to keep that big mouth shut. Turning slowly and taking care to keep her hands safely tucked away, she aims that weak smile at the other woman. "Don't want to. But hey, you wanted me to practice…yeah," she mumbles. There's no keeping the anxiety from her eyes as she looks from one to the other.

"No, you speak." Dex says and she reaches out her hand and drags Gene just a little forward. She tilts her head. "I do so love problem solvers." Dex nods her head softly and walks into the light. Lena would notice her evil sensei has gone through a make over. Hair now cut shorter to a more tom boyish like style that works on her. She is dressed in a pair of very dark leather pants and a dark red tank top, a leather vest is zipped up halfway showing her tank top off.

Her eyes dart from Lena to Gene. "Prometheus, now did Zeus let you off the rock?" She chuckles softly before letting Gene go and withdrawing back in the shadows, but not before a wink towards Lena. "Now.. you speak. I want to know what I'm getting myself into by 'helping' you nice folks that are taking care of my student." She says, did Gene think he was doing the interviewing?

"Are you safe from the government? From the Company.. I wouldn't like to be on Level 5 again sir." She says with a light chuckle, her footsteps can be heard echoing around the place as she walks around.

Gene feels the force pulling, but as a hand reaches for something on his belt, the pull has stopped. Stumbling a couple of steps forward, the words of Prometheus are stern indeed. "I am my own person and I lead my own people. Whether or not that makes me safe is entirely on my actions that those that work with me. Whether it makes you safe is entirely depending if you wish to test my patience."

"Hey…Dex, don't." There is mild indignation as the woman works her telekinetic wiles on Gene. Lena straightens up from her defensive slouch and lets her hands drop to her sides. Those gloved fingers flex, although it might be difficult to see the movement given the darkness and the color of her clothing. She steps up beside the man, her head swiveling to try to pinpoint Dex's position. But whatever else she might have said is held back behind a bitten lip; Gene did say that he was going to handle this his way, although not in so many words.

The telekinetic is silent and she then sighs audibly. "Doesn't answer my question. This must be the reason you were getting your guts ripped out daily." She nods to herself and then the echoing of her footsteps are no longer, but a shadow can still be moving around the place, maybe she's floating or something. Then the footsteps start again, she reveals herself yet again not to far from Lena and she smiles at Gene with a tilted head.

"Me.. safe?" she shakes her head. "Let's dance." She says and seems to glide over near Gene before backing up a few paces before she is a healthy distance for the both of them. "Since you don't want to talk now, no mistakes should be made here. I'm not coming to ask for your help, I'm offering mine and the tone you use," She says and her hand lifts and as her hand lifts so does a nearby rock, "Is not respectful of a potential ally.. honestly now."

Despite the growing stakes, the helmeted man takes a step forward and in front of Lena. While not as armored as he could have been, he at least has a helmet on and some layers. While hard to tell for sure, Prometheus' helm seems to be facing Dex. "I understand you are not coming here for help. The fact that you are not shows me that you do not understand the gravity of the situation. There are more powerful Evolved out there than you. The government can neutralize your power if they so wish. Your demeanor suggest that you have few, if anyone that would come to your aid should something happen to you. If you wish to be alone, then leave us. I have no use for loners."

It's as if the dance has already started; Gene as Prometheus steps forward and Lena steps backwards, easing a little to the side. It allows her to reach down, to slide the glove off of her right hand without it being entirely visible to the woman who's been a mentor.

"These are good people, Dex." It's become impossible to stay silent. Blue eyes gleam in the available light as she peers around the man's shoulder. Nerves have brought out the South in her accent. "You don't have to…you wouldn't have to hurt folks to keep them away from you, with this bunch. They took me in, liked me and you know how fucked up I am. It could be that way for you too. Folks who wanna help, who could use your help. I know it sounds like some stupid Christmas commercial but I swear to god it's true."

"Wrong again.. you were locked up too?" she says and then her eyes close. "Then you would know that I know exactly how grave the situation is." She stops defending herself though and palms her hair. Dex eyes are lidded as they look to Gene, "No aid for me, I'm helping you and whoever you are helping. Shit oh well if I'm hurt or taken again." The blonde woman takes her hands and cracks her knuckles. "I've met these more powerful Evolved. Pretty hot stuff, wouldn't you say?"

"Now.. I'm offering my ability and skills in case you should need them.. take them or leave them? It's no more complicated than that. We don't want to see the government taking anymore children now do we?" Her finger waggles at Gene, "So, collaboration." She says softly and then she smiles at Lena. "I understand you lass."

There is a pause as Lena is given a look by Prometheus as Dex mentions something about him being locked up. Talk for another time. "I was. But I was freed by my friends. Last I check, you were freed under different circumstances," Prometheus replies firmly. "As for your offer, I bet to differ. I have heard of your methods. If you continue with them, I cannot be associated with you. I want heroes, not thugs," Prometheus begins, taking a few steps toward Dex. "If you agree to change and work with us, I can promise you protect, assistance, and the chance to be part of something much bigger than yourself. If you do not wish or feel the need to change, then I am afraid I will have to decline your aid until you change your mind. It is nothing personal, but all working with me, myself included, admit that they must adapt and rise above the times to come."

Another downside to helmets is that Lena is oblivious to any looks being sent to her by Prometheus. For all she knows, he's just making sure that she's in a position of relative safety. So the girl tips a return glance towards the faceplate, offering a faint and fleeting smile before she refocuses on Dextris. Then he's moving forward, and thank goodness because thugs have just been mentioned, which causes a flicker of nausea to cross Lena's face. It is clear, in that instant when she glances at Dex, that certain people have Not Been Told of Certain Things.

In the interest of covering her own ass, she remains perfectly silent.

"Yes, Yes I figured you'd bring that up." Dex twirls in the air briefly before falling back onto her feet. "I'll play nice while this is going on, got it?" she chuckles and then looks at Gene with a tilt of her head. "I was freed under different circumstances, haha yes. Different. Beggers can't be choosers my little Titan."

With that, Gene would feel his helmet starting to rise up from his head. "Ahh scratch the protection. I'm not apart of your group, I'm an association. You need me, tell Lena. She'll tell me. It makes all things easier." Then Dex is tugging on the helmet a little more and then she's walking closer and closer to Gene. "Now.. I've been bored this whole day. I reckon you have to be able to defend yourself in some way.. let's go at it." She grins at Gene and places a hand in front of her, it's a sign of her willingness to work with Gene, and work is the main thing she is doing. Not bowing down and becoming apart of his group of treehuggers, if only there was a telepath in the room.

The helmet is strapped to his head. Hiding one's identity is pointless if finding it out is easy. And hand is stuck in a pocket of Gene's trenchcoat before it is withdrawn again. There is nothing helds within the open palms, the gloved hands at his side once more. "Very well. If you are not on my team, nor my enemy, you are on the fence. This means that if you do anything that endangers the innocent or the Evolved trying to live peaceful in New York or the world, I shall treat you as an enemy. If you change your mind, I am willing to accept your aid." He doesn't move close toward Dex, but he does not shy away. For now, he lets Dex decide how 'close' they are going to be.

Oh no. No no no. Lena wastes no time in placing herself squarely at Gene's side once more, the instant she starts to see the unnatural effect of Dex's ability being used on the man. "Jesus Christ, Dex, knock it off, okay? He's a lover not a fighter, can't you tell?" The tone she uses is sharp and wry, too much so to be humor although it was what she'd intended. "If you wanna go one on one, you get in grabbing range and we can wrestle. Or wait till our next lesson. Please?"

The telekinetic decides to be very close. "Oh baby don't you know.. I toe the line, walk on the fence, it's who I am." She says softly and then leans into Gene where his ear should be. "Now I'll be a good girl, if you're a good boy." She promises and then snorts. "Methus, you don't want me as your enemy and I'm not even speaking in the ego manner either.. I speak out of honesty."

Lena is leveled with a stare from across Gene's shoulder. Oh Lena's in for it, in their next lesson. "I'm done kitten." She says and pats Lena's arm as she begins to walk away. Her hand slaps back on Gene's backside and she chuckles softly as she turns her back on the approaching door to her back. Facing the two, "Nice ass Titan." She comments and the door opens gently without her touching it.

With a dip of her head and a wink she's out of the door, "Oh and one more thing.." her head pops back in, "Be careful.. playing world police. You'll get burned little ones." She says and then she's out of the door, though Lena and Gene are subject to a playful push from her ability before the door closes.

And the crazy is now, HURRAYYY!

Thankfully, the helmet hides any facial reaction that comes, though he does perk at the touch in surprise. After all, it isn't often girls threaten him than seem sexually attracted to him. Then again, it isn't often that girls are sexually attracted to him period. The push causes Gene to take a step back, but he digs in his footing enough that he doesn't stumble like before. Once Dex is gone, he only has one thing to say to Lena, breaking his Prometheus role with his manner of speaking with his gaze where Dex was once before.

"She related to Harley Quinn or something?"

Lena does not know Dex nearly well enough to say whether the woman is truly threatening or if she's simply enjoying herself a little; savoring the novelty of the experience, perhaps? The teenager has no idea, which means that she is tense, fidgety and on edge as she watches her approach. What follows…is actually kind of reassuring. There's a grunt and a stumble when she's shoved, but as soon as balance is regained, Lena's actually able to laugh. Raggedly.

"I told you she was crazy…and. Um. I don't think she got much when they had her locked up, so…yeah, maybe. Hope you don't have a Joker costume in your closet 'cause you're maybe doomed if you do."


The door flies open and something goes flying towards Gene. It comes to a stop a few inches from his face and hovers, something is moving in the air.. is that.. yes that's a squirrel. And two nicely colored flowers. There is a note along with the whole thing.

To my Titan, may we meet again and next time I'll see your face. See you later hunky, Dex.

There is a boom of laughter from outside before the door is shut with a bang.

P.S. The squirrel's name is Frets, be nice to him. I'll be looking for him next time we meet.

The squirrel looks at Gene and then to Lena and when it's dropped to the floor it scurries up to Gene's leg clings to it.

The dog opens again and a dog is ushered in.. it's a beagle. The door barks and comes racing towards Lena and Gene. "Take care of my babies! That's Uncle Fester!" she says and then the door slams..


There is a loooong pause as Prometheus notices the animals that have been placed in his care. He looks toward Lena. "While I am not one to call in favors… You think you could take care of these things instead of me?" It would appear that Gene is not really a pet person. This does not bode well for people that are looking for Gene to be good with babies. "I am hope this is her acting for attention and not her normal behavior. If so… I sense will have a personality clash. And that is putting it mildly."

What the hell. Really. What. The Hell.

Lena can only stare, bewildered, at the animals that come flying or bounding towards them. The flowers too. Oh and a note which she crouches to pluck from the squirrel. Who in the hell keeps a squirrel as a pet, anyway? Clearly, she has no idea of what to make of this! The inscription is read, a frown slowly growing and growing as she takes in the message.

"My Titan…hunky. What the fuck. I mean…yeah, she slapped Chi on the ass too and was all over him but…she didn't throw animals at us." Clearly they are deeper into the crazy waters than even she realized. Wait…what?

"Uh, I dunno, man. I mean, we just got a cat and…" But then the beagle is there, and Lena is compelled to rumple one silky ear (with the gloved hand, of course). "Aw, fuck." Yeah. She's stuck for it.

Prometheus doesn't move as he looks to 'Frets'. While he could comment on many things, he focuses on what is most important. "You got the note, but the animal is still attached to my leg. I am unsure if he trying to kill me and mate with me. It is disturbing on either case."

"Nah, I think it'd be bouncing if it was trying to make babies with you," Lena remarks, the ridiculous nature of the exchange not escaping her. It's enough to make confusion, annoyance and a lingering depression all vanish for an instant. Which means that poor Prometheus…gets laughed at. Quietly, at least. "Tch tch tch, here…boy. Thing. Frets. Cmere, critter." Considering that squirrels bite, she is hesitant to reach out and pluck the thing from Gene's leg but after a few nudges, she continues it to (ohgod) run up her own arm and perch on her shoulder.

"If this thing poops on me, you totally owe me two new wardrobes. Uh…how're we supposed to get these things back on your bike?"

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