2007-02-28: She's Leaving Home


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Summary: Mohinder and Molly return home, and get a visit from the unwelcome committee.

Date It Happened: February 28th, 2007

Log Title She's Leaving Home

Suresh Apartment

It's early enough in the afternoon that the Suresh apartment is empty, however, not for long. The keys jingle in the locks and the door opens. With an overnight bag slung over his shoulder and suitcase in hand, Mohinder returns home from another lecture overseas. He shuts the door behind him and deposits his bags just inside the living room. The keys are placed in his pocket as he looks around the room, a smile forming. He missed the run down appearing apartment, and a certain little occupant. Who.. should be home from school shortly.

It took him a matter of time, but he finally did it. He found the Doctor. The one who can help him. The one with a cure… hopefully. Who else would know better than Suresh? It was a long wait, sitting in the apartment down the hall, two dead bodies covered in blood right next to him. The deaths weren't needed, but who is Sylar to care? They were in the way.

Once the Doctor finally passes, a slow, soft smile creeps across Sylar's face. It's about time. Sylar slowly opens the door, taking care to make sure he allows enough time for the Doctor to actually get inside the apartment. Once he's sure he won't be scene, he slowly walks down the hall, his footsteps as silent as a cat. Once he's in front of the door, he raises his fist and knocks twice.

About to take his luggage to his room and begin putting things away, the knock at the door naturally grabs Mohinder's attention. The very recent murders down the hall are of course unknown to him, as is Sylar's presence. That is, until he opens the door. Eyes widen in horror, he rushes to shut the door again in the man's face. Despite having the rational thought somewhere deep inside that shutting a door could possibly stop Sylar.

The moment the door opens and there stands Mohinder, the smile on Sylar's face grows. "Hello, Mo—" What's that? Mohinder is trying to slam the door in his face? Now, we can't have that. Sylar instantly throws a hand out to stop the door (seeing as his powers don't exactly work yet), and if he succeeds, he speaks to the doctor. "Now Doctor," he says, his smile instantly disappearing and turning into something much more threatening. "Is that a way to greet an old friend?"

Mohinder didn't expect that to work completely, but it was the first thing that came to mind. Backpedaling, he grabs the nearest handy item. An ornate glass sculpture from India, which he wields as if it were a club. Feeling like his heart has leapt up into his throat, he tries to put up a somewhat brave front. "Old friend? Hardly. Turn around, leave now."

"I don't think so," Sylar responds, stepping into the apartment even though he isn't welcome. "You have something I want. If you don't, you're certainly going to find it for me," he growls, and out of nowhere, he withdraws a gun from the back of his pocket. He aims it at Mohinder, and once again smiles that creepy-smile. "Tell me. Where's the little one?"

Mohinder takes a couple of steps back, still wielding the glass objet d'art. "What could I possibly have that you want?" is the sneering response, despite the fear racing through his core. He's not willing to set down the ornament, yet, even when Sylar produces the gun. Although the weapon does give Sylar considerable leverage in this situation. "I'm not going to tell you that." Oh the bravado in the face of the enemy. "What is it that you want?"

"I think you know," Sylar says, moving further into the apartment and taking a look around. His eyes narrow slightly when he doesn't see the little girl, so he looks back to Mohinder. "A cure," he says, stepping around the doctor (keeping the gun pointed at him the entire time, of course) so he can see into other areas of the apartment. Still not finding Molly, he turns back to Mohinder. "But before we get to that, I'll ask again. Just once. Where is the little girl?"

Mohinder mentally debates his odds of throwing the glass object at Sylar and making a run for it. Unfortunately, it doesn't look so good. "Forget about her for the moment," is said, almost like a plea as he sets the glass down. There's probably no need to ask the Pokemon Master of abilities how he knows about Molly. "Put the gun away, let's talk about this. A cure for what?" Keep Sylar talking, that's the plan, while Mohinder tries to think.

"I don't think so," Sylar responds to the doctor, poking the gun in his direction just a little bit. "In the chair. Move." Not bothering to wait to see if the order is obeyed (and just assuming it WILL be, after all, he has a gun, right?) Sylar moves over to the window, taking a quick peek out of it before glancing back to Mohinder. "My abilities. They're gone. I want them back. You're going to do that for me. After that, the little girl and I will be going for.. a little trip."

Just like every day this week, Molly gets out of school and heads home. It's not too far and she feels confident that she can walk herself when there's a whole group of other kids all going in various directions. Some of them hers. She's been quiet and pensive, lately, thinking about Mr. Bennett and his lost daughter. The man scares her, no question, but does that mean she shouldn't help him? She makes it home, pulling the receipt with the written phone number on it along with her keys. Fitting one into the lock, the door pushes open without any need for turning. Unlocked? That can only mean one thing. Matt and/or Mohinder are home! Happily stuffing the scrap of paper and the keys back into her coat pocket, she all but flings herself inside. "Matt?! Mohinder?!" However, her happiness is drained immediately when she sees what is waiting for her. In fact, she stands rooted to the spot, petrified, as she stares at her boogeyman standing in her home. "Mohinder?" she whimpers.

Mohinder moves himself to sit in the chair as directed, as Sylar clearly has the upper hand in this scenario. There's a feeling of relief as the madman admits to no longer having his powers. The emotion is echoed in Suresh's nerved and harsh laugh, "Thank heaven for small favors.." The comment about Molly is taken as a threat and Mohinder leaps to his feet. However, before he can say anything in response, Molly comes in through the door. "Molly, RUN," is the urgent command to the girl as the recently vacated chair is picked up and thrown at Sylar. He doesn't wait to see if it connects, he's running for the door.

"Heaven can't help you, doctor," Sylar says, a smirk on his face. "I'll find a cure. One way or another, even if you can't help me and I'm forced to kill you, I will get my abilities back." Just at that moment, the door opens, and in walks Molly. "… Hello," Sylar says the moment he sees her, in face blooming into a smile. Only it's not a smile of joy, oh no. This one has a much mroe predatory look about it.

That's about the time Mohinder decides to be a hero. Next thing Sylar knows, there's a chair flying at him, and he does his best to avoid it. He brings an arm up, which the chair glances off of and falls to the floor, and Sylar's eyes narrow and he takes on a much angrier look as he points his gun at the door. Aiming ahead of the two, he fires off two rounds into the wooden frame, hopefully to scare them from running through the door. Hopefully.

The predatory look Sylar gives Molly only further exacerbates her fear. While she's aware of Mohinder being in the apartment, she can't seem to take her eyes off of the crazy-eyed killer. She's a deer in headlights, quaking a little remembering the things that he did to her parents, wondering if he's there to do them to her, too. But when Mohinder springs into action and yells at her, she starts and starts to remember that she can move. Even before she realizes what she's doing, she's sprinting for the doorway, dimly aware that her protector is right on her heels. When the shots ring out and spray wooden splinters at them, the little girls shrieks and whirls around back towards Mohinder. The boogieman's scare tactics certainly work on Molly.

Mohinder instinctively throws his arms over his head and ducks at the gunshots. It's just one of those knee-jerk reactions. Mindless of the wooden splinters flying from the doorframe, the doctor lowers his arms to wrap protectively around Molly as she runs back into his direction. "It's alright, I won't let him hurt you," is murmured into the girl's ear as he crouches down, shielding Molly. It's only partly a lie, as things are /not/ alright, and as long there is breath in Mohinder's body, he won't let anyone hurt the child. "I can't help you if you kill me and you know that if you want a cure, that I'm your best hope."

"That's better," Sylar says, in an almost soothing voice. "We don't want anyone to get hurt, do we." Sylar moves forward, stepping past the pair on the floor, and glances out the door to see if anyone's coming. No alarm seems to be raised. But that doesn't mean anyone isn't coming. "Up. /Now./" the killer says, turning back to Mohinder and Molly and pointing his gun threateningly. "I'm sure you have a lab, doctor. Doctors have labs, don't they?" He smiles for a brief moment, which turns into a murderous look. "Take me there."

Molly clings to Mohinder when he shields her from the doorway where shots were just fired. She feels safer now that she's got something to hold onto. Especially when that person is Mohinder. He went to great lengths to save her before when a gun was being pointed at her. He can save her again. When Sylar orders them to get up, she looks to the doctor to guide her. She'll just follow his lead.

"Leave Molly alone, and I will help you," Mohinder insists, firmly as he stands up straight, turning to face Sylar. It's with great reluctance that he does this, untangling Molly from around him. He makes sure the girl stays behind him, a hand reaching back to hold onto her arm. "Harm a hair on her head, and I will not help you," he reiterates as he produces his car keys with his free hand. "I'll take you to my lab, I will need to run a few tests on you, Sylar."

Sylar stares at Mohinder for a long moment, his eyes narrowed and his face slowly turning into a sneer as he considers the other man. Leave Molly alone? He would rather not, but if he can get his powers back… well, it won't matter too much then, will it? "Fine," Sylar says, taking one last look at Molly. "I'll be watching you." He steps to the side, allowing Mohinder passage to the door, but he keeps his gun trained on the doctor the entire time.

Though Molly allows Mohinder to mostly entangle her, she makes sure that she's holding onto him when he stands. From behind the protection of his body, she finally starts to feel braver, more like herself and less like the scared little rabbit she was only moments ago. When Sylar looks in her direction, she glares at him, trying desperately to make it look fierce.

"Very well then, let's go down to my car and I'll take you to my lab." Mohinder clearly doesn't want to turn his back on Sylar, but there's not much choice in the matter. He turns for the door, moving his hand to rest on Molly's shoulder so that he can steer her ahead of him. His hand gives the girl a reassuring squeeze. There's a plan brewing in his head, and also the hope that Matt will make a well timed return home.

At Molly's glare, Sylar can't help but smile. Of course, it isn't exactly a smile you want aimed at you. "Cute," he says, looking up at Mohinder. "It's a shame I'll have to kill her. Lead the way." Sylar falls in step behind Mohinder, his gun pointed at the other man's back. "No sudden moves, doctor. It would be a tragedy if I had to kill you and hunt down the cheerleader without my abilities."

All of Molly's bravado drains away at that creepy smile. Not to mention the fact that he's talking about killing both her and Mohinder. "Don't let him hurt us," she pleads under her breath to Mohinder.

Mohinder's shoulders square and tense as he warns, "Over my dead body." With his jaw set in a grim expression, he continues steering Molly ahead of him. Yet, what Sylar says about the cheerleader has him questioning. "What do you mean? Having a bit of difficulty in finding her are we?" He's not stalling exactly, he's going, leading the way to his cab parked close to the apartment building.

The apartment sits empty after Sylar takes Mohinder and Molly out. There's not to sound to be heard, except for the open door and the confusion. Until a round Asian man, wielding a sword, staggers out of the bathroom and into the apartment. His face is covered in sweat, and panic is the only emotion on Hiro Nakamura's face. Clenching his eyes shut, he disappears entirely from sight.


The bathroom. Hiro Nakamura flashes into existence in the middle of the bathroom, and has the good sense to press himself against the wall. He can hear voices through the door. Molly. Mr. Suresh. … Sylar. Holding his breath and staying as silent as silent can be, Hiro peeks through a crack in the door. This is it. He'll change the past. Stop time — and it'll all work out.

Hiro clenches his eyes shut until his head shakes. Nothing happens. Hiro's eyes pop open, filled with terror. What? Why won't it work? He shuts his eyes again. Still nothing. No! No! They're about to leave! He's got to make this work!

Sylar leads his hostages out of the apartment. The only two words that reach Hiro's ears are: Mohinder's Laboratory.

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