Shelby Hartwell

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Casting: Eliza Dushku
Date of Birth: September 22, 1985
Age: 25
Place of Birth: San Francisco, CA
Occupation: Model/Actress
Ability: Molecular Manipulation
Power Grade: ➀➁➌ⒶⓅ (erase this if human!)
Registration Status: ☒ UN ☐ REG
Theme Song: "Title" by Artist

Shelby is a former national soccer star who's career ended a few years ago as the result of a knee injury. She's only just moved to LA, to start a career in film - and she doesn't particularly care if it's photographs or movies/TV.


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  • Went to college on a soccer scholarship
  • Majored in Classical Civilizations
  • Has been in commercials for various athletic related items
  • Had to quit soccer as a result of a knee injury
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