2007-05-29: She's Afraid If She Leaves, She'll Become the Life of the Party


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Guest Appearance by… canyouhearmenow.gif?!

Summary: This log defies any attempts at serious summary. Therefore, the title is a quote from Groucho Marx. And here is your summary, a quote from the timeless Ann Landers: At every party there are two kinds of people — those who want to go home and those who don't. The trouble is, they are usually married to each other.

Date It Happened: May 29, 2007

She's Afraid If She Leaves, She'll Become the Life of the Party

Party Central

The Yellow Brick (Airbrushed) Road leads here. Whatever this building used to be, there are no signs of it anywhere. Could have something to do with the fact that Hollywood's B-Reel has turned this place into what can only be described as party central. But closer inspection will show off the fact that there are quite a few ins and outs to this place.

The entire exterior of the building has been painted to look like a wall inside of a house. The large double doors have been removed from the entrance and replaced with a large black curtain that hangs in the shape of a mouse hole. A comical street sign designed in the shape of a gloved white hand pointing towards the building reads: 'Toontown'. Positioned on either side of the entrance are two serious faced Men… in Black. They won't let you remember. Or even let you in if you can't prove you're wearing a costume.

Passing through the curtains will reveal a long corridor that has been repainted and cartoonized by the finest set pieces that money can be. Parts of the floor creak, other parts speak. The walls look like they're moving and fun house mirrors are everywhere they're not expected to be. Soft mallets, pianos and safes are littered around the corridor to make it look like nothing but fun goes on here. It's a child's dream… or Jaden Cain's bedroom.

The corridor leads off to a giant room that has been decorated with the utmost of cartoonish care. The floor of the room is a gigantic Candyland board. Selected sections are elevated and present delicious candies for people to partake of should they want. In the center of the floor the phrase: CANDYLAND STUDIOS has been written out to showoff a coming attraction of sorts. The board leads off to different sections of room, all of which are labeled with a thematic sign: Bugs' Forest, Daffy's Swamp, Marvin's Moon, Granny's House and New Jersey. Each section has tables and chairs and all that good stuff.

In the center of the room is the massive dance floor. It happens to be the thing that links all of the sections together. In addition to the lights that are hanging from the rafters and built into the walls, a huge disco ball hangs down from the ceiling, directly over the dance floor. A large stage has been erected in between Bugs' Forest and Daffy's Swamp. This is where the band will play and announcements will be made from.

The wait staff are Care Bears and Care Bear Cousins. Completely impossible to tell just who they are, except for the fact that they are quite short. Security are all MiB agents with Neuralyzers that create blinding flashes of light in case anyone decides to be a menace to the party.

Party On.

VROOOM! A 1967 Pontiac GTO soars into view, cresting the hill leading down to the venue at Very Unsafe Speeds. There must be a God, because for one beautiful, shining moment, the car is fully airborne. If one were close enough the sound of wild whooping and cheering could be heard coming from the passengers. Busy throwing an empty case of beer out the window, the driver swerves onto the sidewalk and back off again when the car slams back down on the road. When it finally screetches to a halt, it does so an instant too late to keep from bumpering a trash can and knocking it over, spraying refuse wildly about. The music that's blaring on the stereo becomes recognizable. That's the sound of the 80s. Both front doors crack open, letting out something so awesome it defies description. We're going to try, though.

And out of the car, on the passenger side, James Bond closes the door behind him. That is… if James Bond had gotten into a fight with the glam rock genre of the 80s and lost. Badly. Slung over Nathan's shoulder is an electric guitar. It's neon green and actually glows in the dark, with a studded strap hanging from it. It, in fact, looks real. And. Neon. This, somehow, doesn't detract from what he's wearing.

A black and white cheetah-spot faux-velvet tails coat is pulled over— well we skipped the shirt it seems, and a sequined purple scarf is looped around his neck to hang down his chest to offer some obscurity. It, too, has fringe. White jeans (that are somehow stonewashed… despite them being white, call it 80s magic) crowned with a sparkling, metal belt buckle (that draws way too much attentions to that area) are ripped at the knees and thighs, and we can't forget the black and white fringed snakeskin boots with an inch of heel and pointed toes. The bushy, wavy mess of rockstar-long black wig (tamed with a matching cheetah-spot bandanna) isn't quite enough to obscure Nathan Petrelli's identity, but the giant mirror aviator glasses help, especially when it comes to the hastily applied eyeliner.

For Jack, tonight is something very special. Tonight he will reveal his secret to the world. All will know his guiltiest of pleasures. For tonight, Jack has Gone Glam.

That's right, baby. Giant platinum blonde wig with bright red policeman's hat nestled artfully atop. Matching red vinyl gloves and heeled boots. Cherry lipstick and glittery eyeshadow. Fake pearl choker. He's wearing a zebra-striped halter top that looks like it was purchased from the junior's department at a Wal-Mart, as well as clingy black rubber hose with a large heart emblazoned across the groin in pink sequins. A glittery silver belt set with inch-long spikes dangles purposelessly from one hip, The combined effect is eye-wrenching. There is pale, exposed Irish flesh and body hair all over the place.

If the outfit and the driving weren't indicator enough of his inebriation, Jack sways slightly as he climbs out of the car. He glances at the mess made by the spilled trash can. Then he shrugs and heads inside, pausing only to make obscene gestures at the MiB with his tongue.

She's here, as she said she'd be, early even. Jane Forrest is somewhere near the stage where she managed to stash her guitar before getting dressed for this thing. Yes, she came in street clothes, having an in with the man throwing this soiree, after all. In her mind is partly the faint hope no one she knows will be here, because this might be hard to live down, if ever she can. The issue, you see, is her attire.

Jane is looking much like herself, recognizably so with her brunette hair falling across shoulders and down her back. Maybe she should have thought about this and used the wig, or the dye, both? But she didn't. If she had, he might be after her changing something every day, and she won't have that. The deal she made was to wear the dress. It's the Jessica Rabbit dress, in every detail.

You have to say something about Jaden. We he hires entertainment, and Karoliina is in charge, he not only gets the sexy of the sexy for actual non-hooker/whore performers, but instead they are prepped and waiting. It's a cross between some of the greatest science-fiction, fantasy, and actual movie show stars, because the bar that the five are dancing on is all Coyote Ugly, and there are five spotlights.

The first spotlight goes down, and the music starts up, a long intro as Superwoman is revealed in a quick movement, lasso flashing at her hip. The next is actual Jersy from the movie, blonde hair, charming smile. Centering the group and looking golden is Karoliina in Princess Leia Slavegirl gear, microphone in hand. On her left, marking fourth, is the infamous Elektra, red leather and all, and topping the end, and a playby to Jaden, is a girl dressed up as a Ditto herself- who pulls it off remarkably.

The music stops the intro, and as the curtain falls all the way down, the two on each side start dancing and Karoliina gets into the music, starting up the Party. So things go. "Under a lovers' sky, gonna be with you and no one's gonna be around… If you think that you won't fall, well just wait until til the sun goes down…"

Shaggy's entrance is nowhere near as flashy as that of Nathan and Jack, but, hell, he's arrived at the party sort-of on time, right? He's dressed as his namesake, a bright beam of pride slapped on his face as he saunters about in his green top and brown bellbottoms. Plain though it may be, it's him. He's even gone to the effort of securing a wig of light brown hair in the right style, which is plonked on his head at just the right angle. Past the MiB with a grin, and a beer finds its way into his hand courtesy of one of the wait staff. Now Shaggy will pause by the dance floor, surveying the room. "Nice."

The Fairy Godmother is the next to arrive, accidentally leaving a trail of silvery sparkles on everything and everyone she passes on her way into the party zone. "Hiya," Desiree Russo tells the MiB cheerfully as she steps in. Desiree Russo, who, by the way, doesn't know over half of the crazies at this thing but is easily convinced where costumes are involved.

She is dressed in the following: a white corset-style dress inlaid with silver sparkles, poofy off-the-shoulder bell sleeves and a flouncy skirt befitting of Tinkerbell, if Tinkerbell overdosed on chiffon. It cuts off at about mid-thigh. Long, elegant white gloves, which doesn't stop her from wearing way too many rings. Silver sandals with straps up the calf - ridiculously high-heeled sandals, at that, making the already noticeably tall woman ever more of a giantress, so as to garner the respect a Fairy Godmother ought to, since she can't actually fly. Neverthelesss, sheer glittering fairy wings that get in the way of everything: check. A plastic queen's crown is set into her updo of tight dark curls, not styled unlike a beehive; a few strands have been coloured (or more specifically, painted with some manner of gunk) grey. Her eyes, topped generously with shimmering blue eyeshadow and long, fake lashes, are wide with awe and/or confusion as she strides in, wielding a wand that looks like it was purchased at the Dollar Store for little girl's birthday parties. Oh, God, where is Elena?

"So, I'm supposed to come to this party? First Eric takes me to a party, then my boss makes me go to a party," the young man offers as he makes his way through the doors. They aren't opened for him which is good, because Gene is working on something as he makes his way through the doors. It's small and metal, looking to be a bulky bracelet of sorts. "Giving me such short notice, it isn't professional…" he mutters as something snaps in his knick knack for the week. "I'll try and finish it up later, I suppose." With that, the mask is pulled over his face, the identity of the mystery man hidden behind the way too expensive movie version of the Spider-Man costume. Of course, there is a decent clue on who it is when his 'date' for the night comes on in.

It appears to be R2-D2, but it has draped over its outer legs a purple jacket which trails after it. The cuffs and collar have a fuzzy Dalmatian-style pattern, as well as glitter here and there. The sleeves of the coat are pinned to the sides, letting them hang in a c-shape way. On the right side, tucked in the nook of the sleeve is a purple cane with a large fake diamond as the topper. Resting on the large dome is a large purple brimmed hat with a red band around it and a peacock feather… That has the Rebellion ensign painted on it instead of the usual blue circle.

"I still think you shoulda gone as Green Goblin so our costumes match, Artoo?"


"Shut up, it isn't gay for two guys to come in with matching costumes. More so if one's a ROBOT."

R2-D2 says nothing as it rolls behind his master, following him as he makes his way in. He pauses to see Karoliina on stage first, noticing her because of the singing, staring because of the lack of clothes (this is Gene we are talking about here). Maybe this party won't be such a bust after all.

And one of Jaden's PR reps is already here, and wrinkling her nose faintly at the act on stage. Not because Karoliina was terrible, but the fact that what she was wearing would probably cram the front of the stage so full of bodies that it was going to be impossible to walk a straight line from one room to another, which she kind of has to do for work. She looks around the party venue, furrowing her brows a little. She almost thought the party was never going to happen, for some reason the PR department had rumors circulating that Jaden actually forgot to book a venue for tonight…

Oh well, maybe someone was mistaken.

Elena adjusts her had, tipping it up her head and looking around. Dressed in a fitted black jacket, black pants, black boots, she's got holsters on her hips, with two six shooters lodged on them. And yes, she's got -spurs-, as well as an old, Western style US Marshall star thing pinned to her label. Looks like La Latina decided to come today as the female version of Jim West, of Wild Wild West (Will Smith version) fame. Complete with a white collared shirt underneath, unbuttoned three buttons from the top, instead of a black, man's vest she decided to wear one that's a little more feminine, with a corseted back that cinched up her waist.

No, Jack, those six shooters don't actually work. You're safe.

She adjusts the dark hat in a jaunty (saucy?) angle on her head, her hair pulled back underneath in a loose ponytail at the nape of her neck. Howdy, pardner. Where's the food?

"All I'm missing tonight is a wild horse or something," Elena mutters under her breath as she goes hunting for people she knows.

The lion is a latecomer to the party, however, given his stunning regal bearing, that is perfectly acceptable. A king can arrive whenever he wants! Whoever this mystery guest is, he is clothed in fur - sort of a tawny-gold colour for the most part, lighter down his MAJESTIC FRONT and, of course, his royal mane is dark brown. Yes, indeed, this is a superior lion to all other lions ever, in the whole world.

A lion who carries himself with all the bearing of a person who got their costume late and had to take whatever the hell was left. Because perched atop those regal shoulders is a lion head, complete with teeth and ears and eyes that are beautiful gold and Heidi is never, ever going to make fun of Elena ever again, because this is Karma and she damn well knows it. If she hadn't told Nathan she'd meet him here, she wouldn't have come… but with the lack of anything to scrounge together at home, with the exception of something left by Nathan that was just no, she had to take the lion. Oh, the humiliation. And for this reason, she doesn't say a word as she passes by the Men in Black at the door, and if she can help it, she'll never speak to anyone ever, because doing so would reveal who she is. Worse, the only thing they had was a male lion costume. Well, this makes it ten times worse. Normally, Heidi would be able to tolerate the fact that this costume is hot and uncomfortable, but she's coming here to see her husband, who is still in the dog house (lion house?). They're making progress, but… The things she does for him. Sheesh.

Anyway, Lion is late, because of the reluctance to leave the house wearing this thing. George actually smiled, despite his pompous Britishness. The appropriateness of the theme was not lost on Heidi, however, so she'll just calmly hope that everyone here thinks her costume is pre-planned and awesome. Except for the fact that she doesn't see any other lions anywhere. Well, crap. In fact, most of the people attending look COOL or pretty. Now, where is Nathan? She needs to know so she can avoid him for as long as possible.

The brunette in the Jessica Rabbit dress, standing near the stage, quietly watches as people begin to arrive, and starts to relax a bit. Jane is here, wearing… this, and steadily begins to summon up dignity. Her head is held erect, the bodice to that dress is securely fastened to her chest with two sided tape hidden under the fabric. The heels she wears with the floor length garment, slit up the sides almost to her waist, with the purple gloves covering three quarters of her arms. It has no back, and the whole thing is just so purple. Jessica Rabbit needs something to drink, off she goes toward one of the event staff folks, and snagging a glass of wine. The first person known to her she spots is Gene. It's got to be the robot.

In a very mild zigzag, Nathan follows Jack from the car. Someone needed a little Dutch courage before showing up to this thing. Or… a lot. Either or. Jack has the obscenities covered, so Nathan just smiles benignly at the MiBs, lifting a hand (accessorised in a fingerless leather rhinestone studded glove, where did he even get this stuff) in a wave - what else can one do, in this situation? He slings the guitar so that it hangs from his back, and hopes to god no one somehow thinks that somehow they're part of the entertainment. Who would hire Poison impersonators, anyway.

Besides! Look, there's already entertainment. Nathan is torn between finding a place to hide, finding where the booze is at, or not letting Jack leave him stranded. It's a very difficult decision. He solves this problem but grabbing his arm and tugging him in the direction of where wine is being handed out. Luckily, this distracts him from seeing Elena and realising that the Latina is dressed manlier than he is. He does, however, see a lion - and dismisses it, because it's a male lion so obviously that couldn't be Heidi, whom he has started to glance around for. Doubtful that she went with what he had sent her, but a man can dream. He also checks for any rival glam rockers, that would just not be cool.

Jack tripps over a plush safe, then kicks it across the tricky hallway. "I am not this drunk yet," he declares to Nathan, spinning around to address the other man. "Someone is playing a dirty, stinking trick on—woooaooaaa!" Startled by a bit of trick flooring, he spins back around with both hands held in judo chop position. When no threat asserts itself, the Deadly Weapons are lowered. "Jesus, man. Let's go find the bar." He allows himself to be tugged along by the arm, pulling back only long enough to snag a long-stemmed glass of wine. Which makes him look more butch. Really.

Karoliina frowns. That can't be Jane. Naaah. The Jane Karoliina knows is far hotter, even as she hears the distinctive *BEBOOP* of R2-D2, and laughing silently, the singer makes the mike a travel one, hops down from the bar, and singing her way, she finally twirls and leans to a stop right by Gene's feet, pointing up at him, not yet realizing Jane is there: "It's gonna get to your heart…" A pause to breathe, then, "Hi, Doc Ock!"

And then, Jack would feel a pulling….and a SNAP. Someone just snapped his hose! "HAH HAH!" cries the squat little….Care Bear? Care Bear that points at the Irishman in Drag with a fuzzy paw. And then? He takes off running.

After tripping into the more spacious room with a look over her shoulder into the tricksy corridor, Desiree goes to hover - not literally, because again, she can't fly; those wings are far too puny to support her, tragically - at the edge of the giant Candyland board, peering into the growing crowd. She teeters back and forth on her lofty heels, miraculously not falling over. She's distracted by the pimp-bot and thus doesn't spot the two faces she recognizes — Elena and Jane — but that's okay! Soon she's distracted by something else: candy, which she realizes she happens to be loitering directly beside. She grabs a handful of cinnamon hearts; her satin gloves are a bit on the slippery side, however, and at least seven unlucky candies slip and slide all the way to the floor. Oh no! Peeking around to take note of anyone who may have been witness, the Fairy Godmother presses her inordinately blue and glittering lips together sheepishly before going about the process of A) shoving all of her candy in her mouth, and B) crawling about on her hands and knees to get the rest.

"YOU SONOFABITCH!" Caught in the process of pulling a neon orange microphone from somewhere inside his skimpy halter top, Jack doesn't catch which way this particular Care Bare went. Rather than give futile chase, he just grabs the next closest Bear by the fuzz where its collar should be. "WHY ARE THERE SO MANY MIDGETS HERE?"

At the moment, on the stage, is a DJ. He's playing some early tunes just to give the entrances of some people some traveling music. There isn't really a reason to play anything specific at the moment, since, well, there's just too much going on really. The DJ is, well, pretty much just decked out in a very lifelike Chester the Cheetah costume. Sunglasses, big nose, tail and a set of headphones. Occasionally, he waves a paw in the air. Pretty much like he just doesn't care. And the crowd that's already there is, well, having fun. Which is good.

Speaking of the crowd, there's a fair bit of people there already. The sections of the room are kind of starting to fill up as people make their way into the big Party Space. It's a party and it's free. Of course people are going to be there. Regardless of anything else, though, they're all having a good time. Care Bears waltz around the place, holding up trays of beverages and food, taking orders and disappearing across the Candyland Floor to place orders or whatever it is those little bears are trained to do. So kyoot!

Somewhere in the midst of Coyote Ugly: The Series, the DJ leans into the microphone and clears his throat, "Ahem!" He screeches on their music and lifts his tail into the air a bit. "Chester the Musical Cheetah here! And I need everyone… and I mean everyone's… attention!" He leans back and flips a record from his stacks onto one side of the turntables. The needle rolls on the record for a moment before a familiar tune starts up. Familiar to almost everyone. And if not? Then you are lame.

The Merry-Go-Round Broke Down.

With the music blasting through the speakers like there's no tomorrow, it gives time for the entrance of the Guest of Honor. That big ol' ACME Crate that's in the center of the floor explodes from the force of the TOON within as a LIVE ACTION ROGER RABBIT BURSTS OUT OF IT! Don't worry, if you get hit by a piece of it, it won't hurt. It's Holly-wood. Get it?

Obviously, this sort of entrance calls for a performance. Which Roger is all about doing. As he sings his song, he dances around the room, messing playfully with the people that are there already. A couple of the girls even get to feel the fur of his ears.

"Ohhhhhh Roger is my name! - Sometimes Jaden Cain! - Don't Think Too Hard - I'm Not A Retard - But I Might Be Quite Insane!"

Animatronic ears that, well, pretty much seem to be working. There's, well, so much craziness in his costume that it's hard to tell that he's actually Jaden. Hollywood Connections are awesome. Anyway, heeeeeeeeere's Roger! Smashing himself on the head with a foam mallet. WTF.

"Hey! Hey! Leggo you a-hole!" A-hole? The muffled, squeaky voice under the Care Bear mask yells as Jack yanks him back by the scruff of his neck. And then, a fuzzy foot tries to kick him in the shin. What the hell?! Who was this chick?! Those boobs were so fake!

Thankfully, no one seems to recognise her. Then again, how would they. Jeez, it's hard to see in this thing; Heidi's range of vision is pretty much directly in front with a huge blind spot in the middle. So when she inadvertently runs into people, which does happen, she holds up a hand in apology, because she doesn't want to speak, because someone will hear her and recognise her. Speaking of recognition, however, she sees a couple people she knows - like Elena. Who is here of course because no Karma retaliation would be complete without the one who's being avenged. And when she spots Nathan, she raises a hand (paw?) up to her face and chuckles. Dear lord, she expected him to be wearing a suit or something, not… What is that? It's like he ran through someone's 80s collection with his eyes closed. What the hell.

It's about this time that Heidi realises that she's completely unable to eat or drink in this thing without removing the lion head. Well, that makes things a little less bearable. Not that they were bearable at all before. Also, speaking of bears, there are carebears here, which causes Heidi to do a bit of a double-take. She'd feel better than she's not the only one wearing a ridiculous costume, but unfortunately, she can't.

Who can miss the arrival of Roger Rabbit, though? Behind that lion face, Heidi smiles, rolling her eyes. She's too old for this, and so is Nathan. Turning back to where she saw him last, she finds that she's somehow lost him in the crowd. Well, drat. Now she'll have to go looking.

Hey! You got your goth on my Victorian era! You got your Victorian era on my goth! A woman strolls past the MiB, using a black parasol like a cane, in a tattered and faded, deep wine dress with ruffles and lace and a corset and, really, it must have been quite stunning at one time. The skirt is wine and black striped and many tiered and poofs a bit, but it's obvious the crinoline needs a little help. Hooray for intentionally trashy costumes. The matching corset makes a modest attempt at display the woman's assets, revealing the peek of a chameleon tattoo over the left breast. A thin belt hangs loosely around her hips. On one side is a rolling pin. On the opposite hip is a fake butcher's knife and a velvet, dusty rose coinpurse with purple embroidered lettering that reads 'Mrs. Lovett's Meat Pies'. There may or may not be faint hints of blood spatter around the skirt. It's so dark, it's hard to say.

Dark bags have been accentuated by darker makeup, and for once, freckles are left unhidden. Cross another one off the list, Mara Damaris's hair, done up in ratty pigtails, is a shade of ginger.

"A-hole?" Jack echoes. "I DON'T HAVE BOOBS! IT'S GLAM, BITCH! OW!" Shinkicked, he gives the midget a final shake before releasing it. Turning to Nathan, he groans through his heavily painted lips. "Find me some whiskey. I just got attacked by a small person."

Once Jane's got her glass of wine, and watches the stage singer make her way over to Gene, she chuckles a bit. Eyes go to wandering around the room, over people one by one. Karoliina is recognized, that singing voice gives her away, she having sang with her on an occasion. Elena in the Marshal gear, and Desiree's fairy tale godmother motif are spotted, but bells don't ring. What does draw her attention? Nathan, because he's got a guitar. She's just starting to move that way when the activity on stage draws her attention there. Roger Rabbit is focused on, and her body shakes a bit with laughter. Oh, my. She just stands watching him.

Nathan … isn't distracted from downing a good portion of his wine. In fact - Jack's shout causes him to keep going until it's half empty, before finally turning to look at what's happening. Jack-as-Bret is getting into a scuffle with a short Care Bear. They did not drink enough beforehand for Nathan to deal with this. Luckily, Jaden makes his entr— nevermind, there's not enough alcohol in the world. Nathan quickly finishes off his wine, then sets it down so he can get his neon green guitar in hand, in case he needs to forcibly break up this fight. He will do it.

Maybe there is enough alcohol in the world.

Nathan blinks at Jack from behind the mirror aviators. A pause. "You would have won," he has to point out, then shakes his head. "Whiskey, just ask—" Then he stops because he's suddenly noticed how many people are here that he recognises. Including Mara. And he's wearing white denim. Jack Derex, this is all your fault.

That…….was her boss. Elena manages to get herself a Shirley Temple and -stares- at Roger as he pops out of nowhere and mallets himself. So she does what any good, responsible friend/PR rep would do.

She drags out her jPhone, and takes a picture.

She wonders who else is here? Something glittery catches her attention on the side, as well as a mass of curly hair. Grinning, she spins on her booted heel and walks over to Desiree. "Smile~!" she blurts out suddenly behind her, and whenever the Southern lady turns around, she snaps a picture. She's SO showing this to Ramon when she gets home. Taking a sip of her glass, she reaches over to try and give Dezi a hug. "Augh, I can't believe you actually humored me and came! I'm so relieved. Maybe if I stuck closeby to you the entire time, everyone else'll think you're my date." Which would be hilarious. Jim West and the Fairy Godmother."

She searches the room, and her eyes can't help but fall on a pair of outlandishly-dressed….dudes? Hey she grew up in the 90s, not the 80s, so she has absolutely no idea -what- the hell they're supposed to be. But then the profile looks familiar…….and her jaw drops open. Was that…… Jack?!

Roger actually smiles for the jPhone Camera. "CHEEEEESE!"

Elena blows a kiss towards Jaden after snapping that picture.

The lion seriously considers stealing Elena's camera before she can get a picture of her.

When Nathan stops staring at everybody and turns back around, he'll find……..another Care Bear. Staring at him. -Squinting at him suspiciously-. Finally, it says: "…….heeeeeeeeeeeeey. Do I know you?" Yes. It's pink. It's bright. Oh god. It's Love-A-Lot.

As usual, Gene is paragon of charisma and charm as Karoliina moves up to him. How did she know to come up to him when he is dressed like Spider-Man, Gene thinks. She must be a telepath trying to steal his secrets! That's why an attractive older woman appears attracted him, it all makes sense now! Gene figures he needs to discover the information of her employer out without drawing suspicion. Maybe he'll take her down some how and drag her off, claiming she just got really really drunk. Or maybe he'll trick her into drinking herself silly and then have R2 take her away. Of course, when he considers the last idea, the young inventor realizes that she likely figured it was him by his robot companion. Maybe Gene should have dressed the droid as MASTER OF THE SHADOWS R2 to keep a low profile. Too late now.

Rubbing the back of his head, 'Spider-Man' speaks to 'Leia'. "Um, hey there… Didn't expect to see you here."

Jack considers Nathan's words briefly, then gives a solemn nod. "You're right," he replies. "I've got reach on every last one of those Care Bare sumbitches. Yeah!" He pumps one red-gloved fist victoriously, then grabs the nearest person serving drinks. "Two whiskies," he orders. "In really, really big glasses. And a case of beer."

Without waiting to see how that's going to go over, he glances at his Partner In Glam. "Looks like you have a midget as well."

Karoliina says coquettishly, innocent like: "If I had known, 'Peter' I wouldv'e came as Mary-Jane…" Liina's not down and out for pictures as she spots Nathan and Love-A-Lot and her own phone clicks for a photo as she moves back towards him, leaning against him to murmur a bit quietly: "Cause then I couldv'e gotten masked kisses." Breaking Spidey's brain, part one.

Cameras. She's not thinking about cameras at the moment. No, Jane's just watching the stage and Roger Rabbit up there, no longer paying much attention to anyone else nearby as she sips from the wine glass. Her lips move, the words she speaks are quiet, done so for practice. "I'm not really bad, I'm just drawn that way." A few steps are taken, and on those heels it almost makes her move like the real Jessica Rabbit, her height increased from five feet eight to nearly six even.

Up above, in a nook that has been turned into a Balcony. Two Dittos (though it's impossible to tell) are sitting there. Why? Because this is what old guys that have nothing better to do… do. Yes, they're very old and well, I'll just let them explain themselves.

"You call this a party? I'd have more fun at my funeral!"

"If that rabbit comes up here, it'll be sooner than you think."

"Anything to get me out of here!"

There are two distinct laughs as the old mean heckle the party goers.

Meet Statler and Waldorf.

Desiree stares up at Roger Rabbit while she's on the floor in her search for candy, and for a few moments, she forgets she's … well, on the floor. The woman has a goofy grin on her face; it's not only Jaden bursting out of the ACME crate that makes her laugh, it's everything. With this cheesy perma-smile in place, she clambers up off the floor, which is exactly when she whirls around to be caught in the flash of Elena's jPhone. "Oof!" she nearly topples straight into the girl-turned-West once she teeters onto her feet, but let's just pretend she meant to do that in order to hug Elena. She can't actually talk until she rapidly crunches a mouthful of candy. "Are you kiddin'!" she exclaims, waving a gloved hand at her mouth. Cinnamon overload. "I love costume parties. I can't remember the last time I been to a good one! This is a riot. And lookityou!" She taps the brim of Elena's hat. Following the girl's gaze to the Poison look-alikes, she squints. "I'm havin' flashbacks."

Unfortunately, Heidi also recognises Mara. She won't let this spoil the night, though, or at least she'll try not to, considering the anxiety she's experiencing with Mara and Nathan in the same room. Despite the fact that she told Nathan she couldn't trust him, she still does, and so she manages not to feel insanely worried. Besides, there's still something very important to figure out, something that needs to be addressed right now, something that is far more important than Nathan.

How is she going to drink with this STUPID FACE?!

A question for the ages, and one Heidi will have to ponder eventually. For now, she catches sight of Nathan again, ponders for a moment, then starts to head over in that general direction. She'll keep her distance for now, though, mostly because her husband is being addressed by a care bear. So cute.

"God, and this is just for kicks. Wait till Halloween -actually- rolls around, it'll be the event of the season," Elena says, and -groans- at the spin she was going to need to pull in terms of the shenanigans going on around in -that- impending mishegas. "I think it might actually top this one, but he really knows how to throw a party," she says, jabbing her thumb over her shoulder towards the stage where Roger Rabbit has made an appearance. At the last, she laughs, and rubs the back of her neck. "Yeah….well. I -do- have to take a cab or something home and I wouldn't want to weird out the cab drivers." When Dezi squints at Jack and Nathan, she can't help but burst out laughing. "I think I know him……." The crowd parts a little, and she sees………………..her jaw DROPS. Nathan Petrelli?! "Dezi, come on, I need a picture of this. I HAVE to take a picture!" She didn't even know Nate and Jack knew each other.

Nathan frowns at Jack's statement, turns, then looks down. AHH PINK BEAR MIDGET. "…nope," he answers, a hand coming up to make sure his glasses are firmly in place, wig appropriately mussed and obscuring. NO FUTURE PRESIDENT HERE, WHAT. He glances over towards where Jack is hopefully handing him a whiskey. Right now, Derex, any time you like.

He's saved from trying to figure out how you have a conversation with a very short pink bear, however, because he sees that lion again walking towards him, and he leans over towards Jack. "I think that one is stalking me," he murmurs, again, it just not occurring to him that his wife would dress so dorkily. Pot, kettle, but still. Then, he sees the last thing he wanted to see - a phonecamera pointed his way. Nathan pushes Jack in the way, everyone look at the guy in the halter top, damnit!

"Oh c'mon now, darlin'. If you can weird out a cab driver in this city I'ma give you a prize is what I'm gonna give you," The Southern Fairy Godmother says as she pops a cinnamon heart in her mouth. She then remembers that this is floor candy and surreptitiously places the remainder on the nearest surface. "You know the glam squa— o-okay!" Dezi, prepared to chase after Elena if she has to, even if the much younger gal has an easier time of it in her cowboy boots than she does in her choice of footwear. "Hey, they're gettin' a little rowdy. Must be in-fightin' or whatever in the band. We don't watch out there's gonna be hair-pullin' and rhinestones everywhere, hurry up and take the picture!"

Turning around from watching Roger Rabbit some moments after Nathan shoves Jack to deflect camera capture, Jane once again takes to looking over the crowd and seeing if she can spot people known to her. One by one they're located. Desiree, Elena, Jack? Nathan with the guitar. She snickers under her breath, and hopes he doesn't try to play, because… she heard that once. Not a step is taken to approach any one of them, no, her thing is to watch and see how long it takes any of them to sight her, expecting the Rabbit named Roger will come find her at some point soon.

Either the vacant and slightly confused stare is part of the costume, or Mara is actually rather dazed by the atmosphere of this riot party. Clearly, alcohol is warranted. A member of the help is grabbed. "Harvey Wallba- Actually, better make that a gin martini. Lots of olives. And I know you've got one of those ridiculously sized novelty glasses around here. I want one of those." Hapless waitstaff released, Mara fluffs her pigtails. Casual as you please.

"Hey. Where the hell is my whiskey and me case of beer? Bret and CC need their aaaaa!" Thrust in front of a camera phone, Jack does what any manly Irishman would do when about to be caught on film in a zebra-striped halter top. By Elena! He cringes, squinches his eyes shut, and waits for it to all be over. Teased wig and policeman's hat askew, lipstick smudged, and clingy hose riding up one leg, he is suddenly struck my the realization that his sex life will be purely theoretical from now on.

What sex life?

Roger finishes his performance of Toonish Proportions and Chester goes back to playing actual music. That Merry-Go-Round Broke Down on repeat would ruin this damn party. Roger slaps hi-fives with Chester and HOPS off the stage. "Well now! This looks like a stupendous shin-dig if I ever dug one!" Arms go out to the side and the mallet is hurled off in the random direction… which just happens to not be so random. Because, well, the mallet is sailing through the air and happens to smack some EvoSoft employee IN THE FACE. But that's not the funny part. The funny part is that said employee was dressed as Eddie Valiant.

"OOPS!" Roger whirls back around, his ears actually wrapping up on themselves and he hops off in the direction of… Bugs' Forest! "Sorry Eddie!" And there's that crazy ass laugh. Luckily, impressions are Jaden's thing.

She can't help but laugh. "Yeah, I know the glam squad. I think," Elena says, grinning over at Dezi - and at what she says, she can't help but -laugh-. " 'My rhinestones! You -bitch-!' " she says, in the deepest possible voice she could muster, visualizing what it would be like to see glam rockers having a fight between each other. She struggles a bit to get through the crowd, so she could get close enough -and see people's faces- so she could clearly identify them as ….well. Them. So when Jack is yanked to the front by Nathan, she grins, and happily takes a picture of him. "Nuncle! Fancy seeing you here!" she says, beaming. "I think you've embarrassed me -again- tonight, Jack, I think you might actually look better in that halter top than me. Nate." Yes, Nate. No more Mr. Petrelli. He opened the door thanks to the FLOWERS he sent her after finding Heidi. "After tonight I'm -so- totally voting for you, not too many people can pull of aviator glasses that huge." She turns to the Fairy Godmother. "Jack, Nate, this is Desiree Russo. She's our house guest. Dezi, this is Jack and Nate."

There is, in fact, a very good reason for why Dr. Octavia Cutler is dressed up like Deanna Troi. That reason escapes her at just this moment though. She has been in the party for a while now, quietly keeping near Bugs' Forest while she sips at drinks and munches on snack food. Every so often she pauses to start scribbling something down on her napkins.

Indeed, the lion is stalking Nathan. Creepily. Hanging back at just enough distance so she can see him and not lose him, and somewhat too humiliated to go any closer. It's not like she hasn't done terrible things for her kids. Of course, there was the Monty-cow-costume-moment that Peter brought up, but that was so lng ago. Back on topic, though. The lion crosses her arms, weight back on one leg, as she notes the fact that Elena's taking a picture of Nathan.

Heidi has got to get that camera, before it's too late. Elena has to put it down at some point, and Heidi will be there. Waiting.

Creepy lion is creepy.

Except she's really just a little bit… shy at the moment. Ironically, a glass or two of alcohol would calm her down a little, but she can't drink it because of stupid face, and she can't take it off because DUH, she can't. Reaching up, intending to run a hand through her hair, she runs it through her mane instead and decides that it's time to approach Nathan. Here goes nothing.

Jack is mortified. MortifiedJack. He was not expecting to find Elena at a party, nor was he expecting to be freakin' abandoned by his freakin' buddy. With the initial moment of agony passed, he grabs his Glam BFF by the guitar strap and yanks him closer. "We're sexy," he insists. "And the sparkles on my hose will call attention to my package when I dance."

The Lights Go Out. Don't be alarmed, this is part of the plan. Which, well, means that something must be going on.

"Hello San Dimas!" Oh no. That voice sounds eerily like Alex Winters. Or, as he's most often called: "I'm Bill S. Preston! Esquire!" This is not going to be good.

Spotlights have started to swirl around the room and across the stage. Where glimpses of two guys and a band can be seen as they pass over the stage. "And I'm Ted "Theodore" Logan!" Jesus, is that Keanu Reeves?

"And together… we are… WYLD STALLYNS!"

The spotlights get brighter and soon enough the stage is engulfed in lights of a classic 80s nature (SHOUT OUT TO NATHAN AND JACK) and standing up on stage -are- ALEX WINTERS AND KEANU REEVES. Why are they at this party? Candy asked them to come. What? Jaden's a Bill & Ted fan, okay? Geez.

And now there's live music. Party On.

"…it's Bobby Dall, not CC," Nathan mutters. HELLO, GREEN GUITAR? Okay so it's a lead guitar and not a bass guitar (which is now slung back on to his back) so it's not like we're going for an accurate representation, here. All the same. Nathan is yanked over, and he flips a lock of hair out of his face before extending out a rhinestone studded hand to Desiree with a smile. Oh yes, very politician-like, Nathan, just ignore the glittery scarf. "Good to meet you," he says, then looks at Elena with a fainter smile, less meet-and-greet, now resting said giant aviators on his head, because it's not really the 80s and it's not that cool to wear your sunglasses at night. And he kind of forgot he was hiding the eyeliner. Oh well. At least he didn't go sparkly eyeshadow like some people. "God forbid I get voted on for my politics. I didn't know you were gonna be here."

Then… there's a lion. It's really hard to tell if it's looking at him. Nathan clears his throat. "Nice night for it."

Spotting the lion as he approaches Elena and Nathan, Jane shakes her head and lifts a hand to her mouth to stifle a laugh, not wanting to give anything away, although she does remark to herself "What's up with the lion moving toward them? I thought eating zebras was their thing, not David Bowiesque guitarists." Her glass is lifted and sipped from slowly, laughter showing in her eyes at the sheer madness which develops. And peripherally she's remaining aware of what else may occur, last Cain party she was at featured Batman coming through the roof. Bill and Ted? Yes, that would be the else occurring.

Desiree comes to a near-sliding halt just behind Elena in front of Jack and Nathan, a silly, crooked smile on her fantastically blue lips. Behind Elena or not, she can see over the girl's head, so it's all good. "Fairy Godmother," she corrects cheerfully with a raise of her sharp brows and a theatrical wave of her wand. She almost chokes at what Jack says and brings her white-gloved knuckles to her mouth. Just a moment later, she gestures a few times at 'Nate' with her wand. Or is she pointing behind him? Off to the side? The circles the silver sunburst of a wand-tip are a rather vague. "You, uh— you got a lil'… big cat problem. WHOA!" That last part is because of the lights going out, and she's promptly distracted by the folks on the stage. Whether she actually recognizes them or not is up for debate.

"Tonight, Nate's officially the coolest senator-to-be on the platform," Elena tells Dezi with a grin. "I think you have the youth vote nailed." The last to Nathan. "And I wasn't going to come, but the guy holding the event is a friend of mine, and I work for his PR department so I kind of have to show." She also….well. -Stares- at Jack at his explanation. And then, she laughs. "Right Jack. Riiiiiiiiiight. I bet you I'll wake up the next morning and see you plastered all over the Society pages as New York's Most Eligible Bachelor of 2007." Oh yeah. After THIS get up, like THAT's gonna happen! HAH HAH HAH HAH HAH! With a smile, as Nathan is yanked closer to her nuncle, she lifts up her jPhone, and takes a picture of both. "Seriously, you guys look amazi— …." She blinks at the lion. Looks like Simba has a crush on the glam crew. What gives? Did it want a camera op? She lifts up her jPhone and takes a picture of the lion too.

This is when the lights dim, and when the next act comes out, her jaw drops. "…….whoa." Yes. Whoa. Elena just Keanu'd.

Come to Kenya, we've got LIONS. (Where the giraffes are, and the zebra.) Also, lions are here tonight, and Nathan does, indeed, have a big cat problem. Perhaps this is one of his political rivals, seeking to assassinate him from INSIDE THE COVER OF FUR. Except no, it's just Heidi.

That's about when the lights go out, and Heidi has to turn all the way around so she can look at the stage, because just turning her head gives her an excellent view of the inside of the lion face, which doesn't help at all. Wait— Is that…? It can't be. They're in the middle of New York City on a random night and those are really good lookalikes, but they aren't the real thing. They can't be—

Oh god, Elena got her picture. She sees the flash out of the corner of her eye, and almost instantly turns back toward the source, and STARES with creepy plastic lion eyes. Now she can't take off the mask. Like, ever.

And then, through the door and down the hallway, completely passing up the MiB, is Sylar dressed up as the Verizon guy. Decked out in a classic workman's suit (a Verizon patch on the left side), wearing a pair of glasses, and holding a phone to his ear, he moves into the middle of the dance floor, speaking into his phone.

GAME: Sylar has rolled CAN YOU HEAR ME NOW and got a result of GOOD.

A scantily clad woman is leaning against him, talking about how she wants him to kiss her. While the idea does amuse and arouse Gene Suddenly his thoughts raise to an important person in his life. An old man that can make Walter Matthau's characters seem like Jimmy Steward's: Gene's grandfather. He imagines the man ranting about hook-ups, what would his mother think, and of course, giving the Frown of Elderly Disappointment. But he doesn't want to be mean to Karoliina by saying he's not interested. So he goes with what sitcoms have taught him. A blatant lie with comedic ramifications.

"While I'm really flattered, Karoliina, I really shouldn't After all, my on-again-off-again girlfriend is around here tonight and I'm not sure where we are in the relationship right now."

Gene thanks his heavenly father that he's wearing a mask, making it easier to tell the big fat fib. He looks around as if trying to find her But doesn't. "But I'm glad you're doing so well. Surprised a sexy Solo hasn't tried to offer to show you his wild Rancor. If I wasn't with my on-again-off-again girlfriend who is somewhere at the party, I'd be tempted."

When the lights dim, Jack stops studying the effects of his sparkly package and peers up at the stage curiously. If the music appearance seems odd to him in any way he conceals it well, only giving an approving nod at the light and fog effects. He tugs at the sleeve of Nathan's tailcoat. "Hey. HEY. Next time we do this, we need fog when we walk in. Seriously."

A server finally comes back around with the whiskey Jack had previously ordered. He takes both glasses and passes one over to Bobby Dall (who doesn't deserve it.) "Are you trying to say that I'm not pretty enough for the Society pages, Scrappy?" Mock offended, Jack pulls his mouth into an over-sensual pout. "I'm prettier than you are."

Octavia lifts a glass of bourbon sour. The lights go out. When they come back on, Octavia no longer has a glass of bourbon sour. She has a glass of orange rind, ice, cherry stem, and some sort of toothpick. She also, mysteriously, now has a plate of chocolate chocolate chip cookies.

"Well. I'm your Fairy Godmother," Desiree tells Jack matter-of-factly, because she's everyone's Fairy Godmother, "If y'all don't have a fog machine'a your very own, I got the next best thing!" That is when the woman, possible future stepmother of Elena, reaches down the front of her dress into her cleavage to retrieve a packet of pink glitter which she then showers generously on Elena's nuncle and the senatorial candidate. And, of course, she prances around them in a circle.

The woman in the Jessica Rabbit dress turns around again, her bare back to the activity behind her, and checks out Bill and Ted onstage. The temptation in her is starting to rise, Jane's feeling the urge to go get her stashed guitar and play. The wine glass is consumed from again, and she listens to determine if their skill will be at the level they had starting the movie, or at the end after they spent time in the past actually learning to play, with a quiet smirk developing.

Karoliina chuckles quietly into Gene's ear during the dark, murmuring quietly: "Well, Spider-Man, I'm sure I'll find you hanging outside of my window some time…" Then Leia escapes, sliding past Jane and Jaden, and rolling straight toward the lion, where she stops and prowls around poor Heidi for a moment, an affecting growl escaping her lips as she prowls.

"Do we have a lion or lioness on the prowl, I wonder?" She says, softly. "Is she seeking her pride, or is he seeking a mate? Does the Lion eat Rabbits for dinner, or does it find more appropiate prey in stalking seventies and eighties bad-dressed and bad-hairstyle dudes?" Referencing Jack and Nathan there, she continues her prowl. "Of is Lion just having a good time, and waiting to unmask their 'mane'?"

Wow lights. Nathan is momentarily distracted by the light show, because he has more than a couple of whiskeys in him and it is startling, okay. He blindly takes his drink from Bret Michaels (he has a sixth sense for this stuff) and turns towards the stage. And squints. "Wild Stallyns?" he repeats, contemplatively. Never heard of 'em.

AND! Giant martini glass. Nathan watches the server take it over towards— yes, that is indeed Mara, please let her not see him. He nudges Jack - well, elbows him pretty hard, he's too blitzed to be very subtle, and points towards Mrs Lovett herself, opens his mouth to speak— holyshit glitter. Nathan blinks, then glances over at Desiree— who is making him dizzy. And ruining his faux-velvet coat! Well, it's glitter. It's exempt. It can only add to it, he supposes. He clinks a glass with Jack. "Fine. You can David Bowie yourself out of a paperbag," he says, as if admitting something. Then, drink!

Bloody hell. There's no phone box, so Mara isn't convinced of the authenticity of Bill and Ted up there, but hey. Her martini has shown up! Leaning heavily on her parasol, she takes the oversized glass in one hand and takes a sip. "God, that's good," she murmurs. The glam duo had been given a curious glance earlier, but now when she looks, and Bobby Dall's got his glasses off, Mrs. Lovett's heart drops to her stomach. "Bollocks," she breathes out in disbelief. Who invited Senator Flyboy? Oh yeah, Jaden did. Along with all of bloody New York! …Is… Is that Jack? It's official. Mara's life is over. There is not enough alcohol at this party to salvage this.

Either this is some good ass acting or Alex and Keanu are playing some dope 80s song. And they sound okay! Average even!

Normally, being glittered would piss Jack off. A lot. But right now it just adds to his appeal. He takes off his cap and fluffs his wild pouf of platinum blonde hair, distributing the sparkles evenly. Unfortunately, this sends a clump into his open mouth, causing him to hack and retch briefly like a cat with a hairball. Nathan's indication of Mara's presence doesn't help. His eyes go wide and he clutches at his throat with one hand. He's turning a little pink. In a last ditch effort to unglitter his gullet, he gulps down his entire vat of whiskey. Partial success. He can talk and breathe now, but his tounge is still sparkly. When he has his hat resettled, he smiles at Desiree winningly. "Thanks. I'm even sexier now."

Granted, she's already pretty conspicuous, because hello, giant lion, but when Karoliina draws attention to her, Heidi blushes bright red behind her mask and says nothing. The thought does cross her mind that she could remain totally in character, viciously attack this girl, and then RUN INTO THE SUNSET, but Heidi isn't prone to attacking people. Then again, she's also not prone to wearing ridiculous outfits like this, or being so completely mortified that she can't speak, but no. She's not going to dunk this girl's face into a bowl of punch. Or, you know, punch her in the face. Either works.

Then, suddenly glitter! All over Nathan! For those wondering if the lion is actually male or female, the laugh that emits from the lion is definitely feminine, and there are probably people here who might just recognise it. Oops.

Karoliina continues her prowl around Heidi, sizing the woman up as if she was a lion herself, before she stops, and gives a low, throaty chuckle at her own, peering over at Nathan. "I'll be." She drawls, just gazing. "HE looks even more feminine then he did before, wouldn't you agree?" Bad Karoliina, bad. Nathan would do something that Heidi wouldn't do, wouldn't she?

Decisions, decisions. Should she turn back to watching people she knows, move to the bar, or try to get onstage with Bill and Ted after retrieving her instrument. Jane looks over her shoulder, then toward the bar where Mara sits, and back to the stage, doing this again and again as she considers those three options. It's also starting to grate a little that standing here, in this barely existing dress, no one has approached, recognized, or even spoken to her. This only fuels the desire to play, and so there she goes, headed for the Place of Hidden Guitar.

…oh thank god. The lion that is stalking him is a woman. Yes, Nathan is all glam'd up, he may be wearing eyeliner, he may now be covered in pink glitter, but… he just doesn't swing that way. But wait. WAITAMINUTE. He knows that laugh. He squints at the lion, trying to— no, there is nothing to detect. But it all kind of makes sense all of a sudden. "Heidi?" Then, he smiles. And starts to laugh. Why yes, he may be rocking cowboy boots, a wig and a cheetah spot tails coat… but at least he's not dressed in a lion suit.

Elena stares as Dezi prances around them with glitter, and she can't help but laugh. The jPhone is up. And…what's that? Yeah. SHE'S FILMING THIS ENTIRE THING. Oh Technology, you sexy, sexy beast! "This is…..just about turning into the best party ever," she says with a laugh. If not just for the -eye candy- going around. And then, the lion? Starts to laugh. It sounds feminine. And when Nathan……correctly pinpoints his wife, her jaw drops. "H…….HEIDI?!!!!" Just like Nathan, she -keels- over laughing hysterically. THIS WAS KARMA. SHE KNOWS IT. SHE -KNOWS-! Vengeance is sweet and glorious! ….except for the fact that this was actually a costume party and people are SUPPOSED to look ridiculous as opposed to trying to entice people into the Chicken Bucket as a giant, pink chicken.

…..okay so Heidi still wins BUT STILL.

In the background of the party, Octavia continues to beat the Fourth Wall bloody with her costume. Oh Star Fleet, sweet Star Fleet, why is this an officer's outfit option? The Scientist idly munches on her chocolate chocolate chip cookies, turning to peer toward Nathan and Heidi as all attention seems to focus on them for a few moments.

No. Oh no, no. Don't say it. Don't— Heidi knows he recognises her, but all he has to do is keep silent and—

"You ass," says the lion, managing to somehow look positively indignant despite the fact that she lacks facial expressions completely at the moment. Arms cross over her chest, and she glares. Maybe Elena didn't hear. Except she did, which means Heidi's turning toward the girl, continuing to not-glare because the lion face looks ridiculously happy. And while she can call Nathan an ass, she can't do the same for Elena, and so she simply says "Hi," and sheepishly waves a paw.

Wait. Wait. There's a decidedly long pause as she seems to recall the fact that Elena has a camera, and she's being filmed. No! "Give me that camera!" she says, and makes a jump for it. The mighty lioness is stalking her prey!

Good ol' Roger's been making the rounds. But there's something very wrong about making the rounds and not seeing the great Jessica Rabbit! Roger pops up from NOWHERE IN PARTICULAR, because that's what Rabbits do and he beams with the brightness of a thousand Colgate Commercials. "OHHHHHH JESSSSICA!" The rabbit's ears go straight up at this point, since he's making it a point to fall right into her path. No guitar! Mingling!

Now that he's both glittered and glammed, Jack is ready to get gassed. When a tray goes by that's heavily laden with glasses that are fairly small and filled with clear liquid, he relieves the server of the entire arrangement. After leaning down to sniff at them experimentally, his eyes light up. "Vodka!" he declares happily. The baffled server is waved away.

Jack offers two glasses to Nathan and takes up two for himself. "Heidi. Your wife's name is Heidi, right?" he asks. Maraglance. Heidiglance. Glamnateglance. This is going to be a long night.
The young inventor merely gives a contented sigh as the woman goes away, just glad that she is not mad at him or trying to expose his fib. This leaves Gene to his own devices. This means he gets to snag some snacks some drinks and look down as to avoid social interaction. Perhaps he'll make some small chat, glancing around to oogle at hot girls, but otherwise talk to no one save short and awkward periods of trival conversation. Score!

"Com'on, Artoo, time to get some" Gene pauses to see a girl give the droid a kiss on the foredome before sliding a piece of paper in the brim. She gives the robot a little wave before going on. Once the girl is gone, Gene looks to the paper. "…How the heck does a robot I make get digits before I do? This is just embarrassing, Artoo."


Shaking his head, Gene just makes his way toward the crackers and cheese. He's a geek with a mission, people, beware!

Meanwhile… outside…

"Hold it." Agent F holds his hand out to stop some random kid that doesn't look like he's dressed up as anything. "No costume, no entry."

"Hey! I'm dressed up! I'm Ordinary Guy!"

Agent U looks over at Agent F. They both put on their sunglasses, as Agent U reaches into his inside pocket. "Yes. Yes, you are."


Karoliina glances at HeidiLion. Then she glances at NathanThing. Then at JackThing. Then at the others, and at Jack's words about Heidi being Nathan's wife, the soprano's mouth curls up into a smile, and then, in vibrant soprano desgined to DRAW ATTENTION TO POOR HEIDI AND NATHAN, she starts singing the famous chorus from Meatloaf and Marion Ravion's 'It's All Coming Back To Me Now.' How Ironically. Appropriate.

"If I kiss you like this / And if you whisper like that / It was lost long ago / But it's all coming back to me.
If you want me like this / And if you need me like that / It was dead long ago / But it's all coming back to me.
It's so hard to resist / And it's all coming back to me / I can barely recall / But it's all coming back to me now
But it's all coming back to me now…" Rickroll'd, everyone duck, cause Karoliina is about to be shot.

She stops in her tracks when Roger Rabbit is suddenly right in front of her, and the goal of getting instrument is abandoned, forgotten. No, instead the showwoman in her takes a different direction. He's the Rabbit, Jane is Jessica, and it's time to see if she can really pull this off. "Right here, Roger," she replies, using as close to an impression of the character voice as she can manage, and adopting that walk, as she turns to head back toward the crowd ahead of him, turning her head to look over her shoulder once as she goes and ask "Am I really bad, or just drawn that way?"

Mission: GLITZ accomplished, the Fairy Godmother tucks the packet back where it belongs (as if a package of glitter really belongs there). "Well you're welcome," she drawls to Jack after being somewhat distracted by… everything else. She wanders back over to Elena's side, where she quirks an eyebrow and looks at the lion. What's so funny? "Whah?" And then, the lioness is attacking Elena! The Fairy Godmother squeaks, throwing her hands up. In the midst of all of this, she looks over her shoulder when Roger Rabbit reappears and happens to spot Jane, too. Or rather, a bare back, and boobs, which she eventually manages to identify as Jane/Jessica Rabbit's (by seeing her face, that is), but before she can comment— oh yeah, her friend is being ATTACKED BY A LION. This all happens very fast, of course. "Hey, 'Lena! I got yer back!" she makes a grab for the jPhone with the intent to hold it very high, because she is very. Tall.

The insult just makes Nathan laugh that little bit harder. Not quite as great as the nurse outfit, no, but. Heidi is Simba. He dusts some glitter off himself and flicks it at her, even as she goes diving for Elena's camera. Hey, he's not about to stop her, Elena has too much blackmail freakin' footage as it is.

Then, he has two shots of vodka in his hands. "When in Rome," is all he says, then just vanishes them both, right after the other. Which is really the best moment for someone to start singing that song, what is this, did his and Jack's mere presence send us all into a timewarp? He gestures now between Jack and Heidi. "Jack, this is—" Heehee. SIMBA. "My wife, Heidi. Honey?" She's a little distracted, but we continue anyway. "This is Jack." My glam BFF. We all have our secrets. :(

A correction must be made. That's Heidi goddamn Petrelli. Now Mara's life is officially over. She tips her head, and her glass, back and starts well and truly drinking. God, help me. She can't help but just watch the spectacle. It's like a train wreck. She wants to look away, but… she just can't. He- Hey. Where'd my martini go? Popping one olive into her mouth, Mara calls out to another passing wait…bear. "Wine and beer!"

But, in the end, it's Karoliina's voice that gets Mara's attention. Empty glass handed off, the ruffled and laced woman limps off toward the soprano songstress rather purposefully. "Hey! Why don't you keep your nose out of situations that don't concern you?!"

"I— no! It's not fair! You back off, woman!" Elena cries as Heidi pounces on her prey. So there she was, Jim West, getting chased, and perhaps mauled, by a lion. Jim West has somehow been transported from the West and somehow, magically, landed on an African Safari with the Fairy Godmother and two band members from Poison. And then, her phone is yanked…….by Dezi. Who holds it high on her head. Oh future stepmom, I love you so~! She can't help but laugh. "Oh Heidi, the costume is so….." Snicker. "Adorable. You look really….." Snickergiggle. "……cute and….." Snrrrk. "Fluffy." WHAT? She's trying to compliment Heidi. With tears coming from her eyes she's trying not to laugh so much.

Love-A-Lot? Is still staring at Nathan. Even more so now that he's all glittery. And then… "I know who you are! I saw you on TV!" BUSTED, Petrelli! The paw POINTS accusingly. "You're dressed like a GIRL."

PHONE. GIVE. Seemingly oblivious to the fact Nathan is even talking at the moment, let alone throwing glitter at her, Heidi tries to get hold of the camera, only to have it lifted out of her reach by Desiree, who is too tall for Heidi to even hope to get the camera away and destroy the video file. Too much happening at once, and Elena is laughing at her!

"Yeah, haha," she says, stepping back, reaching up, and removing the lion head. Black hair is plastered across her forehead, and when she pushes it out of the way with a paw, it's charged with static electricity and stands straight up. Nice, Heidi. Still, she smiles, tucking Simba's face under her arm, starting to turn back to Nathan…


The smile leaves her face; for awhile, her expression is torn, worried, apprehensive— And then the carebear interrupts the tense moment by declaring that Nathan is dressed like a girl, and Heidi just cracks up. Most absurd party EVER.

Bam. Bam. Follow Nathan's example, Jack pounds both of his shots down as well. Familiar with the difficult that loose glassware can cause at a party, he puts the empties back on the tray. He's just returning with another pair of drinks when he spots Mara on fast approach. He opens his mouth to speak, then closes it again. "Fuck it," he murmurs. Shots number three and four disappear into his belly. Liquor make it better.

No. NO! "NO MORE MIDGETS," Jack groans. Moving to his BFF's aid, the Irishman interposes himself between Love-A-Lot and the politician. "First of all, he's not a girl. It's called glam. And the reason you don't know about it is that glam is so cool it would make your eyes pop. Glitter would come out. Now piss off." This final statement is punctuated by a halter top adjustment.

Roger does that thing where eyes pop out of the sockets thing! Except that his eyes don't actually pop out of the sockets. He didn't have time to figure out how to get those special effects going but he was busy trying to secure this place and all of that good stuff. "Definitely, 100 percent, drawn amazingly wonderful!" Roger hops up onto a table, smashing people's food and kicking over drinks. "Oh Jessica! How do I love thee?! Let me count the ways!" Oh god. Not this again.

Karoliina lets the last note die off, thne suggusts to Mara, purely deadpanning her words, "Why, does the situation concern you, ma'am? Really, does anything concern anybody? Can't we all just be one big, happy, family?" Then she steps forward towards Mara, pitching her words, deliberatly giving a sweet, happy innocent smile: "I love you, you love me, we're a happy family. With a great big hug and a kiss from me to you, aren't you glad that I. Love. You." Satisfied with that reply, Liina wanders off towards Rabbit.

Nathan's smirk utterly vanishes, and he whirls around to glare down at the Care Bear. Excuse me, what! Poison is manly! Okay, so, more hardcore metal lovers would very much agree with the midget, but— this was Nathan's teenagehood! You think he hired these clothes? Think again. He's just smug that he can still fit into 'em.

"I am not dressed as a girl," Nathan says, pointing (please ignore the glitter polish on his nails), ignoring the fact he's now arguing with a Care Bear who can't be over four feet tall. Then, his Glam-in-Arms is there to back him up. Rock on. Nathan steals another vodka shot, shoots a glare at his SUPPOSED WIFE— and then stares towards Karoliina and Mara. What. He raises an eyebrow, wondering if he's gonna have to break something up.

Munching on food happily, the geek finds that Karoliina is singing again. He glance over to see that there is some big scene involving Elena cowboy, a lion, some butch looking rocker girls, and a sexy mass murderer. Proving he has common sense, he decides to just stay where right where he is and just watch from afar.

This works for awhile until out of the corner of his eye, Gene notices the Star Trek girl, causing Gene to blink. "Okay, Artoo, we may have incoming. Remember, keep things on the DL."

Gene gets a couple of whistles in response.

Elle makes her way into the party. Given her current situation, she wasn't really much in a party mood, but hey, Jane was coming, so she came too. Of course, if you're going to come in a costume, you might as well make it a good one, and so Elle has shown up in brown wig and minimal attire; a replica of the Princess Leia slave bikini.

I don't think so. Mara doesn't let Karoliina finish her attempt at condescension. She gets about 'you love me' when Mara gathers up her parasol and sends her elbow flying at the singer's face. "Shut up, bitch!"

At the end of the Wyld Stallyns set there's nothing really going on. Which is the perfect time for Indiana Jaden to run through, complete with hat and whip and everything… followed by a giant foam boulder.

"At least it wasn't snakes!"

Chester's also mixing in the Indy theme for pure awesomesauce factor as this happens.

"What," the Jessica clad Jane replies in that voice, still moving with that walk, doing what some might call a superb job of pulling the whole thing off. "Are you gonna compare me to a summer's day, Roger?" She seems to be adjusting her course toward Karoliina and Mara, asking "What's the matter? Can't a girl sing a song if she wants to?" Clueless to the core, not the first idea in her head about whatever might be causing this argument. And here it becomes physical. "Tough crowd, Roger. A girl gets attacked just for singing?"

This is when the angry Irishman interposes himself between him and the Guy from TV. Love-A-Lot blinks up at Jack, and then, fuzzy paws plant on those squat hips. "Yeah? YOUR FACE IS GAY," yells the Care Bear. Why? Could be all the lipstick or eyeliner Jack is wearing, but he's only telling the truth! Why can't they ever handle the truth?

Is that Spider-Man and R2-D2?

Octavia is pretty sure it is. She tilts her head toward Gene and his faithful R2 unit, shortly followed by the rest of her body. Octavia/Deanna promptly strolls semi-casually toward the Inventor. Let's see, shall we, what happens when…


Karoliina blinks. Wait, is that an elbow? Did Mara just call her BITCH? Karoliina narrowly avoids the elbow, narrowly running into Jane as she goes. "What. The. FUCK." She declares, eyes narrowing.

The Fairy Godmother winks good-naturedly at the lion-revealed-as-Heidi - no hard feelings over the phone-stealing and all. She hands the jPhone back to Elena, safe and sound. "Aw, but it's so cute," she comments in regards to Love-A-Lot, even as she continues to hold the phone high above her head. 'It' because she's not really sure about the Carebear's gender. " uuhh, I take that back." But before she decides on letting the lets the faux-rockers fight their own battle, as it were, or kicking some Carebear ass (unlikely), Desiree whirls around when she catches an 'oh no you di'nt!' vibe coming from the direction of is that the Phantom of the Opera girl? It takes her considerably longer to recognize Mara, which is to say, she doesn't. Speaking of battles… "Uhhhh…" It's hard to focus on one thing for too long. Oh hey, a giant boulder. Back to impending violence of the girl variety - Mara and Liina, not to be confused with Jack and Nathan. "Are they—? Should someone call the Men in Black?"

And here it comes. Jack knew about five seconds after he got here that some bitches were gonna be smackin' it up. He just wouldn't have pegged this particular match-up. WAIT A MINUTE. WAIT ONE GODDAMN MINUTE.

"My face. Is gay?" Jack steps forward until he's halter top-to-fur with the Care Bare. "I'm sorry. But there's a girlfight going on, so I can't kick your ass right now. Do me a favor, though? Suck on my <3." He points to his crotch-sequins, then resumes watchin' the funsies. Maybe boobs will fall out!

This has nothing to do with a song. This has everything to do with people making fun of situations they have no clue about. At least, that's the Drunken Logic(tm) behind this and don't you dare disagree. "Don't you even try and act innocent, bitch!" Mara can't break the nose of every bitch that crosses her path, can she? Maybe Karoliina's precognitive. Or a ninja. Precognitive ninja. Damn. Even as Karoliina turns to walk away, the fiery woman living up to her new hair colour is lunging again. "Hey! You don't get to act like a whore and just walk away!"

…oh Mara. Nathan sets down his drink as soon as he sees that look on the woman's face, and winces as her elbow goes flying up. He knows what that's like. Glam to the rescue. Sorry Jack, Nathan has to ruin it. He picks up a renewed vodka shot and quickly makes his way through the crowd, trailing glitter in his wake. Just as Mara starts to lunge, his arm goes around her waist from behind, actually lifting her up a few inches, and here we go, walking away from the (first) Leia Slave Girl after Nathan shoots her a bright smile. It's without ceremony, carting Mrs Lovett across the floor after a few feet, before he sets Mara down, and offers a vodka shot. Sup.

Poor Roger. So oblivious to any violence. So in character. This just doesn't seem kosher. But he's completely gone off his rocker at this moment. He might even be high. Nobody knows. It's Roger Rabbit, dammit. "ONE ONE THOUSAND! TWO ONE THOUSAND! THREE ONE THOUSAND!" Yes, he's still counting the ways. And he doesn't even need the paper this time.

Karoliina turns on her heels and snarls, and she dodges after Nathan and Mara, hate, anger, and rage glittering in her eyes because seconds after Nathan sets Mara down, the singer bowls straight into the other woman, attempting to knock her down and start a full-on catfight. "You take that back, you fucking whore!"

No hard feelings at all, it's just that she gets to have a record of embarrassment somewhere in the world from now on, in video format, even. With her voice. Sigh.

Still laughing as Nathan argues with the Care Bear midget, she very nearly misses the fight that starts to break out just a couple steps away. But Heidi doesn't miss it, because without that lion head on, she can actually see again, and, thusly surprised, kind of does a sort of hop-step out of the way in Nathan's general direction.

She reaches out and grabs a table as her slippered-feet start to slide a little. Somehow, Heidi manages to remain standing as she watches her husband go to Karoliina's rescue, looping that arm around her, dragging her off. It's probably the first time since she was a teenager that Heidi's felt a stab of some feeling she barely even recognises. It's almost painful, but she's not going to start anything herself. Not here. It was for Mara's own good, she tells herself— "Hey!"

She drops the lion head, and now attempts to grab Karoliina. This isn't the place for this! And besides, attempting to keep the girls separated is a good distraction.

The Jessica impersonator takes a quick step back as Karoliina nearly crashes into her, and reaches out with an arm to help steady her as best she can against flying by and impacting something like a table or other people nearby. And somehow, while doing this, Jane still manages to speak in the character voice as Karoliina decides to charge at Mara, her attempt at helping the woman not fall let alone anything she might've done to try holding her back being anywhere near quick enough. "I guess some people just want to be hostile, Roger. Maybe the security should step in."

Elle can't help but notice that the party is disturbed by well, a brawl. Cause angry voice is notable inside the party environment. She starts over that way. Not because she has any plans of breaking it up, but because it might be the best entertainment tonight.

"P—- y!" says Love-A-Lot, and the damned thing actually ….sticks his tongue out at Jack when he decides to focus on the catfight instead, before scooting away. Yes. Yes, it's -definitely- the one that hosesnapped him earlier. Its day will come, oh yes.

"……..oh dear," Elena says, watching the fight brew in the middle of the party. "What the hell is going on?" she wonders out loud, trying to peer around the taller Dezi to get a better look at the fight. What the God? And then…the lion decides to keep Princess Leia from getting hacked up by Mrs. Lovett. "….oh my god. Heidi! Nate!" Dezi was right. Should they call the MiB to eject them from the party?

Jack should be whining at Nathan about how much he's ruining everything, but as events unfold, it seems that his glitterbuddy made a good call after all. Now he's about to do something he never thought he would. He's coming to Mara's rescue. He's not about to hit Karoliina, he just puts himself directly between the two women. One roadblock, comin' up. Wanna fight, you'll have to walk over an Irishman in a halter top.

That's right. Fight for your geeky overlord Gene, perhaps go for the costume first, in order to ensure that strongly encouraged sexy factor of the catfight is maintained. He would try and get involved but three reasons stop him.

1. There are better people to do that than him.
2. They might turn on him and hit him in the face.
3. There is a second Leia.

Wait? Two Leia? And a Troi. Gene has died and gone to Geek Heaven, that's all there is too it. He is distracted enough by hotness of Elle to forget the idea of fleeing when Octavia came over. "Hey there?" he offers, hoping that the Spider-Man mask will be enough to throw Octavia off the trail. It likely won't work though. After all, the R2-D2 sticks out. More so when it's dressed like a pimp.

Hey, it's a party! And with a bit of a tussle breaking out? A late arrival might, just might, go unnoticed. In this crowd, even Tex Avery's wolfish (if mutated into a girl) alter-ego might slip in a door. Even if she does wolf-whistle at one of those MiB's as she breezes in. Better late than never.

Karoliina doesn't get to crash into Mara, instead, Karoliina takes Jack down with her, and she lets out a very loud growling noise of anger eve as she struggles to get back up and at Mara. "Let me go." She snarls, struggling. "She needs to answer for the inslluts she has given to the Alliance!" Gene, eat your geekish heart out.

Desiree stares. At what? At everything, that's what. "I'm gettin' too old for this." Pause. "'Lena, are you old enough to drink yet?" More seriously (which isn't to say she wasn't serious a moment ago, but it's hard to tell sometimes), she shoots a nervous look toward the ensuing brawl. "You stay here," she tells Elena, "I'ma grab one of those big men over there," she says with a nod of her updo in the direction of the way she came in, where the Men in Black were stationed. She waltzes off. Tex Avery's wolfish alter ego gets a polite apology from a very sparkly and tall Fairy Godmother on her way past. One treacherous trip through the funhouse hall later and she's tapping an MiB on the shoulder. "Uh. 'Scuse me? Sir? We got a little, uh, sitch-u-ation. There's elbows involved. Are you guys just doormen or… uhm…?"

Take Jack down? Don't flatter yourself. He skips to the side, allowing Karoliina to crash to the floor. Despite strong desires to smackabitch, he restrains himself and instead just nudged her gently with his toe. "Nobody told me there was going to be drugs here," he rumbles. "Who's holding out, man? Because that shit's not cool."

"Uh…no?" Elena says, looking a little embarassed about that. Hey, she's got a Shirley Temple in her hand. And she seriously doesn't want to see people get hurt. Also? She also doesn't want people to get thrown out of the party -this early- in the game. So she targets both Mara and Karoliina, and throws a subtle, calming effect towards them. Come on you guys, calm down. The bouncers are coming!

"GERROFF!" Mara cries as Nathan wraps an arm around her waist. Skittering a few feet across the floor in her heels, she's completely unprepared when Karoliina launches herself at her again. "Oh, bring it on, Bimbo Wars!" Outside forces intervene, however, attempting to keep the quarreling women apart. She huffs and takes a step back, fixing her ratty hair again. It seems that she's calmed down some. Good job, Elena.

Evidently, she's unable to grab hold of Karoliina. Then again, she's wearing lion pajamas and Karoliina is wearing almost nothing. Rather than attempt to get in the middle of things that are already spiraling out of control, Heidi steps back, somewhere next to Elena and Desiree, blinking, reaching down to pick up the lion head again. She also pulls out an arm briefly, so she can effectively push her hair out of her face, which somehow manages to look fairly decent despite the fact that it's been under a polyester hat for the past while. With the arm back in, she casts a worried look at the Latina girl next to her. What the hell is going on?

Does Nathan Petrelli have to guitar a bitch? His head whips around (good thing he has a bandanna or else the masquerade would be broken!) towards Karoliina in some disbelief as she charges, but luckily, he has back up. Glam up. Something. And Mara's SUPREME FURY has calmed, some, and now he offers the damn vodka shot, with a faint smile. He has glitter on his nose and her hair is in pigtails. Not exactly how he pictured them meeting once more. "Definitely don't tell Peter."

Octavia blinks a few times at Spidey, looking up at him from examining Pimp R2. She tilts her head to one side for a moment, studying Spider-Man for a few moments. "Hi there. Certainly a mismatched pair of fictional characters you two went with."

Roger finally stops yelling out One Thousands as he finally picks up on something being amiss. "…" Which is not cool. Not cool at all. There has been scuffling and fighting (BETWEEN GIRLS) and he missed it! "HEY! HEY!" That's Jaden's voice. He's given up on Roger for the moment. "I missed it! Can you do it again?!"

Over on the side, Alex looks over at Keanu. They both are having a moment with a deviled egg thing. They are also watching the confrontation of life from their SAFE spot across the room. "EXCELLENT!" AIR GUITARAGE FTW.

Fairy Godmother gets a merry grin, Ali taking her wolfish-and-zoot-suited-self in the direction of the dance floor.. and conspicuously away from the fight. Which, f course, goes right by that air guitar, eliciting a laugh, a wink, a look over (of both of 'em) waggled eyebrows.. and then she's stopping nearby to talk to Wish Bear about a Coke, with a smile.

"Guys. Guys. Guys." Jack has both long-fingered hands clutched around an impossibly large number of shot glasses. "You should all have some of these. Please?" Glamwaitress Jack proceeds to distribute liquor to everyone who wants/needs it, which as far as he is away, should cover everyone. Yes, even Elena. When he's only got two in his hands again, he makes his way back over to Nathan and Mara. Against all odds, this seems like the most comfortable place to stand and look pretty in sequins and hose. "So…" he begins. Not akward at all. "I'm the prettiest person here, I think."

"Definitely don't tell Peter." Mara raises her vodka shot in a sort of toast before she knocks it back and wipes her mouth with the back of her hand. She may have just smeared her lipstick. Possibly. Only a little. And at least it's not smeared across her face, and only on her hand. "Bugger." Another shot is snatched from Jack and hazel eyes fix on Nathan's Partner in Glam. "Well, you are somethin' else all right, you are. What possessed you two to- … Is that Coors on your breath? Oh, Jack, you are slummin'."

Karoliina growls at Mara, but she furiously adjusts her uprising skirt, just glaring at the other woman before she stalks backwards, calling over her shoulder at the Ditto: "If you want me to do it again, I don't need much persuasion." She turns to eye Jack, and just scowl at him, her anger abating some. She takes the shotglass, downs it, then stalks over Jaden, before she notices Elle, and all her anger goes away and she stares.

Princess Leia 2 looks over to Princess Leia 1. Who is CLEARLY at fault in this whole thing, if for no other reason than that she's a costume-copier! So Leia 2 moves in to try and grab Leia 1 by the arm. "Hey, don't you have any better manners than starting up a fight here?"

Keeping an eye on the fight, Gene sees the that situation is getting a little outta control and back in control. And then outta control. It's hard to tell exactly where it's currently at given all the action. Seeing that Elena is there and knowing that this is Jaden's party, the young inventor begins to formulate an emergency plan to calm things down if he needs to. Like most powerful weapons used in war, Gene prays silently he won't have to use it. "I know, but it's hard to find costumes for Astrodroids, you know," the young man offers, wondering how much drinking went on before he got to this party. He's thinking A LOT.

When Jack hands Elena a shot, she looks down at it, and looks at Heidi. "Well, it looks like it's over now," she says brightly. As if she didn't have a hand in it. NOTHING TO SEE HERE. She tucks a lock of hair behind her ear, and…..well. She doesn't want to be rude, so she downs it. She pauses…….and -coughs-, thumping her chest a little with a fist and setting the glass on the table. Yes. She takes that shot like a CHAMP! "Ugh! What IS this stuff? I'm not doing that again." ……..yeah, give it a couple of years. But when she looks at Heidi…….she grins. Goofily. "Yer purdy today." PURDY? WHAT? OH CRAP.

Guess what! Nathan steals Jack's vodka. Why? Because he just insinuated he was somehow prettier than he. The shot is appropriately slammed, and he just shakes his head, and points to JackBret. "It's his fault," he states. Why? It just is. His gaze roams over the crowd from where he stands with the two, actually looking for Heidi, but he sees Elle instead. In what Karoliina is wearing. He's seeing double, undoubtable. No more vodka shots. Not for another whole ten minutes.

Now that there's no fight to break up, Heidi's just kind of standing there watching Nathan talking to Mara, which… What is she supposed to do? Of course, she does wonder what they're thinking, but she has to have enough faith in Nathan that she doesn't automatically assume the worst. Yeah, see? She can do this. It'll be okay. She even smiles a little, while reaching for a shot, because she needs one—

"Wait, You— " But it's TOO LATE. The look Heidi gives Elena is somewhere in the 'thoroughly amused' range, one corner of her mouth edging upward in a smirk as the poor girl coughs. She's been a little drunk before herself, and she knows what a shot can do to someone who's never had one before. The smile only grows, like she's totally restraining herself from laughing. God, are they going to keep embarrassing themselves in front of each other? "Thanks, Elena."

Desiree, having had Words with the MiB, strides back into the crowd, winding her way back to - well, mostly to Elena; the slightly feminized Jim West is her beacon - and taps people lightly with her fairy wand when they happen to be in her way. Politely! No one can deny their Fairy Godmother, right? She arrives just in time to see a shot glass in Elena's hand, which brings about an accusing quirk of one dark brow. "What was that you said, sugar?" She taps the brim of Elena West's hat with her wand. "I won't tell your daddy. I'm your chaperone, see, Fairy Godmother." A nod to the rowdy girls, which now has +1 Princess Leia in the mix. "Are they done yet? Reminds me of college and that ain't a good part of the memory."

Though Jack has already moved away, he grins approvingly at Elena's fast, serious treatment of the liquor. Then Mara says the 'C' word at him. And she says it with disdain. Glare. Glareglareglare. "You're just saying that because my ass looks better in my outfit than yours does in that get-up," he retorts defensively. He can't help but grin. "We're staying in character tonight. We had to drink a case of Coors on the way over. You understand how it is." Not bothered in the least by Nathan lifting his drink, he picks up two more from the tray. This is why he took the whole thing!

"True, but they usually don't have R2-D2 costumes… Costume shops almost always have C3PO costumes."

No. You don't want to know why she knows that. Octavia munches a cookie and pats R2 on the dome, ruffling his pimp hat with one hand. A look of strangely intense concentration crosses the Doctor's face as her fingertips brush over the metal of the dome. It could be that she's fighting to avoid passing gas… Or it could be something else. What that 'something else' might be is up for debate.

A few seconds later, the look disappears. In its stead is a strangely, strangely pleased look. Like she just got a brand new present. For the moment, she doesn't say anything else though.

One shot. ONE SHOT. Was she really that much of a lightweight? The fog suddenly clears at the thought, the will of 'oh god I'm not that pathetic right?' somewhere in her head. And then……oh yeah. Biochemical manipulator. Elena can actually -purge- foreign toxins from her body. Including alcohol. So when the haze clears, she stares at Heidi, she stares at Dezi, and then? She stares at her empty shot glass

And then it hits her.

"Oh……oh my god," she says, paling considerably. "I…….I don't think I can get DRUNK! EVER."

NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! Goodbye ability to make youthful mistakes she'll laugh about when she's sixty!

"Oh, yeh," Mara nods her complete understanding of Jack's plight, "F'course. I've been undercover once or twice, y'know?" She catches herself smirking toward Nathan. A quick shake of her head wipes the expression away. "You should probably go be with your wife."

Nathan opens his mouth. No no wait hold the phone Petrelli step on the brakes— "But her tits make up for it," he says. His eyes go wide. OH HI did he just say that. Well, she's in a corset, okay? It doesn't make him a lesser man for looking! "I'm just— my wife— " He points. He grabs another vodka shot, and walks away.

Before Nathan can get too far, Jack gives him a solid high-five.

Mara's mouth drops open and she just stares after Nathan. …Damn, his ass looks good in white denim. … MOVE ALONG, DAMARIS.

Coke retreived, Ali heads into the dance floor, crossing vaguely in the direction of glamour, godmothers, lions, and apparently a tray of vodka. There's no hurry, nope, instead, there's a quiet conversation traded with one friend, a whistle levelled at Gene as she wanders past - the usual.

But then? Then, Ali sees Jack. And that Not So Big Bad Wolf stares. Ever seen an evil smile? Yup. there's one. Right there. Toothy.

Just after whispering to Roger, Jane starts to move away from him, taking a moment to cast a look back at him over her shoulder and approach Elena. On the way she spots Karoliina and Elle. She nods toward the roommate, not expecting they might also come to blows, and continues on her way, still walking that Jessica Rabbit walk. "Interesting crowd, isn't it, Marshal?" she asks in that character voice.

"You can't make it work on yourself? I mean—" Desiree lowers her voice to Elena, succeeding in a stage whisper by accident - and she hasn't even had anything to drink. "What you do. Just do that thing you did with me and the magic eye, you don't ever need to do drugs. I mean, that was like, way better'n…" WHY DOES THE FAIRY GODMOTHER KNOW THIS? By the way drugs are bad don't do drugs, says Dezi's expression, which is faintly sheepish at the same time. She takes this moment to snatch a shot from Jack's tray and look down at it.

Karoliina blinks at Jane. "Marsh - …" She stares at Elle, shocked, horrified, and the Princess Leia1 claps a hand over her mouth and stares at PrincessLeia2. "I am so, so sorry." Leia says, backing off, scissoring her hands.

Leia2 opts to take no further offense after Leia1 backs down. She looks to the other one, before deciding to turn and go find something to drink.

Now Jack is left with a decision. Does he follow Nathan, who is admittedly cool but has also been screwing Jack over all night? Or does he stay and talk with Mara? OH WAIT. THERE IS LIQUOR. Though the tray of shots is starting to look a little depleted, Jack scoots over the few feet that are necessary to help himself to another. Some party this is turning out to be.

The smirk on her face suddenly turns upside-down when Elena pales. Is something wrong? Does she need help??

Oh. Oh right. She… Wow. Reaching out a paw for Elena's shoulder, she gives it a gentle pat. "You're not missing much," she says consolingly. Really, who would miss the hangovers that would come from being completely drunk off one's ass? NO ONE. "Besides, if you think I'm pretty when you've had one shot, it's probably a good idea that you can't." Because the horrors that would be unleashed are UNSPEAKABLE.

And she has to rub it in just a little, because she's in a friggin' lion costume.

Wait. Wait! NEON BLUE EYES (Nathan's description, not mine) fall on Desiree. One brow quirks, she smiles lop-sidedly. Well, thats an odd thing to tell someone, though at least Heidi becomes aware of the fact that this other woman knows. That's good, at least, or else nothing Heidi just said would make any sense.

But, Nathan is heading this way! To say her heart doesn't jump a bit would be a lie, because it does. It's an unreasonable happiness that she feels, because he could have just stayed over there with Mara. Considering the fact that Nathan's had a little bit to drink, he could have. Hampered judgment at all. Good thing she didn't hear that comment about— Never mind. Her smile turns to him as he approaches, with a shot. Which she takes. And downs. Sorry, Nate, that one's not for you. Heidi needs it more.

She stares over at Dezi when her Fairy Godmother drops that helpful hint. Elena….then keeps looking at her. She….she has the best Fairy Godmother Future Stepmother (wait, aren't they usually two different people in fairy tales) ever! She bursts out laughing, and reaches out to hug the glittery southern woman. "You're awesome, Dezi," she says, still laughing, pulling away and wiping a tear from her eye. Oh god. How many times has she laughed so hard that she cried today? All she's regretting now is not being able to take a picture of Nathan arguing with a Care Bear, or Jack arguing with a Care Bear. ……..why the hell were there so many Care Bears anyway? Then again, this was New York. She wouldn't be surprised if there was an agency out there that CATERED midgets to a twisted circus-like party like this one.

When Heidi teases her, she turns pink over the cheeks. "It just came out," she whimpers, burying her face into…..her hat. Because it was bigger than her face and can obscure it.

When she looks up, she's still laughing, and blinks. "Oh….yes! Heidi, this is Desiree, our house guest. She's visiting New York for a while." To prevent it from imploding. "Dezi, this is Heidi, Nate's wife."

Passing near Elena, and having spoken to her, even, but not being acknowledged, Jane the Jessica Rabbit imitator lets her eyes drift across the collection of people around her, giving a nod of greeting to Desiree, and continues on her path. Marshal West seems busy, she chooses not to disturb her, and meanders toward the bar for a drink of her own.

While Gene's focus is on the party at hand, he notices that Octavia's hand goes on R2-D2. Now, if he had just come from New York, he wouldn't have minded a simple gesture. But after meeting Micah and learning of his powers, he learned what a simple touch can do if someone has the powers. Does Octavia have those powers too? If she's into science, perhaps she has a power related to that. Regardless Gene's natural paranoia is enough to make up for it as he sees the look of concentration followed by a pleased look.

"Doctor, please don't do that again," Gene states in a firm tone. He doesn't know what it is, but if it involves R2-D2, it likely isn't good.

Yes. A little bit to drink. Not like an unspeakable amount of beer for courage, and then wine and whiskey and then vodka shots. Holy shit, this is just like the 80s! Nathan is having flashbacks, here. He discreetly readjusts his jeans, tugging them downwards just a fraction at the thighs - they ride up, okay - before putting an arm around Heidi's… furry shoulders. And accidentally shares more glitter as a result. "So, saving the nurse dress for Halloween?" he has to ask, looking towards Elena and Dezi with a smile of acknowledgment.

Desiree holds out the shot glass so that is doesn't spill when Elena suddenly hugs her. "Oh! O-okay!" she exclaims, her fairy wings bouncing as she hugs the girl with one arm awkwardly. Smiling afterward, said smile turns on the beheaded lion-that is, Heidi. "Hiya, Heidi!" she says pleasantly with a wave of her free hand in its white, many-ringed glove. "I like your costume." The be-sparkled woman reaches up to briefly toy with her hair in its tight, near-vertical 'do and adjust her crown, stalling, before she downs the vodka. Her face scrunches up almost as much as Elena's did. Bleh. Thasalottavodka. She waves faintly to Jane Rabbit with a little salute of her glass, then smiles politely to Nathan.

"What? Oh. I'm sorry. I was… I didn't think. I didn't mean to scuff the enamel on your friend's… Costume."

Octavia pauses, just a moment before she says that last word. As if she knew more than she was willing to let on, but less than she'd like to know. She smiles warmly to Spider-Man, studying him for a few moments more before she speaks again.

"Is that you, Gene? I didn't recognize you with that Spider-Man suit."

Click. *flash*. It's subtle. it's a camera phone, so it's even weak. But you know what? that little click and flash came right as Jack was slugging back a shot of vodka, and that wolfish perpetrator's fleeing. Into the crowd. Gleefully. Ali fiddles with the phone as she goes, however; it's not a thing that means she's paying much attention to those she's sort of shoving-walking-wandering through. Bump. Nudge. Bump.

Heidi ruffles Elena's head, then drops her arm back to her side, where she takes the lion head out from under her arm and puts it back on. One shot is good to start. She's not quite as addicted as some people, so she can pace herself. And so, it is a regal lion who turns to Desiree, holding out a paw to shake the woman's hand. "Nice to meet you. And… thanks. By the time I — "

And it's a damn good thing no one can see her face, because it's suddenly red again, and because she's had a shot (AND FOR THIS REASON ONLY) she elbows Nathan right around the rib area. "No, I burned it," is her reply, only not really. But she can make him think she did. Actually, the fact that he went through the trouble was kind of nice in the first place. The arm around her shoulder - in public as it is, and given the fact that Elena knows - is a little uncomfortable even still, but she leans in anyway.

Mara leans over to grab another shot of vodka and pound that back. That tray is getting woefully empty. "Did you really talk Nathan into that? It was totally his idea, wasn't it?" Had to have been. He's just crazy enough to suggest it. Definitely don't tell anyone. Oh, wait.

ARGH! That damned Petrelli Smile! Elena can't help but………cave. And smile back. What the crap! Nathan Petrelli is a smarmy, cheating, heartbreaking bastard…………..who also saved them all so she's in a predicament. To maintain the look of a huffy 'RAR HEIDI IS MY FRIEND' look, or….oh screw it. It's a party. So she ends up beaming at Nathan. Weakling! WEAK! She'll probably vote for him now too, because it took a lot of cohones to wear what he's wearing and, sad to say, actually pull it off. So she smiles. She beams! She…

Gently takes her jPhone back from Dezi and takes a picture of Heidi and Nathan together. In all of their furry, glittery glory.

Uncomfortable? Her? Oh just drink your alcohol guys, you know you want to. The mention of the nurse outfit causes her to stare, her mind breaking a little. But she just laughs as her head is ruffled. "I'll send you guys copies," she says.

Randall is making a fashion statement. That statement is 'I am color-blind'. Yellow corduroy vest and pants, orange socks, a knee-length jacket in those and a few other shades of plaid, and a baby blue ribbon knotted about the neck. And a lapel pin in the shape of a white cat. And a four-color umbrella.

"Don't do what?" he asks of Gene, unprompted, walking up toward the R2-D2 unit and waving a cylindrical tire pressure gauge in front of its face. Or what would be its face, if it had one.

And then, when Jessica Rabbit sashays by, Elena grins at Jane sheepishly when she's addressed as Marshal. "It's bound to get more interesting once people -really- start drinking." Nathan and Jack don't count. They were probably already drinking before the party started.

"Eh?" Jack cocks an eyebrow as he lifts two more of the remaining glasses. Despite his best efforts, he's unable to completely focus his eyes on Mara, and his speech carries the careful precision of someone who knows that slurring isn't sexy. "Of course this was my idea! Nathan is smart, but he's not this smart." He gestures expansively to his ensemble.

It was eons ago and things have since calmed down since then (mostly because Roger's player's connection is the devil) but Roger is hopping away from where the action used to be and back over to where Jessica is. There is the conglomerate amount of apologeticness in his face. Even the animitronic ears fold down and he's looking ever so sorry. Pitifully so. "Really? Do I get to be The Rock?"

But he's a smarmy, cheating, shirtless heart-breaking bastard, with only his coat and scarf to save him from scaring innocent children. So really, who could be so mean to him? Nathan blinks, startled when yet another photo is taken, and his shoulders slump a little. "Fine, but if this ends up where people can see it, we're having words, Gomez," he says. It's pretty light-hearted. He's way too blitzed to pull off the usual stern-elder-Petrelli-is-stern thing, even if the boots do make him an inch taller than usual.

Wait, WAIT. Does— Nathan glances over his shoulder. Okay, Heidi has a tail. Good, then. He just needed to know that.

Back to the conversation. What was it? His hands are empty. Someone stole his drink. "I'll be right back," he says, sliding now away from Heidi to go and get himself— he encounters a Care Bear with a tray full of colourful, fruity drinks. "…I need a whiskey, not… child's booze." Child's booze?

Clueless, Desiree just smiles at everyone around her. Hi, everyone. She goes to shake Heidi's… paw, but withdraws her hand when the lioness woman is distracted by her Poisonous husband. "…I'ma get more candy," she eventually says and starts going on the hunt for sugar, passing off her empty glass to a Care Bear on her way to some point on the Candyland board.

The voice, coming as she'd moved to take a path to the bar, causes Jane Rabbit to turn around partway. She laughs, the character voice continuing, and replies "Well, you know Roger. Being around him is never boring, Marshal." She takes up a position near her and Desiree to people watch, her face curving into a smile when he moves to rejoin her where she's located herself. "I don't know, Roger," she answers. "Can you?" And a beckoning finger crooks toward a nearby Care Bear. Jane Rabbit is thirsty.

"Don't pretend you weren't messing with my robot, it's not nice to lie," the young man offers to Octavia in a hushed tone, seriously hoping he isn't yelling at an innocent person. While he might be burning bridges since Octavia has some connections in the scientific community, Gene is protective of what is his. Unsure of Octavia's true intentions, Gene's conflicted on what to say or do. He appears ready to say more, but he glances over toward Randall, who is messing with his robot in a much less omnious way. It still irks him though. Gene's fists clench tightly, though he doesn't say a word like a good passive aggressive person. His creation is supposed to be something that makes his life easier, safer, and more fun… Not cause him to be paranoid and be a drag on him.

Yes, Heidi can certainly understand the allure of Nathan's irresistable smile. She's gotten good at dodging the effects over the years because she apparently has the equivalent of that smile IN HER EYES which are neon and just as engrossing. But anyway, yes, it is a party, and she can see no reason to hold a grudge here, when she specifically came for him. Plus, he's just earned a whole bunch of points just for coming over here.

Unfortunately, now she has to kill Elena.

She makes a half-hearted grab for the phone again after the picture is taken, but she misses by a long shot and gives up. "You know, I'd swear this is payback," she says with some humour in her somewhat muffled voice. But revenge will be had. Oh yes, revenge will be had.


"If you want to do me a favor and pretend you didn't hear that, I'd appreciate it," Heidi states in relation to the nurse's dress, which is something no one sane would ever wear. Unless, of course, she'd also had a few drinks beforehand, which she didn't, because she was helping Monty with some silly summer project. Who ever heard of school on summer vacation? In summary: Maybe Heidi does need more alcohol. Next time she sees a tray, she manages to grab a glass of wine without knocking everything else on the tray over. She's got the lion head back on now, though. Hm, this'll be difficult— Is Nathan looking at her backside? WHAT?

"Wh— " she starts, trailing off as her Rockstar wanders away. "How many has he had?"

Karoliina peers around. Let's see. Everyone's split up. There are enough male and female, and she wanders up to Chester, and she pulls him down, grabbing the mic. "Make it a slow one. Fergie. I'mma thinkin' "Won't Let You Fall?" Her eyes are on Jane and Jaden though, and sparkling with mischeif. "Spotlight the boss."

"Wh… I was not messing with your 'robot'. I got lost in thought and, I suppose, got to stroking it in a thoughtful manner."

Octavia is clearly defensive and faintly insulted, but she was just admiring the robot. Honest. R2-D2 gets all the ladies, after all. She tilts her head slightly, furrowing her brows as she starts to hiss a reply… But is abruptly Randall'd. The Scientist blinks once or twice and looks at Randall.

"Good evening," she intones, voice suddenly back to something made of naught but niceness and pleasantries.

Roger leans against Jane Rabbit and just tries to get his relax on. This costume's kind of heavy, with all the puppetteering controls and what not. He's actually sweating in there. There is a sigh of relief and even the ordering of a carrot juice. He's too in character sometimes. "Maybe! I dunno! The Rabbit's Elbow!" And now he is practicing… on the air.

She laughs when Nathan ribs her about the pictures. "I promise I won't sell any of these to the Inquirer," Elena says, holding her hand up in a mock-swear towards Nathan. But she -will- show images of this travesty to Peter whenever he wakes up and whenever she's back from Europe if she goes….she hasn't been feeling well in the past couple of days, the visits in the hospital have been taking its toll on her physically. While she still looks chipper, she does look a little paler than normal - even if the tan thankfully masks most of that so she looks relatively normal.

When Heidi grabs at her phone, Elena dances away and laughs, holding it away from her friend. "Payback? Meeeeeeeeee? Does this face look like the sort who would do that?" she teases in a sing-song voice, and even makes a big show of tipping her hat up back from her head and giving Heidi a wink. …oh who was she kidding? Besides, everyone was having fun - it was great to see her camera fill up with smiling mugs.

When Dezi leaves, and Nathan wanders away, she stares after him. "I…….have no idea," she says. "If he tried to keep up with Jack….." That could be disastrous.

The lady-wolf's path takes her around a pretty good lookin' ringer for Wolverine; as she tucks the phone away into the coat, she finds herself near one of those outlays of candy. And there? She snags a couple of those butterscotch (butterscotches? Butterscotchi?) and tips back her hat. Given that she's not paying a vast pile of attention yet, she ends up stepping on Bozo's oversized foot and backing, apologizing, in the direction of that approaching godmother. Unseeing.

"Definitely not," Elena tells Jane with a laugh, and looks a little puzzled still at all the care bears. How the hell did they get so many MIDGETS in one room???

Eying the phone, and not objecting to Roger Rabbit leaning on her, Jane chuckles slightly at his antics. "I'm not interested in the rabbit's elbow, Roger," she purrs. She won't say what other part might hold that interest, such things are best left to imagination in public. Elena is turned to. "And you're playing amateur photographer. Keep that thing to yourself, maybe?" she asks in Jessica voice, with a quiet laugh. Just in time for her and Roger Rabbit to be spotlighted after Karoliina arranged it.

'Tried'? Bitch please. …well maybe tried. Nathan isn't on par with 'Irish bar owner' when it comes to much he can drink in one night, but he's worth his salt. And currently arguing with a Care Bear who keeps holding a Cosmopolitan out for him. Eventually, he does make it back with two glasses of one, one of which he hands to Heidi, and this time, he doesn't try to draw her close again. "Cain needs to work on his hired help," he says, lifting his wine up to sip. "They're short, it's. Kind of offputting." Speaking of… actually, nothing, Nathan just suddenly realises he's the only glam rocker here. Where the hell did Jack go? He looks back towards where Mrs Lovett and Bret Michaels are standing, offering him a long-distance toast with his wine glass before turning back to Heidi and those present. Oh, there's— there's a Jane, now standing with a Roger Rabbit and spotlit. Blink. Nice dress.

"Oo, butterscotch," Desiree murmurs in anticipation as she makes her way toward the candy. However, she's distracted en route to her destination, looking over one bare shoulder (bare, then poofy once her sleeves begin) at the gathering of Heidi, Elena and Jane and Jaden nearby; she's peering at the cartoon rabbit brought to life - spotlit, now — thoughtfully when her course takes her straight toward McAlister.

Smart, huh? Is that what we're calling it these days? Mara nods slowly at Jack. And then she catches Nathan's toast out of the corner of her eye. "Well, it was a good idea, I think." She shrugs. Anything that gets Nathan out of those gawdawful hideous ties… No, never mind. That's not much better. There's no finding the schooner in that outfit.

Lion-Heidi just rolls her eyes, removing the lion head again so she can enjoy her wine. The head is set on a table, and it'll stay there for awhile this time, because she can't eat or drink if she can't reach her face. But she is still a mighty lion. Though she doesn't wander away, she does turn her attention elsewhere, since Elena's conversing with someone else. She's actually looking for Nathan again. She did take one shot from him. Is she going to have to take another? It's not like either of them are driving! Thankfully.

And now she has two glasses of wine. Discreetly setting her first down near the lion head, she holds onto the second one, instead. Hey, it's colder! But after taking a couple sips, she wonders, maybe… "Do you want to dance?" Or is he too drunk? She likes her toes, and she doesn't want them all crushed.

The lights dim all of a sudden, the spotlights fading a bit. And then, an accented voice can be heard from the OTHER stage once the other performers take a break. Because they need one on occasion.

"~While goin' the road to sweet Athy, hurroo, hurroo!
While goin' the road to sweet Athy, hurroo, hurroo!
While goin' the road to sweet Athy
A stick in the hand and a drop in the eye
A doleful damsel I heard cry,
Johnny I hardly knew ye!~"

The lights flash back on again, and the black curtain on the stage peels back to reveal a familiar band quite possibly known to the Irish and Hardcore drinkers everywhere as the guitars riff, and the drums bang. The Dropkick Murphys launch onto 'Johnny I Hardly Knew Ye' in full bore.

Karoliina crosses her arms, and pouts. "Oh jesus." She says, rolling her eyes. "It's not Saint Patricks Day, I'm pret-ty sure the boss isn't incubating anyone's eggs to hold chocolate easter bunnies!" She yells up at the Irish band, amusement reflected in her voice as she takes a seat on the other stage.

Bozo's foot is not that large! Really! It's just the right size. Nor is the shoe compensating for anything, thankyouverymuch. Randall swivels and glares at the Big Bad Wolf Babe, moving as if to sputter something in righteous indignation, but… with her prompt departure from the vicinity, the moment has passed. Instead, he returns his attention to the squat droid. "I suddenly feel conspicuous," he muses out loud to it.

With the last of the vodka in hand, Jack moseys over to join his bass player and the still mostly lion-y Heidi. "Man. We've had photo ops, girlfights, and glambunnies all in under an hour. This is gonna be a hell of a night, I think."

Then it happens. It's the Dropkick Murphys. Jack immediately belts down his remaining shots and lets out a loud, lusty chuckle. Then, despite the fact that he's not actually on the dancefloor, he starts dancing. Not graceful, elegant, glamdancing. This is good ol' fashioned flail around and punch your relatives kinda dancin'.

Ali rolls her eyes, laughing - and there comes a swell of music that has her turning … well. At least it means she runs face-first into the Godmother instead of backing into her. Oof. Poofy sleeves indeed.

Nathan kind of blinks at Heidi a couple of times, then sets his drink down. Dance? Does he do that? Sometimes. Slow dances! And generally not in cowboy boots. But he never says no when she asks him to dance (even if she's not very good at it), so he offers a hand to take her— paw. Then Jack is there… and… dancing. A lot. "You're really Irish, aren't you?" The hell is that supposed to mean?

Roger blinks. Suddenly. "Oh man! The cake!" Hopping up, he does a comical spin and trips and falls. But he's back up again and bounding off on some of the more springing parts of the floor. And there he goes! He'll be back shortly, probably, with a cake! For no other reason than this is a party and it needs to have a cake.

What. WHAT? The Dropkick Murphys?? Elena stares. "JADEN YOU ARE THE BEST BOSS EVER!!!!!" she yells from her side of the room. What? WHAT! And when Jack dances near them? She grins at Heidi and Desiree and Nathan…and goes to jam with her Nuncle. And since the girl actually dances as an extracurricular activity, she's not just decent - she's actually pretty good. She joins Jack in him jamming with the Dropkick Murphys, because….-this- is what you do at parties.

It's no secret, at least to Nathan, that Heidi cannot dance. Maybe she's okay at slow-dancing, but something like this? As much has her heart is in the right place, she just… can't. It's like an abomination of nature, but God, it's so fun, and she's wearing a fuzzy lion costume, so why not. With Nathan's hand in her paw, she makes an absolute complete fool of herself. Like, exact contrast to Elena. Sure, there's rhythm, but grace? No. No, not at all.

The band continues kicking up a storm as people start getting on the dancefloor to basically jam with the Irishmen. The guitar goes faster, and so do the drums. The lead vocalist steps forward and grabs the mic, blasting the lyrics out as energetically as possible. Because this particular ditty is loud. And fast.

"~With your guns and drums and drums and guns, hurroo, hurroo
With your guns and drums and drums and guns, hurroo, hurroo
With your guns and drums and drums and guns
The enemy nearly slew ye
Oh my darling dear,
Ye look so queer
Johnny I hardly knew ye!~"

More guitar riffs, the drums, and some pipes for added measure:

"~Where are your eyes that were so mild, hurroo, hurroo
Where are your eyes that were so mild, hurroo, hurroo
Where are your eyes that were so mild
When my heart you so beguiled?
Why did ye skedaddle from me and the child? Oh Johnny, I hardly knew ye!~"

Jack and Elena and his wife are dancing crazy. Nathan is surrounded by crazy people. Except for Elena, who actually has some flair, go figure, and Nathan ducks a flailing Jack fist. Oh for… fuck it. Nathan, hand still holding Heidi's, promptly twirls his lionwife, grabs her by around the waist and here we go, we spin to the awesome Irish music!

Whoa! Action! Adventure! Music! Crashing into things! Desiree, aka the Fairy Godmother, is all of a sudden colliding into a wolf woman of some shape and isn't sure what's going on. "Whoooa there, miss wolf!" the Southerner stands her ground, holding out her arms to steady McAlister even if she doesn't need it. Then, she draws her star-tipped wand back and gestures pointedly with it, smiling widely all the while. "You okay? I'ma say neither one of us was lookin' where we was goin'. Just for that you get one wish." But first, candy, apparently, as Dezi is reaching around to snatch some butterscotch candies.

The dancing is contagious, especially when Jack starts in. So, what's a girl to do? Mara flashes the glam'd Irishman a grin and joins him. She may be in a dress, maybe even a semi-respectable dress with frills and lace and ruffles and stuff, but Mara still proves she's definitely a product of the club scene.

She was about to say something else to Elena, glancing briefly toward Nathan, then the lion, and thinking of the face she saw when the head was off. And the way Nathan interacts with her. Jane doesn't know what press might come of this party, and the last thing she'd want to do is endanger his campaign by him being seen talking to someone dressed like she is, so she doesn't acknowledge him. That's a choice left for him. Whatever she was about to say dies on her lips as both Roger Rabbit and Elena move away after the band starts, and she finds herself nodding to the rhythm. "Interesting fusion of metal and traditional Irish," she muses to anyone who might happen to hear, and begins to look a bit lost. Perhaps the musician and frontwoman in her badly wants to be onstage, playing right now.

Gene doesn't respond to Octavia for the time being, just deciding to make his getaway as she talks with Randall. How can he feel like he's doing the right thing and like he's an ass at the same time? He doesn't know. Thankfully, he is still wearing the mask, so the only sign that he isn't having a good time is a lowering of his head. It's okay to indulge in self-pity if no one knows who you are Or at least that's how Gene looks at it.

Using the darker lights to find a corner where there aren't many people, Gene pulls a dance move that he has used since his first dance in middle school: The Chair Two Step. What is the Chair One Step, one might ask? Well, glad you did! All you do is sit in the chair, look at the dancing people while tapping your foot to the beat.

Pulling out a remote from his way too tight pants, Gene merely has R2-D2 move behind him so he's against the wall, ensuring that no one can cop a feel on the droid without him knowing. Putting the remote away, Gene sighs, just waiting for the two hours to be over so he can tell his boss he was here for a good bit of the party.

Karoliina is bored, and has a good stage view. Therefore, Karoliina is well able to tell when Gene squishes himself against the wall, and Liina stands and wanders her way off and towards the wall, pulling a golden viel over her face that is normally not part of the Princess Slavegirl Leia costume.

"Dance? She asks quietly, holding her hand out to him. "Or must I ask R2-D2 first, or should we all three dance togetheR?" She flashes him a soft smile. "YOu shouldn't be lonely!"

The Not So Big Bad Wolf gets steadied, laughing, straightening that suit once she's sure she's not taking out half the party to do it. "Yeah? A whole wish?" She nods. "I'm fine Sorry about that - " Ali scoots out of the way to make reaching for the candy that much easier. "I swear my major talent in life is getting in the way, you know?" It comes with that merry grin.

Randall waves to the droid as it scurries off, then pockets the sonic screwdriver once again and lifts up on his toes to get a better look at the band. "I'm sorry, was that yours?" he offers to Octavia, Gene having successfully ducked his notice. "Fifty-second century… somewhat rococo, if you ask me." Not that that's a bad thing. He looks toward the dancing crowd, but spots Jack and thinks better of it, lest he place his features at risk of permanent damage.

Octavia looks back to where Gene and R2 were. She blinks a few times as she finds herself sans Gene and R2D2. The Deanna Troi look-alike rubs the back of her head and sighs. After finishing off her chocolate chocolate chip cookies, Octavia slowly makes her way back over toward the Bugs' Forest snack table.

Yes. Everyone is dancing to the Dropkicks. This is the stuff that wins are made of. Though Jack starts out whooping, clapping, and stomping like a fool, he slowly settles into an Elena-inspired rhythm that's far more palatable. He's even singing along into his bright orange microphone. And damn it, he's even getting most of the words right.

Though Elena might be the most skilled of the bunch, Mara is a much more palatable dance partner when it comes to a style that involves more contact than finesse. As a result, the Irishman is more than a little relieved when the detective decides to join him. Sorry 'Lena, no <3 package for you.

She almost forgot what it was like to feel happy around Nathan, but tonight is a good exception. Is he completely forgiven? No, not yet. But she's trying to hold onto her end of the promise and at least give him a chance. Drunk or not, he's still being awfully sincere, and she appreciates it. But some part of her is still uneasy, and for good reason. When the song is over, Heidi smiles, looking for all the world like she's just had a severely strenuous workout while wearing a lion suit, because she has. One paw pushes her hair out of her face. "I'm going to go find something to eat," she says, removing her paw from Nathan's hand. "I'll meet up with you a little later."

"A whole wish! I'll try my best! I got a magic wand and everythin'. It looks like Desiree and Ali are the most easygoing people to ever crash into one another, because the former of the two just laughs "Yeah, well, I'm pretty talented at gettin' in the way too, if I do say so myself," she says in her obvious Mississippi accent as she piles a few candies into the palm of her satiny gloved hand. She looks out at the dance floor, smiling.

He wants to kiss her. In fact, Nathan may just be drunk enough to try it, and maybe even get away with it. But one dance with his wife is really only one of those glimmers of hope, not a solution, so he lets go of her hand and nods once with a faint smile. "See you soon," he says, and, with one glance towards Jack and Mara, Nathan moves to recollect his drink.

She's a musician, a guitarist and singer with a soprano voice comparable to Pat Benatar and Ann Wilson. As the band plays, Jane soon finds herself moving from the wish to be onstage playing to singing along in full throat. Her foot taps out the rhythm, the lyrics are matched. Her eyes drift over to the dancing persons, to watch Elena's display of skill, and a glint of mischief enters her eyes as she wonders if the people she showed a tape to have begun to take the bait.

Ali leans back against that table. "Nah. You got nothin' on me." Her grin widens. "Huh. A wish. Never had one of those before - " brightly - "You're not one of those 'take things literal' types, right?"

Definitely don't tell Trina. Mara's all over Jack like a cheap suit on a lawyer. (Yes, I'm looking at you, Nathan.) "We should do this more often!" she calls over the music. That could just be the liquor talking. Heidi taking her leave is not completely unnoticed by Mara, and it does cause the Other Woman to relax marginally. No getting mauled tonight, maybe. Hopefully.

And there goes Octavia, without so much as a by-your-leave. Well, it is such a very large crowd. Wandering over toward where Jane is standing, Randall picks up a couple of spoons left behind by other partygoers and starts joining in on amateur percussion. A table, a plate, a couple of empty glasses… he's getting ahead of himself, but so what? Most everyone's attention is focused on stage anyway, or in some cases on one another.

"Uuh," Desiree answers (inasmuch as that sound is an answer), popping a candy in her mouth and considering with a silly, overly thoughtful expression on her be-glittered face as she regards Ali. "Maybe that depends," she decides with a lopsided grin. "Maybe I got a right to be literal when I got a magic wand like this one here." She lifts it up in the air in all of its $1 glory.

"I'm not lonely." The fact is given quickly and defensively. Spider-Man rubs the side of his mask, tempted to take it off, but the young man doesn't. Not now. Pretty sure that Octavia will be around one way or another either tonight or in the near future, Gene looks toward his R2-D2 unit before looking back. "I have to keep a watch over Artoo… He's expensive, so I can't leave him unattended. If you want to try and dance with him or something, I guess you could. I'm not really much of a dancer."

Eying that wand, trying for serious and failing, Ali allows, "You've got a point. So how come you're not dancing?" The wolf snags another butterscotch, with fine predatory instinct and timing. Really. "The wish .. I got no idea. But if it's powerful - howabout a wish for a new apartment - rent controlled, just off of park avenue?"

"You. Just." Karoliina stomps one booted foot, pouty in her costume as she stares down at Gene. "Fine!" She takes a seat on the floor next to Gene and Artoo. "You look bored. Why'd you come, anyways?"

Mara's not the only one getting friendly with the dancing. But it's just dancing, right? It's not like she and Jack haven't had plenty of innocent shared experiences involving dancing and copious amounts of alcohol. "I could definately do more of this," the Irishman agrees. "You changed your hair. Looks good." If you want to know how to look cool while shouting over the Dropkicks, now would be a good time to take note.

"Candy," Desiree answers - that's why she's not dancing! Dancing will come later, after candy. She has her priorities straight. "I got a weakness for butterscotch." One narrow shoulder shrugs in time with another silly smile, but both shoulder and smile drop as she adopts an overdramatic wince. "Park Avenue, huh?" She tap-tap-taps her 'magic' wand in the palm of her opposite hand. "…Weeell. If you reeeeally want it, you'll find a way to get it! Right?" She gives a flourish of the wand and throws some pink glitter in the wolf gal's direction. From out of her cleavage. Don't ask. "Wish granted! 'S in your own hands. But," The Fairy Godmother leans in toward McAlister and whispers, "I think Park Avenue's overrated if you ask me." Winking, she nods toward the dancers. "I'ma go find my Jim West."

Elle returns from the bar at about this time. She's had a couple drinks, and is more than a bit pleasantly squiffed. Hey, it helps to forget about Boyfriend-In-Coma. Or Electrocuting-Roommate. Or Life-In-General. Take your pick. In any case, Elle's doing an even better Carrie Fisher impersonation now that the room is no longer steady.

"Better'n the blonde?" Mara's dark brows hike up toward her pigtails with amused curiosity. Did a man seriously just comment on her hair? "Thanks!" She tips her head back with a wide, gap-toothed grin, "Remind me to hijack your jukebox sometime. You've got some Madonna on there, right?" He isn't the only one who has an appreciation for 80's music, after all.

Karoliina continues to sit by Gene, nodding off until with a quiet soprano 'ooo' Liina has fallen… asleep. At Jaden's party. Oops.

Glitter. Wasn't.. well. expected. But now? A sparkly wolf, and she acks - but gives it up with a laugh. "Well, yeah - but I'd really piss off the neighbors." Ali waves, the wolf grinning still - "Good hunting. I hear he's hanging around with this disreputable inventor-type named Gordon." A wink, and she starts through the crowd, away.

"My boss asked me too, that's all. Work as an intern over at Lancaster, so you can imagine why I'd be here." He pauses from what he's saying to see, someone taking glitter from their cleavage to throw at a wolf girl. Gene's jaw drops for a moment before he shakes his head and looks back toward Karoliina to see that she's fallen asleep. On the floor. He winces as he imagines some drunkard accidentally stepping on her or something, so he just gets up and tries to help her up into the seat. "Come on, Karol. Sleeping on the floor isn't gunna be good for you."

Somewhere between shots, and dancing, and Heidi and Nathan wandering off someplace she hopes isn't -anywhere near- she could stumble on accidentally, Elena returns, doffing her hat back on her head and looking around for her lost crew. Mara and Jack are dancing, so she doesn't interrupt them, and the Care Bears……. are still there. Furrowing her brows a little bit, she waves a little bit, seeing Gene and Artoo sitting in the corner with the sleeping Leia nearby, and Dezi's in that area too, so she wanders over their direction. There. Dezi's found her Jim West.

"Gene~! When did you get here?" Elena asks cheerfully. "Hi Dezi, having fun?" She peers at McAllister, someone she doesn't know.

One of the rowdier, dancing couples dance way too close to one of the wall decorations as they stomp with the Irish band. One hand lifts upwards, the girl almost falling over….and tears off a huge chunk of the decorative curtains which reveals a sign. A telling sign. A warning sign:



Simultaneously, Love-A-Lot yanks off his head and scratches his bum. "Gah. This thing itches." The ten year old bumps into Randall, and he looks up at him. "Can we sleep now?"

Dot Dot Dot.

While Randall does his improvised instrumental thing, Jane's foot continues to tap along with the music and she's still singing in full voice, not paying much attention to anyone else present for the moment. Her head nods toward the researcher, a smile is shown.

Elle approaches Jane. She won't actually wander up on stage if the other woman's singing, but she -is- the reason she's here, after all, and she moves…none-too-steadily…in that general direction.

"Definately better," Jack agrees and reaches up to tweak one of Mara's pigtails. "As for the jukebox… That's debatable. I think if I play any Madonna during open hours, I'll lose my ass with the clientele. We'll work something out."

"Oh, there she is," Yes, because her Jim West is a 'she'. "Hey, 'Lena!" Dezi beams. "Yeah. Just crashin' into big bad wolves. Y'know." The usual. …which is about when the woman's head drops in a perfect head-tilt. The reason: the writing on the wall, as it were. Orphanage? Her eyebrows shoot up in surprise. "Huh."

Randall doesn't miss a beat as he's nudged, spinning around and pretending to tap the spoons against Love-A-Lot's noggin for a half-measure, though actually they come up safely short. "Oh, you could, I suppose, but then you'd miss all the fun!" He gestures in the direction of the older crowd. "Why don't you go out there and dance with the others? They seem to be enjoying it. And you— Dr. Meridian, I presume?" This is addressed toward Jane, now, though he leaves off on that front until he sees what Elle is getting up to.

A breath of laughter is cut short. Oh. No. Mara smacks Jack on the arm when Elena reveals the sign. "Shit." And the Care Bears aren't, ah, little people, but children? "I think, Jack, now might be a very good time to leave."

Well, Elena didn't reveal anything - that was some other couple, but Desiree makes her look a little baffled. "Eh?" she asks. "Wolves? Orphanage?" She turns around…and sees the sign.

A sign that people should leave, like, right now.

And yes. There they were. Sirens. Like every good party in the history of mankind, stretching back into the slums of Rome, the city's legions of Praetoriaer fuzz are out to make their Whippersnappers bust.

She isn't on stage, that would be the band called Dropkick Murphys. Jane's on the floor. Her voice trails off as Randall speaks and Elle approaches. The brunette, wearing the Jessica Rabbit dress, answers him in a decent version of the character's voice, with a question. "Doctor Meridian?" And her eyes settle on the roommate, greeting her with a quiet smile. "Princess." And this is about the time people start to notice the staff are kids. One of them not being her. Someone will have to clue her in, hopefully.

Native New Yorkers (or those that have been there a while) in the party scene? they know how to get gone. And Ali's no exception - she's got a photo to cut loose anyway, and probably frame. Mabye in 8x10. Feet. But there's no doing that with cops confiscating cameras for evidence. So? She's gone, fading into the crowd and heading for the door, preferably before the shouting and fleeing starts in earnest.

"I'm with you, officer. Let's get the fuck outta dodge." Gathering up his glam, Jack tucks Mara's hand through one looped arm and proceeds to skedaddle.

Randall inclines his head to Jane. "Chase." Okay, that's probably too obscure. "Caped Crusader?" he adds, nodding in whatever direction Jaden took off earlier. And then… wait a minute, everyone else is leaving in a hurry. Which probably means these kids did not Properly Volunteer to take part in this. Which means he should be leaving in a hurry, too. He waves, grabs a fresh glass of booze, and joins the crowd heading for the egress. Better hurry, that peacock plumage will stick out like crazy in a lineup…

But when people begin to depart, and whispers spread about the youth working here, Jane blanches. A bit of fury shows on her face. She's a member of the bar, he announced this party publicly, and did this?! Oooooh, she may kill him. Grabbing her guitar, and hopefully Roger Rabbit, she indicates they should bail. Now.

It's a long time afterwards. Maybe it's a Ditto. Or maybe Jane Rabbit took a Ditto. Whatever the case may be, a non-trussed up Jaden Cain comes into the room, wheeling in a gigantic cake. "Alright! Paaaaaarrrrrrtaaaaaay tiiiiiii—"


"… where did everybody go?"

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