2007-03-21: Shoot-Out at the DnA Club


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Summary: It's a shoot-out at the OK Corral! Except it's the Club DnA.

Date It Happened: March 21, 2007

Shoot-Out at the DnA Club

Club DnA's

Later on in the evening and DnA is hopping. The beats are steady and hot, the lights appropriately flashy, and the noise level is right up there. After his fun earlier in the night, one wouldn't usually expect to find Lachlan hanging about in a club, but he's got business here. Tonight, he's dealing soma. He sits upstairs on a couch chatting in a low voice with a young man sitting next to him. Bonnie was left outside to avoid ruining her ears with the noises of the club, and the Scotsman is still dressed in the ash-gray shirt and jeans of before. This is one of those rare nights when he /personally/ deals the drug as opposed to leaving it with a dog to be picked up and paid for. A little chatter, the exchange of money, and a discreet hand movement — the younger man rises to his feet shaking and skitters off into the club with his new prize. Lachlan, meanwhile, sits back with a deep sigh and enjoys the atmosphere for a little while.

Fifteen. Underage. School night. Why is Hailien still up, why is she in a place where she should not be, and why isn't anyone kicking up a fuss? It's cause Club DNA knows her, and they let her in. She's situated somewhere near the dealing Lachlan, blissfully unaware of such dealings, sipping at her virgin strawberry daiquiri. See? She's being a good girl.

A man once told Mara he didn't believe that she ever drank enough to let her guard down. It would seem that she's attempting to prove him wrong tonight. Dressed in a low-cut, wine-coloured dress (look at my body, not the bruises on my face!), and a pair of black platform heels, she's out on the dance floor. She doesn't stick with any one partner for too long, but she's never dancing alone.

Completely unaware of any shady dealings or anyone else being inside DnA tonight, Cass has come with one of her friends from her Columbia med school days. Needing time off from the bookstore, from viruses and people with powers, this is going to be a night of abandon. Drinking, dancing, gossiping. Jen - Cass' brunette friend - has insisted on dressing to the nines and paying for the first round. So Cass finds herself at the bar with a cosmopolitan in nice jeans and a dressy tank top that shows off her tattoo. Dangly earrings, nicely curled hair, even low heels…oh yes, she is ready for a girls night out. Heads bowed together so they can hear themselves, the two giggle about something while Cass makes quick work of her pink drink.

After a few minutes sitting on the couch tapping his fingers on the arm of the furniture, Lachlan decides to stand and head downstairs toward the dance floor. As he passes Hailien, he pauses in step and quirks an eyebrow at her. Hmm. She looks a bit /young/ to be in here. Still, he's not the sort to blow the whistle and he offers her only a knowing smirk and small wave before trooping off down the stairs. The bar is tempting, but he doesn't make his way toward it immediately. Nope. The best place to be is on the dance floor where girls can grind up against him! The Scotsman wades in quietly, soon blending in relatively well with the other dancers.

Mr. Hendrickson steps into the club, a head or more above the crowd, and simply gazes around slowly. He is, perhaps, overdressed for this place, wearing his black suit and red tie, with his fedora tucked under his arm and a briefcase in his hand. He maneuvers through the crowd, with some of them probably even parting to make way for the rather intimidating looking gentleman. He reaches the stairs to the second floor, and makes his way up. Probably not seeing Lachlan… at least, not until they cross paths!

Hailien peers at Lachlan as he quirks a brow at her. Intrigued, the girl waits a few minutes, then she stealthily sneak-follows after him, idly indeed. She seems to know a couple of people though as she unobtrusively wades onto the dance floor. So. Lachlan can't flirt with her… but she can sure as heck see how he dances.

Mara slips away from her current partner and after a couple of twirls, she finds herself dancing with Lachlan. She offers him a wide grin as she cozies up, but there's something flickering in her eyes like… confusion, maybe? Either way, he seems to be a good dancer, so what's the harm? Maybe it'll come to her. … Nope. Nothing. She makes no attempt to hide her British heritage when she speaks. "Hey, don't I know you mister?"

As involved as the two are in conversation and drinks, Cass and Jen move from their seat at the bar to a small little inlet of tables and uncomfortable looking chairs. They're already on their second drinks. No one is playing around tonight.

"Come oooon Cass. Let's go dance," Jen pleads gesturing with her half filled drink to the floor.

Cass just gives her friend a look that shows just how ludicrous that idea is. "Jen. I can barely walk in these heels without tripping and knocking myself out on the bar. There is no chance in hell I'm dancing on a floor that's packed with people." She looks over to where everyone is grinding and bumping with a look of distaste. "It's too crowded. Wait a few songs and when I'm too drunk to say no."

Dancingdancingdancing grindinggrindinggrinding — why hello, familiar face! When Lachlan finds himself dancing with Mara, he grins broadly. He's really not that bad a dancer. Unlike Cass, he's not a klutz. Not really, anyway. He laughs aloud when he does recognize Mara. "'Course ye do. 'S me, Lach. Lach Deatley. Shit, ye were in m'apartment when tha' bastard came in an' shot the place ta hell." That bastard is ironically upstairs, even. "Dinna know ye were a party sort o' person." That's /highly attractive/.

Dancing, dancing, more dancing- oh look, Lachlan and Mara. Hailien pauses then rubs up behind Lachlan on her way to dance with a cuter, older-than-her guy. Ladies and gentlemen, look to the left. Look to the right. Look at Hailien. It was her.

Mr. Hendrickson is, ironically, upstairs at that very moment! He makes his way over to the VIP room door, and pulls what looks like a wallet from his pocket, showing it to the Bouncer at the door. The bouncer looks at it, then looks to his list. Mr. Hendrickson speaks quietly, too quietly to be heard at any distance but face-to-face. The Bouncer frowns, almost grimaces, before nodding and walking away from the door. Mr. Hendrickson opens the door relatively silently, before closing it again. For those who may be looking toward the VIP booth, shadowy figures can be seen moving around. Several women exit the booth and scatter, and the door closes once more. Uh-oh.

"/Bugger/." Mara's smile fades. "That /was/ you." Stupid. How the hell do you forget something like that, Mara? Well, she /has/ gotten herself removed from the case and she's really had /other/ things on her mind. "Does it surprise you that I like to party? I can't be all duty, all the time, can I?" Speaking of that, something is just… wrong here.

Not able to coax her friend out onto the dance floor, Jen is eying that VIP room with interest. Perhaps she can get them up /there/. Now that would be fun. Drinking with the high rollers! If they're not there to dance, they might as well be here for free drinks, right? Jen grabs Cass by the hand and half leads half tugs her up to the stairs, hoping to charm the bouncer into letting them through. Two pretty ladies already drinking should be an easy let in. On their way up, the other women skitter down the stairs and that makes Cass pause. "Jeeeen…" she warns.

Jen takes no notice. "Come /on/. The bouncer took a break. This is easier than your first year roommate." Time to try the door!

Nope, nobody can be all-duty, all the time. It's totally compelling that Mara chooses clubbing as opposed to something boring like /reading/ for her hobby time. "Yeah? This is wha' ye do in yer off time, then? Tha's bloody incredible. Lemme buy ye a drink." Lachlan is, of course, totally unaware of Cass' presence, and he's quite unaware of the excitement going on upstairs.

Hailien slips out the door after doing what she's doing, and flees for home before she gets /totally/ grounded.

Mara tips her head to one side at the sudden influx of girls running down the stairs. "Maybe… in a bit, eh?" It could be nothing. It's probably nothing. But her instincts just don't shut down because she's had a whiskey or three. "I just need to check out one thing. Then I'll take you up on that drink. Promise." She starts quickly for the stairs, simultaneously unzipping the purse that's been slung across her body and hanging at her hip.

The VIP room is, oddly, unlocked. It's doubtful it even has locks. Safety concerns, and all that. So when, and if, Cass and Jen decide to open the door, they are greeted by an unusual sight. Mr. Hendrickson has the unconscious body of some suited Fat cat businessman, or something, slung over his shoulder like a sack of potatoes. The chairs at the front of the VIP Room are turned over and in disarray, while Mr. Hendrickson stands at the back, near the couch. He unceremoniously tosses the unconscious man onto the couch. The man's face looks a bit beat up, like he had just gotten into a fistfight. Mr. Hendrickson sets his briefcase on the nearby table, and fiddles with the lock on it a moment.

Unaware of anything going wrong or different in the VIP room, Jen not so quietly opens the door to let her and hr friend in. She wants to make this nonchalant and like they totally belong her and did not just slip in when the bouncer went for a cigarette. Cass is a more reluctant accomplice to this scheme, but she's going along with for peer pressure. Plus, the idea of free drinks /is/ appealing. What the two see when they enter the room, however, is not glitz and glamor and rich men waiting to shower them with free booze. Oh no, it's an unconscious man being tossed roughly onto a couch and the shadow of a large man fiddling with some briefcase. The room is totally destroyed. Um, whups? Wrong VIP Room.

"Wow they like to party hardy," Jen retorts, already a little drunk and not noticing that this is probably not what she thinks it is. Cass just tries to take everything in, staring stupidly at the messed up room and the shadowy figure. "Jen." Grabbing her friends arm, she tugs on it. "Let's go."

Hnnuh? His prospective club-date is leaving and, well, Lachlan can't stand for /that/. He watches her in a befuddled manner before he sets off hot on Mara's trail. "Wha', ye got a date 'r somethin'?" he quips from behind the policewoman, though now that she's brought his attention to the matter at hand, the Scotsman is picking up Very Bad Vibes coming from the upstairs area. Not good. Not good at all, and now he's starting to wonder if he should flee. Sadly, he keeps on trucking after Mara. Who knows? Maybe there will be a brawl in it for him.

Mr. Hendrickson was just opening the briefcase when they walk in. He turns suddenly when Jen and Cass walk into the room like they own the place, and scowls almost angrily. He shuts the case forcefully, and turns, stalking over to Jen and Cass. Hendrickson then physically ushers the two out of the room if he must, especially if they refuse to move quickly. He shuts the door, then picks up a chair from near the window, and blockades the door with it, so as to slow down anyone else seeking entry. It won't stop them, but it'll give him time to, say, draw his gun if he has to. Damned nosy pests.

Mara approaches the VIP room now, just as Cass and Jen are shown out. "What's going on here?" she asks the girls. "Are you all right?" One hand is still buried in her purse. She glances at the closed door and frowns. Not good.

"I…hey!" Jen is indignant at the rough handling as Hendrickson ushers them both out of the room. And while Cass doesn't really think much of the situation, she doesn't like being handled the way she is now. Pulling at her arm in his firm grip, the glass she was holding spills the remains of her cosmopolitan everywhere. "/Ow/." The door shuts firmly and decisively behind them. "Okay. We've seen the VIP Room. Can we go now?" The two are still giving backward glances at the door and they're just about to descend the steps when Mara asks her questions. "We're fine," Cass answers for the two of them. "Some guy's in there and someone else is passed out on the couch. The room's messed up. I don't think we're allowed in there."

It's not so much the fact that Jen and Cass were ushered out of the VIP room as it is the fact that, uh, /Cass/. This is the real thing that gets Lachlan's attention, and his eyes widen in surprise when he spots her. "Cass?" Huh. Good thing this is not made /more/ awkward by the fact that he was dealing drugs and hitting on someone not a few minutes earlier. He strides over to her and peers between her and Jen curiously. "Wha're ye doin' here?" Who's your friend? How drunk are you? How drunk is your friend? How drunk do either one of you have to be to— ? Best not to finish writing that thought.

Meanwhile, inside the darkened room, Mr. Hendrickson opens the shiny leather suitcase, adjusting his gloves before removing a small, cylindrical object! A BOM-Oh, no, it's just a syringe. He moves over to the unconscious man, and jabs the needle into his neck, emptying the contents into his veins. No reaction from the unconscious fat cat. Mr. Hendrickson then begins emptying the man's pockets, going through his wallet and then the businessman's suitcase. What could he be doing in there!? Illegal things, to be certain.

Oh for the love of- Mara rolls her eyes as Lachlan takes up conversation with the two girls. Good, stay distracted. See if I care. The door doesn't budge, huh? "Open up in there!" Mara demands as she pounds the side of her free fist against the door. BAM! BAM! BAM!

Having not really looked past Mara, Cass totally missed Lachlan behind her. "Lachlan?" She's just as confused and surprised to see him here. Unaware of his previous dealings of either drugs or women, she looks to Mara and then to Lachlan. "What are /you/ doing here?" The question can work both ways! "Jen and I were just having a girls night. Jen, this is Lachlan. Lachlan, Jen." Jen gives the Scot an appraising look, but doesn't really seem that interested in him. She's more upset about not being VIP material. "Hey," she greets despondently. When Mara bangs on the door, Jen gives her an exasperated look. "I don't think they want to be disturbed in there, lady."

Oh, the question's been turned back on him. Lachlan now feels a bit worried. It's probably not a good idea to be caught in a club alone when you're dating someone. Yeah. Probably not. A nod is given to Jen as well as a half-smile of greeting. "Was— " he's interrupted briefly when Mara bangs on the door, and he glances at her a moment. It totally throws off his groove and he finishes the sentence absently: "— was workin'." Yeah. Dog trainers totally work in clubs, don't they? "Uh, tha's the police officer I called 'bout the … necklace an' stuff." It's vague enough that Jen probably has no idea what he's talking about. "Look, mebbe we shouldna be hangin' 'round here." Lachlan Sense is tingling.

Mr. Hendrickson completely ignores Mara, and continues doing whatever it is he is doing in there with this man's briefcase and credit cards and bank cards, and /what have you/. He grabs a bottle of everclear, and pours the contents down the unconscious man's front before placing the bottle in his hands.

"God dammit." Mara curses and braces herself before throwing her shoulder against the door to try and force it open. Only, it doesn't go quite as planned. She goes bouncing off the door and almost tumbles to the ground in her heels. "Son of a-" That's it, no more clowning around. She marches up to the door, and short skirt be damned, she brings her leg up and KICKS! the door inward.

For her part, Cass doesn't have some dastardly plan, but his excuse is so lame that it worries her. "Working. At a club. Where they don't allow dogs?" She frowns at the Scot. "Lach." Jen looks between Cass and Lachlan and Mara, trying to figure out what's going on. "I'm…going to go dance, Cass," she tells her friend to escape what looks like will be something /serious/. That's not what they came for. As she leaves, Cass nods distractedly at her - she'll catch up with Jen in a bit. "Nice to…" The introduction to Mara gets a deferment as the detective tries to kick in the door. A couple of times. Cass watches her with disbelief. "I…uh…can you do that? Should she do that?" she asks Lachlan. "Maybe….yeah. Maybe we should get out of here."

Mr. Hendrickson frowns, and turns when the door goes 'Bam' after Mara's failed attempt to force the door. The Chair doesn't budge. Instead, Mr. Hendrickson draws his gun, places it behind his back, and stands behind the door, with his foot propped out so as to prevent it from smashing him in the face. He then waits for Mara to eventually bust in, muttering quietly.

Mara's attempts at the door cause Lachlan to blink, but he's now more worried about getting Cass /away/ from the scene of Possible Violence. Noooo shooting holes in his girlfriend, plzkthx. He reaches out an arm to snake around her shoulders and hopefully start leading her down the stairs, casting glances back at Mara as he goes. "Yeah." Then, his brain backtracks a bit in the conversation. There was a question about work, and it's only now that he realizes that he cited this as the reason for being here. /Shit/. "Uh … yeah. Y'know, I was … makin' contacts. Someone asked me ta meet 'em here ta talk 'bout their dog." God, could his excuses get any lamer?

The door gives way and Mara finds the man passed out on the couch, but there's no one else around? That doesn't really match what she expected to find, based on what Cass and Jen told her. Damaris pulls her hand out of her purse, clutching her handgun tightly as she slowly enters the room, heading toward the man with the intent to check his pulse. She keeps her eyes open, ready for the first sign of trouble. Because this is /her/, after all. And trouble just seems drawn to her like a magnet.

While they /are/ trying to get away from the scene of possible violence, Cass can't help but stop and just /stare/ at Lachlan's excuse. Is he serious? "You can't be serious." The danger part of their position hasn't exactly sunken in quite yet. She's a little light headed and still thinking this is some routine check or something. Plus, it's not like she's expecting people to be pulling out guns like Hendrickson is doing behind the door. "You're giving me an excuse." It's like an epiphany. "Why are you giving me an excuse?"

Wait, Cass is not moving. Why is Cass not moving? This is not conducive to Getting Out Of Danger! Lachlan puffs out his lips a bit, slightly flustered. A quick glance is thrown toward the VIP room just to be sure there's no sort of violence spilling out of it, and then the Scotsman fixes Cass with a stare, mind working quickly. It hits like a flash of inspiration. He sighs and runs his hand quickly over his nose and mouth. "Look, uh." Nervous shuffle. He lightly tugs on Cass' shoulders in the hopes of getting her moving again. "Truth is … I got a call from a girl I used ta fool 'round with, a'righ'? She wanted ta meet me here. But look, we dinna do anythin', a'righ'? I told 'er tha' I wasna doin' tha' sort o' thing anymore b'cause I'm seein' ye now. Tha's the truth." No, it's not. It's really not. But it /sounds/ convincing.

Mr. Hendrickson simply pushes aside the door with one hand, halfway closing it, the other bringing his gun from behind his back, and pulls back the hammer with an audible click. The gun is pointed right at Mara's back! Things are not looking on the up-and-up

"Don't move. Drop the gun, and kick it towards me."

It /does/ sound convincing to Cass, but she also doesn't know how to take this information. Despite the tug on her shoulder, she remains as immovable as she can. "So. Wait. Let me get this straight." She tries to get the arm off of her because it makes her want to lean against him and that's not what she wants right now. "A girl you used to fool around with called to meet you here and you said yes. But you didn't do anything because of me." She doesn't know what to make of this situation at all. She looks at him and then looks back to where Mara disappeared into the VIP Room. "It's that detective, is it?" Now she's getting angry. It doesn't take a genius to make some connections and though she's making mostly the wrong ones, they seem like they're right. "Never mind. Whatever, Lachlan. If you want to go fool around, go fool around. I'll go dance with my friend." Stepping away from Lachlan, she finally starts moving again - but decidedly not with him.

Are you kidding me? Again? Really? Really?!

Mara closes her eyes tightly, grip on her gun steady. Think, dammit. Think. "What the f- Are you two some kind of pair?" She doesn't drop her gun, but she doesn't make any move to turn off the safety. "We're in a crowded club, man. Do you really think you're gonna get away if you shoot me?" Hazel eyes open again and the detective slowly turns her head so she can peer over her shoulder out of the corner of her eye.

As strange as it might sound, having Cass believe that he's been dicking around with other girls is /largely/ preferable to her knowing about Lachlan's side business. Granted, it's not exactly a /lie/, his infidelity, but it /is/ a lie insomuch as Mara is concerned. "'S no' the detective," he informs the bookstore owner truthfully, "I just ran inta 'er when I was headin' out a bit ago." But Cass is moving away! With one last look in the direction of the VIP room, Lachlan descends the stairs in pursuit of Cass. She's moving, but she's definitely not moving without him. "Fuck, Cass, will ye just bloody listen ta me? 'S no' wha' yer thinkin'!" She could not /possibly/ be thinking what it /really/ is.

Mr. Hendrickson simply smirks, and steadies his aim. "I'm not the one who came in here with guns drawn. Drop the gun, and leave. I have no business with you." He takes a step forward, finger on the trigger, safety off. Does he ever keep it on?

It's true, Cass doesn't have any sort of clue about Lachlan's side business. But, in her mind, fooling around is quite bad all in itself. There's no backwards glance for Mara or the VIP room or even for Lachlan as she resolutely makes for the dance floor and Jen. "Oh, what am I thinking, Lachlan? Tell me and tell me what it is other than what I'm thinking. Look, I was just an idiot and assumed something more than was there. I should have asked, I guess. It's fine." Of course, she doesn't really sound fine. She sounds annoyed and hurt.

"Didn't I tell you to do that once?" Mara starts to turn around slowly. She's not giving up her gun. "A dear friend of mine once told me I don't follow directions very well."

Now this is just ridiculous. Lachlan is getting flustered over the fact that Cass won't believe him on a truth that came about because of a lie. /Ridiculous/. He bounds forward quickly to swing around in front of Cass at the base of the stairs, blocking her path — and she's not the only one who's annoyed here. It's clearly evident that the Scotsman is not liking this conversation. "'M /no'/ fuckin' tha' detective," he states quite plainly, shortly. "'M no' fuckin' /anyone/." But now he's all huffy and angry and nobody likes that. "Look, I came here ta tell someone tha' I was goin' steady with ye. I /dinna/ /do/ /anythin'/, but fuck, ye wanna be tha' way? Fine. Just bloody /fine/." And with that, he turns and proceeds to storm out, shouldering past any dancers he happens to meet along the way.

Mr. Hendrickson practically growls, "If you push me, I will shoot. I will say you forced entry and pulled a gun on me. Self defense. Now drop your gun, and leave." He doesn't sound like he's bluffing!

Suddenly, Cass' exit path is blocked off by an angry Scot. Well, two can play at that game. Matching Lachlan's flustered anger with a narrowed glare of her own, she crosses her arms. Standing on the last step while he's on the ground makes her /almost/ eye level with him and that does wonders for her angry glare. It's more intimidating without having to tilt her face upward. "Fine!" She yells back in a very mature manner. "I /am/ like that." That one made sense in her head. When he storms off, she proceeds to head in the complete opposite direction, even though the exit isn't that way just so she won't be following him.

"I've been fucked up by scarier sons of bitches than you, buddy." Mara whips her arm around, turning off the safety and fires a shot aimed at Hendrickson's shoulder. She's already ready to take a second shot, if he makes her.

The sound of a single gunshot is hardly noticeable above the chatter of the music and the dancers, however the screams of the people who are close enough to the VIP room to recognize the bang for what it is — this is a telltale sign. As soon as screaming happens above, confusion and mayhem begin to happen below. It's enough to make Lachlan pause near the door and twist around to stare up at the balcony level. What's going on? What the hell? It's only by chance that he hears someone shriek something about a gun, and that's enough to send him slamming through the rush of people heading toward the door. He's going against the flow, and his cries of "Cass! Cass!" are likely inaudible under the din that has now taken over Club DnA.

Mr. Hendrickson args, the bullet slamming into his shoulder, throwing him backward. The thug growls, blood beginning to trickle down his suit. He lifts his revolver and returns fire. He's not taking one controlled shot at Mara. He's shooting at her at least 3 times. He's shooting to kill, but the pain and rapid firing will make his shots inaccurate, and prevent a lethal shot. Screw the guy on the couch. He probably won't be hit anyway, he's laying down!

It's a loud club, but it's almost impossible to mistake the loud rapport of a gunshot going off in the VIP room. People are starting to scatter and scream nearby and Cass' gut reaction to such a sound is to freeze. But then, as people start to scatter, her reactions start to come back to her. Not hearing more shots after those first couple, something else takes over and she springs forward and heads against the stream up people /toward/ the VIP room. That detective girl was up there and she's really not thinking this through, but she figures she may need help. Lachlan's yells for her are not heard over the other panic, but he may see her foolishly heading back up the steps against all common sense.

The first bullet goes wide, but the second catches the woman in the side and the third grazes her thigh. Mara's first reaction is shock. What just happened here? Her eyes get wide and she staggers back. She clenches her teeth before taking aim and firing again.

"Cass!" Of course she can't hear him, but Lachlan can sure see her and where she's heading and /this is really not what she should be doing/. Gritting his teeth, he manages to fight his way to the stairs and muscles his way up them with a great deal of effort. By now, the mad rush has become centralized in the lower level of the club, so the fight to climb the staircase is short-lived. Once he reaches the top, he starts casting around frantically, trying to locate Cass in the aftermath. "Cass!" It's a little easier to hear now that they're on the same level and there isn't a screaming crowd surrounding him.

Common sense does catch up to Cass and as she goes up the stairs, she pulls out her cellphone and dials 911. Quickly giving a description of what is going on to the dispatcher and where they are, she hangs up and now is at a loss of what to do. She's not about to running right into the middle of a gunfight. Standing just outside of it seems to be good enough for her. "I've called 911!" She yells to the two (three?) people inside the room. Maybe that will make them stop? Finally, she does hear someone yelling at her and it drags her attention away. Gripping to the rail, she tries to find where Lach's voice is coming from.

Mr. Hendrickson scowls, ducks down, bullet whizzing past his head, and shattering the glass behind him. He scowls, and fires another three times, attempting to end this or scare the damn coplady away! His thumb depresses the switch, changing the gun to the shotgun shell. It ended the fight last time. It'll end it this time! SHOO, YOU MEANACE! It's a goddamn shootout at the O.K. Corral.

When more gunshots sound off in the VIP room, Lachlan instinctively half-ducks, arms flying up to shield his head from bullets that aren't anywhere near him. "Cass!" he bellows again, peering around. It takes him a moment to spot her near the rail, then a few strides and he's grabbing her around the waist, if she doesn't jerk away. "The fuck d'ye think yer doin'?!" he demands angrily. "Let's get outta here!" And he proceeds to pull her toward the stairs, if he's able.

Two out of three bullets hit home. The first one embeds itself in the woman's knee, sending Mara staggering so that the second bullet misses its mark, and the third merely grazes the side of her face as she hits the floor. She's shrieking at the top of her lungs in pain, clutching at her wounded leg.

Cass is already half ducking, half clinging to the rail. There are bullets going off left and right, but she still feels some weird duty to stay and make sure people are alright. "But…that detective's in there!" She's not sure how she's really helping by crouching by her railing, but, well, she's /still there/. And that counts for something, right? However, that doesn't count for much more when Lachlan grabs her around the waist and tugs. But, then there's screeching and pain and that makes her grip onto the railing harder. "Oh God. What am I /doing/?"

Mr. Hendrickson scowls, and when she goes down, he stalks over and kicks the gun out of her hands, keeping his own gun pointed at her head. He reaches gingerly into his pocket with his other hand, wincing, metal teeth gleaming in the light. He pulls out his cellphone out, and dials 911. "Police? Yes. I'm at DnA, and there's been a shooting. Some crazy bitch burst into the VIP room and shot me. Alright, I'll wait right here. Thank you." He hangs up the phone, and puts the phone in back in his pocket.

"Yeah, an' she's a /bloody cop/!" Lachlan snaps in response, pulling on Cass with renewed effort when she resists. "She can take care o' herself!" It's probably a lie, judging by the screams and cries of pain coming from the VIP room, but does the Scotsman care? Not one little bit. Cass is his priority: she's in danger, and she should be getting /out/ of danger. The gunshots stop, but that doesn't mean the danger has gone away.

Mara stares up at Hendrickson, gritting her teeth. "Go. Just /go/." She's attempting to reach for her own cell phone, biting back more screams as tears cloud her vision.

After a little struggle, Lachlan manages to pry Cass off the railing and then bodily haul her down the stairs and out of the club. It's possible they'll wait for the police to arrive in order to offer eye-witness testimony — but it's just as likely that Lachlan will get his way and they'll run like hell. Hard to tell. The important thing is: they're out of the club and out of the line of fire.

Mr. Hendrickson growls, and crouches down slowly, obviously still in pain and growls something quietly. "I told you to leave. This is the second time. You see what happens when you don't listen? Next time, listen." He stands, grabs both suitcases, and stalks through the door, moving toward the back rooms. He stops by the Bouncer who had let him into his VIP room, shakes his head, before passing him a wad of bills, and whispering something into his ear. The Bouncer nods before opening the back door and letting Mr. Hendrickson out onto the street. Things certainly did not go as planned. Damn cops.

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