2010-05-11: Should Have Told Her Earlier





Date: May 11, 2010


Roberto prepares to meet some old friends. Harley watches from above. He's right, they should have told her sooner. Way sooner.

"Should Of Told Her Earlier"


“Skittles! Skittles! Skittles!!”

A male voice screams, the sound echoing throughout the warehouse. The sound of booted feet can be heard as men run out from the room and are quickly gathering up supplies. Guns and the like.

“We need to be ready for anything! Who knows what those bitches can do.” Roberto says with a wicked smile and he’s popping two skittles in his mouth. Red ones. “And I don’t want any excuses! None at all, the streets must be blocked. It’ll take twenty minutes tops if you idiots can pull it off.”

One of the men raises his head and looks at Roberto. “What if the cops come boss?” he asks with a slight whimper to which Roberto kicks him in the stomach. “Then you will fight to the death or escape.. either one. But don’t you dare say a word.. or you and your families and friends are dead. Got it?”

All the men nod their heads and Roberto smiles softly and eats a few more skittles. “Do you guys know what we are?” Nobody answers so he pulls a gun out from the air and shoots it in the air. “WHAT ARE WE?”

“Family.” One man squeaks out, a rat looking man. “Family, right boss?”

Roberto seems to ponder this, rubbing the gun on his chin before he levels it at the man and before he can say another word he pulls the trigger.

“Wrong.” He breathes heavily. He hates family, there is no family for him. Not anymore at least..

“We’re a team, which means.. everybody watches each other’s backs. Alright? Okay good.” The men begin to cheer and hoot and holler as they jump into the black vans and speed off.

“Now let’s wrangle us some doctors!” Roberto says before he looks around to the empty warehouse. “DID ANYONE CALL AEDAN?!”

Apparently, not. When you want something done.. do it yourself.

Somewhere on a roof

“He’s on the move. I can’t stop him by myself!” Harley says into the earpiece as he watches Roberto speed out of the warehouse, his driver finally coming. “I.. what do you want me to do?” he asks the voice on the other side of the call.

“We should have told her earlier, all of them. Now they aren’t going to be prepar-.” He is stopped by something the voice says and then he nods his head. “Yes, I understand.” And then he adds something else. “They are going to a coffeeshop, somewhere not to far from Midtown.” Another second pause as he listens. “Okay.. I understand.” He says and then the he ends the call.

“Kitty.. I hope you’re ready for this.” He says softly before he runs to the fire escape, he doesn’t have much time.

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