2009-11-17: Shouldn't Be Doing This



Date: November 17, 2009


George calls an old friend to warn her (though she's several steps ahead of him) and to ask for her help.

"Shouldn't Be Doing This"

Washington, DC

It's been a long day, and tomorrow promises to be more of the same - but with George's girlfriend potentially in trouble, certain things won't wait. He's always kept Kitty's number on his phone's short list, given what they have in common. If it hasn't changed. If she's awake and able to answer. Well, if not, then he can always try again in the morning.

New York

"There's the phone.." Beatrix says softly and then looks down at it and shakes her head. She turns the thing on every now and then, just to see if anything really important comes up on it. She should have ditched it a long time ago, but if it's turned off.. no following the signal right?

Oh and she's up, she's walking down a dark street, dressed in dark clothing. "Speak fast." She says as she answers the phone, looking over her shoulder and around the corner, she doesn't have much time. She knows that much.

Oh, good, George's luck is holding out tonight. It does that. "Kitty? It's George. First, the government may be after you— but you might have already heard." It would explain why she's in such a hurry. "Second, I've got a friend potentially in trouble, could use your help."

"No duh, Sherlock. I shouldn't even be using this phone. And now your dumbass is going to have to be on the run as well." Beatrix facepalms. "What's the problem, I make no promises. I have too much to deal with it as it is." She says and continues to walk, if not a bit faster. Beatrix does sound different.. this past month has put her through a lot. That can change how a woman acts.

"I don't think they know about me— if they did, they probably would've tried something already. Not like they don't know where I am." Oh yeah, did he mention what he does for a living? With that topic brushed off, George returns to the other one. "She lost part of her memory— there are dark patches where a woman should be. We'd like to know what she looks like— if only to avoid her before she tries messing with more than just memories."

"No doubt.. they are listening to this phone call now, it doesn't matter who you are.. nobody is safe." Beatrix says in frustration and as she listens to what George has to say, she shakes her head, biting her lips. "I'm sorry.. I can try to help but I don't know when I'll have time."

Looking around, the woman blinks and then tenses up, did she just see a black van roll by? "I need to go, you need to leave your place now. Come and find me, the night where it all went down. In a weeks time, ok?" Beatrix says this in a rush before she ends the call and then quickly slams the phone on the ground before stomping and jumps up and down on it, she kicks the remainder of the phone down a sewer entrance and then with a further look behind her shoulder, puts her hood up and walks quickly away. Good thing she changed her appearance or it would have been really bad for her.

George makes a face. In a week's time? By that time, he and Hallis will both have come and gone at least once, probably more like twice. Well, he'll still go to meet her as she asked - it couldn't hurt to see what else she knows about the government's activities - but in the meantime, he'll have to poke into some other corners.

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