2007-03-01: Show No Fear


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Summary: Bunny has some helpful advice for Benji.

Date It Happened: March 1st, 2007

Log Title Show No Fear

Greenwich Village, outside Village Ink

Bunny tromps out of Village Ink, pulls the door shut, and waves to someone inside. She turns, pulls her scarf tighter, and snuggles down in a bright red coat. "Holy God in Heaven," she shivers, and zips her coat up tighter, turning to face the street.

Benjamin is coming down the sidewalk, incidentally, his path taking him past Village Ink. His nose is wrinkled up as he's paying more attention to a list in hand than he is to where he's going. "Celery.. peanut butter.. raisins.. what kind of snack request is this?" he mutters to himself as he ponders. That weird kid of his and her food combinations. He probably shouldn't be such a wuss and jump when she says to, but that's just the kind of guy he is. His old overcoat is buttoned up, the collar flipped up against the wind.

"What? Somebody pregnant?" Bunny can't help but get involved with such a ripe mutter. Plus it keeps her from having to pull an arm away from her body in order to hail a cab. Must… conserve… body heat. "Sorry, sugar, I get a little nosey sometimes." She grins. Then reaches up to adjust her pink and orange striped scarf. So cold.

Benjamin starts and looks up in time to avoid a possible collision. Bunny's suggestion only adds panic to that startled expression. "What!? No! I mean, she better not be.. oh boy.." The man looks close to hyperventilating at the idea. He looks from Bunny back down to the list. Rose is a teenager, a scary one at that, but it's a possibility right? Please say no. "It's.. alright.. I think.. Oh god, I don't even know her and.." It takes a moment then it hits how bad that just sounded. His eyes widen and he stuffs the list into his pocket. "It's not what it sounds like, honestly, it'smydaughter. Shelikesweird combinations and I only just.. nevermind. Long story, sort of.. and I'm talking too much." His words kind of spill out there in a rush.

Bunny's eyebrows go up immediately, and she grins to Benjamin. "Slow down, sugar. Ain't mean ta send ya all inta a tizzy." Blink, blink. "What? Oh, now, look. What's the trouble, now? Divorce gone bad, hon?" She shakes her head in an understanding way and steps closer to have a look at this list. "Shoppin' list?" She's calm, collected. And clearly cold!

Benjamin reaches a hand up to rub at the back of his neck nervously. "No, no, it's alright, just the thought.. what? Yeah, the divorce went bad, but that's a different story. Unrelated to my daughter." A nervous laugh escapes, "It's a crazy thought, you just kind of caught me off guard with your comment. I've got a lot on my mind and that, well, was an unwanted idea. Not that the idea of a grandchild's unwanted, I don't mean to imply that, and I should probably just shut up now." He's not normally such a nervous wreck, he just doesn't get out much.

Bunny slides her hands into her jacket pockets and peers over at the list, standing pretty close to Benji. "I hope you got 'er on that shot then, sugar. Girls today, you know, they start earlier all th' time." She nods to the list. "You get all that stuff in the market down the way easy. See, whatcha do is ya put the peanut butter in them celery stalks an' then ya line up the raisins on top. Tell ya what." She clicks a ballpoint pen, sliding it out of her pocket, and reaches over to scrawl across the top of the list, that is if Benjamin doesn't have a heart attack! "Go ta this website. Shows ya all sortsa cute stuff ta do with food for kids. Keeps 'em busy. You know, like vampire cupcakes, an' toadstools from rice crispie treats. THat sorta thing."

".. I haven't even had that kind of conversation with her.." Benjamin says, dumbfounded. Is he supposed to have that kind of talk with Rose? Did her mother have one? Oi vey.. He then just sort of blinks at Bunny's very helpful suggestions, "Will this work for teenagers? I think she'll probably laugh herself sick at me. She's a little… well I don't know how to say it.." Rude? Caustic?

"Honey, you better get on that. How old is she, anyhow?" Bunny considers and says, "If she's over 15, ya best watch your wallet an' avoid the cute foods. Boy, she'll be out the bedroom winda in a boy's backseat 'fore you can say 'Jeerpers'."

Benjamin takes a step back, and it's rather sad to see a grown man look like he might faint there on the sidewalk. He goes kind of a pasty shade as he gives Bunny a look of horror. "She's.. eighteen.. Oh man, I think I need to call her mother.." Whom he hasn't spoken to since that night about nineteen years ago. Oi, when did he get so dysfunctional!

"Eighteen? Oh, my." Bunny shakes her head and says, "Y'all better get on that one, stat!" She grins, winks, and raises an arm to hail a cab. "Or ya just buy her a box of condoms an' don't even mention it." Bunny blinks, then glances over, considering Benjamin. "Course you don't look quite old 'nough ta be a Pappaw."

Benjamin's eyes just get wider with Bunny's every word. "I.. suppose I could be.. But I just found out I'm a father.." Which would explain every bit of the man's panicky nature about his daughter. "I kind of want to just take this one step at a time." Although it's a little late for that.

Bunny glances back to Benjamin. "Okay, well, first rule?" She glances at Benjamin. "Breathe, ok?" She waves a hand slightly. "Second rule. When she asks your opinion, pick the one you really like. Girls do th' dang opposite of what their father's say." She ahems. "Third rule. Most important. Probably the hardest for ya." A cab pulls over, and Bunny grins. "Show no fear."

Benjamin bobs his head in a nod, taking in deep breaths and letting them out. Slowly. He keeps forgetting about that darned meditation book and exercises from time to time. "I.. thanks.. I'll try to remember that. I think she gets her attitude from my mother.. She doesn't really listen to me much, neither that is." A weak smile is given in Bunny's direction.

"Oh, I'm Bunny, by the way." Bun reaches for the door hand on the cab. "Teenagers ain't a walk in th' park no matter who their parents are, darlin'. Don't think nothin' of it." She pulls open the door, and gives a little finger-wave. "You take care now. Don' forget that talk! Stay warm." She shivers and slides into the back of the cab.

"Benjamin, nice to meet you Bunny." Ben says, exchanging names with the woman. Although he feels a little weird calling an adult woman 'Bunny'. "Right, thanks again, I'll remember that. You too." He shivers inside his coat as he steps forward to shut the door for the woman. It's one of those small acts of chivalry drilled (guilt tripped) into him.

Bunny grins as Benjamin steps forward to close the door. "Thanks, doll!" She finger-waves at him again, after beaming him a bright, winning smile, and winks briefly before she speaks to the cabbie, and she's whisked off toward a pub in Lower Manhattan—where they have beer and heat!

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