2008-07-09: Showing Off


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Summary: Cam goes to KeLyssa's to show off his new ability.

Date It Happened: July 9th, 2008

Showing Off

KeLyssa's Apartment

It's late afternoon, KeLyssa is back from the store again, having opened today as well. But instead of playing the fiddle today, she's reading quite the hefty book. A book on the history of Europe. An in depth history of Europe, by the looks of the size of the book. But she's a reader, no doubt about that. She always has been, of course.

Once again, interrupting KeLyssa's time alone comes the downstairs buzzer. When KeLyssa answers, Cam's voice can be heard, "Hi! Can I come up? Got something I gotta show you."

Of course, KeLyssa does answer the buzzer, and she answers brighter. "Hey! O' course. Come right on up." She presses the 'door open' button. When she sees him get near the door from down the hall, she opens it up. "Hey hon!" She says happily, leaning down to give him a little hug.

Cam must bound up the steps, as he comes in just moments after KeLyssa buzzes him in. Today he's just wearing swim trunks and his shoes, and his hair's slightly damp. He gives KeLyssa a hug in return as he steps inside, smiling, saying excitedly, "Hi! You'll never believe what I figured out how to do!"

KeLyssa ruffles Cam's hair. "Cam! Why's your hair damp? Ya ain't gettin' too hot out there, are ya? If ya are, just let me know!" But he does seem very excited. "What'd ya figure out how ta do?"

Cam blinks, a little startled by the question, and then says, "Oh! At the park, one of the playgrounds, the only one that isn't mostly for babies that I've found, is sort of like a mini-water-park. Was hanging out down there while I waited for you to get off work." Then he grins and says, "I was trying to figure out how to change ice, like you said last time. I didn't, but figured out something else." He holds up his hand, and creates a small pebble of ice on his hand. Then he concentrates on it. And concentrates on it. He blushes a little as it doesn't work at first, and says, "It's kind of hard." Then he does again… and the pebble floats into the air, hovering above his hand.

KeLyssa smiles a little bit. "Ah, well then. I won't worry none!" She grins slightly. "Now, let's see what ya have ta show me." She says, voice full of curiosity. She waits patiently as Cam creates the ice pebbles and concentrates. "Takes your time, hon." She says encouragingly. When the pebbles start float, however, her eyes widen. "Wow, hon! That's amazing!" She watches for a few moments, speechless. "I ain't never been able to do that b'fore! I ain't never done that before!"

As soon as Cam's concentration lapses, the pebble drops back into his hand, and he closes the hand around it to let it melt. He grins up to KeLyssa and says, "Awesome, huh? Like telekinesis, but only works on ice."

"That's real cool, hon!" KeLyssa replies. "Good work! It's totally somethin' I ain't never thought we'd be able to do! Yer one up on me, that's for sure! But I'm glad. I can't be the one who knows everythin' there is 'bout this power!"

Cam grins and says, "Cool." He looks down at his hand and says, "Dunno even how to explain it. I sort of… push at the ice with my mind." He shrugs a bit and says, "I dunno. Just know it works."

KeLyssa smiles widely. "Well, it ain't exactly important ta know how it works, not really, s'long as ya know how to do it." She nods firmly. "Wow…that is real amazin', hon. You're really comin' along with it!"

Cam smiles again and says, "Thanks." He then says, "Anyway, just wanted to show you that." He grins and says, "You're the first I did. Haven't shown anybody else yet. Not even Micah."

KeLyssa bows her head in a nod. "Well, I'm glad ya did, hon! It's real excitin'!" She says happily. "I'm honoured that ya showed me first. Really."

Cam smiles, "Welcome." Then he asks curiously, "What were you doing before I got here?" Now that his news is delivered, he's calmer.

KeLyssa smiles softly. "Oh, I wasn't really doin' nothin' much. I was just doin' a bit of…light readin', is all." She says with a small shrug. She heads over to the couch and picks up the big, thick book to show cam.

Cam's eyes widen slightly as he looks at the book, not even really looking at the title but at the thickness, "You call that *light* reading? It'd take me years to get through a book that big!"

KeLyssa laughs a little bit. "Yeah, well, I've always been a little…I'm what they call in highschool, a 'nerd' or a 'geek'. The gal who has her nose in a book all the time and has tons an' tons o' li'l tidbits 'bout tons o' stuff."

Cam ohs, nodding a bit. "Well, guess that explains it. I like reading sometimes too, just not a book that big. But guess you've been doing it lots longer." He then asks, "Have you heard from Kory at all, lately? About.. ya know, what's happening with Pinehearst now and stuff?"

KeLyssa smiles a little bit and nods. "Yep, that explains it alright!" She says happily. Ah, now Kory talk! She shakes her head, indicating 'no'. "Can't say I have, but I'm sure something is being cooked up. You and I are going to work together once we get in, though. I'm pretty sure of that."

Cam grins again and says, "Awesome. Hope it's soon. Mr. Jones said I'll have to do summer school stuff to make up for missing finals, but dunno if I'll get a chance to if this all isn't over soon."

KeLyssa smiles a little bit. "Well, if you ever do need help with school work, let me know, 'kay hon?"

Cam nods quickly again with a smile, "Ok." He says then, "I guess I better get back. I'll come visit again soon, though, promise!"

KeLyssa nods a little bit, placing a hand on Cam's shoulder. "Good. Keep safe now, ya hear? See ya soon, Cam."

Cam smiles up to KeLyssa, and since her hand's touching the bare skin of his shoulder gives it a flash of frost, not enough to hurt. Just being playful. "You too!" Then with a wave, he's out the door.

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