2007-08-05: Sibling Non-Rivalry


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Summary: Bekah sums up her brother's current position in life, in between food and drink and snarking at clueless people.

Date It Happened: August 5, 2007

Log Title

Famous Vito's Pizza, East Village

Randall leans heavily against the wall, waiting for the person in front of him to stop being confused. It'll be a while. "Um, so, like, do you have a pizza with just cheese and sauce, nothing else on it?"

Bekah makes her way into the pizza place. She's dressed in scrub bottoms and a tank top. Not exactly dressed up to come get pizza. Well, the backpack on her back is hardly dressy either for a woman who looks to be approaching thirty. She rolls her eyes hearing the person trying to order. "Some people should just be sterilized on sight." She mutters under her breath.

Randall lolls his head back just enough to see who just— aha, yes. He's heard that strain of sarcasm before, but it's been a while. "I'm with ya on that one," he offers quietly. The cashier, for his part, seems resigned to having to explain things using small words from time to time. Eventually, the airhead is processed and the rest of the line shuffles forward.

Bekah grins over to Randall. "We could make little travel sized kits." She jokes shaking her head withen the airhead is finally finished ordering a cheese pizza.

Randall arches a brow at Bekah. "What would that look like? Little micro-guillotine built into a—" He pantomimes where a fanny pack would attach to the body and whoops, it's his turn to the front. "Uh. Sausage calzone and a drink? Small. Yeah, both." Okay, hopefully he's saved himself from the chopping block there.

Bekah grins over to Randall. "Yep. Or maybe just some high potenency birth control for the females." She decides. "Anything to spare the rest of us from that kind of spawn." Bekah steps up to place her own order. "Two pepperoni calzones and a medium coke. Can you make one calzone boxed up to go, the other to eat here? Thanks." She fishes out money from her backpack.

Randall passes some small bills across, grabbing napkins and a straw. A brow is arched at the double order. "Making a run for a co-worker?" he offers.

Bekah shakes her head. "My brother. He just moved to town, and he's staying with me while he finds a place." She says, taking her change, and her soda and looking around the pizza place.

Randall nods, absently heading for a nearby open table. There's still a few of them open; the place won't hit its peak occupancy for another hour or so, most likely. "Must be rough for him, then. Where's he coming in from?"

"Yeah. He has to live with his sister. Must be horribly rough." Bekah jokes before she adds. "Boston. So he's used to living in a city, at least. And he has a job already. so that's one big part of settling in." She heads for a table by Randall's. She doesn't want to impose by sitting with a near stranger, but she's sitting close enough for easy conversation.

Randall nods. "Not on the same scale as here," he replies, belatedly getting up to take advantage of the ice dispenser, "but few things are." Those spots will probably come out in the wash. "And yeah, it sounded like maybe he needed to hurry up and get a place so he'd have someplace for interviewers to reach him."

"He had the job before he moved here, actually. Really, we get along. Even if he is my brother." Bekah leans back in her chair. With what she's wearing, it's unlikely she's too worried about anything spilling. "New York was an adjustment. I made a stop in New Hampshire for High School and college on the way. That didn't help."

That gets a wince out of the guy. "I haven't been to New Hampshire myself, but— isn't that one of those states that you can pretty much blow through in under two hours? Not like California, everything's so spread out there."

Bekah nods her head. "It's a pretty small state. You could probably get side to side in less than two hours. Up to down might take you three or four. It's pretty though. Cold in the winter, but lots of trees, the White Mountains, just beautiful. I went to camp there as a kid, so I've been used to it since I was pretty young."

Randall squints. "White Mountains? Is that where—" Shaking his head, he heads over and sits back down, working through the caffeine in between sentences. "There's a trilogy starts out with _The White Mountains_, have you read it?"

Bekah pauses to think for a moment and then shakes her head. "I don't think I have. Is it good?" She leans back in her seat to go back to sipping at her coke. Caffiene and sugar? Wonderful.

"I liked it." Randall pulls the lid off his cup, peering into it and squinting. So much of the quality depends on how good your water supply is. "Basically, aliens invade, subjugate most of humanity by implanting mind control caps— the White Mountains are where the resistance hides out. I never looked up whether it was here or somewhere in Europe, though."

Bekah eyes Randall. "Right. No, I have definately never read that." Or anything like it willingly. "There may be more sets of White Moutains. It's a fairly generic name."

Randall says, "Mmm… I'm pretty sure it is Europe, after all, now I think about it. One of the main characters was American, but he seemed to be the exception. Anyway…" Okay, enough for that tangent. "So where's your brother going to be working at?""

"He's working for the D.A.'s office. So don't start breaking laws or he may be trying to put you into jail." Bekah jokes then smiles as her food arrives. "Dinner. Great."

Randall reaches for a plastic fork as his order is dropped off as well. "I'll try to bear that in mind. Full-on attorney, or just looking up precedents and that sort of thing?"

"Eli is an attorney. A fairly new one though, so I bet he'll spend his share of time doing that stuff at first anyway." Just like Bekah makes her residents do more of the grunt work then she does.

A low whistle. "I was at college for long enough as it is— and I'm still mostly just doing odd jobs during the day. I could never wrap my head around the idea of staying an extra two, four years." Or ten, or…

"I found the extra four years quite valuable. And the extra on the the job training of residency after that." Bekah eats quickly, obviously hungry.

Randall shrugs, going more slowly, but then he doesn't have a second one to worry about keeping warm. "Oh, I'm sure it's worthwhile, depending what field you're in— this is just a personal mental block. So you're an OB/GYN? You mentioned chlorinating the gene pool earlier."

Bekah shakes her head. "I'm an ER doc. So I get to see the whole range of human stupidity walk through the doors of the ER. And I could probably do a good castration." Bekah's not slowing down on the eating, even when discussing snipping things off.

With a wince, the fork is set aside, just before it slices through another chunk of meat. "I'll, ah, take your word for it." Randall doesn't exactly turn green, but he does reach for his drink a little too quickly. There goes some more of it.

Bekah gives Randall a slightly even smile as she spears a slice of peperoni. Then she's finishing eating. She picks up the to-go box and stands. "I should get going on that happy thought."

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