Sierra Bernadette LeBlanc
Portrayed By Emmanuelle Chriqui
Gender Female
Date of Birth July 17th, 1984
Age 25
Zodiac Sign Cancer
Aliases CiCi
Place of Birth Dieppe, NB, Canada
Current Location New York City, NY, USA
Occupation Writer for the Queens Gazette
Known Relatives Jean LeBlanc (father), Mary LeBlanc (mother), Francois (brother)
Significant Other None
Known Abilities Cellulokinesis
First Appearance New Yorkers Are Mean

Sierra is from Canada, working with the Queens Gazette. She has a French accent and often absently slips between English and French quite easily.


On July 17th, 1984, Sierra Bernadette LeBlanc was born to Jean and Mary LeBlanc in Dieppe, New Brunswick, Canada. Jean and Mary were your average French-Canadian couple. They had met during high school in Dieppe, and had been high school sweethearts. After graduating high school, they both went off to university. It was difficult for them, however, as they were accepted into different universities. Mary had been accepted into the University of Moncton, which was the local area university, whereas Jean had been accepted into the University of Ottawa. This only proved to make their bond stronger, though. They both went on to get degrees from their respective universities. Jean got his degree in Biomechanical Engineering where as Mary got her degree in Business Management and by 1980, they were back in Dieppe together. A few months later, Jean proposed to Mary, and they were married on August 6th, 1981. Soon after, they were pregnant with their first child, a boy who they named Francois, born May 24th, 1982. He was their only child until Sierra was born. As they grew up, Francois and Sierra became as close as siblings can.

Sierra’s childhood could be seen as normal. Her mother had gotten a job at the local newspaper, L’Etoile Dieppe, as a distribution manager, and from an early age, Sierra would often be taken to work with her beginning when she was too young to go to school. She was constantly a rambunctious child and more often than not caused little bits of trouble around the office. It was all good and fun to her, but her mother would often have to go chasing after her to make sure she didn’t cause any trouble. Her wild behaviour didn’t cease as she grew, in fact, even when she appeared do be calm and well-behaved, there would constantly be a sneaky gleam present in her eyes, as if she were planning her next scheme, her next adventure into the unknown world that was her parents constant worry. It wasn’t that her parents didn’t know that she’d be safe, on the contrary, she hardly ever actually got hurt or in trouble…not when it actually mattered, anyway. She generally found a way to stay out of trouble, learning at her young age.

Elementary school was a joy for Sierra. She was always one of the more outgoing children and always eager to gain recognition. It was for this reason that she constantly studied hard so that she would know the answers that the teachers might ask. Although she and her family were French speaking, were always around those who spoke English. This was the norm in her school as well, as lived in perhaps the only truly bilingual province in the country. She seemed to enjoy school, making lots of friends and doing well in each passing grade. At the age of eleven, however, things started to change for her. One major change was that she was starting to develop a bit earlier than her friends. Along with puberty, though, came something else. She didn’t notice it at first as it happened in small bits. She found she was able to change her appearance slightly, with tiny changes here and there. She found, as well, she could change her voice slightly as well as her appearance.

As Sierra moved onto high school, she practiced her skills of changing appearance and voice more and more. She was afraid of anyone finding out, though, thinking that they would call her a freak. So she kept her strange ability a secret. She would often practice at home alone in her room in front of her mirror. Although she strived to be popular in high school, her mind was constantly on this ability of hers. She would often experiment with it and go out to see if anyone would recognize her or think she was someone else. Her brother was ever the only one she told of this, and even he found it kind of strange and unusual. He still loved her, and was always protective of her, but was at a loss for words when she told him about her ability.

After high school, she went to work in her mother’s office as an assistant. She did all right in the job, but quickly got bored with it, finding it monotonous and without much interest. She didn’t want to go around running for coffee and delivering memos or taking notes in meetings. She wanted something fun. If she was going to stay with the newspaper, she wanted to do some writing for them! Nothing big, but enough to keep her occupied in her time with something interesting. After a year or so, she got an opportunity to do so. She was able to get an assignment writing about a current racoon problem. As it turned out, racoons were on the rise, rummaging through many peoples garbage and causing havoc with dogs and cats citywide. It wasn’t the biggest story around, in fact it was pretty small as small comes, but at least she was getting her foot in the door.

Over the next few years, she worked with the local newspaper, writing articles about a wide variety of issues, from that first one about racoons to motorcades and celebrity gossip. About six years after graduating from high school, now at the age of 23, almost 24, a paper in New York City called The Queens Gazette called her. They had apparently read some of her work in the L’Etoile Dieppe and wanted to offer her a job at their paper. She was speechless. She couldn’t believe that they’d read her articles, seeing as the L’Etoile Dieppe was such a small paper, servicing only the community of Dieppe. She’d always wanted to see ‘The Big Apple’, but never in her wildest dreams had she thought of working there. She talked it over with her parents and decided that it would be an excellent opportunity for her. She accepted the job and made arrangements for a workers visa and a place to stay in the Queens area of New York, so she’d be close to work and be up to date on the happenings of Queens, to be able to effectively write articles for the paper. She really couldn’t believe her luck.


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  • Sierra is from Canada! But not Quebec Canada.


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