2007-11-19: Sight Seeing


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Summary: Kitty is reading in the park and Hiro pops out of nowhere in front of her. Sight-seeing ensures.

Date It Happened: November 19, 2007

Log Title Sight Seeing

Central Park, Statue of Liberty, and Empire State Building

You would think that Kitty would be afraid to come to Central Park after her vision of the disaster set to happen there but she is anything but, because she has the feeling that it won't happen for a little bit. The young precog is currently sitting with her back against a tree as she reads a novel and it seems like she is relaxing. Her hair is free and falls to her shoulders and she is wearing a long white skirt that falls to her feet and a red tank top. On her feet are sandals and she is sitting near one of the less traveled paths of Central Park, a gentle breeze blows her hair into her eyes and she brushes the strands of hair out of her face and she looks up in front of her, taking a break from reading.

There is no fanfare or rush of air or anything as suddenly Hiro is occupying the one-empty space a few feet in front and to the left of Kitty. He has a backpack slung over one shoulder and his eyes closed, although he opens them quickly to look around himself - apparently satisfied.

If Kitty hadn't stopped reading just a second earlier she would have missed Hiro's entrance. "Holy crap!" she says loudly and jumps to her feet, novel disregarded on the ground. Her eyes are wide and she says to Hiro, "Umm hello"

Hiro hears the exclamation and the greeting which causes him to turn slightly. He's been caught out but, unlike some, he doesn't freak out when it comes to keeping his ability secret. He just sort of lifts a hand and finger-waves to Kitty with something of a half-smile, rife with nerves.

The young woman then strides forward and looks at Hiro in a mock attempt of sternness. "You can't be doing that! Showing off your gift, do you want everyone to know about us?" she asks and then at that point she bursts into laughter. "I'm sorry, I just had to try to act the mom role, but as you can see it doesn't work" Kitty smiles softly in Hiro's direction, "On a more serious note, that's pretty dangerous"

"Most people don't notice," Hiro answers in slightly fractured English, a heavy Japanese accent rife throughout his speech, "They pretend they do not see it. It is actually very useful."

Kitty nods slowly and then circles around Hiro before coming back to a halt in front of him. "So you teleport?" she asks just to clarify what he does. "I've only met one other teleporter"

Hiro apparently takes the fact that Kitty is aware of the Evolved in stride, nodding his head and leaning forward to murmur in a tone of conspiracy, "I control space and time."

"That sounds nifty, so you are a time traveler, are you from this century. Or the future?" Kitty says with eager look in her eye. Oh a time traveler! Sweet!

"Um, I am from this century," Hiro answers, speech becoming a little slower as the questions get a little more complex in terms of language, "From Japan."

"I've always thought going to Japan would be awesome and where are my manners. Kitty Hanner" she says as she offers her hand to Hiro. "It's not everyday that you meet a time-traveler, oh well I did once before" she says absently but she doesn't mention Peter's time.

"Oh? Who did you meet?" Hiro asks, apparently quite keen to hear about other time travelers he might not know about, "And I am Hiro Nakamura." He shakes the offered hand.

" Nice to meet you Hiro", Kitty withdraws her hand and smiles sheepishly,"Oh, well I don't know if he would like me telling everyone his secret, but I can tell you mine. As in what I can do" Kitty offers instead. She doesn't want to betray Peter's trust, even though she doesn't get the feeling that Hiro has a evil bone in his body, at least not from the whole five minutes that she has known him.

"What can you do?" Hiro asks curiously, tilting his head to one side.

Kitty gives Hiro a little grin as she says, "When I touch something, I can see the past or future of it. Comes in handy, until you start seeing dark futures and murders and the like" Kitty says with a shudder as she thinks back to her most recent vision. "So what brings you to New York? Sight-seeing?"

Hiro is a little wary about revealing the full nature of his mission just yet so he simply nods his head in return, "Yes. Sight-seeing."

"If you are here to sight-see let's get moving!" Kitty says as she walks back over to pick up her book and walks back over to Hiro, "What do you want to see first?" a hand on her hip.

"I … um … " Hiro blinks, coming to the realization that despite all the time spent in New York he hasn't really sight-seen at all, " … Statue of Liberty?"

"If you are here to sight-see let's get moving!" Kitty says as she walks back over to pick up her book and walks back over to Hiro, "What do you want to see first?" a hand on her hip.

Kitty nods her head thoughtfully. "We could take a cab, or" a devious grin crosses Kitty's lips, "You could teleport us" she says and has a satisfied look on her face. She has never teleported before!

Hiro seems a little taken aback by the request but, hell, why not? The trusting guy that he is, he doesn't assume Kitty is up to anything and just nods his head before gesturing to her to grab onto his shoulder.

If it wasn't for the fact that Kitty was a grown woman, she may have squealed in delight but instead a wide smile is given to Hiro and then she proceeds to put her hands on Hiro's shoulders but not before grabbing her messenger bag and putting it on her shoulder. She isn't that much taller than him. "I hope I don't get sick" she says softly and then closes her eyes.

"I hope so, too," Hiro says before he squeezes his eyes shut, concentrated and attempts to teleport to the Statue of Liberty with Kitty in tow.

And in an instant, they're at the Statue of Liberty. Actually, they're in the part of the Statue that is not open to the public and hasn't been for some years … standing on the rickety balcony around the torch.

Hiro glances at the cityscape in the distance, throws his arms to the side and shouts, "Yattaaaaaaaa!"

How do you describe teleportation with Hiro? /Instant/. Kitty gasps as she notices where they are, the wind blowing in her hair. "Wow" is all she says as looks around, the view is breathtaking. "This is awesome" she says to Hiro and no sickness either.

Hiro nods his head and leans over the railing to look down at Liberty Island below, "Look at all the people!" He points.

Kitty goes to look next to Hiro and she laughs as she spots indeed people on the island. "They look like ants from up here." Kitty then smiles up at the sky and then returns her gaze back to Hiro's "Where to next?" she is clearly having a good time.

Hiro is a little surprised at the precision teleportation given the way things have been recently, so he just sort of looks sidelong at Kitty and shrugs.

"I think the Empire State Building would be a good choice." Kitty says to Hiro and then points to the distance at a building that looks much like the Empire State Building. Kitty grins, "How did you get so good at this?"

"Practice," Hiro answers with a lift of his shoulders, reaching out for Kitty to grab onto his shoulder again before squeezing his eyes shut, wobbling his cheeks and concentrating …

And hey presto, they are on the top of the Empire State Building.

When the two teleport safely again, Kitty smiles and then goes to lean against one of the walls. "That is cool, I use to wish my ability was something like that" she says softly.

"Why?" Hiro asks curiously, even though he does realize the fun aspects of his power, "Being able to see the future is still very important. A very special power."

"Yeah, you're right. It's just the responsibility that comes with that power. When I see a bad event. I have to do something about it or I feel really bad about it." Kitty says as she looks at Hiro.

"I know the feeling," Hiro says in response, nodding his head and looking out at the view.

"Hiro? Why are you really here? I doubt that you used your ability to come all the way from Japan to New York City, so that you could sight-see? Come on." Kitty leans forward with her hands on her hips and a soft smile on her lips. "There has to be more to your story"

Hiro glances around and leans forward to whisper, his tone full of conspiracy yet again, "There are things that have to be stopped. To save the world."

"Sounds like another friend of mine, you should meet him" Kitty says and then nods her head, "I'm always up for adventure, how about I help you out?" Kitty walks over to the ledge of roof and looks at the city, "At a crossroads in my life, so I guess I'm looking for my purpose in life." she admits to Hiro and then smiles, "It's time for me to get home, you can drop me back off at Central Park if you want." Kitty says and then writes her number down on a piece of paper from her bag and puts it in Hiro's pocket. "That was fun." she says with a smile to Hiro.

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