2007-12-27: Silent Subways


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Summary: People minding their own business, stop doing so with some discomfort.

Date It Happened: December 27th, 2007

Silent Subways

The Subway Brooklyn to Queens

With all the time they had been spending together, Tyson was starting to get stumped in terms of things to do with Ophelia, especially since he made a choice to keep away from the Brawler's Headquarters for a while… So, for lack of something better to do, Tyson suggested riding the subway, leaving him curious for why she was even following him. "Really… if you have a better idea for something to do, I'm all ears…" He says, taking a break from waiting for the subway to arrive and looking over at his travel companion.

Shrugging lightly, Ophelia doesn't seem to be too worried about something exciting to do. "It's not like you have to do something all the time. Haven't you ever really just ever sat with someone in silence? Or spent all night talking about anything and everything? I don't get why people get all caught up on the whole

Tyson considers Ophelia's words before answering, "I guess you're right… but for some people the silence is just /too/ raw, you know? Like it becomes something… heavy and wanting to be filled…" He shrugs, looking down the track to see if the subway was coming and wouldn't you know it? Somewhere down the line, he could see lights. "It's coming…"

Stepping back, Tyson smirks a little, "So it's just a matter of being comfortable with yourself and understanding that just like the dark, it isn't always so bad… Thank you, Ms. Hunter for helping me understand that…" He nudges the girl.

"Haha. I guess that's a sign that philosphy is not the right direction for me to go in." Ophelia smirks, shaking her head. "Well, there goes that idea."

Tyson shrugs, "You may have a point, but let's not get so into the philosophiliogicalia- Whatever, let's just enjoy… the silence if it comes to it." The subway arriving, doors opening, people exiting, leaving a gap for them to enter. "After you…"

Ophelia laughs, glancing back at him before she steps onto the subway. "Or conversation, if it comes to it. People say the whole 'silence is golden' thing, but you don't always /have/ to be quiet." She moves to look for two empty seats, settling down in one of them. "Anyways, some weird things sometimes happen in silence."

Tyson raises an eyebrow, taking the open seat next to Ophelia and subsequently making himself comfortable around strangers whom he waved to, if only to make them uncomfortable enough by his politeness. "What kind of stuff are you talking about… are you thinking dirty thoughts about me? Because frankly…" He turns back to Ophelia with a serious expression about to break into some other emotion at any moment, "I'm flattered." Turns out, the emotion of the day is sexy!
GAME: Tyson has rolled CHARISMA and got a result of MEDIOCRE.

GAME: Ophelia has rolled WILLPOWER+PENALTY and got a result of MEDIOCRE.
Okay, that was an unexpected reaction. Ophelia actually… looks away. And is visibly blushing. "Um, I.." She swallows. "Uh.." She can't actually talk at the moment, so instead she looks at the window. What? /That/ was unlike her.

Tyson can't help but bust out loud laughing, luckily for him his feet were close enough to a pole so he had something to brace himself or he might've slid onto the floor of the car… "Hahaha… nice reaction, Phi." He heaves a sigh of contentment, getting back to himself. "It's okay, though, cuz you're a cutie; but seriously, what kind of awkward are you expecting to happen in any silence that takes place on this subway?" The subway doors closing and it getting on its way.

"Well, we can always overhear some odd conversations or something." Ophelia comments, glances back to Tyson. She clears her thoat a little, trying to move on from the awkward moment a second earlier.

"Overhear some-…" Tyson looks at Ophelia in disbelief. "Really? You're kind of a shady, gal…" He shakes his head, really just ribbing the girl, "But I suppose there really isn't anything else to do AND I'm not hoping for somebody to try and blow something up… I'd rather not play hero today…" Yet even though his joking tone, it is quite evident Tyson is upset by all the trouble he seems to have been attracting recently.

Steiner begins pushing through the folks on the car with all the gusto and casual disregard of a New York native. Looking much like the average blue collar schlub, he generally blends in with the other subway riff-raff as he strides along. After finding a spot that's relatively unoccupied and taking a few glances over his own shoulder, he posts up on one of the benches before pulling out a rather thick pocket novel and looking it over.

Glancing around the subway, Ophelia laughs a little. "No.. it's not that bad. Besides, it's not like it's bad.. people talk all sorts of weird things on the subway."

"Well, yeah, I guess that's true… have you ever sat behind a couple of frat guys?" Tyson shakes his head knowingly, "I'll tell you… I'm a man after HEARING their conversations…" Yet fully realizing all the trauma made him shudder, "Still, people watching is nice too… Like people who read on the subway, missing their stop several times over because they got to a good chapter…" Tyson chuckles, looking over at the man who had just pushed himself to an open area near them; thinking he had been heard, however, he offers a polite enough wave to dissuade any opinion that they had been talking badly about him…

Steiner takes a moment to glance at the movement, raising a brow in a mild grimmace before going back to his book. With a heavy sigh, he flips a few more pages, skipping ahead… then back again. It doesn't seem to be helping his reading comprehension, as his face screws up in a look of mild consternation. "Duodenum," he mumbles, barely loud enough to be heard over the ambient noise.

Ophelia raises an eyebrow, nudging Tyson before whispering to him. "Hey. First rule of people watching? Don't talk too loud about people. That just makes things really awkward."

"You would know…" Tyson rolls his eyes and slouches in his seat a bit and turns his attention around the subway hoping to spy something interesting. That, however, seemed like it was going to be extremely dificult to find. "Any other rules you want to lay on me, like needing to wear sunglasses? I wouldn't want to be out of uniform…"

GAME: Tyson has rolled PERCEPTION and got a result of GREAT.
Tyson says nothing about the man's statement that is only barely heard above subway noise and his speaking.

Steiner spends a few more moments flipping back and forth through the book, tracing over lines with his fingers until he snaps it closed and rubs his eyes in consternation. Apparently it's just not sinking through his skull today. With a heavy sigh he sets it on the bench beside him and glances towards the observational couple, then lets his gaze move over the rest of the inhabitants of the railcar.

Ophelia frowns at Tyson and nudges him again. "It's not a game of /spy/. It's not like we're five year olds running around and trying to spy on our siblings or something, it's just simple people watching. You can learn a lot from people by just watching them."

"Okay… okay…" Tyson says, carefully observing the nothing of their car. This entertains him for all of five seconds before he decides to spark up conversation with another frustrated soul in the form, it seemed, of a man unable to grasp some book he failed to recognize. "So, my friend-to-be-on-the-other-side-of-the-car… How are you this evening? Did you have a good Christmas or other holiday celebration?" Having spoken up, Tyson can't help but look at Ophelia out of the corner of his eye waiting for her to be disappointed in him for not being able to hold silence.

"No," comes the simple reply in a gravelly voice, followed by a grim smile as he scoots a bit closer to Tyson and Ophelia. "But, so fars as I know that's not your fault. Tourist, or just new to the city?"

"Welcome to the club." Ophelia murmurs, glancing back over to the gravelly-voiced man. "Holidays are.. well, stressful." She looks over to Tyson. "I can imagine it being a difficult time if you don't know anyone or your family is well.. insane. Or something."

Ophelia's mention of holidays somehow jars Tyson to the fact that he had not gotten her anything nor had he asked how hers had been… good thing they weren't dating… He would ask her later, "Sanity is relative and frankly… not that important." Tyson shrugs, answering the guy's question, "Two month resident as of… well, today… hm… Good times. The name's Ty." He waves slightly, "Sorry about your holiday, by the way. An average experience is at least expected, but a bad one just sucks."

"Never said it was bad, just that it wasn't good," Steiner replies with a shrug. "And I'd welcome you to the city, but you've been here longer than I have. You're just gonna need to spend a bit of time getting used to the place. A small tip, if you don't mind: your mamma probably told you about talking to strangers when you were a kid, yeah? Sadly, it still applies. Don't get me wrong, I miss a little friendly conversation with folks I don't know, but…" He pauses a moment and gives a dismissive wave of a pale, soft hand—not the sort one would ascribe to his appearance otherwise. "Yeah. On the subways, not so much."

"Well.. welcome to you both. I've been here longer than both of you." Ophelia looks back over to the new figure with a bit of a smile. "Ty just likes to get himself into trouble. But I wouldn't be so hard on him… looks can be decieving, after all. All sorts of old sayings about that."

Tyson finds himself almost giving the man the death glare of a lifetime after shutting down his politeness, but when Ophelia speaks up, he finds himself ready to get back to that quest observation she was talking about. "Well, feel free to keep on being cool greeting assholes with your vast knowledge of the city… but I'm going to see about forgetting where I am. It's just mildly annoying that people who say don't talk to strangers aren't realizing that in order to make any friends whatsoever, they've got to strike up a conversation with strangers…" With that, Tyson's just looking around, quite done with the guy across the way.

"I'm guessin' ya misunderstood my tone there, slick," Steiner replies, his face reverting to to a grimmace that seems to come far too naturally. He clears his throat briefly and leans back in his seat, stretching an arm across the backrest. He's quiet for a moment, but manages a smile before speaking again. "Anyhow, no offense intended there, hoss. Just a pointer that there's plenty of folks who don't take kindly to random folks striking up conversation with them. you might have noticed me saying I wasn't one of them."

Ophelia puts a hand gently on Tyson's arm. "Ty, he's just alerting you to the fact that not everyone may take as kindly to it as he does." She looks back over. "Anyways, it's nice to meet you. I'm Phi."

Tyson is hardly listening to the guy as he explains himself, but when Ophelia puts a hand on his arms he does begin to take in the fact that he tried to make amends. He, however, does seem to be put off by the guy's tone alone. "Yeah, okay; but they don't have to respond, and if they do…- Well, I just don't find it likely they're going to start beating up a kid over saying 'hi'…"

The gent across the car rises slightly to his feet to extend a hand. "Gr… ahem, great to me ya both. Jake Steiner." At Tyson's supposition, he seems to be fighting back a chuckle. "Hrm. If I get to choose the time and place, would you like to drop some folding money on that, hoss? No offense, I'm sure you're quite likeable, but I think you're also underestimating just what some corners of the city are like."

Ophelia shakes her head again. "Ty.. some people just don't like strangers. It probably isn't wise to just go up to random people and introduce yourself all the time. I mean.. I know you can take care of yourself, but… seriously, you don't want to make yourself more trouble." She eyes him as if saying 'That's /my/ job'.

"Okay… whatever…" Tyson relents, shaking Steiner's hand. "I guess we're formally met, then… strangers no longer…" Somehow finding it within himself not to say that he was pondering whether or not newly assumed acquaintances often got into fights over whether or not strangers got into a fight when meeting for the first time… Back at Ophelia, Tyson just looks at her… "Obviously… I just have more hope for society." Returning attention to Steiner, "As for the bet, I'll take it. I'll even do the talking."

"Of course you will, hoss," he replies, shaking Tyson's hand with the firm, calloused grip of a steel worker. "I'll be a nice, safe distance away. By the way, you won't mind leaving your half of the wager money with a friend in case you don't make it back, will ya? Next of kin, maybe?" With a deep chuckle he leans back in his seat. "No worries, I'm only kidding… if you shuffle off your mortal coil, I'll let the debt go."

"Well, Tyson, I wonder why that would be?" Ophelia remarks in response to the comment about 'hope for humanity'. "Why must the two of you make bargains like this anyway? It seems like a ridiculous thing to do…"

"How generous of you…" Tyson says, taking his hand back. "If that's your attitude, then yeah, I guess I can see why you would have such a motto regarding people… Not that it's a bad thing…" He shrugs, really not wanting to start a fight, thusly turning to Ophelia, "I really don't know if I could tell you… maybe because I mean well and expect others to do the same? It's better than expecting the opposite… instead, I'm just prepared for it to go to shit…" He shrugs, "Besides, making bets is what men do, apparently. Need I remind you where I used to work?"

"What men do… Yep, and it does help pass the time," Jake adds with a chuckle. "I guess it's sort of a socially developed sort of thing. We can't very well go throwing stones and hitting eachother with clubs over who's right anymore—without attracting some attention from the boys in blue, that is. So instead we just throw out a harmless little wager. There's still rewards and penalties for the victor and loser, and we can satisfy those instinctual urges to assert dominance, and no one files charges."

"Oh, /riiight/. I forgot we still live in a sexist world where that is just 'what men do' is still a reliable excuse for any sort of action that someone dislikes." Ophelia remarks, glancing between the two of them.

No doubt, Tyson catches Ophelia's angry tone and can't help but laugh a little, "Whoa, Phi… I was joking and… I'm just going to say Mr. Steiner was, too. Frankly, we don't need a bet, we're both being too general about people being good or corrupt. People are just people doing people things with other people and so on and so forth…" He takes a deep breath, "Frankly, I'd much rather point out the fact that at least we're not dead."

"Oh of course," Jake replies with a sly smirk—apparently not willing to let talk of sexism slide so easily. "But I promise to stop and reform my horrible, chauvinistic ways just as soon as women stop using the phrases 'women's intuition,' 'woman's perogative,' and stop getting upset when I don't provide them with all of the concessions such as opening doors, paying for dates, etcetera." He grins at Tyson's dismissal of the wager and adds, "oh, giving up so quick, Hoss? Next time I'll know to shake on it a bit sooner." Another laugh signals that he wasn't all that serious about the wager to begin with.

Ophelia glances back over at Jake. "Oh, I don't believe I possess a wit of perogative or intuation and I certainly can open doors for myself and pay for any date I choose to go on." She leans back. "And I can certainly do things equally as well as someone of the opposite sex

"There we are." Tyson finalizes, still not liking Jake, but allowing himself to be sociable around him. "Now, Phi, isn't this better than silence?" The reference recalled with an appreciative smile, though the reason he appreciates it so much probably isn't a good one, "At any rate… Who's up for getting off at Queens?" He looks around to Ophelia and, surprisingly, Steiner.

Jake grins and raises his hands, as if to ward off an attack from the woman, "Ms. Phi, don't take a man wrong. I'm not saying you're at all incapable of anything at all—why I knew a waitress back home who could pee standing up… it was a bit of a messy affair… Point being, there's some unreasonable expectations and misconceptions held by more than a few folks on both sides of the whole 'gender wars' business." He looks to Tyson with a small shake of his head, "Ah, I'm afraid I've got an appointment elsewhere, but I do appreciate the offer. Maybe some other time, yeah?"

"Queens is fine." Ophelia replies, though she glance back to Jake. "I agree with you there. I just wish people would be more neutral about things… people always assume things that I often wish they wouldn't assume simply based on gender." She looks back between Tyson and Jake. "Shame you can't come too. The conversation was enjoyable, even if a little strange. I'm sorry we interrupted your reading."

Tyson hears Jake's response, but waits until Ophelia gives hers before he replies, "Too sad, some other time probably… I end up running into the same people more frequently than I originally thought I would…" He shrugs, "Queens it is though and when it comes up we're off to our next adventure of the night!" Which probably wouldn't be anything at all.

"Oh, no worries about the reading. I wasn't getting too far anyhow… Technical stuff, most of it's a bit hard to wrap the old grey matter around… the subway is just a bit noisy to do any proper concentrating anyhow," he replies to Phi. "I am with you and then some on the whole neutrality business though." He lets out a short sigh and shifts a bit in his seat. "Well, lets hope your adventures aren't too… adventurous. It'd be a shame for the next time I see you to be in the police blotter in the papers, hrm?"

"Ty and I are much more sensible than that, I'd like to think. I certainly don't think I would end up in a paper at all." Ophelia grins a little, then looks back to Tyson. "Besides, running into certain people is not so bad, is it?"

Tyson scoffs at Ophelia's response but addresses Jake, "Let's not talk about Ophelia's skillfullness. Frankly, I'm trying to avoid any form of conflict if at all possible… So, thanks for the warning…" As for Ophelia, "And no… running into certain people isn't so bad… except if they're wearing a Gold Ace…" He shrugs.

"Mmmm…. of course, I'll knock that off the list of conversational topics," Jake replies with a smirk. The Gold Ace comment seems to go right over his head, but other than a brief flash of consternation, he doesn't seem interested in pursuing it further. "And since we've got a bit until queens comes up, and I think I'll pass on both politics, religion, and the weather, what is it you folks do for a living?"

"Hey, I wasn't talking about skillfulness. I was just saying I'm not quite exciting enough to /make/ the paper, you know." Ophelia eyes Tyson for a moment, though her attention is drawn back to Jake. "I am a barista.. which is a fancy way of saying I have a crappy job at a coffee shop that barely makes me anything. However I have no ambitions and no talent, so the job suits me just fine."

"I…" Tyson begins, only to realize he hadn't actually been to his job in three weeks. Yeah, he took a hiatus, but that was supposed to be his life… "Yeah, I guess I still work at the Brawler's Headquarters, but I haven't been there for a while. Good money if you're down to brawl."

"Ah… bah-ree-sta. One of those folk that think 'tall' is small… and the number twenty is as big as it gets. You may not have the inclination, hun, but I hafta say I wish folks with those kinda sensibilities were runing more than a few parts of the world—my rent would be a helluva lot cheaper, that's for sure. Of course women might well have even less fo an appreciation for my 'endowments.'" He looks to Tyson curiously, "boxing gym? You'll forgive me, as I said, I haven't been in town overlong."

"More like street brawling. Tyson's taking a break cause he's afraid of dying." Ophelia smirks, then looks at Tyson. "I think he's just afraid I'll fight him again." She looks to Jake. "I didn't make the coffee rules, so don't look at me."

Tyson was about to correct Jake when Ophelia does it for him, with some insult taken, "It's not because I'm afraid of dying; there are just plenty of other ways to risk my life…. As for fighting you, Phi… I just don't want to hurt that pretty little face of yours." He ribs, reaching to pinch her cheek. "But yeah, it's a 'legit' fight club turn regular club with food and dancing…" His stomach churns at the mention of food, however.

"Ahhhh… one of -those-," Jake intones regarding Tyson's employment. "And I must say, the coffee rules work well enough applied selectively elsewhere, they just seem a damned sight silly when applied to some glorified Folgers. Not that's any of your doing, ma'am…" He exhales a quiet laugh and shrugs to change the subject. "Ah. I'm guessing spectators are just as welcome as competitors, I may drop by some night. I, uh… don't really see myself getting in the ring much. I'm just an old grease monkey myself, getting a bit gray on top to go duking it out for fun and profit anymore."

Ophelia slaps at Tyson's hand as it comes for her cheek. "Riiiight. Next you're going to call me a 'charming young lady'. Pretty face. Hah." She looks back at him. "You're just worried I'll beat you." After a moment she looks to Jake. "Oh, it's quite nice. And you're more than welcome to come watch. You don't have to fight, really."

"I won't be…" Tyson admits, rubbing his hand after it was slapped away, "But like I said, to fight or not, it's your choice. Not that anyone has ever /died/ in the ring… just that it's not for the meek of will." He sighs deeply, hoping no one noticed his silent questioning of how his 'will' was doing these days. "It's in the Bronx, though I'm kind of forgetting its address and stuff…"

"Next stop: Queens." Comes the voice over the intercom.

"Well, so long as they're not going to shove me into the ring, I think I could put in an appearance some night. And don't worry about me finding it, I've got six dozen cabbies to ask, and while they'll probably spend the next week and a half arguing about the fastest way there, they'll at least agree on where it actually is… I think. How's the price on beer?" He turns his head slightly to grin at Tyson, "oh, I find I worry less and less about death the older I get—odd that, I always figured it'd be the other way around." The announcement catches him a bit off guard, and he sits up a bit straighter, "ah, well that sounds like your stop. If I hadn't said it already, it was good enough to meet you both."

"It was nice meeting you, I agree." Ophelia replies, offering him a nod as she moves to get to her feet in preparation of exiting the subway. "I guess we'll see you around there, then."

"Just follow the Brawler's Code and you'll be fine. Not that I know anything about beer prices, I'm only seventeen, I didn't deal with that stuff…" Tyson offers, the best advice yet. Now that they were parting though, he just found himself concerned with how everyone thought he was afraid of dying, instead of his fighting break being a result of not wanting to risk wasting his life for something he was starting to care less and less about… Not that he could really say that much. "Well, we'll see how I feel about death tomorrow. I'm guessing, I'll want it with a side of pancakes." The car stopping, Tyson gets up to leave as well, "Yeah, though, past the initial dislike of one another… it was nice to meet you, Jake Steiner…" He was standing in the open gateway, staying with Ophelia as long as she was on the transit device, keeping an eye on their new acquaintance until they had actually left.

Steiner lifts a calloused hand to wave a farewell to the pair. "Well I don't remember saying anything about dislike, but it's good to know -you're- an open book, hoss," he replies with a grin. "Watch out for the weirdos, both of ya. There's a good fat lot of 'em these days."

Ophelia grins at the last statement. "Yeah, there certainly are." She replies before stepping off the subway car, waiting for Tyson to follow. "Nice guy. But honestly? Death with a side of pancakes? What are you thinking. Death is not like scrambled eggs.. more like a steak."

Stepping off the subway, letting the door slide close, Tyson shrugs at Ophelia's comment, "I guess… but frankly a steaks too tough to get through without chewing too much, in that aspect, it's like life. Death comes easy and smothered in butter and syrup…" Made in jest, Tyson meant the statement as is as they ascended the steps to the wonder that is QUEENS!

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