"Stop looking at me like that."

Casting: Mark Feuerstein
Date of Birth: ♊ June 1, 1978
Age: 33
Place of Birth: Galveston, TX
Occupation: Surgeon
Ability: X-Ray Vision
Power Grade:
Registration Status: ☐ UN ☒ REG
Theme Song: "See Through Head" by The Hives
Hooks: ✔ Injuries ✔ Registration politics ✔ College ✔ Texas

A new addition to UCLA Medical's trauma staff, Dr. Simon Mitchell would be leading a stressful life even without throwing his ability into the mix.


In another life, Simon could have been a football star, or just a beach bum. Growing up in Galveston, Texas, he muddled through grade school, preferring to play ball or swim or otherwise hang out with his friends as often as their parents would let them.

All that changed in his early teens; he and the kid from down the street were being carpooled when they got hit by a pickup truck, landing them in the hospital for a few weeks. Fully healed and impressed by what he saw, he kept it in mind as a career path, and ended up doing well as a pre-med major. The odd bit of relationship drama aside, he landed a spot at Ben Taub General, and his life path seemed pretty clear…

…until a couple years in, when he started seeing his patients' internal injuries, literally seeing. At first, he wrote it off to lack of sleep. Then he started to suffer from lack of sleep because of it: convinced it was real, but with no idea how or why it worked; unable to explain it to anyone, forced to appeal to his 'intuition' as best he could.

By the time the truth finally went public, many of his co-workers were already distrusting or resentful, and the emergence of new prejudices - along with the knowledge, however justified, that he'd been holding out on them all that time - only made it worse. He decided to just get away from it all, moving halfway across the country to accept a new position at UCLA. Same difficult emotions, but at least they wouldn't be so intensely personal. Not for a while, anyway.


2011-09-10 — Park and RecreationIn retrospect, a biker chick being a trouble magnet should have been obvious.
2011-08-27 — Orange FlavoredIs it real or is it magic mushrooms?
2011-08-25 — Cause and EffectKibitzing a picket line outside an Ability testing clinic.
2011-08-21 — Radio Free Silver LakeThe barista down the block has a good palate and a better ear.
2011-08-15 — Terror TourA bus crashes and burns. A lot of people make it to safety; a few don't.
2011-08-14 — Where There's Smoke...The perils of parking too close to a camera crew.
2011-08-12 — Television Is Bad for YouReconnecting with an old friend and grousing with a couple new ones.
Montage — It's a New WorldAn ugly situation at work lurches toward a breaking point.


Old college buddy, now part of the ACRU.
Friend of Harry's. Medical examiner. Appreciates deadpan humor, but what good ME doesn't?
Loud opponent of registration. Vested interest?
Another ACRU guy, apparently a point man of sorts.
Screwed out of a med school scholarship for being some type of A-P.
Chatty coffee guru. Hears EM signals.
Anti-registration protester. Enthusiastic tinfoil hat type.
Works for a motorcycle company. Possible daddy issues.


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