2007-07-31: Singing In The Rain


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Summary: Friendships are formed in ridiculousness and rainfall.

Dark Future Date: July 31st, 2009

Singin' in the Rain

Weischel Loading Dock

".. in the Fletcher Memorial… home for incurable .. tyrants, and kings!" No. It ain't /subtle/, but nobody's seen anything remotely resembling a local patrol, and you can't belt out Floyd to a tinny set of mini speakers for an ancient portable CD player /inside/. People talk.

Funny part? Ali's.. got a really good voice. Perhaps unsurprisingly so - but she's not exactly known for /singing/. It echoes and carries in the accoustics of the empty loading dock, sound bouncing off of concrete and magnifying it. Bonnie Raitt, eat your heart out. She's near a ratty old desk tossed carelessly in the shelter of one of the bay doors; it's raining, lightly, the city mostly dark save for the yellow light of the propane lantern burning next to her. She's by herself - or at least believes herself to be moving with the fairly undancible song anyway, eyes closed.

".. they could appear, to themselves, every day.. on closed circuit .. TV…"

"…you know," The voice comes from deeper into the ruined building, from the shadows outside of the circle of yellow cast by the flickering lantern. Its a familiar voice, since she just heard it earlier today. Its that of the young Chairman of the bord for Phoenix Enterprises, the new business company that has exploded onto the New York scene. Other people, people who he considers friends, would know that voice as belonging to one Eric Lancaster.

Leaning against a darkened doorway of the tumbledown building he gets a slightly crooked smile on his scarred face. He's left his sunglasses behind, and he transfers his oddly grey gaze from the other Saint to the pooring rain outside. "…you have an excelent singing voice." He says lightly.

"It's the ON-LY co-NEC.." It cuts off almost instantly, Ali going from grooving to beet red in seconds. The CD tinnily declaires - "nection, they feel!" Drums kick up. A swelling orchestral guitar part.. and she's not listening to any of it anymore, instead diving to try to stab at the off button. She doesn't knock it in the floor - go her!

It does clatter, though, plastic on desk surface.. and she has to steady the lamp. Lord. Even her /ears/ are beet red.

"Uh. Th. Thanks. How long were you..?" You know. There. The hand gestures indicate that, sort of.

Eric just blinks once, then has enough grace left over to actually look slightly sheepish. "…er…I didn't mean too scare you like that," He says with a slight smile pushing off from the wall to rub the back of his neck and grin towards her slightly. He pauses a moment before glancing back towards the rain coming down outside.

"…I was just wondering if Jack was up is all." He adds after a moment.

Then a shake of his head. "Not long at all, just long enough to hear a few words…" And see the dancing. Though he dosn't mention that part, sure that its the part she's the most embarased by.

"oh. Yeah." It doesn't /help/, but .. she closes her eyes, composing herself for a moment - thin hands rest firmly on the top of the desk; one deep breath. Two. Then, she tries out her voice again.

"I haven't seen him - he's probably working on somethin'. He always is." Yup. that's better. Steadier. It emboldens her to relax a bit, to try out a faint smile. "Uhm. You. Want some coffee or something? I can fake instant - it's nasty, but it's coffee."

"…sure!" Eric replies quickly, trying to change the subject, make her a bit more at ease. He takes a deep breath before he gives her a slight smile. "…I think I can do fake instant coffee. I took over a year of hospital coffee and you can't really get any worse than that." He snorts out a soft laugh. "That almost is cruel and unusual punishment."

He steps closer, his clothes still the same as earlier, though his tie is missing this time, and his suit unbuttoned. He looks just a bit more relaxed, of course that just just be because its night. He always did like the night better.

Ali grins. "You haven't had my coffee. Been outlawed in nine states." She heads for the back of the loading dock, though. "At least we can do the hot water thing out here… "

There's a small hotplate into sketchy power; a metal-bottomed pitcher (this gets scooped up and gently tossed Eric's way) - "Go fill that, huh? Gutter on the right's clean - goes into a cistern. Can't miss it."

She busies herself with other things - mostly, tracking down some folger's crystals and a spoon, along with mismatched, scrounged cups. "I figured you'd be back at your penthouse about now. Kind of glad you're not."

"Lovely…your really making me want to stay for dinner you know," Eric replies wryly as he catches the pitcher with a deft move of his hands. He glances over towards the gutter before raising an eyebrow. The…gutter is clean. "…oh yes. Have to move you people into better rooms." He adds with a soft laugh. "…kind of glad I'm not? What are you that desprite for company?" He teases

He strolls over to fill the pot though, leaning partway out under the overhang to look for the cistern. Of course thans when part of the gutter above him gives way and dumps half a roof full of water onto his head.


He stands there a moment, dripping, before turning back towards Ali. "…well…" He says slowly. "…its full."

Ali looks up when the gutter gives way… and. Oh, dear. She just can't help it. She /laughs/.

It has the air of someone who hasn't just laughed like that in a very long time. Something that just brightens her - too thin, dirty as she may be; the smile is transformative. She waves a hand at his suit, snickering. "Lemme guess - dry clean only?" And that sets off yet another moment of simple laughter.

For a moment Eric can't figure out how to react. Should he glower or should he laugh. Well he laughter is easier. So his face relaxes into a smile and his shakes his head, softly laughing at first and then it grows and grows. The laughter echos through the ruins, touching the shadows that havn't heard anything like that in quite some time.

"…naturaly," He replies with a shake of his head. "What else would I buy." He asks with a shrug of his shoulders. "…I must look like some kind of drowned rat don't I?"

"Well.. yeah. Or like Buster Keaton in armani." Ali grins, and - unselfconsciously - shucks her shirt; no, no, don't get excited; there's a sports top under there. And.. yeah. She /definitely/ could use a few more meals. No matter.

She crosses his way, holding out a hand for the pitcher. "Here, get the jacket off - it ain't much of a towel, but - it's a start, right?"

"…I think I'll take that as a compliment," Eric replies before he sets the pot down and smiles towards her, just a little twisting of the unscarred part of his mouth. He blinks as the shirt comes off before he glances away for a moment. No no, come on Eric. Your a badass now! You don't need to be embarassed by shirtless women.

Handing over the pitcher, he shrugs out of the jacket as he glances around to find some place to put it. He settles finally for the desk, next to the lantern and the CD player. His undershirt is soaked as well, but he takes her makeshift towel and attempts to dry at least his hair.

…which of course all it does is spike it all over the place.

"…well a start is better than nothing right?" He says as he glances back up towards her with a smile.

"Lao Tse - "There are nothing but beginnings."" Ali winks, and heads back for the hotplate, "Lay it out wide - it probably won't dry, but.. we'll give it best-chances." And.. she busies herself with the simple ritual of heating water.

She still hasn't lost that smile. "Well, if nothing else, you're better eye-candy than Gene and Jack. No offense to them, but, seriously. You are. How'd you pick 'Sven?' that was the name on the card, right?"

"…chineses philosphy?" Eric raises an eyebrow. "Your full of suprises," He says lightly as he turns to lie his jacket out, unfolding it before he shakes his head slightly. "…my kingdom for a pyrokenitic." He mutters as he looks at the suit. "Armonde is going to kill me for what I did to this…" He adds with a shake of his head, though he dosn't seem all that upset by it.

"…thanks again then," He adds with a smile of his own towards her. "And I'm sure at least Trina would disagree with you." He adds with a wink. "As for Sven…well the hospital I was taken too after I got out of the country happened to be in Norway. So I needed a name from the area to take over the company. Sven was the first thing I thought of."

"Sven. See, I was figuring it was either scandanavia somewhere.. or Minnesota. Dressing like that, I figured you'd have been a hit with the dairy queens up there." Ali teases mercilessly, apparently. "And. yeah. I read. I know, I don't look like it. I guess I have a head for remembering stuff." A faint flush - that mild embarrassment returns.

"What happened? That.. you got stuck in the hospital."

"…I'm not sure I've ever /been/ to a Dairy Queen," Eric admits with a shake of his head. "They serve those…um…Blizz…somethings right?" He shakes his head with a laugh. "Hey its nothing to be ashamed of, reading that is. I read most of Suz Tsu myself, and most of the Tao. I had alot of time on my hands."

At the question though he pauses a moment, and then sighs slightly. "…an explosion." He says wryly. "I had the bad luck to be in the middle of it. Took out my apartment. My sister was more lucky, but I cought most of the blast." He pauses a moment before sighing slightly. "Similar ones killed the rest of my family at the same time. I decided after that it was a bit better to stay dead."

"I'm sorry." It's heartfelt, and quite gentle. Ali does /not/ turn, however. "I know it's a little hollow, but I'm glad you're alright. Trina was really happy to see you - it says a lot. You made her day, I think."

The woman stares at the pitcher - the water doing its best to heat up. The sketchy hotplate doesn't make that easy. "I probably wouldn't have been brave enough to come back."

Eric shakes his head a moment. "Its alright, it was awhile ago," He says quietly before he takes a deep breath. "…and I'm glad I could show Trina a little bit of happiness. She and Jack sure do deserve it," He nods once before he chuckles slightly. "Hopefully everyone will at least get a smile when they see I'm back."

He glances slightly towards her as she watches the pot before he smiles slightly, sardonicly almost. "…well…not too seem cold, but I don't have all that much left to loose. I still have my friends though, and they are worth coming back to help them."

"Do me a favor?" It's quiet - soft. "Don't get killed. Don't get caught. No matter what else? Do that first. Jack takes every loss really personally - and if you're his friend? Don't make him lose you."

Eric pauses a moment in suprise at the soft, quiet, and obviously heartfelt request. Oh a whim he reaches out to cover her hand with one of his. That hand is scarred and caloused, but the movement is suprisingly gentle. "I don't plan on it Ali, I'll do my best to stay out of the line of fire." He pauses before he smirks. "Besides, if something happens to me then who will find out who was behind what happened to my family. No I can't let anything happen till then."

He pauses a moment before retracting his hand. "…now…how is that coffee coming along?" He asks with a grin flashing to his face as he half turns towards her, a thoughtful look coming to his face. "…unless…" He murmurs. "…so…how much do you trust me?" He asks with a wry smile.

Before he removes it.. she squeezes. Hard. She's not /strong/ - it's not likely to hurt - but.. for a minute, she hangs on.

"I don't a lot, yet. But that's mostly because I'm a complete bitch and I'm terrified you have no clue what you're doing." It's.. mostly teasing. But she looks up, tired and wryly smiling. "What am I s'pposed to trust you for? And.. you're still dripping. Just so you know."

Eric smiles gratfully towards her as he takes his hand back. "Thanks," He murmurs again.

"…well hopefully that'll change a bit, I just have to be around more I guess." He says drawing in a breath and letting it out slowly. "…on the contrary though, I'm a businessman…" He smirks slightly. "…I have /plenty/ of idea what I'm doing." He says with a wink. "I've been helping smuggle people out of the country for months now." He says cheerfully.

"…and I know I'm still dripping," He pauses a moment before he laughs, picking up his jacket. Its still dripping. "Tell you what, when you decide to trust me enough, I'll show you how those penthouses look. They make better than instant coffee there."

He starts to stroll off once again, looking back towards her with a grin. "…see you around Radio Girl." He says cheerfully as he heads…into the rain it seems.

He's already wet! So it won't matter!

Ali nods - "See ya. Be safe, huh?" She smiles, warm and wry. "And.. I might take you up on that."

And.. she watches him go. Frankly, there's something wistful in her expression.. but it's quite likely she'd deny it, if pressed.

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