2009-11-10: Singing Soprano



Special Guest Star: Gimmie Dat

Date: November 10, 2009


Sydney gets a new client. Ivory gets… Sydney.

"Singing Soprano"

Limo of Wynn

Unconventional is the word of the month, particularly in Sydney's line of work. She'd had an appointment scheduled by a client's parents, and an appointment with a debutante whose face is currently plastered on People magazine. These were obvious leads to the latest in unconventional: an appointment not in her office. In fact, she's getting picked up for the appointment in a limo. With a sigh she pads out of the centre clad in her grey pencil skirt, white blouse, grey blazer, and black pumps. "Hallis is certainly paranoid…" Sydney mutters to herself as she glances at her watch. Yes, she's assumed that this appointment is with Hallis, even though she told the debutante expressly what name to use when scheduling. Syd's early, but only by a few minutes and so she waits on the sidewalk glancing down the street.

Waiting doesn't have to be long, considering that within the next few moments, a moderately expensive stretch Escalade comes around the corner and wheels its way down the street. It moves at a pace that proves that it's headed somewhere important, but that's about it. However, things may become a bit more interesting when it pulls up in front of where Sydney is standing and shifts into park. Within the next moment, the driver of this obvious overcompensation hops out of the vehicle, his limo hat twisted sideways on his head and he practically dances his way around the front of the vehicle. Music comes blasting out of the open door, along with some very uh… signature smoke.

"Yo! I say, yo! Blondie!" This guy cracks a big ass smile and waves his hand in the air (like he just don't care!) and makes his way over in the general direction of where Sydney is. "Yo, please tell me you da' Doc? Cuz I been up an' down dis street MAD FITTY TIMEZ and I ain't seen yo' fine ass 'til now. And GODDAYUM! You sho' iz FOINE!"

The back window rolls down, helping to add to the music that's now shaking the block and a calm and possibly familiar voice says, "Gimmie. Let her in. We're blocking traffic."

Gimmie Dat cracks a big ass smile and reaches out to yank open the back door, so that Sydney can hop in. "Get yo' fine ass in, gurl."

A few things are very clear from the get go: this is certainly not Hallis, but the voice from the back window is familiar, and this may be one of the most unconventional sessions Sydney may have. "Yes, I'm Sydney Falkland," she introduces herself as she shuffles to the limo raising an eyebrow at the driver. "Thanks… I think," she grins at the driver's comments before stepping into the vehicle. She blinks a few times as her eyes adjust to light in the car, "Hello?" She narrows her eyes to bring her assumed client into focus.

Gimmie Dat slams the door closed and is back around to his side of the vehicle in record time. It's time to hit the streets. Soon as the driver's side door closes, the music gets turned down. "Aight, Bossman. Where to?"

The voice that's hidden in the midst of the darkness says to, "Just drive." And that's when the partition is slid up to create privacy and a small light is flicked on from where the man is sitting across from Sydney. "Ms. Falkland." Dramatic pause, that follows with a somber expression on the face of one famous as hell politician. "My name is Ivory Wynn. Perhaps you've heard of me?"

Mesmerized. This would be the correct word to describe Sydney's expression. Her head tilts slightly to the right, her pupils dilate ever-so-slightly, and her lips twitch into a smile. This wonder lasts only a moment, but it's certainly there. She reaches out to shake the Senator's hand, "Senator Wynn! I'm a huge fan! I —I can't believe —I mean, I think…" She bites her bottom lip, still grinning, while shaking her head in slight disbelief. "I hadn't expected…" She cuts herself off for a second and tosses her hair over her shoulder. "It's a pleasure and honor to meet you, Senator." She offers him a large toothy grin.

Senator Wynn just kind of smiles, before reaching out to take the woman's hand in his and give it a pleasant shake. Perhaps there's even a bit of lingering, considering that this woman is, well, not hard on the eyes at all. "A fan? Of little ol' me? You flatter me." Grinning himself now, Ivory reluctantly works on peeling his hand from hers, as he sits himself back in the comfort of the limo-ish vehicle. "I must say I was expecting someone a lot less beautiful. I'm glad my expectations were wrong." Oh, there he goes.

"A huge fan," Sydney beams. "I really think you're doing great things for this country!" Her cheeks turn crimson at the beautiful comment, "Well, thank you, Senator. I really wasn't expecting such a handsome client. In fact, I wasn't sure what to expect with the cloak and daggers routine." Her tone is bubbly and light, completely lacking the professional edge it normally contains. With a rather cutesy smile she asks, "I suppose you contacted me because of all of the stress from your work, right? It's such important work! I imagine you must feel immense pressure." SMILE. Her attraction is pleasant and fills the spaces of the limo.

"You have no idea." Ivory remarks. While he was certainly just feeling a little bit nervous about this whole thing, he's starting to relax and falls back into his seat even more. He tilts his head to look at her. "As for the cloak and daggers, I have to protect my my face. There are people that would take any opportunity to try and discredit me and what I'm trying to do for this country. I need to keep as low of a profile as possible. I'm a target." Ivory then raises his hands to her, just to make sure she doesn't get too scared. "But not to worry. You're in no danger with me. None whatsoever. The windows are everything proof." He smirks quite a bit. Eyes almost hungrily eyeing Sydney. "Any chance you might can relieve some of this pressure?"

"I'm sure you'll find I'm very good at relieving various pressures," Sydney half-smiles as she slides closer towards Ivory. "And what pressures are you under Senator? Or, are you always on top?" She smirks again as she bites her fingernail. "And I understand the song and dance routine. I imagine it's difficult to go anywhere without people recognizing you. I've had other clients come in various disguises to avoid recognition, most of whom had no real risk to themselves or their reputation. Therapy is a very normal thing, but popular culture has turned it into something taboo." She grins before asking, "So what seems to be the trouble, Senator?"

"Is that so?" Ivory's eyes are already lighting up at the possibility of there being way too much fun about to happen in the back of this damn limo. After all, there's no need for this kind of session to be all talk. Just some. "I don't think we can cover all that ground in just an hour." Ivory licks his lips, noticing the closer vantage point that Sydney has planted herself and an eyebrow of appreciation is raised. "Unless you don't mind clearing the rest of the day for me. I'd be so… grateful." Oh my. Oh my my my.

Sydney slides a little closer to the Senator. "I don't have any important appointments this afternoon. I'm sure no one would miss me." Her lips twitch slightly as she subconsciously runs her tongue over them. "Besides, you need someone able to cater to your very special needs…" She bites her bottom lip. "And I couldn't let you get back to business … dissatisfied…" She leans a little closer to him. Oh yes, Sydney is very very enthralled.

Ivory is just thinking that he's one of those guys that is just good with women. Poor guy doesn't even know what's going on in his head. Especially with the way that Sydney is being all up on him like that. "If I didn't know any better, I'd say you were wanting to get to know alllll about Ivory." His grin is one that could melt the hearts of those that are as cold as possible. Not that Sydney is even being cold. In fact, the back of this limo is going to be getting hotter and hotter, if Ivory gets his way. "I suppose I'm welcome to trying any methods you see fit."

"Isn't that my role as therapist? To know what makes you tick," Sydney reaches out with her pointer finger to touch Ivory's chest. "To know allll about Ivory?" Ivory's smile only causes Sydney to beam broadly. "Well what methods do you suggest I try?" she asks with an edge of mischief in her tone. "Have you had therapy before? Different people find different things therapeutic. I was always a sucker for having my hair stroked. Stroke my hair and I'd tell anyone anything." She smirks, "What opens you up, Senator?"

If that's not an opening, Ivory doesn't know what is. His eyes move down to the finger on his chest, before his gaze is on her own eyes in the next moment. Without even missing a beat, he's bringing his hand up to brush right against her cheek, on its way to her hair. Where the stroking will immediately begin without fail. He is definitely trying to see if he can't make this a much more interesting ride. "I'll admit that I've always been partial to a very hands on approach to therapy." There's a suggestive wink that comes standard with that statement. "What say we give that a go? Or two? Or four?"

Like putty in his hands, Sydney melts against the touch, her eyes closing dreamily as a soft sigh escapes her lips. "That sounds… very therapeutic," she whispers as she draws closer to him. And then she adds after gently opening her eyes to meet his gaze, "For both of us." She smiles softly.

Hair stroking continues. Ivory's not going to give up his leverage, that's for damn sure. Not while she's melting in his hands like this. "You do a good job and I can promise you that we'll be seeing a whole lot more of each other." Ivory is already plotting the next time he comes to invade the personal space of this therapist.

"I'm an overachiever, Senator. I always do a good job," she grins mischievously with a wink as she leans into the hand and forward towards Wynn. "I haven't had a single complaint to date." Sydney's eyes close lightly once again and she leans closer to gently press her lips against his.

Ivory's eyes light up at the moment he hears overachiever. He was about to do something lose to responding, but within the next moment or so, he's managed to find that he's been overtaken by the lips of Sydney Falkland. Of course, he's unable to truly give her an honest response, since there's too much else going on right now, in terms of their lips touching. Passion flows from Ivory's own needs and desires, flowing from the hand that drops from her hair to caress her cheek, as well as those lips of political justice. No, she won't be getting any complaints from this one either.

The deepened kiss is broken by Sydney moments later. She feels so odd. Leaning away slightly, she takes several deep cleansing breaths causing a sort of eerie calm to come over her. It clears her head, for the moment, anyways. And she focuses on her job, she's a professional, after all. "Wait. Wait. Wait," she slides away from Ivory on the bench. "I assume you contacted me because you needed to actually talk something out and needed to actually work something out in your own mind. Penny for your thoughts?" Her tone is still light, but it's inflection is much more sedate, "I'm a professional, Senator. And while you picked me up from the side of the road, I'm not that kind of professional." She still smiles, although it's mildly less flirtatious than before.

"You're absolutely right. I apologize." Ivory can't help himself from realizing what he's just done. He can't automatically assume that she's some kind of twisted sex therapist or something. "I'm sorry. I don't— let's just say your beauty has a way of making things feel so much better. I'll try to control myself." Ivory smiles once more, before sitting up straighter and moving on to a much more professional look himself. "I'm having some issues at work. I've been sort of thrown between two different views. Neither of which I entirely agree with. My superiors are trying to make certain things black and white. But, as with all things in life, it can never be that simple." Ivory looks over to the window now, where he can watch the buildings and trees pass by as Gimmie Dat weaves in and out of the streets of the city. "I feel like I'm going to be forced to choose soon and I don't know which way to swing."

"Senator, don't worry about it, I'm the professional in this relationship, the error was my own. Besides, you're under a lot of pressure, and I'm a friendly, understanding face," Sydney smiles brightly, that same strange calm over her features. She leans back in her seat as she considers Ivory's words, "So your superiors are seeing a situation one way while you see it two different ways? That must be very stressful." There's a pause as she tilts her head and bites her bottom lip. After a few moments she asks, "Is there one way that sits particularly well with your own conscience, political ambition aside? Or are they equally weighted?"

Ivory raises a hand to make sure that he's still taking some of the blame for whatever just happened between them. And also to try and keep a little reluctant distance to see if they can't stay professional at this moment. "My choices are, basically, to choose one side and no longer be anything in this world. They will, in essence, destroy me. I'd be better off dead." Ivory shrugs, not even really showing any leaning towards that side. "If I choose the other side, I'll end up becoming more hated and more hunted than ever before. And it's come to my attention that I'll probably end up dead." Ivory sighs and shrugs. "Either way, I'm done for."

Furrowing her eyebrows in concern, Sydney slides a bit closer to Ivory in the seat once again, "Sounds like quite the predicament." She purses her lips together for a moment before observing, "And you have no actual ethical incling either way?" She hmmms as she absent-mindedly strokes her own hair and tucks it behind her ear. "Can either choice literally destroy you, Senator?" She looks at him intently, tilting her head slightly left, considering him, trying to understand him, and trying to assess his actual feelings about either decision.

"You don't understand, Ms. Falkland. Politics is my life. I've spent my entire life trying to reach a goal that's so impossible. And now that I'm getting so close, it seems like it would be career suicide to just… throw that all away because I don't agree with some of the things I'm being asked to do." Ivory sighs, turning away from the window to look at Sydney. She's closer. Huh. "What's even worse is that the things I'm being asked to do aren't even that bad. They have…. reasons for this stuff. We're trying to protect the American public, people like you, from the dangers that lurk among us that nobody even knows about. At any given time, on any given day, we can be attacked and possibly even eradicated. I can't let that happen. Not while I'm in a position to prevent it. What kind of American would I be if I did…?"

"Senator, I had no idea," Sydney gapes as she sidles up close to him, her eerie calm slowly disappearing. She reaches up to caress his cheek. "So much worry. So much stress. It must be terrible to have such weight ono your shoulders." She subconsciously licks her lips again. "What do you do to unwind after dealing with such pressures?" She gazes into his eyes, her lips curling into a empathetic smile.

"I don't." comes the response from Senator Wynn just almost as fast as she can say it. Of course, with the fact that she's touching him, she'll likely end up looking into his eyes again, since he's turned to keep his cheek pressed against those caressing fingers. His eyes even close for just a brief moment, as if feeling something he shouldn't be at this moment. But… professionalism. "I never have time to unwind. Every time I turn around, there's something else I have to deal with. I've got America on my shoulders and if I don't keep it up there, it's going to fall apart. I can't let that happen."

She hmms as she lowers her hand, still gazing into his eyes. Sydney stares at the floor of the car for several seconds, considering everything Ivory has said. "You need a break to get some perspective. It doesn't have to be long. But the human brain can't handle this constant stress. It's wearing on you, and it's making this decision so much more difficult for you." She frowns a bit as she lifts her hand to his cheek again, "You need at least an hour to yourself every day. Everyone needs that…"

"I shouldn't have to make a decision. I should be able to keep my job, my health and protect America all at the same time. I mean, which one of those things is making me such a bad person that I'm not allowed to have those things happen? Honestly, I must've been Hitler in my former life or something. I feel like I'm trapped in a moment that I can't get out of." Ivory may or may not know that he's quoting song lyrics at this point. He finds himself closing his eyes and rubbing up against Sydney's hand. It's one of the few times he's managed to remain calm in recent months. "I can't take a break. There's no time. The moment they think they've got an opening, they're going to tear this nation apart. I couldn't live with that."

Sydney subconsciously leans towards Ivory, rapt on every word uttered from his mouth. "Senator, don't beat yourself up. First and foremost sometimes we find ourselves in circumstances beyond our control. There's little we can do about them." She presses her lips together before asking, "Are you at least sleeping at night? It seems that this is really wearing on you. Isn't there someone else who can help you in your efforts? A second in command, perhaps?" She moistens her lips again before asking, "Who is tearing our nation apart?"

"Classified. As much as I'd like to tell you everything… I can't. I'm sorry." Ivory feels bad about not be able to truly speak about what's bothering him. "I just… well, I had a second in command. But she's a bit, well, let's just say that she's indisposed at the moment. I don't even know who I can trust anymore. I feel like every move I make, everyone else makes ten moves to keep me from making any progress. It's like I'm trying to punch a mountain." There's even some light punching of the air to try and illustrate his own point. That probably won't help but whatever. "I'm realizing for the first time that I'm alone in this. If it goes wrong, then I, alone, will suffer the consequences of the entire government's actions. If it goes right, I alone will be held responsible by those that feel I've treated them unjustly or unfairly. I'm the hero, I'm the fall guy. There are no other options."

"Wooow," Sydney gapes as she virtually leans against the Senator. Her enthrallment is more than evident. All traces of her cool collected self have vanished. "You're a true American hero, Ivor - er - Senator." She can feel her heart pound in her chest, her palms have grown sweaty, and she is enraptured. "I have a thing for heroes…" Her lips twitch upwards into a smile. "Can I maybe… relieve some of your stress?" Flirtatious smirk. "I told you I'm really excellent at relieving pressure…"

"Please. You can call me Ivory. The whole 'Senator' thing makes me feel like I'm ninety." Ivory forces a grin out, even though he's just been speaking from the heart. Which is something he really should never do. He's just… starting to feel a bit confused at this moment. "You— well. I mean, I'm not going to say no. That's just… stupid." Ivory remarks, even though he does pull his hand up to keep up the professional guise. "But that may take this therapy session in a whole different direction." Grin. "I wasn't aware you were a sex therapist, Ms. Falkland." And he dares to even playfully waggle an eyebrow. Just one. He can do that.

"Ivory," Sydney smiles slightly, the name feels smooth on her tongue. She flushes slightly, "Well what kind of therapist would I be if I left you in your stressful state Sen — Ivory." She leans forward to press her lips against his cheek and whisper in his ear, "You'll find I have many talents…"

Ivory's lost in the moment now. He can't really understand what's going on. But he sure as hell isn't going to not be a guy and let it happen. Especially with the way that Sydney is throwing herself at him. And then she's planting kisses on his cheek and Ivory can't do much of anything but reach up to adjust his tie. Whether he's tightening or loosening it, is hard to figure out. But he's doing something with it. That's for damn sure. "I can't wait to experience each and every one of them." Finally, he turns his head to meet her gaze with his own mesmerizing one. "Would the doctor like to perform a thorough examination? Now?"

"I had every intention of it," Sydney openly flirts as she reaches for his tie and positions to hover over him. Biting her bottom lip she tosses her hair over her shoulder. "You'll find I get very wrapped up in my work." It's going to be a very unproductive afternoon…

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