2007-07-15: Sins of the Partner


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Summary: Mara brings Mohinder dinner and word of her exile to Upstate New York. The new partners discuss their views on Molly's ability, and their job.

Date It Happened: July 15, 2007

Sins of the Partner

Hartsdale - Primatech

Having settled Molly in a room with some assignments, Nico, and some things to keep her busy for a bit, Mohinder makes his way back into the hospital wing of the Primatech facility. He has several patients' charts in hand, frowning slightly at the one on top. Great. Being asked to do something he personally does not want to do. Upon entering his lab, he sheds his whitecoat for the moment and settles in at a workstation to finish looking over the charts.

Pushing through the doors like the oncoming storm, Mara is positively fuming. At least she brought lunch. "You," she seethes, "are the worst partner ever, Suresh!" She drops the brown sack of what is more than likely containing boxes of takeout Chinese onto an unoccupied table space and points an accusatory finger.

Mohinder looks up from the charts, surprise in his eyes at Mara's outburst. "Hello Mara, good afternoon to you. Why yes I am doing fine." It's level toned, a little sarcastic, but no real trace of amusement. "What pleasure do I owe this sort of greeting?"

"A farmhouse upstate," Mara grates, grabbing herself a seat and straddling the back of the chair. Brooding agent is brooding. "I can't believe you made me go talk to Bishop by myself. You could have been there to back me up or something."

Mohinder fixes a very level expression on Mara as he speaks quite calmly, "You could have asked me to go with you.. and told me when you were speaking with him." He lets Mara have her hissy fit, as he sees it, before continuing. "Regardless as to whether I was there or not, Bob would have given you orders. He would expect you to follow them. He is a most difficult man to argue with."

"Tell me about it," she mutters. "How do you…" Frustrated, she averts her gaze. "I brought you lunch. I didn't know what to get, so I thought I'd be safe with veggie fried rice." Mara tilts her head toward the paper sack. Help yourself.

"How do you think I felt when he ordered Molly and I to stay at Kirby? She feels safer at our apartment, it's a comforting surrounding, despite the many interruptions by Sylar." Mohinder is of course, eager to drop that discussion in favor of Mara's switch in topics. "Thank you.. Oh, don't worry about lunch tomorrow. I will be cooking."

"Cooking," Mara repeats flatly with a shrug of her shoulders. "Suit yourself." Chinese takeout must be a cop thing. "I got some for Molly, too. Didn't know if she would have eaten already or not. Though I figured it was a safe bet that you'd feed her, and forget to do the same for yourself."

Mohinder smiles and can't fight back a chuckle. "I cook quite often, and rather well. Also, Molly likes me to teach her while I cook. Do you like curry?" Chinese takeout is an every person thing to be honest! "Molly will appreciate it, and I do too. Thank you." There's an expression now on his face that clearly says, 'You caught me'. Because yes, he pays close attention to Molly's welfare and does neglect his own at times.

"You act like a father." Mara smirks faintly. "Pops was always forgetting to look after himself, too busy looking after me all the time. You'd never guess, but I was a handful." She full-out grins now. Shock of shocks - Mara Damaris was a rambunctious child.

"I have a very good excuse," Mohinder insists. Even if he didn't have Molly, he gets too absorbed in his work. At Mara's revelation, he deadpans, "I never would have thought that of you." Smart-ass.

"Don't make me stand up," she warns him teasingly. "You know I can kick your ass any day of the week." The bad mood is starting to fade, it would seem. At least, until she remembers she did have business to bring up. The smile falls and pulls into a tight frown, "We have a bit of a problem. Or maybe it's just me who has a problem. But I think my problems became yours when you asked to have me made your partner."

Mohinder smiles at the teasing. "You have a point. But bear in mind, I have a few things you need." He's teasing right back, but both have weight behind their words. His expression sobers and he's all ears for the turn in topic. "And my problems became yours. Yes. What is the matter?" He reaches for the takeout to dig in. Since he's not working right this moment, he might as well partake in what Mara brought.

Mara takes a box of fried rice - that may or may not contain pork - and sticks, of all things, a spoon into it. "Peter Petrelli wants to acquire Molly's ability," she says simply before taking a bite. She'll give him a chance to think about that.

Chopsticks in hand, Mohinder pauses. He looks down into the carton of the veggie fried rice, and his pause is incredibly brief before he responds with, "No." There's no elaboration. Just a flat out no.

"That's what I told him," she confirms after taking a second bite of rice. She waves her spoon a bit as she levels the question at him: "What's your reason?"

"What brought on this request?" Mohinder contemplates the rice in between taking bites. The request for a reason makes him frown. He's Molly's guardian, that's why. However, he's a rational man, and has many reasons. "Molly is a little girl who has been given a special gift, one that is also a heavy burden. I don't want her used. Her ability is a double edged sword. As much as I like Peter Petrelli, I don't think that he realizes what a responsibility it would be.. on top of the many abilities that he has absorbed."

"Thank you!" Vindi-motherfreakin'-cation. "That is exactly what I told him. He has no business having an ability with that much potential for abuse, whether intentional or coerced." Mara leans forward against the back of her chair, box held carefully in one hand and spoon in the other. "He's apparently run into a spot… I heard a bit about it from Nathan, but neither Petrelli seem too eager to give me the whole story. Though Peter mentioned something last night about someone possibly intending to kidnap his nephews. He wants Molly's ability so that he can track them, or their would-be captor down, if need be." Though she keeps her tone casual, there's a look in her eyes that's speaking volumes about her true opinion.

Mohinder's brows raise in quizzical fashion at Mara's outburst. To him, it sounds like vigilantism with Peter.. not that the geneticist could blame him. He would do the same where Molly's concerned. So would Matt. "Peter is already lucky to be left alone and out of custody by the Company." He looks thoughtful for several moments. "He already had a large number of abilities when he left custody. I can only begin to imagine the others that he's acquired since. I won't have Molly used."

Mara nods, taking another scoop of food and giving herself the time it takes to chew and swallow it to think. "I don't think he realises just how lucky he is. He tries to do too much." She stares up at the ceiling as she continues. "He's too much like me. I know what I would do with Molly's ability if I had it. And that is Nothing Good." She meets Mohinder's gaze again, unflinching, "Not to say that I wouldn't mean well. But from an outside perspective? Someone untained by this… godlike ability to find anybody they wanted at any given time? I would not be a very good person. Molly is a very brave young lady, to do what she does and to manage as she has." Given Mara's career choice, it should not be surprising that she would abuse an ability like that. "Either way, I believe you should call him and state your case. He just assumes that I'm being… I'm not sure what he assumes of me anymore. Last night was rough."

"You are quite right. He does do too much. He already has enough powers weighing on him." Which is a concern of Mohinder's and the Company in general. The man could go nuclear. "Molly is a lucky girl. I think it is because she has the adaptability of a child on her side." He nods his head, musing as he too eats. "I have not spoken with him in awhile, I will be glad to call him. He might not be pleased to hear what I have to say." But ask Mohinder if he cares. Go on.

"I thought you would be only too pleased to explain to him why he can't have this shiny new toy." Because, really, isn't that all abilities are to Peter anymore? He doesn't even have to work for them. Barely has to work at most of them. He's better at her own ability than Mara herself is. Bitter much? You bet.

"It's not like that Mara," Mohinder begins in a firm, but soft tone. "It's not so much as a toy.. alright.. maybe it is a little like that. This isn't a game. This is dangerous. There are people.." His mind goes to Level 5.. "Peter Petrelli is a very good man, I worry that he has too many abilities and that they may control him."

"There's something you should know…" Mara sets her food aside and rests her forehead against her arms, folded atop the back of the chair. "I had a moment of panic last night. Peter is a good man, you're absolutely right. That's why all this duplicity is so hard on me. I… let him into my head. Briefly. Because you and I both know we need him to trust me."

Mohinder muses over this as he takes a few more bites. "Duplicity comes easier to some than others." He knows this. "What happened last night?"

"Spoken by one of the most duplicitous men I know." Though Mara does at least say it as if it is meant to be a compliment. "I think I let him in on more than I intended," she confesses. Though she didn't let him in on her original intention for letting him read her thoughts. "He figured out my connection. So I did what any self-respecting woman would have done in my situation…" She grins, "I lied right through my gappy teeth."

Mohinder shifts a little uncomfortably as he pushes the rice away. He's not taking it as a compliment. "Hardly," he utters quietly. "I do what I have to do. For my research. For helping people, and seeing to Molly." His father would probably be ashamed of the choices. Chandra Suresh thumbed his nose at high dollar research funding. Why didn't Mohinder? However, Mara's words earn a very amused grin. "I wouldn't have expected less from you."

"I do what I must. To protect you, my friends, Molly…" Mara shrugs. If he meant it to chastise, she isn't taking it that way. "That's why we work so well together, I think." She lifts her red head and locks eyes with the geneticist, "I told Petrelli not to trust you. We both know you'll bag him if you must. So, we need him to trust me." She does have the grace to look at least a little apologetic at least. "Sorry."

Mohinder gets up from his seat and heads for a locked cabinet. One he lets himself into, and withdraws one of the tagging guns. There's an expression of distaste on his face as he regards the gun, and carefully loads and inspects it. Locking the cabinet back up, he carries the gun back to the table and finishes prepping it for what he has to do in a bit. He didn't mean it as chastisement at all. It's.. almost as if they were reading each other's mind as Mara's words coincide with what Mohinder is doing. "No need to apologize."

"You gonna need some help with that?" Mara raises a brow, straightening up. "I don't mind getting my hands dirty." It was going to have to happen sooner or later anyway. Better it happen to anybody but her.

"If you want to be present, it's not necessary. Miss Neal is slated to be released after study of her abilities." She has no record to speak of, so is safe to go. Mohinder and the Haitian are slated to deal with the woman. As distasteful as tagging is, it's one of those necessary evils. He pulls his lab coat back on, and hides the isotope gun within the folds and takes up Andrea's chart.

"Partners," Mara reminds Mohinder as she stands from her chair. "Your sins are my sins now." She squeezes his arm and tilts her head toward the door. "Let's go."

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