2008-03-26: Sitter Search


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Summary: Mariska and Felix agree to help rescue Angela with Peter. Only one problem, who will watch their tiny daughter?

Date It Happened: March 26th, 2008

Sitter Search

Somewhere in Russia

This hotel is less than an hour from Moscow, in a pleasant, touristy little town. Even here, so far north, the beginning of spring is felt - trees still skirted in snow have begun to bud. It's before dinner, by their timezone, and Felix and Misha are walking their little one around a public park. Sasha is distracted by squirrels, chasing after them offering nuts from a bag bought from a street vendor. "Honey," Fel says, amused. "Most of 'em are afraid of people." One proves him wrong by sidling towards the little girl, rusty-red tail flirting nervously.

Someone suddenly steps out of thin air, walking into up to them. Midstep he appears, dissolving into sight, either through invisibility, or a walking form of teleportation. No noise at all when he displaces space, just his own footsteps. Peter Petrelli looks older, closer to the couple's age than he'd been when they first met him, but still the same basic appearance, with two exceptions. Slicked back black hair stays out of his eyes and off of his forehead, which hosts a deep scar from one side of his face to the other, splitting briefly as the ridge of his forehead dips to lead to his nose. The slash had been cut off there, not even all the way. It was deep, whenever it happened, and it never quite healed. "You left me a message?"

Though Mariska's demeanor suggested vigilance tempered with a taste of paranoia, even now her smile made much more frequent visits to her lips than it had in the last year or so. It seems to happen without the woman even realizing it; a slip of the invisible iron mask to reveal what the woman really looks like underneath her subdued exterior. The smile she's currently sporting fades into something much more serious as she spots Peter's approach and lifts her chin in a gesture meant to notify Felix of the other man's arrival without overly alarming their daughter's tenuous wooing of the squirrel.

It's a great step forward for human-squirrel relations - the little tuft-eared thing sits up and takes the roasted almond with adorable handlike paws, and then scampers off. Sasha squeals in delight, calling for their attention in Russian and English, before Peter's appearance registers, and she's abruptly quiet, seeking the shelter of the space between Felix and Mariska. "Yes," Felix says, easily. "We're willing to help."

"Good," Peter says with a small nod, though his eyes drift down to the young girl. He can't help but soften his expression a little at the sight of her. The weight of everything remains in his jaw, across his shoulders, but the darkness in his eyes lightens quite a bit. Those eyes move back up to her parents. When he speaks again, it's in near perfect, though sketchy in the exact dialect, Russian. «I will likely be going with you, in case anything goes wrong. If my father is there, I'll handle him as best I can, but your jobs is to get to my mother and take her safely away. My father is keeping her alive, I know that much, but that won't be the case for too long. Felix can probably handle most of the other guards, with the exception of my father, and you can handle the teleportation, Mariska.»

The drawback to conversing in Russian while in Russia is that passersby are much more apt to catch clips and phrases of their unusual conversation should they wander too near or be overheard. It's for this reason that Mariska steps in to close the distance between the triumvirate of adults but positions herself so that her eyes remain on Sasha, who now peers up at them from over her shoulder with a slightly exasperated expression, as if she had some inkling that she might be the topic of their clandestine conversation… even though she actually isn't. That is, she isn't until Mariska says, "«Who will watch our daughter while we do this?»" Oh, hey, that's right. They need a sitter for the wunderkind in order to save the world or something now.

Back to the squirrels. Rodents remain unfed in Russia, Sasha Ivanova is here to help. Though she stays closer than she did. Fel looks thoughtful. « My parents? We could stash her and them somewhere safe here in Russia, while we go on this little trip?» Like it's a proto-family vacation they're planning. He nods at Peter, otherwise farly matter of fact.

«Whoever you trust to watch her,» Peter says, looking down toward the child. She's got quite a lot of ability, capable of making many of his possible suggestions lose control. He knows a few people who are good with children, though, but he hesitates to offer them up. «If you can't think of anyone, then I can stay behind and watch her at the same time.» He's traveling through time. That's possible, isn't it? He looks down at her for a moment.

"«Do you really think your mother would be willing to come back here again?»" Mariska asks Felix in an aside, green eyes playing ping pong between the exploits of her little girl in the grass and her husband at her side. "«I'm not eager to endanger either of your parents for the sake of something like this. We have no idea if any of us might ever be able to make it back and if we don't, then what? They'd be stuck here. No.»" Official declaration of grandparent veto. She then offers her gaze to the man with the scarred face and suggests, "«What about your brother? Nathan? He has children of his own, doesn't he?»" The question's rhetorical. She already knows. More than just the boys, too, though Mariska isn't privy to the daughter who's been subconsciously disowned. To Felix she then notes in another aside, "«And if something happened… he could take them to your parents…»"

Scarface!Peter's suggestion of doing double duty goes otherwise ignored for now, if only because the feasibility of the concept seems to somehow elude the Russian woman. He's got so many tricks up his sleeve but she hasn't got a clue about many of them.

Nathan, what? Felix fixes a blank blue gaze on Mariska. "His brother the senator? I….is he even involved in all this? Whose side is he on? And we don't know him to ask," Fel says, puzzled. "Is he Evolved?" He makes a little vague gesture with his hand, when it comes to the grandparents. "True. I think the FSB might still want Mom for treason," he says, almost airily. This isn't the first generation of Ivanovs with some bizarre story to tell, for the sake of rescuing a kid.

For the first few seconds, Peter is in shock. He stares at the woman as if she just suggested handing her daughter over to a crazy person. Oh wait, she did. But there's no way she could know just how much his brother has been tangled in thing. When he has a chance to recover, he's taken a full step back. He shakes his head firmly, "No." And that was in English, and his original voice, if a tad raspier than the one they knew. «My brother is not an option. Not right now. His loyalties are still to Pinehearst, to our father. And there's…» Other things. Bad things. Dark Logan-colored things.

«My brother is not an option.» Plain and simple. He'll repeat it. «I'm not sure how you'd even consider him one…» Did they know each other? She can't possibly know about Logan and suggest that. After what that man did to his own daughter.

Needless to say, that certainly wasn't the sort of reaction from either one of them that Mariska might have anticipated. Then again, it didn't occur to her that neither of them had been aware of her ambiguous prior association with the man in question — that she'd been his anonymous rooftop friend for the last six months or so and even managed to save his life once. The expression drawn over the woman's face is one of startlement which then transitions into something akin to caution again as she tries to pretend she'd never even suggested Nathan in the first place. She asks, "«What did you mean… you'd stay behind and watch her at the same time?»" Right. That. Let's talk about that.

Felix looks perplexed. But well, Nathan was a random suggestion, so Fel isn't much put out by that denial. The question of her association with Nathan will be poked at more later. "Is your brother Evolved?" he persists. Because if Nathan is another gun in Arthur's arsenal….
"He can fly," Peter says simply, still watching the woman with a quiet gaze, as if wondering why she's dropped the subject so quickly. He's aware that she probably helped assist in rescuing him from the incident which brought out Logan, but that doesn't explain the suggestion in that capacity. It takes a lot of trust to leave one's daughter with someone. "I have a replication ability," he explains, not seeming to realize he's switched to English again. "I can be in two places at once. My replicant won't be as powerful as me, but I can make sure it has the ability to move quickly in case anything dangerous happens."

"«That's probably a good thing,»" Mariska suggests, sticking to her native language even as her eyes once again rove over to her dark-haired daughter — Mini!Misha with daddy's big blue eyes — and subtly lifts her chin in suggestion. While neither Felix nor Mariska have experienced anything unusual in their daughter's presence of yet, leaving her in the care of someone who's practically an Evolved ability warehouse might not be the safest of suggestions, either. But, it's the best they've got on the table right now.

«Can you control yourself in …..stupid question,» Felix says. Look, the formerly-named-after-Lenin park they're in isn't exploding in any number of unpleasant ways, so clearly Peter can control himself around Sasha."I don't much like it, but it does seem like the most practical option," He fixes that chill blue gaze on Peter. «I won't threaten you, it'd be ludicrous, considering the differentials in our resources and our powers. Not to mention the help you've given us.» But he puts a hand on Sasha, leaving the rest unspoken.

There's a glance over to the squirrels. Peter clicks his tongue twice, and one of them scurries closer, looking curious. Unknown to anyone else, he's telepathically speaking to the squirrel, projecting a feeling of safety, making it associate the tall humans with trees and rocks, instead of people. The tail ticks. "Why don't you try feeding it again, Sasha," he says to the young girl, as he tickles the squirrel's mind with images of food and comfort associated with the smaller girl-tree in the middle of the two taller trees. He's a rock. Unmoving. And his expression lightens even more. "Might even eat out of your hand, this time." He keeps his attention on the squirrel, even as he answers the question, «I can control myself. I had enough exposure to… I know how to control it now, even if she started to use it specifically on me.» It doesn't sound as if this had always been the case.

Mariska does her level best to ignore the subtle sexual predator overtones of the conversation and instead focuses her attention on the abject glee of the little girl currently squatting down in front of a new-found, bushy-tailed friend with an almond outstretched on her small, open palm. She says nothing. Now is not the time to interrupt or interject.

The squirrel takes the almond, but doesn't dash away. Rather it sits up to nibble, watching Sasha out of its beady little eyes. «Good,» says Felix, more quietly. «So, what rate do you charge for babysitting an infant superhero?» he says, cocking an amused eye at Peter.

«I think getting my mother back alive is more than enough,» Peter says, a dark tone hinting in that accent he's managing so well. It's possible she'd never been saved in the future, or he wouldn't be manipulating events in order to make sure it happens. «And I wouldn't call her an infant— unless you have another super hero kid I don't know about. She's about the same age as my nephews, and I watched them more than once.»

Mommy was just about to say the same thing but Peter steps in to clear up the age issue and so she maintains her studious silence for another extended moment before she finally offers, "«When do we go? What is your plan?»"

Sasha's a little fountain of giggles, as the squirrel runs up her arm, begins to sniff her face and hair in hopes of further treats appearing. Felix absently hands over more of the almonds, which Sasha offers to it. He merely nods, and listens to Peter's reply with interest.

The squirrel continues to get 'little tree' projects about Sasha, and reminders that the tree is not for biting or scratching, but it's well enough behaved for the moment. There's always a chance it won't remain so. While some of Peter's attention is on 'little tree' and the squirrel, he does glance back up at the parents. «The plan is two parts. I've already sent information to someone within the Company, but you two are getting the most important part…» As he continues, he lays out the plan, and specifically, the time they'll execute the plan.

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