2008-01-04: Situation Shifts


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Summary: Bob gets an update from Mohinder, who has suddenly been dropped off at a public hospital after his adventures; Mohinder gets an update from Bob on some recent happenings as well. He doesn't bring posies.

Date It Happened: January 4th, 2008

Situation Shifts

Mount Sinai Hospital

New York City

After his rescue from God knows where, and a rescuer whose face is still a blur in many ways, Mohinder finds himself in a comfortable room at Mt. Sinai. Most of the drugs that were put into his system by Pierce have wormed their way out, yet he's still kept as he had no identification and for observation purposes. His side burns from where a bullet grazed him in the escape. Feeling sluggish, yet coherent enough to grab the bedside phone, Mohinder had called Bob Bishop to update his superior of his status and location.

Bob Bishop does not want to be here.

The night before, he was shocked out cold by his own daughter and left in his office, and since waking up, he hasn't slept. He's been busy, grinding the Company wheel to make sure he does his part in making sure Elle gets tracked — and on top of that, dealing with a break-in on Suresh's lab, Sylar, and everything else he has to oversee from his particular rung in the Company ladder.

So he makes no effort to disguise his mood, not for Mohinder, who doesn't require sugar-coating. When he steps into the hospital room at Sinai, the lines in his face are etched deeper than usual. "I'm waiting for this to make sense," he strolls toward Mohinder.

Mohinder isn't in a mood to be here either. So there's no surprise, flinching or annoyance at Bob's mood. A glance of annoyance is given at the IV in his hand however. At least it's nothing more than a saline drip. "You aren't the only one," he says irritably. "I don't know who our kidnappers were, but apparently they were only interested in Niki Sanders and Nathan Petrelli. By the way.. /where/ are they?" He's concerned for their condition.

Bob stuffs his hands in the pockets of his khaki-coloured slacks, both his brow and mouth frowning dourly as he comes to a stop a few feet from the side of Mohinder's hospital bed. "To be honest, I was hoping you'd have more insight than me," he admits. "Every hospital in the state and surrounding areas have been checked, but it seems they didn't get the same courtesy as you."

"I'm certain you've already reviewed the security feeds from the lab," Mohinder begins, annoyed with himself for being taken by surprise like that. "All I can remember from afterwards is that we were put into seperate rooms. They kept me sedated and restrained." And when he can remember anything more than that, he'll be sure to update Bob on that, but until then.. "I was more or less left alone, but they obviously did not want me leaving alive. A young woman with an ability was sent in to get me out. I did not get her name, she must have left me here. If the Company sent her, I presumably would have found myself left in Company facilities."

Bob gives a subtle, but definite nod and a small sound of acknowledgment: he's seen the security feeds, or at least been briefed about their content. "It wasn't anyone from our end," Bob sounds sure on that point, not to mention a little mystified. "Whoever took you out of there was more primed on the situation than we were, and that makes me suspicious. Any details you can remember about your captors would help us out, Dr. Suresh." He steps back, then, to lean against the window- ledge, the blinds rustling behind him. When he leans, he leans heavily, a restless little jolt running through him. He looks tired. "And, uh, Mohinder?"

"She.. said something about drawing straws on the rescue," Mohinder's face screws up in frustration. "I'm sorry Bob, hopefully I can recall more once this medication is fully out of my system. If I have to, I will see if Matt can somehow pull it out of my mind if need be." It's not a farfetched concept where the cop's abilities are concerned. Bob's demeanor does get a second glance from the geneticist as the other man speaks again. "Yes?"

Bob gives another nod and muffled sound of approval before going on to say what he intends to tell Mohinder. "If you happen to see Elle," he says, pushing away from the window with sluggish footsteps. "Report in immediately and do not engage. She's gone…" Rogue? Off her rocker? Over the deep end? … "She's gone." Glower. Only a second or two later and he may as well not be talking about his own flesh and blood, but any other job, his tone cold — if colder than usual. "She's no longer an agent of this Company, and she has contact with Sylar, who may, against all odds, be working with Peter Petrelli. I thought you should be updated on the situation. Feel better, Dr. Suresh, drink plenty of fluids, kidnapping is hard on the body," he says and turns to amble out.

Mohinder blinks and his eyes quickly narrow as this news is dropped on him. He wants to pry further into details, but he understands Bob's position. The whys behind what's happened? Not so much. The arrangement of Sylar, Elle and Peter are indeed odd and difficult to fathom. "I'll bear that in mind, and should I see Elle, I will call in immediately. I should be released soon, then I need to see Molly and Matt. Has a team been dispatched to clean up the lab?" Just so he knows what he'll find when he gets back to it.

"Yes, we're currently trying to determine what we can from the … scene of the crime," Bob answers, paused in the doorway with one hand on the frame, looking back. "Dr. Suresh," he adds in the manner of a polite goodbye, which would almost be jovial, if it weren't for the man's darkened demeanour. Even as he leaves, he's getting out his cell phone to resume business.

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