2007-04-12: Skateboards And Studios


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A skateboarder and a guitarist meet outside a recording studio, and success happens.

Date It Happened: April 12th, 2007

Skateboards And Studios

Greenwich Village, Manhattan, NYC

Saturday morning, around 11 am, and Jane's on the move. The twenty-something brunette walks along east 4th street toward number 14. Clothing is fairly standard for her; dark jeans, heeled boots, a Yale hoodie, and a muted red jacket. One shoulder supports a backpack, the other her guitar case. One hand holds a tall cup of something coffeesque, the other a piece of documentation from a place called the Cutting Edge. A confident smile lights her features.

"Surf's Up!"

The vocalization of Jaden Cain comes from nowhere as The Billion Dollar Brat comes flying over something or other. It doesn't really matter what, since he's gripping the end of his skateboard and twisting through the air with all the talent of a Tony Hawk Wannabe! The wheels of his skateboard grind as he kisses the lip of the curb and goes spinning out of control! "Wowwwwssseeeeerrrrrrs!" comes the call as he flails his arms to try and keep his balance.

Not Happening.

What does happen, though, is that the board comes to a screeching halt and sends Jaden sailing through the air and aimed head first for crashing into a particular Yale hoodie wearing hottie.

No. This can't be happening. First she encounters Gene the Robot Man at this same place the previous day, and now here comes Jaden Cain. Headed straight for her and her guitar. This is so not the time to get smashed into, not to mention she needs her favorite Fender Strat for use inside the building she was approaching. So Jane turns her body a bit, managing it enough so that if he collides with her and she falls, it doesn't impact the ground very hard. "Look out!" she calls, in a clear and carrying soprano voice.

Jaden must be from the Matrix or something, because he can see the collision happening and his mind shifts into Spider Sense mode. He twists his body, spinning out of the girl's way, which is helped by her turning her body and he ends up going head first into the side of a trash can! "D'oh!" Jaden slides down to ground, where he just lies there for a moment. Face down on the cement. "Ow. So ow. So many different forms of ow. If I could speak Japanese, I'd be saying ow in it RIGHT NOW."

He sighs and flips over onto his back, looking up into the morning sky and finally brings a hand up to place on his head. The pain. Oh, boss, zee pain!

She steps over to him, and extends a hand down to help the man up. "Are you okay, Mr. Cain?" Jane's question is asked with a trace of concern to her voice. As she does so, the woman thinks quickly. So his lunatic presence might be a harbinger of doom, but then again she was encountered by Gene and his movie robot, that might've brought luck, because afterward she went into the recording studio on the sixth floor of that building they're in front of, played some of her best licks ever, and was invited back this morning.

"Thanks." is probably the most normal Jaden Cain statement of the year. He uses her hand to get himself up and starts brushing off his clothes. "I'm alright. Well, I better be alright. If not, I might have to sue myself for reckless endangerment." He skips over to where his skateboard is and kicks it up into his hands, before turning around to spot the woman's guitar case. "Oh hey. You play?" He cracks a big ol' smile. "Me too! I've got a band." Time for a little self-promotion. "Maybe you've heard of us? Jaden and The Chipmunks?"

"I saw," she replies, with what at first is a chuckle, then a slightly falling face. "You've heard me before, actually, though there was a lot going on, maybe you just didn't process it. You went on break and I got onstage, things were crazy and I just had to vent, so I picked up an axe and started playing." Jane's head shakes, she asks "You really didn't notice the woman in the short black dress playing a Dylan tune, in the style of Hendrix?" There's a glimmer of hope in her eyes, but just a glimmer, after all there was Batman coming through the ceiling around that same time.

Jaden was Batman, so he wasn't really paying attention. But then, well, his mind shifts into something of a flashback sequence and he remembers. It was -good-. So there he goes blinking and dropping his jaw a little bit. "Whoa! That was YOU?!" He blinks a couple more times and shakes his head in all of the cartoonish mannerisms that he can manage. "No way. Seriously?!" He's going to be in shock here for a little bit, so you'll just have to bear with him and his inability to process this. "You're jawesome!"

"That was me," she answers, extending her smooth, soft skinned hand with the callused fingertip to shake once and release. There's a slight smirk of confidence showing now as Jane regards the man. "I play like Nancy Wilson and sing like Anne, I'm told," she adds, "except my voice can out soprano the best operatic talent too." There's a pause, after which she states "I was just heading up to the sixth floor, a studio called Cutting Room, to lay down some session tracks. Want to come listen?"

Jaden plasters on a smile, but he doesn't take a step. Frowning, "Uh, hold on. Let me check my Palm Pilot." He holds his hand up and uses his finger as a stylus to flip through imaginary pages. "Looks like I'm free!" He flashes a brighter smile and puts his Palm Pilot away, before shifting the skateboard from one hand to the other and standing back to allow Jane to lead the way.

Starting to walk, not thinking about how she maybe shouldn't have this guy behind her as she moves so he can be scoping her out, Jane moves toward the building with a chuckle. "May, Mr. Cain, you might not want to skateboard or play Batman in here, though." Through the door, into the structure, and to the elevator she goes. A button marked six is pressed, she holds the door for him to enter.

Scoping out the goods, Jaden smiles and keeps up the pace enough to not lose his view. He blinks and frowns, not really sure if he should be flattered or upset that people knew he was Batman. He really should work on his Adam West impression. Or just find a different Batman to be. He slides into the elevator with her and leans back against the wall. "Can't make any promises." is tossed in her direction with a flirty smile. But that's just Jaden. "And please, please, please, please, please! Call me Jaden. I'll turn into Mr. Cain when I hit 40 and I'm old as dirt."

"Fair enough, Jaden," she replies with a laugh. "I get the whole fun loving thing, I really do. My name's Doctor M. Jane Forrest, Yale Law '06. Yet here I am working as a professional guitarist instead of in a stuffy law office somewhere. You don't have to call me Doctor, either. Jane's good enough. Long as I get called in time to be paid."

"You're the doc, Doc." Jaden quoteth the Marty McFly, before he moves right on to thinking about something else. And it's got something to do with a stethoscope, the courtroom and some very physical examinations. But he shakes his head out of it and stops staring before he gets caught. Stop staring, Jaden! Ahem. "I think I'm gonna' like you. Choosing music over law? Definitely a major bonus to you score." Not that she was keeping track or anything.

"I like me," she replies with a laugh. "But the 'rents weren't happy. I would've been her a few years ago to try the music life, but… they insisted on doing law school and I'm the dutiful daughter, so… I still feel that, but I built up enough spine to not let them marry me off to some future senator or President. Parties like yours, the little black dress, I've been to quite a few over the years since I hit sixteen." She raises one hand to her mouth and yawns dramatically. "That's how they normally make me feel, but yours… was different. Not sure I'd be all into shattering ceilings to liven things up, or making young women wear Robin garb, but then I'm not you. If I'm bored, frustrated, or angry I grab a guitar and sing." What she doesn't say is how sometimes she plays guitar to avoid screaming, because if she did she'd break glass without need of a Batman entrance.

"Let's go get married. Right now. I'll pay." Jaden kids (RIGHT?) as he gazes upon the hotness that is Jane. He doesn't really pursue that line of thought, as it was a joke (MOSTLY!) and he moves right on to tearing his gaze away from her so he doesn't look like something of a stalker. She's trying to get him to admit that he was Batman. But it won't work! He's seen too many superhero movies to fall for it! "I get that a lot. Me being different, I mean. I figure it's just a compliment." He shrugs. "But. If you thought -that- party was awesome, wait until my birthday comes around. I swear, if I can swing it, I'm renting out Times Square for 24 hours. It's gonna' be insane." He pauses. "You should come and play with us!"

Grinning, as the elevator starts to move them up toward the sixth floor, Jane keeps it to herself that Elena told her about the Robin costume thing. A chuckle escapes at the proposal, and she playfully declines. "No, no, that would make my 'rents too ecstatic, guy, you're a CEO and all that, so… I'm the dutiful daughter, can't let them think they won, even for you. Besides," she comments in a lower voice, "I'm a real screamer, you wouldn't want me. I'd burst your eardrums." Again with the unsaid, that her scream wouldn't be heard even though it could damage his hearing. She just smirks in a fashion which suggests she has a secret.

Jaden smiles, already listening in. And taking this completely the wrong way. He's always taking things the wrong way. Especially when girls are flirting with him in a way that suggests that they're not really flirting with him so much as just playing around with words and keeping special abilities hidden within the context of their speech. That almost sounded educated. Too bad Jaden won't remember any of it in this next moment. "I'm willing to take that risk." is the only response he has at the moment for this whole 'screamer' deal. "Maybe we could discuss it over dinner." Pause. Wink. "Or we can skip dinner and roll right into the Risky Business." Movie reference /and/ wordplay innuendo! Score!

"What," Jane asks in reply with a laugh, "you want me to lay you, then steal your shirt and sing a Bob Seger tune as I slide across the floor in just that and my underwear, Jaden? Using a small statue as a mike?" Her eyes roll and she adds "Yeah, that'll happen." Sarcasm, anyone? "Anyway, I'm not blonde like Rebecca DeMornay and my name isn't Lana, so I'm disqualified automatically on those grounds." Ding! The elevator stops and the doors open, she walks forward to enter the recording studio ahead of her.

Okay. The fact that she even knows enough about the movie to make the reference back and rebuttal it is enough to make Jaden stay in the elevator for a brief moment longer. He lingers, staring at Jane as she heads towards the studio. "Wow." Shaking out of this before it becomes a Daydream Sequence, he steps out into the hall with her and decides to follow along even more now. "Okay, so forget the statue. I could settle for everything else. I've got no problems negotiating." He does, out of something that could be considered habit, do the gentlemen thing and pulls the door open for her. See? He has manners! Kind of.

She stops as he pulls the door open and offers "Thank you, Jaden." In Jane goes, guitar case and backpack with her. She follows the gratitude with a laugh, and adds "Negotiating, are we? Careful, Jaden, I'm an Ivy League lawyer, y'know? Granted, me taking your shirt off your back is part of the deal, but there'll be much, much more."

Ahead of her is a young female receptionist, she looks like she might be twenty-one or two. "Karen, right? Sorry if it's not, we didn't get much time to talk yesterday when I came here. Which room am I heading for?"

"I can hardly wait." Jaden says, clearly stuck on the much, much, more part. Which is just fine and dandy with him. He likes more. He actually loves more. More is good. If she's thinking of the same more that he's thinking of. Then he couldn't ask for much more than that more! As Jane does her thing with the receptionist, he finds that it is high time for him to try and show off. So he slides right on up to the desk where the receptionist is. He leans right on it. "Hey, sweetheart, listen. I'm Jaden Cain. Richest kid in America, right? So here's how this is gonna' work. I'm thinking about buying this place. And all the people in it." Karen(?) just stares at him. "And so I kinda' need to speak to the big wigs, no offense. So we'll be in… which one is the biggest room you guys have here?" Karen doesn't even notice her hand going up to point down the hall at the last door. "Awesome. We'll be in that one. Getting ready to make her…" He thumbs back at Jane. "… a star. Thanks, you're a doll. Get those guys down here, wouldja? I've got an After Lunch date with Warren Beatty to discuss a new Dick Tracy flick and I can't be late." He winks at her, doesn't even give her a chance to respond and moves to take Jane's hand and lead her towards the most expensive studio in this place.

Karen… just picks up the phone to call the big guys.

Oh, dear, he wants to buy the place? Ack. That was unexpected. Jane walks toward Room A, glancing back at Karen as she makes that call, and shakes her head. Being playful with the guy is getting into the territtory of unintended consequences, and she just has to hope the guy is gentleman enough to take no for an answer, or to let things remain in the realm of banter and innuendo. Hopefully, she hopes, he was just joking, but then again, he seems the type to buy the place just because he feels like it and it's fun. So she continues on. "Need a place to make Jaden and the 'Munks records?" On reaching room A she sets down her gear and opens the guitar case. It's got a small amp in there along with the Fender Strat and a copy of Black Canary issue one which is visible when she takes out the instrument. Looking up next, she gazes through the window of the booth and spots the engineers as she goes to plug a lead into the equipment.

"Nah. Not really. We do that at my place. I've got a studio there. It's pretty sweet." Seems like Jaden has forgotten all about the innuendo now that music has taken precedence in the conversation. "Nah, this is for you. I say you got mad talent. You know you got mad talent. I figure the best way to get you a record deal or something, is to let the head honchos hear it for themselves." He shrugs and starts to step back and away from the equipment. He's clumsy. "And what better way to get them down here than to pull a Bruce Wayne?" He winks and starts towards the door to the engineering room. "I'll be out here talking you up. Don't make me look bad." There's a smile and he's off to go sit behind the engineers and ask them a bunch of annoying questions about the buttons and switches.

Meanwhile, Karen has gotten ahold of Rocky and he's on his way down with the others! Woo!

After plugging in and listening to Jaden, she grins widely. "Thanks for the votes of confidence, guy. And the talking up." Her fingers move over the guitar and test its tuning, once she's satisfied she speaks through the intercom with the engineers on the other side and puts on headphones. "So, guys," she taps the music stand where material's been laid out, "this is the piece we start with?" Her eyes look it over carefully, making note of the key and tempo.

Jaden has literally just grabbed up a chair and is squeezed between the two engineers and is giving Jane a thumbs up through the glass. He's smiling like he's already got everything under control, before looking over towards the one engineer that's leaning up to use the microphone, "Yeah, we're gonna' start with that one. Go ahead and make it your own though. Your boyfriend here says you rock, so let's hear it." Jaden smiles even bigger upon hearing that and gets ready to shrug helplessly in case that gets him a glare from Jane.

Boyfriend?! Waitaminute! Her expression says it all, a reminder that no such relationship was agreed upon in any way. It's brief, and from there she's all business. The expression becomes focused and her fingers go into motion, expertly manipulating strings and frets with a skill that evinces her years of practice and study. It's a metal piece, heavy and demanding in difficulty, and she pulls it off well. As she plays, an edginess can be heard, something which suggests at some point she went through the wringer and uses her guitar to channel things. Her eyes track scored music across the pages, the head begins to move up and down in a rhythm while she moves around from place to place in the studio like she might at a small club before an audience.

"See? Told you." Jaden leans back in his chair, propping his feet up on the board… which only causes him to fall backwards and crash into the floor. Nothing else is really needed to know, since there music makers are too busy listening in to really pay attention to the floored CEO. The door to that room opens and in comes Chris Griffin and Jeff Swart, followed by the big man himself, Rocky Gallo. "Uh, hi? Guess who just found you the next big rock star?" Jaden offers a small wave to them from his spot on the floor.

Jane's playing, and thus unaware of the floored benefactor. Chords flow from her fingers, she listens for commentary and advice through the headphones as she pours it all out into the equipment. What's in her head? So many things. Cold turkey experience, fear of Sylar, elation and euphoria to be laying it down in a place like this. Quick fingers are called for in the segment she's reaching just then, and her own don't fail to meet the task.

Clambering back up to his feet, Jaden fixes the chair and slings an arm around Rocky's shoulder. "She's awesome. I had a party the other night, right? She rocked the house like she was channeling Jimi. I swear, if she's not his long lost love child…" Jaden talks the girl up to the big wigs and they all seem to be listening. Mostly to the sound coming in, not Jaden. They don't even know who he is.

"She got a manager? Agent? Somebody?"

Jaden flips a card out from between his fingers, holding it out to present to Rocky. "Jaden Cain. At your service." While Rocky's looking at the card, Jaden sneaks a glance through the glass and a quick thumbs up, in case Jane can sneak a peek.

She doesn't, of course, hear the conversation going on, there's just the occasional glimpse of thumbs up being offered when Jane seeks to make eye contact with the persons on the other side, just as if she were onstage and following the practice of making it seem she's playing to and for that person in that particular moment.

More talking happens between Jaden and the Cutting Room Staff. He has them eating out the palm of his hand by this point. It's the only thing he can really do well. Talk. There's just something about him. Something honest. Something… Jaden. They're all shaking hands by this point and starting to jam to the session that Jane is making way better than they thought it would be initially. So much so that they don't even want to stop her to tell her the good news. She's wailing away too good for them to break her stride.

And as he does his thing, she does hers, and time passes. Eventually the music laid before her is played out, and Jane's fingers go still. She looks up then with a spreading, euphoric grin, seemingly about to gush at having played in a place like this. Her eyes settle on the men gathered beyond the glass, as if expecting commentary or the giving of additional material.

Jaden steps back and out of the way as Rocky leans in to press the button on the microphone. He's got a grave smile (somehow) on his face and just leers through the glass. "Jane, is it?" He doesn't even really wait for her response. This is just too good of an opportunity to pass up. "If I said we wanted to give you a record deal… how fast could you get a band together?" Jaden does the thumbs up thing once more to make sure Jane doesn't pass up this whole opportunity that he talked so hard to get her.

Her eyes widen at the question, and she replies "Very fast, sir." She's got the backpack near her feet, Jane bends and digs into it, unwittingly giving he who leers what might be a very good view, and comes up with her phone. Fingers tap the device screen like she's dialing a number, a bud is put into one ear, and she adds "I'm calling two people who've played with me now. Just need a drummer. Is that cool, calling them to come here, like, now?" The lawyer in her, as well as the aspiring musician, knows to strike while the iron is hot.

"That's fast. I like it. But hold off. This is gonna' be your band… and our next big thing. So I don't want you to rush it things. We'll set up a meeting. You bring your girls and I'll bring the contracts. Talk to Karen on your way out for the time." He's about to turn and leave with his co-workers, when Jaden leans up and whispers in the guy's ear. Rocky rolls his eyes and leans back to the microphone. "And he says give him a kiss. On the cheek." A glance back at Jaden will show him standing there with a goofy little smile on his face.

She snickers, glancing at the man. "We'll see," Jane answers. She cancels the call she was about to make. "This is excellent, sir." In her mind she's already thinking about those contracts and how well she can do with them, given her legal training and the leverage Cain's presence here could have given. Her gear is collected, the guitar put back in the case and slung over a shoulder, then the pack. "Thanks a million for your time, guys!" And the mental wheels keep going. Drummer, need a drummer. Got to find a drummer. Moments later she's exiting the room.

Jaden stays behind for a bit longer to get things handled and what not before he's stepping fast to catch up to Jane. "So. How'd I do?" He doesn't even really know the power he possesses. He's just trying to help out someone that might end up being a friend at some point in time. In the future. Not to mention he kind of thinks she's hot so that could have something to do with all of this too.

"Great!" she replies with a broad smile and leans in to give that asked for kiss to his cheek. When she pulls back her eyes are wide. "Anastasia and Amanda are going to flip out when I tell them." A deep breath is taken, and Jane continues on. "Thanks so much for coming in and doing that. Really." Her voice lowers to a conspiratorial tone, and she shares "I'm looking forward to the contracts, I think they can be made into solid deals, without the traps a lot of new performers get drawn into. See, when I did law school I wasn't just being the dutiful daughter, I had a plan."

Blushing from the kiss on his cheek, Jaden gets into a position of being lost when she starts mentioning contracts and all of that crazy stuff. He's not exactly the best person to be talking to when talking about smart stuff. He barely has a brain. "Well, it was your playing. I just kind of… got 'em down here to listen." He plays the modest role because that's how he is. "All I know is that I better get backstage passes to your first concert." There. He's added in yet another stipulation, though it happens to be said with a hint of a joke attached to it.

"Of course, Jaden," she replies easily. Jane's more than happy to do that. "Backstage passes it is, man." Her voice pauses, and she adds "The plan was when I got into the business I wouldn't need to trust lawyers and such, because I'd already be one, you know? And I could also help other new artists not get ripped off, at the worst work with those folks who administer copyrights." And she lets that thread go. "Getting them down here, grandly done. Talent's good, but in New York there's a lot of it. Sometimes it takes spectacle and boldness too. Thanks for supporting mine with yours, truly." It's sincere gratitude, she's proud and wantng to make it on her own steam, she knows she has, what he's done is simply the getting of people into the right place for hearing it.

"Awesome." And then he's looking at his expensive ass watch. "Y'know, I'm probably gonna' have to jet. I got meetings that I should've been at an hour ago." Apparently, he cares more about helping people follow their dreams than his own company. Which can be tough, but as long as he's done his part to help someone, he feels good enough. "Listen, you guys can use my place to practice if you want. Maybe… if you don't mind, I could kinda' help you guys get your image together. Y'know, sort of pass along my band leading experience?"

"Advice is always welcome," Jane answers seriously. "Although my mates and I would make the final decisions, you'll be listened to thouroughly. Rock is, after all, about defying convention, that touch of rebelliousness and adventure, you're good at drawing out the fun and engineering spectacle." She pauses, adding "I'm a proud woman, you know, I like the feel of doing things on my own, and I have. I will still. But you won't be shut out of the party." It's an honest statement, spoken in quiet voice. "Gotta go make some contacts soon too, Stasia and Amanda. Be good, don't let this meeting grind you down, yeah?"

Jaden tosses the woman a wink and just shakes his head. "I'm never down. Besides, if I get bored, I'll just fire them all." He's kidding, of course and is already pulling out his cell phone as he walks away to go handle his business. His skateboard has been left somewhere in this studio and he's practically on the elevator when he has his mom's costume designer on the phone. "Hey, Tess? Yeah, it's Jaden." Ding! He climbs on the elevator and presses the Lobby button. "Please tell me you've seen Josie and The Pussycats…" Doors close.

That last bit she doesn't hear, because as soon as he headed for the elevator Jane turned away and headed for Karen's desk to make the neccessary appointment. It's maybe another ten minutes before she herself gets into the elevator and taps the button as her other hand starts a phone call. "Stasia! Hey, round Amanda up, and anybody you know who plays drums. I struck gold at Cutting Room!"

Some odd twenty minutes later, Karen gets up from her desk to go do something and steps on the skateboard, sliding off to smash into something else and… well… let's just say all's well that ends well, right?

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