2010-05-06: Skittles And Nai-Nai



Date: May 6, 2010


"There are negotiations being made that are going to answer all of your questions and solve all of your problems. That's all I can tell you right now," Michael in The Godfather.

"Skittles and Nai-Nai"

Takahashi's Office Building — NYC

It's been a trying week for Natsumi Takahashi. More men dead, others wounded, some irreparably. All-in-all things aren't going well in her life of crime. Her more legitimate businesses, however, are flourishing. At the top of Takahashi investment tower in New York City she sits at her desk awaiting her next appointment — a less than legitimate one. She smoothes her right eyebrow before rising to her feet and staring out the window, the familiar click click of her heels echoes against the floor in the very feng shui office. A glance is given to her favourite sword on the wall. More than anything she wants to take off her associate's head. But that would mean severe retribution, and as it stands if she can avoid such things they ought to be, particularly as she likes her own head happily attached to her neck.

Absently, she raises a hand to her neck. The office itself is somewhat sparse. It contains several swords on the walls — all sharpened. A white couch, and a clear acrylic desk complete with a matching chair.

The Japanese woman turns to face the door as her assistant buzzes her phone, notifying her she has a visitor. Smoothing her black blazer she poises herself for her guest's arrival.

"I want the skittles." A male voice can be heard before the door is opened and a blonde haired man walks into the office. He tilts his head at the Asian woman and he winks, before his eyes narrow. "You look older." He says with a dark grin, one hand in his dark suit jacket.

"Been a while." He says to Natsumi and then he's whistling and running a hand along the walls before he comes to leaning against the window, looking the woman up and down. His icy blue eyes study the woman.

"Miss me?" he asks in a singsong voice. Roberto hopes that he has been missed.

Skittles. Always skittles. Swallowing, Natsumi's expression remains neutral. Meetings like this are always infuriating. She keeps her mild irritation at bay, "And you, old." She manages a polite business-like smile before extending a hand to the sofa, imploring her visitor to sit down before click click click she marches back to her desk. "I don't believe miss is really the right word. Why? You miss me, Harlin?"

She blinks and returns to a rather stoic expression. "My employees have suggested that you haven't been holding up your end of our bargain." Her dark eyes flit to find Roberto's gaze. "Our negotiations were clear that the harbour was ours and you were going to find more associations in New Jersey rather than New York City."

"I might have." Roberto says with a grand smile and then he's leaning against the sofa. And then his eyes are narrowing at Natsumi and she knows that look. It's not the look of Oh I Want To Hug You. Leaning forward he levels his gaze at the woman.

"No." he says with a growl, "You said that, I never agreed." Period. "And if you want to tango over this.." he leaves it at that before he blinks and looks out of the window. "I don't need the docks anymore. You can have them."

"It's in both of our best interests to stop crossing paths. I've lost men, but then so have you." Natsumi leans back in her chair, her own eyes emitting little emotion and giving little indication of her thoughts if they could, they would be torn. The Yakuza life isn't exactly built for such negotiations; she can imagine her grandfather turning in his grave at this moment.

"Tea?" she offers flatly before buzzing her assistant to come in with a tea set — including a package of skittles for her visitor. Sumi may be a crime lord, but she's also a gracious host. "And why no? You are powerful. I don't question that. But your men — " she blinks. "They're ill-equipped to handle anything big. My men have compared them to puppies. Loveable, cutesy, sometimes stupid, puppies." Her lips edge into something that almost resembles a smile.

Taking the skittles and ripping the bag open to pop a few into his mouth. He shakes his head to tea, the whole while staring the assistant straight in the eye. Then he winks and grins at the woman before looking back over to Natsumi. "Yeah, my men can be boneheads. Okay, I'll make them back off. As long as you keep playing nice, Nai-Nai."

He throws a red skittle in the air and leans his head back to catch it in his mouth. "So, that is all. No tramping on the docks in the city for me and no tramping on the docks in Jersey for you. I like that."

"You will address me as Natsumi," she replies coolly before pouring herself a cup of tea and bringing the teacup up to her lips. "Well, you could stop selling your contraband at Battery Park which is clearly our territory." Her eyebrows arch as she leans back in her chair, and crosses her legs. A vague glance is given to her sword on the wall. It's so close, yet she doesn't dare use it.

"And we won't use the Jersey docks," the sentence is almost said disdainfully. Why would she lower herself to New Jersey? Really?! "I knew we could resolve some of this civilly."

"You stay away from Queens and Harlem." Roberto says as he chews a few more skittles and then his eyes go to the sword as well. "You can have the other boroughs." Except for the clubs in Midtown, he keeps those. But he isn't going to debate that with the woman. Sighing he stands and stretches. "I have things to do. People to kill, you know.. the usual."

Whistling, the man begins to make his way over to the doors to leave.

"If we find your deals transpiring on our territory again, we will shoot. You know that," Natsumi almost-smiles as she too stands to her feet and steps towards the door. Smoothing her skirt she issues Roberto a bow. "Be well, Harlin."

After closing the door behind him, she steps over to the phone and quickly dials a number. "Make sure you recruit more of them. If we are going to take over Queens and Harlem we will need people like Adam Monroe. Roberto Harlin is not a man to be trifled with before we attempt anything — "

The door is gently opened and footsteps can be heard before Roberto's voice comes from around the corner. "Your assistant.. seems kind of not herself." He says before he cackles wildly and Natsumi's secretary does indeed walk in the office, a hollow look in her eyes. She opens and closes her mouth before she takes the letter opener from her pocket and then looks at the Asian crime boss with wide eyes. She then jams the thing into her neck.

Blood squirts all over Natsumi's desk and the woman falls to her knees, jerking and twitching.

"Do you have them in your sights?" Roberto asks in the phone as he descends in the elevator. He'll have to take the stairs in a moment. "Yes.. yes.. don't make a move yet. I'm not ready for them.. but soon." As Roberto hangs the phone up he looks down at pictures in his hands. One of a blonde therapist.. Sydney and a friend of hers.. a redhead.. Amy.

"And so it begins.." he says softly before he begins to laugh wildly head thrown back and eyes wide.

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