2007-11-10: Skywalker Calling Apprentice


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Summary: As requested by Elena, Peter calls up Ian to bring him along on the mission. They also talk about other stuff. Power related and otherwise.

Date It Happened: November 10, 2007

Skywalker Calling Apprentice

Phone Call

Stepping into his apartment with a paper plate in saran wrap with brownies, Peter puts them down on his counter, locks the door, then reaches for his phone. Hopefully, the young man won't be in a class right now. Dialing the number that Elena texted to him, he paces deeper into his apartment and waits.

Pete's in luck. Because Ian is currently getting up close and personal with a PS3. Right in the middle of slaughtering untold numbers of stormtroopers, in point of fact. But he slams the game to pause and picks up. "Jackson," he says, with an odd perkiness. "Whozis?"

Nothing's quite as fun as tossing ships at a stormtrooper… Peter does not know this is the case, though, when he speaks up, "Hello, Ian? This is Peter Petrelli— Elena's boyfriend? She gave me your phone number. I'm working on something to help her get better— so she can go back to school, and she thought you might be able to help me."

There's a momentary crackle of distortion, before Ian answers, "Okay. Whatcha need from me?" No demurral, no further questioning. Apparently he trusts Elena that far.

That was pretty fast. There's no crackle of distortion on his side of the conversation, but Peter does sound surprised. "Really? That's it? Elena really has a way of getting people to help out," he says with a hint of a smile in his voice. "I'm going to investigate someone— the widow of a man who died of the same virus. We're trying to find out how he contracted the other half, what connects him to us, besides the quarantine we were all in. We think that finding that info will give us the clues we need to cure it for everyone. I'm not sure what you go to school for, but Elena thought I could use another pair of eyes, someone who might ask questions I don't, that sort of thing. I'm already bringing someone else too, but three people's just as good."

Ian's voice is surprisingly deep, considering his slightness of build. "I'm a bio major, in as much as that matters, now. I mean, I'm still in the basic distribution requirements, y'know? So, this guy died of what made Elena sick, and you wanna figure out where he got it? I don't know how much use I'll be, but I'm happy to try."

"Bio major works good," Peter says softly. "My cover story for a lot of this is— I'm still a registered nurse, technically, I just don't work as one right now— so I'm planning to say the other two— you and Kitty, do you remember her? You're going to be introduced as college students along to observe. But you can toss out questions you come up with two. Kitty's along for a purpose. I want her to check out the house while I'm talking to her, so I might need you to run interference. Maybe even knock the power out if we need to get out fast, that sort of thing."

There's a rather sinister chuckle at that. "Be careful what you ask for. But I can do that. AT least, very locally," Ian says, tone amused. "And I can fake it. When're you thinking? And where are we going to do this?"

"You never know— what happens, happens. I might do it myself just being around you," Peter says with a hint of a joke, but he leaves it there for now. "In the next couple of days. When all of us have free time to go do it. We'll be meeting at my apartment," To which he gives the address to, repeats if needed. "I'll rent a car and take us over there."

"Oh, hell, that's right. You learn other people's tricks. How fast do you learn to -control- them, though, when you get them? Not to puff myself up, but if you fuck around with what I can do, it can be deadly to the weak or the old," Ian says, tone a bit more somber.

"Pacemakers and the like, I'm guessing? Don't worry, that's why we're meeting up at my apartment," Peter explains, looking over at the stuff here. Mmm. Maybe he should meet him downstairs in the lobby. He likes his television. "I've already got your ability once, but I don't think it stuck. If it happens again, I'll just be using a different ability the whole time, one I can control. Most the time I'm limited to one."

There's silence for a heartbeat, before he says, embarassedly, "Yeah. I….you can pre-empt one trick by using another? IT's like the plasmids in Bioshock, or something, right?"

"Pla— what? Bioshock?" It would seem that Peter doesn't spend much time playing video games. "There's a few abilities I can use at the same time, but it's pretty difficult for me. Takes more effort— doesn't happen on it's own— well, rarely." There's a couple times it did, but those were special and he needed to get punched fast.

"How do you DO that?" Ian wonders. Man, he's a persistent little bastard.

"Switch between abilities? Well…" Peter hesitates a moment. "I think about the people I got them from, usually. Or they're triggered by emotions." Is that what he's wanting to know?

"I mean, how do you do it at all?" rephrases Ian. "I mean, I got this one card in my deck, you know, and that's like it."

"Oh, well— I'm not exactly sure. I absorb the abilities of others," Peter tries to explain, moving to sit down at his computer chair. "Like a power sponge, I guess. Far as I know there's only one other person who's got an ability like this."

"Actually, there's a good question. You ever seen duplicates? I mean, more than one person with the same ability?" Ian persists, sprawling back on his beanbag chair.

"I— yeah, I've seen people with similar abilities," Peter says, trying to think of the best way to explain it. "Some abilities are more similar than others— There's differences most the time, but— some overlap at least."

"Neat. You should write a book," Ian suggests, the idea apparently having just occurred to him.

"A book?" That seems to amuse Peter, slightly. "Well, I do currently work at a store which would sell that kind of book, but I somehow doubt people would believe me, unless I try to pass it off as fiction."

"I've worked at a bookstore. People will believe -anything-," Ian asserts, with utmost assurance.

"I'll think about it," Peter says with a hint of a laugh. "I'm going to try and see when we can head over there. I'll call you back later and give you some warning before we meet up."

"Attaboy. Snog your girlfriend for me," Ian says.

"We'll get her well first," Peter says, though there's a hint of a pause in his voice, as if he's not sure how to take that comment. "Thanks for the help." With that, he hangs up.

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