2009-10-24: Small Rebellion



Date: October 24, 2009


Micah catches Cam up on the rescue, and Rebel, and they plan a rescue of their own.

"Small Rebellion"

Micah and Cam's Room, Orphanage

It's been a very long day for Micah so far, and it's only half over. While it was a night time rescue for his friends, it was the wee hours of the morning for Micah (most would still call it night). He'd tried to be as silent as possible, but when one of the adults had awoke to a feverish Micah on his laptop at a ridiculously early time, he'd been busted, removed from the computer earlier than he'd have wanted.

But it's noon now. And it's become somewhat quieter for the the teen. That is, aside from the text messages he's received in response to the one he'd sent about Peter. And so Micah lays on his bed, still feverish, very exhausted, but unable to actually sleep. With the images imprinted in his mind, he'll be lucky if he sleeps at all this week.

With Cam sleeping through most of the rescue, he only found out in the morning about Micah's feverish and exhausted condition. Now, he comes back in after venturing down to lunch, bringing a plate with him which he sets down where Micah can reach it. "Still can't sleep?"

A weary smile is given to his friend as he sits up. "Nah. Just… too much going on in my head, you know?" It's the answer he's given everyone today. They've all assumed it about his parents, the people pursuing them, or something of the like. It's really not. His brown eyes dart around the room as if looking for spies. "I think we're actually alone." The ladies around the orphanage have been constantly checking up on Micah today. He bites his bottom lip as he considers something, but says nothing for the moment.

Cam nods a little to Micah. "So, what happened?" Then before he can answer, "Oh, hold on." He stands up, going over to the door. Making sure it's closed, he places his hand on the doorframe. Ice forms quickly, blocking the door shut, with a handle-shaped piece sticking out. He steps back, "Now we're really alone. We can break it off from in here, but nobody outside will get the door open except by knocking it down. Been practicing that when I was on the run. So, what's up?" He sits on the edge of his bed again.

A small smile is quirked at the door handle. Cam was always so creative. Consideration is given to the question as Micah hrms about it. "Okay, if I tell you something, you have to swear not to tell the adults. Any of them. I'm pretty sure almost all of them would blow it out of proportion…" He unconsciously lowers his voice, "I was part of a rescue mission last night, and none of them know it. Not even the ones that were part of it…"

Cam nods quickly to Micah, and says, "Yeah, I swear it, I won't tell anybody." He leans forward a little to listen, and his eyes widen at the explanation, "Wow, really? You were helping them, through the net, then? How'd it go? What happened?" He looks both excited and curious.

Micah explains, "I have this alias: Rebel. I've been contacting different people via text as Rebel. It's all completely untraceable. It was to organize everyone so we could free the prisoners from the train." He swallows. "And it worked! The prisoners that were being transferred are free. Except… the government goons caught Peter. Of all people they caught Peter. And some of those goons have abilities. Cam, they're like us! I don't get how they could do that to people like themselves!"

Cam grins at the mention of the alias, and says, "Awesome." Then he blinks again, "They got Peter? *How*? I thought they'd never be able to catch him." He leans back a bit and to the last just shrugs a bit. "You saw what my dad did to try to stay out of jail that time. I bet if he was like us and they offered to let him out if he worked for them, he'd be all for it."

"Peter got hit by a helicopter!! A freak-ing HELICOPTER!" Micah sputters still in disbelief. "It was like horrifying but super cool at the same time. Like it hit him and then exploded on him!" Micah makes an exploding noise. "Yeah, fair enough. I wouldn't ever work for them. We're not all bad."

Cam's eyes widen again, "Oh, wow. That's… well, bad they got him, but awesome too. At least he could survive that. Hit one of us and we'd just be splat." He pauses and then asks, "Do you know where they took him? We'll have to do another rescue. Um.. after you're rested and stuff, I mean," he adds quickly.

"I know! If it happened to anyone else it wouldn't have been cool at all. But I keep seeing it in my head when I close my eyes," Micah shudders and then nods at Cam. "Rebel texted all of the contacts in Peter's phonebook, telling them what happened to Peter and not to trust anyone that calls from that phone." He smirks and then adds, "I've gotten two responses so far. The first was from this really fast girl and the second was a call… from Cass." Niki was Cass's daughter's godmother. "We'll organize something. Hopefully within the next couple of days. I really do need the rest." He beams, "Cam, it was pretty awesome to be part of. I've never used my ability like that, probably why I feel so crummy."

Cam nods quickly again and says, "Yeah, probably. Overdoing a power's just as bad as overdoing anything else. Kory did once and her power stopped working at all for weeks. We'd be in real trouble if that happened to you."

"Yeah, that really wouldn't be good," Micah frowns. "Especially right now with everything going on. I need to keep on top of everything. Way harder than I thought it would be." He sighs deeply as he closes his eyes, "You and I should get Peter out. I bet we could do it better than the adults. And Molly could help! Like find him and stuff." Now that's a thought. "The only thing is, Charlotte would probably notice we were missing and then get us or something."

Cam nods quickly and grins, "Yeah, we'd do way better. With you, me, and Molly together, we have all the skills we'd need to get in. And to get out, too, especially if we can get Peter wake, or his power working or stop whatever they're doing to keep him from escaping by himself." He considers that last thing and says, "Well, that's easy enough. We tell her we're going to talk to another kid like us, one you found through the net but who won't trust any adults. A telepath, maybe, so he'd know if there was an adult with us just hiding. We can tell her we'll call if they come after us and to come get us in a few hours if we don't."

"That's brilliant!" Micah pipes up. "We could totally do this!" He yawns and stretches before quipping, "We need a plan. Later… after I sleep… I'll try to figure out where they're holding him and get schematics of the building or we can have Molly try to find him." Micah would get Molly now but has some explaining to do before asking her to randomly try to find Peter Petrelli. "Then we can come up with an actual plan."

Cam nods quickly and grins again, "Yeah, you get some sleep. This whole rescue won't work if you're too tired to do anything. I'll start thinking of things we might need, and where to get them, while you rest."

"Sounds good," Micah agrees as he lays back down. "Thanks Cam," he yawns as he crowls under the covers and closes his eyes.

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