2010-08-12: Smooth



Date: August 12, 2010


… and we're not talking about just the ice.


Skating Rink - NYC

After whisking Lizzie away from the coffee shop, Aiden promptly stated that he would be taking her on a proper date, sans fancy clothing. He never did like dressing up, anyhow, and where he was taking her, fancy dresses and Jimmy Choos would only get in the way. He's been quite secretive about where he's taking her, even going so far as to only give an address to the driver of the cab he coerced the girl into. He did his homework for this date!

After a brief drive through New York traffic, they have reached their destination: an ice skating rink. "Have you ever been ice skatin', Miss Lizzie?" He holds her hand as they walk, that oh-so-charming smile still on his face.

"Seriously?" Lizzie smiles up at him as she swings their clasped hands lightly between them. "I've lived in New York all my life. I don't think there's anyone here that hasn't." She's unusually naive for a New Yorker, blame it on the sheltered life. The young woman does give a nervous glance over to the rink though, then looks up at him as her smile fades a little. "I'm not very good though, I hope you are."

Her nervous state only increases when they reach the rental counter. Lizzie's thin eyebrows upturn slightly as she eyes the used skates. Giving the clerk a brave little smile, she scoots a little closer to Aiden, even going so far as to use his arm to hide half of her face. Whether it's shyness or nervousness at some aspect of what's behind the counter is really anyone's guess. "Can't we just slide around in our runners?" she murmurs to her date, her tone is much too low for the person behind the counter to hear them.

Aiden offers a soft chuckle as she speaks. "I only went ice skatin' once when I was a kid, in Baton Rouge. Luckily, I rollerbladed a lot when I could, and it's really not all that different." He smiles, wrapping his arm around the girl's shoulders as they arrive at the rental counter.

He seems to notice her nervousness as she regards the rental skates, turning to peer at her for a moment, before smiling up at the rental clerk. Then, without another word, he promptly steers the girl toward the skating shop itself. "I don't blame you for not wantin' to rent those skates. Never know what's been in there." He grins. "How 'bout I buy you your own ice skates? That way, we can make this a habit. Either that, or you can have a souvenir of our first date." He gestures towards the wall of ice skates.

The young woman's already large blue eyes widen to the size of tea saucers. "You don't have to do that… really. I— I have my own money. I can pay for it." She's not exactly in the presence of mind to argue too much though, that much is quite clear. At the word 'habit' her lips twitch a little in a brief smile and she nods. "That'd be really nice," she says in a softer tone as a slight blush creeps across her cheeks and up over her nose.

When she's finally able to tear her eyes away, Lizzie looks over the selection of ice skates available. Plain leather ones, fuzzy ones, white ones, pink ones, zebra stripes, there's something for everyone up on the racks. "Uhm.. I.. doooon't know…" her words are elongated as she pulls a little bit away from Aiden to get a little closer to some fake fur ones.

Aiden smiles warmly down at the girl, waving a hand. "Sugar, it's no problem at all. This is a date, where I'm supposed to woo you into fallin' for me." He offers a wink. "Besides, I was raised to never let a lady pay for her own things. It's just not right." He offers a wink down to her, gently brushing his thumb across your cheek. "And it's certainly not right to let such a beautiful lady as yourself use her funds. That'd be like a sin."

As she starts to pull away, he rubs her back, before giving it a pat. No vulgarities here, he's all gentleman. "Knock yourself out, cher. Whichever ones you want, don't matter how expensive it is." With that, he turns to the men's skates, promptly selecting a pair of simple black leather skates.

Lizzie's not as quick when it comes to picking things out as her date is. In fact, she's rather slow about it. Being on a budget, her usual method of shopping doesn't exactly work. Aiden said one pair, not all of them and decide which ones look best with which outfit later. By the time he makes it back to her with his skates, she's got five pairs pulled down and is examining them very carefully.

"Which ones do you think?" Of the choices available, she's picked out the zebra stripes, a pair of purple furry ones, a pair of gold furry ones, a plain pair of white leather, and a pair of white leather with flames painted on the toes.

His box held under his arm, Aiden is…slightly surprised by the large selection she's pulled out. A smile forms on his face. "Well, I'm a simple man, and those furry ice skates are just a bit too…outrageous. I'm gonna have to say zebra stripes, or either of the white leather skates." He laughs softly, lifting the plain pair. "If I were thinkin' like a beautiful lady, though, I'd say the plain white ones would go good with anything you'd want t'wear."

He doesn't give voice to what goes through his head as he says this. If she could read minds, he'd be in trouble. "But then, I don't have your fashion sense. Down in Avery Island, the most fancy dressin' we got was homecomin' and prom. Maybe th'occasional weddin' or funeral."

"Lately I don't have much fancy dress either," Lizzie emits in a low tone, it rides a fine line between wistful and sad. When she turns back to him, though, she has a small smile on her face and she's plucking the white skates from his hands. "I'll take these ones then, except I won't be able to wear them after labor day." The small joke elicits a bubble of laughter from her that ends in a little sigh.

When the skates have been paid for and they get to the change area, Lizzie picks out a bench and hops onto it. "Sit beside me," she exclaims in a somewhat possessive manner, like a child that doesn't want to let a favorite friend out of its sight. Her shoes are pulled off and the skates pulled on before she starts to lace them up very carefully. "I wasn't lying when I said that I'm really not good. I'll probably be hanging onto the side the whole time." Once the skates are fastened, she tucks her shoes under the bench neatly and waits.

Laughing softly, Aiden nods, though her joke about labor day goes right over his head, or so it seems. Once their sizes have been retrieved, he happily pays for the purchase with cash. No credit cards for him…that would imply a loss of 'control' over his funds.

Once at the changing area, Aiden happily slides onto the bench next to the girl. He slips his hiking boots off and pulls his own skates on, happily following Lizzie's example. He's fairly good at being meticulous, if not OCD about it, and when he's done, his laces even lay perfectly flat against the skates. "Well, I hope you won't hang onto the side. I'd much rather you hang onto my arm." It takes him a bit longer than Lizzie, but when he finishes, he carefully stands, offering a hand to Lizzie. "Don't worry. I won't let you fall, and if you do fall, I'll make sure that you fall on me instead of the ice." He offers a wink.

Taking his arm, Lizzie blushes at the mention of falling on him. She moves very slowly on the skates and when they finally get to the ice, she has a hard time letting go of the bit of rail that she's got a hold of with one hand while clinging to Aiden with the other.

A few teenagers race by them, playing a game of whiplash and the last on the chain gets thrown off a little too close for Lizzie's comfort. "Oo-oh!" she gasps, letting loose the iron grip she has on Aiden and practically flattens herself against the wall.

The tiny baby slides she takes on the ice couldn't even begin to be described as skating. With the way her feet are moving, Lizzie ends up looking much more like a cartoon character than anything graceful. Her eyes sweep out over the ice when she finally manages to steady herself on the wall. "There's a little kid over there that looks better than I do.." The lament is paired with a pitiful expression and with a small push, she comes off the wall only to skid toward Aiden.

Aiden can't help but smile the entire time, watching Lizzie with a rather fond look. God, so adorable he can hardly stand it. She makes him want to grab her up and hug her and never let go! In a good way, though. He seems much more at ease on the ice than her, and while he's certainly not an expert, he's able to stay away from the wall fairly easily, even spinning once as the teens dart past, smiling to the woman.

As she skids toward him, strong arms reach out and catch her, holding her steady. "Don't worry, cher, I gotcha." Once she's steady in his arms, he lifts her hand and offers her a kiss, with just a little hint of that rather intoxicating effect he seems able to produce on her nerves. "Nobody cares how you look, and you shouldn't care what they think anyhow. The only eyes on you that matter here are mine, and I think you look wonderful."

It doesn't take a rocket dentist to figure out that bad skating plus ice plus intoxicating effects are just a combination for disaster. Whether it's what Aiden was going for or not, the moment her nerves tingle just a little, Lizzie seems to melt. Her knees are already wobbly whenever he pulls his trick, add to that a pair of skates? Lizzie's feet slip out from under her and she's left clinging to Aiden's shirt as she tries her best not to pull him down with her.

"Oh no.. I'm so-sorry," she stammers, looking up into his eyes and letting loose a gasp of air. Her fists tighten around the material of the shirt and she tries to pull herself up. It's a good thing that one of his arms is around her, it gives her something to lean against for balance. "We're not going to move more than five feet," she manages. Her sheepish expression is accompanied with a deep blush at their proximity. "I don't.. how do you do that…" She's not talking about the skating, not by the way she's looking at him.

He was expecting the effect. With a grin, he suddenly lifts her up, quite literally off of her feet. The fact that she's tiny, and the fact that he does do his best to work out, makes her quite the easy one to carry. Then, with a small smile, he begins to slowly skate, still holding her princess-style. "It's alright, cher. I don't mind in th'slightest. It just means I can be the knight in shinin' armor or somethin'." He laughs.

Her second remark prompts him to perform a slow twirl, ending up near the wall, where he gently sets her down, making sure to help her keep her balance while allowing her to get a good grip on the wall for her own peace of mind. "It's because I'm blessed, cher. Special." He slides around so he's in front of her. "I can do some pretty amazin' things. Can't really explain it…but I promise, cher, you'll enjoy every bit of it."

He watches quietly as those teens whiplash around again. Suddenly, the one who got too close to Lizzie for comfort lets out a yell as one leg slips out from beneath him, and he falls, skidding across the ice until his shoulder bumps a wall. Serves him right.

Lizzie doesn't let go, not until she's almost up on the wall and even then, she keeps one of her hands on him. Her dainty features point up at him as her eyes search his face, scrutinizes everything he says. "Special…" she repeats with a whisper, then her eyes avert quickly, down to the ice. Slipping her hand off the wall, she wobbles a little bit closer to him. Then, with a somewhat conspiratorial air, she leans in and whispers again. "You mean like.. SSG special?" The superpower support group, if he's been there, he'd know what it meant. If he hasn't, well she'll cross that bridge later.

She chews on her lip while she waits for his answer. Her countenance is a minute attempt at trying to stay neutral but with so many factors against her, it ends up looking a little muddled. "I went to a meeting last week. I was going to go to another one this week." It's her counter offer.

Aiden just so happens to have pretty much crashed a meeting there two weeks ago, when he got irritated by people who were making a fool out of poor Abby. He kind-of messed up when he made everyone shut up, literally; in fact, he was the cause for the signs proclaiming no use of superpowers. His brows raise a bit, and then he nods slowly.

"Yeah, SSG special, you could say." He smiles. "I went about two weeks ago…uh…kinda got a little mad 'cause it seemed like there were a few fakers in there, weren't takin' things very seriously. I kinda broke up the meetin' when I was just tryin' to get everyone t'calm down a little bit." His smile turns sheepish for a moment, before he realizes, oh yeah, she just said she'd been to a meeting. So she's an evolved, too? He grins widely.

"That's great!" That's said a bit louder than he intended, and he clasps Lizzie's hand. After glancing around, he gently wraps an arm around her, and begins to lead her along, keeping her close to the wall to make sure she's comfortable with the skating. "So what can you do? My ability…well, I can kinda see nerves, without really seein' them, and I can tell them to do things." He suddenly glides to a stop, positioning her so she can grab hold of the wall. Then, he plants yet another kiss on the girl's hand, and suddenly that pleasant sensation travels up her arm, lasting but a second. "You'll only ever receive this part of my ability, though. I promise you that."

"I— " That sensation gives her a pause while she looks up at him with a sort of awestruck expression. Blinking rapidly, Lizzie seems to wake from her stupor and she takes a deep breath. "It's not that special…" she murmurs quietly, ducking her head down so that he can't see her blush.

When she thinks it's over, she lifts her head again to reveal a pink tinge to her cheeks. The cautious little smile that accompanies it is shy at the same time. leaning closer to Aiden, she keeps her voice really quiet, it's obvious she's rather uncomfortable talking about it in public. "I went there because I thought they supported people that helped when … things like your life got stolen. I didn't tell them I could do anything."

Smiling, the man gently hooks a finger under her chin, attempting to carefully lift her face so he can look her in the eye. "Cher, you're special no matter what you might think. And if you ever, ever need help, I'll do everythin' I can to help you out. Any time, cher. Just ask." He kisses her hand once more with a grin, though this time it's a normal kiss to the back of the hand. Maybe a little tingly.

He doesn't seem willing to press the subject of her ability. He's not worried about what other people think about him, thus his eagerness to tell her what he can do. But then again, those unfortunate enough to piss him off enough usually end up suffering in one way or another.

Looks like the kid scraped up his arm quite a bit when he fell, though no real damage is done. He's quickly taken off of the ice. Aiden pauses to watch this with a slightly smug look on his face. Little shit deserved it.

Gulping, Lizzie takes a deep breath and reaches into her pocket. After fishing through it, she pulls out a quarter and huddles close to Aiden, holding it between them so that no one else can see. "Only two people know," she starts as she looks up at him with a rather worried expression. "If more found out, they might try to use me or it. Just, more than before." Her final statement seems to imply that she has been in the past and given her current situation, it's quite probable.

She focuses on Aiden's face while holding the quarter tightly between her fingers. The ex-socialite studies his expression quite carefully as the quarter slowly turns from its silver nickel color to a brilliant gold. Then she lowers her hand, palming the quarter and slipping it into his. "It won't last for long, maybe a few minutes or a few hours… but that's it."

Aiden helps out, wrapping an arm around her as she huddles against him. He even gently rubs her arm to give the illusion that he's trying to warm her up. Well, that, and he really does like having the little blonde on his arm. It's quite fulfilling. His brows raise in surprise and a bit of delight as she hands the quarter over, and after taking a brief look at it, he slips it into his pocket.

"That's very special, cher. I can see where lesser men would fall to temptation and use you." He offers one of those sparkling smiles of his, lifting her hand and kissing her knuckles. "I would rather the opportunity to know you than that one li'l thing you can do." He then leans in, planting a kiss on her forehead, if she'll allow it. "I promise, cher, I'll never try t'use you."

Well…he's kind-of fibbing in that respect. That's a great ability to have access to, after all. But he also intends to ensure that she's quite happy with the arrangement. Women always were his weak spot, and his mother's strict gentleman training really does shine through, no matter how greedy or wicked he may be.

Eyelids come down to shield her blue orbs as Aiden kisses her forehead, whether he's fibbing or not, he has that charm. As a result, he's graced with a bright smile of her own, one that simply exudes gratitude. "Thank you," she utters in a near whisper. "I wouldn't be scared, except … Well it really doesn't matter, it doesn't last anyway."

With a little laugh, she wraps her arms around Aiden's waist and gives him a tight hug. "You know, I wasn't this paranoid about being used until I had nothing." Her hold loosens a little but her arms don't completely draw away. "I didn't care about money, I didn't have to. Not much."

Laughing softly, Aiden pushes off so he performs another slow spin with the girl, holding her close and running a hand through her hair. "You are very right, cher. It doesn't last. But you don't have to worry about that no more, cher. So long as I'm around, I'll take care of you. Make sure you're happy." Oh, he'll certainly be sure that she's happy. He's good at that, at positively oozing charm, and at keeping the ladies happy.

He then begins to slowly lead the girl around the skating rink, his arm around her waist. "We really need to get you more comfortable on this ice. Maybe for our next date, we can take some lessons."


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