2009-12-09: Smooth Operator



Date: December 9, 2009


Brayden meets KeLyssa and Adam in Central Park.

"Smooth Operator"

Central Park

With a smirk on his face and yesterday's Times in his hand (with his picture on the front), Brayden (or Nathan, as most know him) sits on a bench in Central Park on his cellphone. He looks very businesslike today in his black Armani suit, blue dress shirt, and bright green tie with santa clauses printed on it. "… did you get in contact with the office… good… good work … No, no don't tell them that… we don't want to seem too eager… we won't… we want the seat, but not that much… we can't look like we're trying to bribe anyone…"

Through the park walks a sight to behold. Or at least something that's a little bit unusual. A girl (or young woman some may call her) who is wearing a blue jeans and a light long-sleeved shirt. It's as if she didn't even take into consideration how cold it was going to be. Even more unusual, she doesn't even look as if she's cold. This strange girl? KeLyssa Gallagher. While she gets given a few strange looks for not bundling up, she ignores them for the most part, being used to them. At present, she's rifling through her purse, trying as she might to find something that has hidden itself in there.

"…no… don't send a gift… whatever you do… good. That's good…" Brayden glances about the park and sees KeLyssa. Well that's strange. With a tilt of his head he wrinkles his nose. That's very odd. But then, she's beautiful, right? It's probably worth trying to start a conversation. "Listen… I'll call you back…" That said, he snaps his phone shut, stands to his feet and approaches. "Are you okay? Lost something?"

KeLyssa sighs and sips up her purse, shaking her head. She stops. Was someone just talking to her? She looks about and spots Nathan nearby and smiles. "Oh, jus' tryin' ta find my cell's all." She responds to him, the southern twang evident in her voice. "Sometimes it likes ta play a li'l bit o' hide an' seek on me. But…b'tween you an' me, I always beat it at it's own game." She grins. For a moment, as she looks at him in silence, she furrows her brow. "Do I know ya from somewhere?" He looks so gosh darned familiar! And then it dawns on her. "I know who ya are! Senator Petrelli! I mean…not any more…although I've been hearin' that ya might be takin' office again, replacin' Senator Wynn."

A fine night for a stroll in the park…well, if you like chilly night strolls, that is! The nigh-immortal man is cutting through Central Park on his way…well, somewhere, he hasn't quite decided yet. Perhaps a coffee, to warm up a bit…or maybe more fitting, a spot of tea. But whiskey goes so much better with coffee though. Adam had spent the day at the library, reading up on all the news stories he could find regarding Wynn and his various escapades. Now with a few pertinent articles tucked into his coat, he's making his way back from the library, destination unknown, approaching KeLyssa and Nathan as they chat.

"No… you don't know me," Brayden answers with a smirk that broadens into a grin at being recognized. "Yes, I'm Nathan Petrelli, ex-Senator Petrelli, actually. Although I am hopeful about the empty seat." His eyes twinkle slightly as he continues to grin at the woman. "Do you… do you want me to try calling your cellphone?" he points to his own with the offer. "It would be no trouble… just give me your number…" he opens to dial. What a smooth operator.

KeLyssa smiles a little. "Why, ain't that nice of ya ta offer." What harm could come of it, really? People are always taught to not speak to strangers, but this is an ex-senator! Senators aren't strangers, they're everyone's friends! Right? As she gives him her cell number, she zippers open her purse and waits for the ringing. When it does finally come, she digs through her purse to the source of the ringing and pulls out her phone. "Aha! An' there it is. Thank ya very much. Ya made the search a whole lot easier. It might've alluded me fer hours had ya not phoned it." She says with a wide smile.

On his stroll, Adam spots two things: first, the ex-Senator; second, the ex-Senator hitting macking on this girl using a trick he probably would've invented…had ne not been locked away in a Company cell when the cell-phone craze first started. "So you know…" he says, sliding up behind KeLyssa, giving her a broad smile, but refraining from putting his arm around her. "He has your number forever now. He could call you at all hours of the day and night, looking for who-knows-what sort of conversations with a pretty, wholesome girl like you. Of course, on the other hand, he was a Senator, right? And you can always trust a politician, right Senator Petrelli?" Adam says, smirking at Nathan.

And who's da man? Brayden's the man! After she finds her phone, he offers her a broad grin, "Glad I could help." And then Adam calls him out. Speechlessly, he tucks his phone away into his pocket, "I wouldn't call Ms — " he leaves a blank for KeLyssa to fill in her name " — all hours into the night. And yes, I'm trustworthy." Ish. He smirks at the notion of always trusting a politician, "Look, I'm not a typical politician, and I'm an ex-Senator. Not a Senator right now…"

KeLyssa smiles and nods. "Glad ya were here ta help." She turns her head to her side as Adam appears to suddenly appear there. "Who…what…" She tilts her head. "An' who exactly are you, might I be so bold as ta ask?" The southern belle asks of the British man. "KeLyssa. KeLyssa Gallagher." She reponds to Nathan, offering her name. Back to Adam, she says, "I'd trust the good ex-senator ta be a gentleman and not call a 'wholesome girl' like me in the middle o' the night. That's all." She smiles. "And certainly, everyone has their moments when can can or cannot be trusted. You just have ta decide whether ya wanna put yer trust in 'em or not. It's all up ta you."

"Well, my dear, my name is Adam Monroe. And I'm just a valiant white knight out to protect fair maidens from the harm the American political system hopes to subject them to. Couldn't you tell by my accent?" He's grinning from ear-to-ear now, laying it on every bit as thick as Nathan there. As for moments when people can or cannot be trusted, well…he's got a fair bit of experience there! Standing there in the middle of the walkway, Adam stuffs his hands in his jacket pockets and rocks back and forth on his feet while grinning. "And we both seem to know the ex-Senator, it would seem."
"Can I call you KeLyssa, then — or do you prefer Ms. Gallagher?" Brayden grins broadly, quite pleased that she's not being defensive about him having her cellphone number. "Call me Nathan," everyone does and he can't stop them. Not anymore. His eyes narrow, however, at the mention of knowing Adam. With a quirking eyebrow he forces a smile, "Have we met before, Adam? Or… do I know you better than a first meeting?" Pause. "You'll have to forgive me, I've got amnesia…"

KeLyssa smiles softly to Adam. "Well, it's quite valourous of ya ta try ta protect this fair maiden from the evils that come in the shape o' American politics, but I ain't as vulnerable as ya might think me ta be. I kin be…ice cold if I need ta be." YAY alluding to things! She smiles sweetly. "But the sentiment is muchly appreaciated." She smiles at Brayden-Nathan. "Well, ta be completely honest with ya…I ain't never been too comfortable with 'Ms. Gallagher'. Where I'm from originally, people jus' know me as KeLyssa. Might as well have ya'll call me that too." She nods at Adam. "Well, I jus' met the good ex-senator for the first time in person. I knew of 'im through news and the like."

"No…no we've never met, ex-Senator. I've just seen you in the news, like KeLyssa here," Adam replies to Nathan. To KeLyssa, he continues smiling and answering her with "My pleasure, dear." Feels strange looking like you're in your late 20s but actually being much, much older when it comes to girls like her. "So, aside from putting the moves on, was there any interesting conversation happening?" He's always out for more information, of cousre.

"KeLyssa it is," Brayden grins with a nod. He tilts his head at Adam's reply only to nod again, "Fair enough. I'm afraid my face has been in the news quite a bit lately." He glances from one to the other and shrugs. "Nothing too intense. Just helping KeLyssa find her phone…"

KeLyssa smiles a little. "M'phone keeps hidin' itself from me, so I kin use all the help I kin get, ya understand." She says as an aside to Adam, adding on to what Brayden said. "Phones'll do that to ya, really. 'Specially mine. That's why I ain't worried 'bout nobody stealin' it, see, 'cause they'd probably lose it again soon as they put it down."

"That is the trick to them, isn't it?" Fortunately, Adam is able to reach into his jacket pocket and pull out his phone without too much trouble. "Not that it hasn't happened to me before, but…I think I've got a good system going now." His phone is shiny and new, something he picked up when he got to NYC a few weeks ago to spare people the trouble of dialing a Japanese number.

"That's the peril of purses, I guess," Brayden quips while shoving his hands into his pockets. "Pockets are easier to find things in." He shrugs nonchalantly although he whistles at the shiny new phone that Adam possesses, "Your phone is in really good shape there — " He glances at his own (which he's still holding) and even though it's relatively new (got it after busting out of the monastery), it's not in nearly as good shape. "Got mine just over a month ago with my Sprint contract…"

KeLyssa smiles a little bit. Her phone, when it was out, was pink. End of story. It's just plain awesome. "Phones're phones an' that's all. Sure, it's nice when they look purty an' all, but it ain't exactly necessary, is it? As long as they work." She smiles. "But I must admit, Mister Munroe, yer phone does look like a mighty fine phone."

"Only because it's new, I assure you. Otherwise, I'd very likely have one of those old bricks. These new, small, do-it-all phones make me feel so old," he says with a wry smile to each of them. If only the knew the half of it, right? "Strange to see an ex-Senator just lounging in the park on a cold night like tonight, however. Some particular reason you aren't this very moment furthering your political ambitions now that Senator Wrynn's seat is open?"

Brayden's phone is plain, silver, and already scratched. He's dropped it several times already, and it likely won't last the length of his contract. He smirks at Adam's comment about feeling old (especially because Brayden thinks he must be older than Munroe, but that's just the way it goes, right). "I've been busy furthering my aspirations all day. And believe me, my staff is busy working on advocating for that seat… and I like to walk to clear my head. The park has that effect on me…" He glances from KeLyssa to Adam, "And how about yourselves? What brings you here on such a chilly night?"

KeLyssa smiles a little. "Well, new would certainly do it, wouldn't it?" She says with a firm nod. "Well, ain't nothing wrong with takin' a walk ta clear yer head. In fact, it's the best way ta do so, they say." She says softly. "Me…well, I'm just takin' a walk on my way home is all. Ya see, I got things ta think about to. Similar ta you, Mister Ex-Senator. But not quite on such a grand scale none. Just…work. I think about things like: Where does one petition ta work? At a place they left for a while do to…outside influence, or do they find new work?" She smiles.

"I'm just using it as the shortest route from point A to point B," Adam replies. "I'm afraid it's not quite as intellectually significant a reason as yours, but it is why I'm here," Adam says, chuckling. "I may revisit a few places I frequented the last time I was in New York. It's been some time, unfortunately. But I did find out that you don't need a library card to use the library."

"Well, were you happy where you were?" Brayden asks idly. "If you weren't, then it's time to look for new work… what did you used to do, KeLyssa?" Pause. Helen will probably kill him for what he's about to say, but he needs to finish building his staff. "I find myself in need of an assistant if you're interested… you'd have to talk to my publicist. She's in charge of the hires for my office…" He smirks at Adam and nods a bit, "The Park is useful for that. What took you away from New York?"

KeLyssa giggles softly at Adam's comment. "Yeah, it might be a li'l bit important ta have a library card ta borrow stuff from the library." She winks at him, shaking her head. "Well, leastways ya learned it fer the next time ya head down there ta the library." She nods firmly, turning her gaze once more to Brayden. "I worked at this li'l shop called the 'Secret Lair'. Fer a while there I was practically runnin' the place. But uh…well…sometimes ya gotta move on." She says softly. Perking up at the mention of him needing an assistant, she says, "Yeah. Yeah, I'd be interested in doin' that! I could do it sure as 'gators got sharp teeth!"

"It was…" Dramatic pause. "Company business," Adam says to Nathan. "Had to travel for the better part of the last two years, but I'm back now. Same stuff, different day, as they say." Last time, it was the Company. Now it's the government and Alpha Protocol. To KeLyssa he replies, "I wasn't exactly borrowing anything. I just needed to do a little research…work-related."

Brayden grins as he reaches into his jacket pocket and extracts Helen's card. "This is my publicist. She's in charge of my office and my schedule at this point. Get in touch with her, email her a resume, and we'll arrange for an interview. I'm just in process of building my staff… been out of the political game for awhile, and I need a good staff to help me ease back in." He turns back to Adam and asks idly, "What kind of work are you involved in? And what kind of research did you need to complete at the library?"

KeLyssa smiles softly at Adam. "Well, research then. It's important ta have yerself a card fer the computer, no?" She nods firmly. Taking the card from Nathan, she grins widely. "Yeah…yeah. I'll send her a resume right away! Trust me, ifin I get m'self a job as yer assistant, I'll make ya the best coffee ya've ever had in yer life!" She says with a little playful wink. "I won't let ya down!" She clears her throat. "That is, if I get the job an' all."

"Well, it doesn't take much to get the librarians to help you, of course." And by that, he means a 20-dollar bill. "As for what I was researching…well, just information on the local political scene, current happenings here on the coast. Things I'd missed out on because of my job overseas." Behing a Yakuza boss under the same name of a legendary warrior who also happens to be yourself from hundreds of years in the past is sort of involved, and doesn't leave a heck of a lot of time for finding out every bit of info on junior US Senators.

"Excellent. Make sure you forward her your resume. And mention that I met you in the park, she'll take it more seriously if I have already talked to you," Brayden adds quickly. He tilts his head at Adam's words, "Well, I hope that it was worth the effort and we didn't disappoint you in our goings-on." At this comment Brayden's cellphone rings. "Excuse me…" he says to the pair as he takes a few steps away and talks into the phone, "Hello? No… I … hmm… can't you… of course not… okay, I'll be there in fifteen minutes." After a very quick conversation he snaps the phone shut and pads back to the pair, "Unfortunately, my staff needs me… it was nice meeting you both." That said he offers a brief wave to the pair and pads out of the park.

KeLyssa nods a few times. "Yeah, I'll be sure ta do that real soon, thank ya!" She says happily to Nathan-Brayden. She nods to Adam as Nathan takes the phone call. "Yeah…librarians can be of great help sometimes can't they? I once knew a librarian who even checked out the books for someone on her card! Ain't that strange?" She says, smiling. When Nathan returns from his call, she smiles softly, "Well, it was certainly a pleasure ta meet you, sir. An' hopefully I'll be seein' ya soon!"

"Aye…a pleasure on my part as well. Like the ex-Senator though, I do need to be on my way. I'm afraid I've yet more reading to do before the rest of my work becomes clear." Adam gives a quick nod to both of them, and continues on his way through the park in the direction he was heading to begin with.

KeLyssa bows her head to Adam. "O' course. I understand. I should probably be on m'way too. E-mails ta send and people ta see an' all that jazz." She winks. "It was a pleasure meetin' ya, sir."

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