2007-03-16: So I'm Your Boyfriend?


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Summary: Peter and Elle solidify their relationship after she calls him her boyfriend again at Starbucks.

Date It Happened: March 16, 2007

So I'm Your Boyfriend?

Guest Bedroom - Petrelli Mansion

The journey back to the mansion from Starbucks takes some time, as flying hasn't really been an option since she nearly lost her dinner on him the last time. Peter finishes his espresso soon after leaving the Starbucks and drops it in a nearby trashcan, but other than some mild conversation about the cold, they don't really talk until they get back to the Mansion, shedding his coat at the door, and offering to take hers and hang it up in the closet. Even then, it isn't until they get to the guest bedroom he's been using for the last few days, with the door closed behind him for privacy, that he says, "So I'm your boyfriend?" Not the first time she'd said it, but they'd been holding off on 'the Talk'.

Elle doesn't seem to want to talk much as they walk anyway. She waits til they're alone in the guest room and she's shucking off her poofy winter coat before responding to Peter's question, "I think I've made up my mind. Of course, it really is up to you, right? Unless of course you want me making your decisions, which I would be happy to do… for a modest fee." Yeah, that last bit is both serious and meant to be funny, her personality and humor melding in the middle. "The immediate danger has passed. I guess now we figure out what's going to happen. And I believe you owe me a date."

"I can make my own decisions," Peter says in response, leaning more towards the serious, even if his lips have quirked into a smile at the corners. Though he stays within arm length of her, he doesn't reach out, tugging on his sleeves again. The date, the one they'd agreed to before he even decided to break out, honestly. With a nod, he continues, "You're right. I owe you a date. Dinner and a movie. Be your first date, won't it?" She's not much younger than he is, but in some ways he can't help but see her as even younger than she really is, especially in things that living in the facilities took from her. "If we can manage to get coffee without being picked up off the street— even if so many people seem to know who I am— we can go to a movie."

"That… is honestly the best news I've heard all day," Elle says with no small amount of happiness in her voice. Seems like she's more capable of being happy around Peter than when they're out and about. The coat is set down and one of the man's hands is seized and pulled close, a gentle crackling of electricity passing from the blonde to him, but not enough to cause discomfort. "Thing is… I'm a patient sort of person. I've waited my entire life to… well, live. Really. And anyway, I'm feeling these really impatient thoughts lately."

Thanks to her presence, and her ability, Peter's actually able to start absorbing the electric shock more than he'd been able to on the pills, so he doesn't even flinch at the light shock. In fact, there's almost a mild jerk, as if it's waking him up. "You shouldn't have had to wait twenty four years to go on a date," he says softly, shifting his hand to clasp hers in return, his other hand abandoning fidgeting to reach up and push blonde hair behind her ear. "Or twenty four years to do everything else you missed out on…" Most of which he doesn't know. The touch lingers, sliding along the outside of her ear, and along her jawline, close to her neck. The look in his eyes couldn't really be pity, in fact having a quiet sense of wonder as he looks over her. Rather intense, and possibly too serious for her tastes. "What kind of impatient thoughts?"

Elle answers Peter's question with a kiss on the lips… possibly venturing to the land of the french. Sparking, again non-painfully, she pulls back, all of a sudden breathless and glances to the side at the bed, before looking back up into the man's eyes meaningfully.

What shocks she produces might actually be returned at about the same level, leaving a hint of metallic taste in their mouths when the kiss breaks. The humming also lingers, like the feel of a battery. Peter remains close, with his hand on her face, until he realizes that she's looking past him and glances back. When he returns to look at her, the meaningful look registers. Yes, he gets it. "Have you ever—?" he has to ask, even if he doesn't quite finish the question. That intense expression remains, voice dropping towards a breathless quality thanks to the kiss.

Blinking at the question, Elle looks down at the bed again and then up into Peter's face again, reaching up to stroke his cheek and trail spark-producing fingertips against it. "Does it matter?" She asks before moving over to the bed and taking a seat. Leaning back on her palms, she perks an eyebrow at the man.

For a few quiet moments, Peter's just watching her. One might think the question, and the fact that it's not answered, do matter to him, until he slowly walks over to the door and locks it, ensuring a little more privacy from the rest of the house. With that done, he approaches the bed again and leans over her, and against her, to touch her face, while the other hand rests against the matress beside her. "Doesn't matter." Nudging her nose with his own, he leans in to kiss her again.

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