2009-11-23: SO PIMPIN'!



Date: November 23, 2009


Madness and mayhem result in one Ivory-purge.


Sydney's (and Lena and Tiago's?) Apartment

The shifting of Tiago's and Lena's things into Sydney's apartment was a smooth, relatively painless transaction, due mostly to the fact that all they've got is a couple of duffle bags filled with clothing and other necessities (their other belongings lie, unused, in their abandoned apartment). It was an easy move, which led to an easy night, and by the time morning rolls around, all is still and easy. There are no real indications that anything substantial had taken place the night before, save the Guest Room door being shut. It's relatively easy to forget the fact that the move took place at all.

At least, it was for Tiago, who had indulged in his (and Lena's) share of alcohol the night before. The guest room door cracks open, and his face appears, staring out into the empty hall with wide eyes and an expression of confusion on his face. "…What the /fuck/ happened last night?" He slurs with a groan, clutching at his temples as his head throbs.

Gingerly, the man stumbles outside of the door, dressed only in his black and blue boxers and a left sock. And though it's clear he doesn't recall exactly who's apartment this is, it's also clear that he doesn't so much care right now. All he wants is a glass of orange juice. Is that too much to ask for?

The kind thing to do would be to enlighten Tiago as to their whereabouts but for once, Lena is sleeping in. She's exhausted, which means that the person who is normally their early-riser is only just starting to rouse herself by the time the young man exits. When a sleepy hand-pat discovers that her personal space heater has vacated the premises, she does sit up and rub at her eyes, hair a wild frizz of bad blonde around her head. Then the covers are thrown back, feet are swung to the floor and she stands, dressed in one of Tiago's t-shirts. As he's prone to oversized clothing anyway, it falls past her knees.

After poking her head into the hallway and seeing no one (but hearing the familiar shambling of her partner in crime near the vicinity of the kitchen), she darts into the bathroom and slams the door. Loudly, forgetting for the moment that other people (such as the apartment's proper occupant) might still be sleeping.

Nursing her cup of coffee, Sydney sits at her kitchen table reading through her dissertation, mumbling to herself every now and again. Unlike Tiago, she's dressed in a black t-shirt (which says 'Vampires prefer Blondes') and a pair of faded jeans. Her dissertation is so close to submission— only days away from a finished productive. She glances up however as she hears the door creak open. Instinctively she stands to her feet, coffee cup in hand, and pads to the hallway only to turn around seconds later after clamping her eyes shut. "Tiago!" her cheeks flush involuntarily as she spills coffee on both herself and the carpet. An eyebrow is arched at Lena as she disappears into the bathroom.

Tiago stares at Sydney blankly for a moment, his expression the absolute picture of dim-wittedness. For a second he entertains the delusion of perhaps participating in a threesome last night (black outs are really just nature's fill-in-the-blanks!) but then, reason kicks in. Suddenly, memories flood him, and he ends up arching his brows with recognition. "Syd! Sydney. Mornin'." He doesn't realize the fact that his appearance is almost offensive, seeing as all he ends up doing is nodding in Sydney's direction and scratching his happy trail idly, continuing forward to the fridge.

But after a moment, he does realize that she's all flushed. Then, blankly, he glances down to his person. "Wha? I'm wearin' undies, y'can't see anythin'. Can you?" With this, he peers at the blonde, only to have his head swivel around when Lena slams the bathroom door shut.

"You better be behaving out there!" Lena's voice is still furry and indistinct but the note of command in that shouted warning is unmistakable, even through the bathroom door. It's a small apartment, there's no chance she missed hearing Sydney's yelp of horror. After a few minutes and the distant flush of a toilet, the blonde re-emerges. Some attempt has been made to smooth her hair down, capturing it in two wings pushed behind her ears. She looks all of twelve years old as she pads up the hallway to join the festivities, knuckling at one eye. "What's going on? Oh…you spilled? Chi, you make her spill?"

"I'm… uh… I'm okay… he didn't do I was just… startled is all," Sydney flushes further as she tugs at the bottom of her t-shirt and then pads to the kitchen, still pointedly not looking at Tiago, to retrieve a rag. Promptly, she kneels on the floor again and presses on the rug to mop up her small mess. With a smirk she sits back on her heels and sighs. "I haven't lived with anyone else for awhile now. I'm sorry," her face flushes further. Yes, this is going to take some getting used to.

Tiago is still staring down at his barely clothed body, particularly in the southern regions as he tries to determine whether there might be a hole or something equally revealing in his attire, by the time that Lena comes out with her mom-face on. Then the poor lad starts, eyes opened wide as he glances around looking for something to possibly hide behind. "Wha?! I didn't do nothin'!" He protests, eventually glancing back at Lena sullenly. Though his eyes do return to Sydney, registering the spilt coffee for the first time. "Aww, shit, y'did spill on yourself! Geez, Syd, I didn't mean ta startle you none. I'm sorry!" With that apology in place, he proceeds to trek, head down, to the refrigerator and pull it open. Though he does, in fact, notice the fact that she's avoiding looking to him, he is kind enough not to bring it up…for now. This doesn't last long, obviously. "Y'know…y'can think of it like me wearin' shorts if it helps. I'll…" Beat. "I'll go dress up in a sec. I dun wanna make you uncomfortable-like."

A kinder, gentler Lena might take Sydney's side when the woman's discomfort over Tiago's relative lack of attire is noticed. But she's a little rough around the edges for that, and besides…she just woke up. But she is nice enough to edge past first Tiago and then the therapist in order to get at the coffee pot. Two fresh cups are fetched down, one for herself and one for Sydney. After all, the blonde is busy cleaning up, it's the least Lena can do. "You kinda get used to it," she mentions absently. "I guess they all walk around like that in Brazil. At least, I kinda like to imagine they do, you know? You take sugar and milk in your coffee, Sydney?"

"Yeah, I'm okay, I just…" Sydney continues to flush involuntarily as she finishes lapping up the rest of the coffee. "Just black please!" she calls as she stands up to her feet, tugging on her shirt once again. "I'm sure I'll get used to it in time… and it's okay Tiago, this is what it means to live with other people." She grins as she turns to Lena and continues to not look at Tiago. "Which actually reminds me… we should probably talk a bit about some basic things we should all do to make living together easier…"

Of all of Tiago's numerous vices - and he boasts quite a few of them - he can very proudly announce that he, unlike the majority of Americans everywhere, is not addicted to coffee. Therefore, the sweet acid of citric juice is his way to go. He plucks out a carton of orange juice and proceeds to scout out where the glasses lay. "I'll help ya clean up after I drink some - I feel guilty as fuck," he declares, motioning to the minor coffee spill. However, as the topic of conversation returns to his relative lack of clothing, he can't help the way his lips curl into a proud, boyish grin. "Oy - in my country it was real hot, okay? Clothes only made ya sweat more and is gross. B'sides! It aint like I aint nice ta look at! I mean, I'd understand if I was ugly or somethin'…C'mon. Look at me! Y'know you wanna! Check out my fine ass." This is all playfully given to Sydney, coupled with the lad turning around to shake his tush at her enticingly.
Once the immaturity has played it's part and subsequently died out, he sobers for the important "roomie" meeting. "Huh, yeah. Fo' sure. D'you wanna start up?" He offers, pouring himself the OJ.

"You mean like rules and stuff? Yeah, that'd be awesome. We don't wanna make things awkward for you or anything, 'cause you're being…so…cool…" Lena's efforts at playing the reasonable adult and pouring coffee are put on hold when Tiago decides to…do whatever it was that he just did there. Jiggling ass cheeks are worth watching, even if they are hidden beneath a later of thin cotton. Of course, she's not so uncivilized that a little horror doesn't show through. But, mostly it is a keen-eyed appreciation. And of course, amusement. So much so that the teen emits a weird snuffle-snort as she fights to keep from laughing out loud, stealing looks at Sydney to see how the therapist is taking the burlesque show.

Her face flushes further at Tiago's notion that Sydney would be staring at his abs, "Uh… that's… special Tiago…" is all she manages at the comment, but she continues to flush showing her own embarrassment. Yes, she embarrasses easily. "Yes, like rules." She purses her lips together as she peers from one to the other. Eyebrows are raised at Lena, "I really only have one. And I hope that it doesn't bother you, but … there's a girl in this building you've had altercations with before…"

Special is a terrific way to describe Tiago, and everything he does. That includes the way the young man struts off to the bathroom, carrying his glass of orange juice with him. Why? It is a mystery. Some things are better not known. That leaves Lena in the kitchen with Sydney; the teen's dressed in a man's t-shirt that drops to her knees, with her hair tucked behind her ears. Frizzy poofs have escaped though, as she hasn't been long out of bed. Poor Sydney. At least the faux-blonde is bringing the real-blonde a fresh cup of coffee. "Huh? What girl? You mean someone I've fought with…? 'Cause I'm been seriously behaving myself. I mean really, I don't wanna bring more heat down on us, you know?"

In the midst of the talking and the Poor Sydney and the lack of sleeping Lena comes…a knock…on the door. Just a quiet and easy knock on the door, from the young man standing in the hallway with a slightly bemused look on his face…one that /could/ almost be embarrassed. Almost. Maybe.

Unlike Lena, Sydney has been up for awhile. Her hair is pulled back into a loose ponytail and she's wearing a coffee-stained black t-shirt that says Vampires Prefer Blondes as well as a pair of faded blue jeans. The grasps the cup of coffee and manages, "Good." There's a pause. "It's Hallis Van Cortlandt." She pauses again, "I'm her therapist. I guarantee she doesn't remember you. You've managed to leave a blank in her memory, so she won't be able to lead anyone to you. And if you leave her alone, there's no reason for her to see you out…" There's another pause, "And if she does bother you… I will deal with it." How? Sydney really doesn't even know. She pads to the door, and unlocks all four deadbolts without checking the peep hole, and opens the door haphazardly, greeting before even seeing who is there, "…Hello..?"

There's a long, long silence from the corner that Lena has retreated into, the small of her back wedged into that space where the counters come together. She's staring at Sydney as if the woman has grown a second head. Although perhaps that might have been preferable to the news just delivered. When the therapist turns her back to approach the door, leaving the teen alone with the horror of that revelation, Lena sputters. "What the hell!"

Excellent timing to be a visitor right now!

"She lives here? She's the fucking reason we're running and she lives here? What are…wait, it worked?" There's a sobering thought. It's enough to drive the little punk into another silence.

"Sydney," Eric looks up with a smile before stepping closer towards her and bringing from out behind his back…one of her shoes. One from /that/ night. "…I was cleaning up and um…I finally found it." He says with a slightly sheepish look on his face as he rubs his hand though his hair. "…I thought since you are living here I might as well come giv—-it…oh god you have company don't you?"

Excellent timing indeed, for it is just as the door opens the Tiago reappears from the hallway, looking content and with an empty glass in hand. And to answer a previously posed question, what would Tiago be doing in the bathroom with a glass of OJ, there can only be one explanation. One fairly obvious explanation: clearly, he was thirsty and needed to relieve himself at the same time. Silly girls.

Tiago is sauntering in a content, smug kind of way, blessed with the swagger only he possesses. Now, this wouldn't be awkward at all, under normal circumstances. What makes it terribly awkward /now/, though, is the fact that the Brazilian happens to be completely naked, with the exception of a left sock and a pair of dark blueish, blackish silk boxers. Now, doesn't think looks terribly incriminating to the innocent outsider.
"Y'okay, what did I miss?" He inquires happily, innocently, and though his eyes flash over towards Lena, his curiosity leads him to peer at the door openly, without a care in the world.

"Yes, it worked. You are a complete blank in her memory," Sydney quips before redirecting her attention to the visitor at the door at which she turns twelve shakes of red from her forehead down to her toes— even her arms are crimson. "Um…" Her lips twitch into something akin to embarrassment, but she recovers quickly enough, pulling them up into a strained smile as she steps aside to let Eric into her apartment, "Come in." she smiles sheepishly at the shoe. "Eric, this is Lena and that…" she turns to face him before quickly averting her eyes again "…is Tiago… they're living here for awhile…" The redness will likely never go away.

"…I…er…I'm sorry I didn't know you had a…company…" Eric babbles for a moment as he is dragged inside the apartment and then coughs for a long moment before he opens his mouth to say hi towards Lena. "…oh…Lena…so /thats/ your actual na—" Pause. "…and hello Tiago…" Pause. "…I…should be leaving and leave you three to…whatever you guys were doing before I went and interrupted…"

Tiago being naked is no big deal, nor is Sydney's embarrasment. Even Eric's arrival is nothing of importance, compared to the news that she succeeded in messing with someone's memory. Lena sets the cup of coffee aside very carefully on the counter and then proceeds to rake her fingers through her hair, making it stand up all crazy like. "Holy shit…Chi! Oh my god, Chi, did you hear what she said? It worked! I totally made the rich chick forget me!" She doesn't sound as if she knows whether to celebrate or be terrified. "Um…hi Eric. How's it hanging? You don't have to go, we were just…uh. Discussing ground rules."

While everyone else happens to recognize the stranger at the door, Tiago is unaware of who Eric happens to be. And so, the Brazilian is left squinting at the foreign man, as if hoping he might be wearing a name-tag somewhere. "…Who's that?" He inquires as politely as he can, craning his head in order to get a better view. However, his attention is soon brought over towards Lena in her awe. "Hear wha'? What worked?" Beat. This /is/ big news. It is news big enough to overcome Tiago's curiosity and send him striding closer to Lena. "What? Seriously? How's she know? How-…why don't I know /anythin'/ 'round here?" This last is whined when Lena reveals that she, too, knows the identity of the man at the door.

"They're not exactly company," Sydney quirks as she closes the door after Eric steps inside, proceeding to lock each of the deadbolts in turn. Her face is still crimson as she turns to face her three visitors. "Um…" she frowns as her face continues to flush. "Eric, it's fine, you can stay… we're just figuring out how to live together." She shrugs a bit and then notes, "And Tiago, I'd appreciate it if you'd put on clothes in the morning… but only when I'm here… I work most mornings so it shouldn't be a huge issue…" Her eyebrows furrow as she continues to hold her shoe, "Eric is my neighbour and a …… fast friend." That's one way of putting it. She offers a strained smile.

"Well if they are living with you that I think makes them houseguests," Eric says slowly towards her before he shakes his head slightly and smiles just once towards the therapist. Glancing around he looks for a place to set that shoe before he coughs lightly and nods once towards her. "Fast friends." He echos before he sighs and shakes his head, trying to clear it. "That whole memory stunt has scared the hell out of Hallis you know." He adds towards the three of them with a slightly wry smile. "…and hello again Lena, glad to know you found a new spot to stay." He apuses a moment. "Ground rules…oh, yeah. Rules might be good. And a way to get out of the building without Hallis seeing you."

The hand Lena had used to comb her hair back now scrubs against one cheek. It's an absent gesture, made while her gaze makes a slow circuit of the faces now gathered in Sydney's little apartment. She's not really focusing on any of them though. "He's the guy who was with Vader, the one I talked to at the rave. And…shit!" She straightens up and aims a frown right at the unfortunate therapist. There's no clear way to interpret Sydney's expression. "She said Hallis is living in this building! I didn't…I didn't even know I could do that, we just…she was threatening us and it got all crazy…it's not even supposed to hit the memory, you know? I mean, that's like a side effect, it's a knock out drug." Pause.

"How're we supposed to live here if she's here though? What if seeing us brings it back? Does she remember Chi?"

Tiago's brows arches upwards and he reaches over to lean his his hip against the kitchen counter, offering Eric a faint smile and a nod of recognition. "Yo, man. S'nice ta meetchya." When Sydney establishes the ground rule about clothing, the man casts a glance down his naked chest, crossing his arms loosely over it and shrugging his shoulders. Unlike the beloved host, this man feels no shame. Ever. About practically anything. "S'cool. I can go shrug somethin' on now, ifya want. I mean…I offered ta before," he reminds her gently, his smile turning sheepish.

However, when Hallis is brought up, his expression falls flat before darkening. "Are you serious? New York is /how/ fuckin' big, and she gotta live in this mother fuckin' apartment?" Excuse Tiago while he shoots God a nasty look through the ceiling. "Yeah? Well, good. It was /supposed/ ta scare the shit outa her. That's what a threat is, duh. Otherwise, she'll go 'round, doing lines and gabbin' about people with powers and all. And are you /serious/? We gotta creep 'round the buildin', 'cause of that prima donna? I mean, I understand hidin' from the government and all, but…geez." The idea of running in fear of being caught by Hallis makes the lad roll his eyes liberally.

"She doesn't seem to remember anything of either of you and is referring to you as the mind rapist, Lena," Sydney answers idly. "And I doubt she remembers Tiago. Otherwise she'd be on a quest to find him." She crosses her arms over her chest as she studies one and then the other. She nods at bit at Lena, and then adds, "Honestly, just try to avoid her as best you can and there shouldn't be any issues. Just don't get in her face and don't threaten her. In fact, avoid contact as best you can." She sighs. "And I'll keep my attention on her and what she remembers. Through circumstances beyond my control I'm her therapist again despite trying to drop her from my client list…" She sighs. "I'm not suggesting you be afraid of Hallis. You're not hiding from her. I just think it's best that you guys not interact. She's trouble and while she's talking about people with abilities more than she ought…" Shrugging slightly, she reaches towards Eric for her shoe and takes a sip of her coffee before picking up a tube of lip balm that's been sitting on her counter. Distractedly she pops the lid on and off.

"What she said," Eric replies as he hooks a thumb towards Sydney with a slight sigh and a shake of his head. "Well whatever you did she seems to think you two are on a quest to kill her and she's half out of her mind with it." He shakes his head for a moment before he hands off the shoe to Sydney and then pauses for a moment before raising his hand to rub at his temples. "Don't hide from her, just don't glare at her or anything if you do see her. If she doesn't know you then just keep it that way and that would be the best for everyone."

"Her boyfriend is the fucking government. And we don't want anything to do with her…wait, what?" Mind rapist? Lena stares at Sydney, shocked into silence for the second time in a very short period of time. Her head turns, a rather dumb look given to Tiago as she tries to process the idea of herself as…that. Murderer? Okay, fair enough, she'd suggested the possibility previously. But rapist? It does not compute. Not one little bit.

"I think…I'm gonna go sit down." Yes. Yes she will. And there she goes, into the living room.

Tiago has no love for Hallis, this is clear. All she's done is put him and everyone he holds dear in trouble - and the worst part? After using their goods, taking their glory, and forcing them out of their beloved apartment, she's STILL putting a damper on their life. "I'm so /sick/ of that bimbo. What is she, dumb? If I wanted her dead, she /would/ be. It's like, no matter what the fuck I do, she's always goin' ta be followin' me and ruining my fuckin' life." His voice speaks of clear frustration and the desire to wring the socialite's pale, skinny neck, but also of express restraint. It's fairly obvious that, out of respect for Sydney, at the very least, he'll try to keep a low profile. "Whatever. We'll ignore the bitch, then. Jus' pretend she don't exist, easy and pie. Right Lena?" Beat. "…Lena? Hey - hey, are you alright? What's wrong?" It's dutiful, the way the large, mostly naked Brazilian pads off to the living room after the bottle blonde.

The four young-ish adults stand (or in Lena's case, sit on the couch) of the apartment near the kitchen. Sydney, dressed in her black coffee-stained t-shirt imprinted with the words Vampires Prefer Blondes and faded blue jeans, stands in her kitchen, leaning against the counter, grasping in her new cup of coffee.

With a hrm, the therapist considers Lena briefly with a nod. "Yes, listen to Eric. Don't give Hallis a reason to suspect anything. She knows something happened, but that's it." After these words she realizes her lips are feeling rather chapped. She places her coffee down on the counter. Idly popping off the lid off the lip balm once again, Sydney applies it to her lips. And then… tingles. Happy tingles. Her pupils dilate. Her lips twitch into a broad toothy grin. That might not have been Sydney's chapstick….or someone else in the apartment used it when she came in last night. With that same broad grin, Sydney points towards her shoe, "I LOVE those shoes! I'm glad you found it E-ric! They're just not the same apart… but together… they're … SO PIMPIN'!" JOY. BEAM. GRIN.

"She's not dumb, she's just scared…" Eric replies wryly towards the half naked Tiago before he shakes his head. "I would be too…" He adds after a moments thought. "…if someone you couldn't remember went into your head and basicly ripped out your memories." He shrugs slightly towards the couple there. "She's scared, tahts the main thing. Sydney is trying to talk her down and as for the Congressman, as far as I know he doesn't have anything to do with the kidnappings. So there isn't anything to worry about from that angle. At least not yet." He adds as he stands near to Sydney, dressed very much like he was at the rave that he met Lena at last.

He was about to say something else when suddenly Sydney is beaming at him and he's suddenly starting to feel…very…happy. So happy he can't help but grin back towards her. After all she's cute, adn she's congraulating him and brining her the shoes and everything is all right with the wor—-
Uh oh.

"…uh…Lena…" Eric says easily as he eyes the woman, then the lipbalm, then the woman. "…did you…go and use some lip balm while you were here..?"

It is a very emo Lena on the couch, the oversized t-shirt she used as a nightgown pulled down over her legs while she curls up to be Very Depressed, Okay? "No, I'm not fucking okay…I'm not a rapist, I didn't…"

Hey, Syd? Very hard to feel sorry for one's self when you're broadcasting sunbeams and rainbows into her head. She'd be put out if the giggles didn't strike suddenly, without warning.

"I…god, this is so silly…mm. Nice couch." Lena stretches her legs out, popping them free of the t-shirt in order to flex her feet and curl her toes, arms lifting over her head. "I…lip balm? Um. Maybe?"
Tiago cranes his head over his shoulder in his trek towards Lena, his eyes narrowed with a hard, speculative glint to him. "No, she's dumb as a fuckin' brick." He deadpans without hesitation. "I know her type. An' that's sayin' somethin' - I aint exactly the brightest bulb in the lot either, I know. But if you realize someone's makin' you forget somethin' - that's what you fuckin' do. You forget. Nice an' easy, or they woulda gotten rid of you for sure. 'Sides, I bet she's used ta not knowin' what she's doin' half the time. D'you even /know/ half the shit she's on? Lena used ta sell ta her an' her friends. Lemme tell ya, Wall Street's li'l princesses aint as clean as they make like they are." This is not acceptable. Not acceptable at all. The Brazilian heads over, sitting upon the the couch beside Lena and reaching over to try and wrap his arms around her person. "Shh, babe. No one thinks you're a /rapist/. They're just bein' fuckin reta-…"

He could get used to this. In fact, Tiago /is/ pretty used to this whole having his emotions altered by the women in his life. His grin broadens, and he ends up sinking into the material of the couch comfortably, the very definition of couch potato slacker. Right down to his uniform - sock on only his left foot and a pair of boxers. "Use some of the wha'? Yo - c'mon in here. We should like…play a game or somethin'. D'you got Monopoly? We should play Monopoly."

The time for action has come. Those desiring justice must gather. Evolved and Evolved's sidekicks must stand as one to save the world. The Company has fallen, and a new force of awesome must arise.

Gone is the black peacoat, replaced with a black leather jacket. The jeans are replaced with… jeans. Stepping off the motorcycle, a pair of black urban sneakers hit pavement after ensuring the crotch rocket's kick stand is down. "Permission to be awesome around the parking garage, Gene? Permission granted, Gene," the young man offers. Who talks to himself? People who know that sometimes the best conversational partner is the one look at you from the other side of the mirror.

Hearing that Lena was staying with Sydney, Gene decided it was time to make sure everything was going okay. After all, if Sydney is ga-ga over Ivory and he is somewhere in New York and Alpha Protocol is still stealing people. Control is key. When you lose control, the terrorists… Err, the evil government organization wins. As Gene enters the elevator, he removes his motorcycle helmet, and unzips his jacket to reveal the writing of his fitted t-shirt which states: Muscle-revealing T-shirt +2 Charisma. Gene is ready to ask questions, get answers, and help save the world… Or so he thinks.

Spinning in a circle, Sydney is suddenly really really happy,
"WHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!" And then there's a pause as her eyes widen, with her lips curled into that same dimpled broad grin. "OOOOH! I know why I bought those shoes!" She disappears down the hallway for several moments. The joy vibes weaken as she leaves the room, but they don't weaken for long. Within minutes she returns decked out in black plastic-y shiny skin-tight pleather. A sort of odd black trench is overtop a la Kate Beckinsale in Underworld. Yes, it's LARP-wear. She grins broadly exposing her fake vampire fangs. She traipses over to the shoe and slips it on, and then hobbles to the closet to retrieve its mate. The stilettos add several inches to the woman's height. "See?!"

Must. Fight. Sunshine and rainbows. Must. Fight. Sunshine and rainbows.
"…can…you reverse things you have done Lena…" Eric slowly drawls out as Sydney bolts down the hallway giving the young man just a moment or two respite from the JOYBEAMS of Sydney's power. "Just curious to know if you can is all. I mean if I…uh…wha…what was I saying?" Because at that point Sydney returns in the entire vampire getup and he just…stares…and stares…

Brain BSOD. Ctrl-Alt-Del. Restarting.

"…I…think…I…yes I see Sydney. You look um…really…yes. Good. I should…be…going…"

A little more awesome is just what this burgeoning disaster scene needs. Tiago's enjoying it, as ever, Eric's gone loopy and Sydney…well… "You stole my Halloween costume!" Lena laughs, a pointed finger tracking the therapist on her mad dash past. She can't stop laughing, in fact. And there's a little voice at the back of her poor brain saying this just isn't right; not only the costume theft, but this. What was it that Sydney had said was her power?

Eric's question penetrates the fog. "Um, yeah…Hey. Hey…hey, Sydney. Hey Syd," the girl giggles as she extricates herself from beneath Tiago's arm and slides off of the couch. "Hey!" It's no easy thing to navigate towards the blonde but with a lurch and a stumble, she exits the living room and grabs for the older woman's wrist.

Sydney, in a skin-tight leather vampire garb. Boy, does that girl like vampires. Tiago doesn't even bother fighting Lena as she squirms free of him, he merely stares at the emerging hostess, one eyebrow quirked above the other. There is a very deliberate pause as the man rediscovers the ability to think, nevermind speak, though once his vocal chords /do/ end up working, he has this gem to share. "…Is it my birthday? I don't think it is, is it? Or there'd be cake."

With a sniff, he straightens himself up on the couch and turns to narrow his eyes at Eric. "Shh! Don't ruin, it, man! Let her jump 'round, she's happy, aint she! Look, there's a /smile/! Here, sit down. Jesus." Amateurs.

Gene taps his foot to the music he hears in the elevator, arching a brow. "I didn't think you could make lounge music to DragonForce songs…" He hrms to himself as he considers it. "Strangely soothing."

The young man finds himself on the proper level and just start walking toward the door. He is ready to knock, but he decides not to just yet, figuring this would be a time to make sure his hair is nice. After all, there are ladies around and both of them are freaks like him. He pulls out his comb before he shakes his head. "I shouldn't be thinking about dating. Not until the world is at peace." Gene folds his arms. "But the world may never have enough of a lull for me to get into a healthy relationship. Will I just have to get into life or death situations until we speed things up by making out in an enclosed area because we both think we are going to die? …That's a pretty big if right there."

Finally deciding that he shouldn't worry about his hair, Gene uses his helmet to tap on the door a few times.

"Hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii Leeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeenah!" Sydney jumps up as Lena lurches towards her, and moves out of the way just before Lena grabs her because "THE DOOR! SOMEONE IS AT THE DOOR!" She beams as she literally skips to the door, and unlocks all of the bolts. "Cooooooome in!" she enthuses as she skips back towards the kitchen.

"I think I had a coffee… do you know what's a funny word? Coffeee. It's like a cough for a fee. Or something. Why do you think they call it coffee? A cough isn't delicious at all, and fees kind of suck. But coffee really is awesome. Not as awesome as tea. Why is it called tea? Was it like invented by Mr? As in Mister T? How about hot chocolate… no.. that's not funny…"

"…maybe you're right there Tiago…maybe I should…but no…wait I shouldn't…" Eric says, as he half babbles and watches Sydney in the skin-tight black pleather dance around the apartment high as a kite. "…coffee is a funny word isn't it I mean I always think tea tastes better anyway…" He answers automaticly. "And hot chocolate isn't funny, but its awesome at least. And awesome is good…"

A blink then as he looks towards the door. "…er…dude…um…welcome to the party." He adds as he steps forwards to wave the Geek God into the room, trying despritely to maintain a control on his emotions. Its not working all that well as one might see.

"Shit. Shit shit shit…god, why do words always stop sounding right when you say them a lot?" Lena, who had almost overbalanced when her first grab failed to hit its mark, actually pauses to make a face at the door and then the fellow who is revealed to have been behind it. "Hey dude…nice t-shirt!" Then she whirls about to continue to stalk her prey. If she weren't trying desperately to focus through the Haze of Happy, it would be a good time to cue up a National Geographic narrator's voice.

But comedy she leaves to her betters. Beating up on other girls is more her line of work.

Lena can be fast, when she needs to be. Fast and not entirely gentle, but hey, some people like that, right? As Sydney reaches the kitchen, Lena is right behind her and an arm is thrown around the therapist's neck like a leash. Her other hand is then pressed flat to Syd's cheek, and the teen closes her eyes to concentrate. To the casual eye, it'd look like either a really weird hug or an attempt at murder.

"Hell /yeah/ I'm right!" Tiago boasts proudly, grinning to Eric, though he isn't able to keep his eyes away from the women for very long. After all…well. Women. That's all that really needs to be said. Enthusiastically, Tiago gestures to Eric, as if summoning him to the couch, though his movements change up the /moment/ Lena leaps upon Sydney. Like some sort of… majestic lioness, pouncing upon a wounded gazelle. Suddenly, his eyes widen dramatically, and his entire expression grows decidedly more boyish. He is waving at Eric, not to make him go away, but motioning for him to go into the kitchen.

"Quick, man! Get some puddin' or somethin'! Dontchya /understand/? This shit is once in a fuckin' lifetime, unless ya pay them!"

The door is opened and the host suddenly goes off. The confused young man enters into the room to try and follow after her, only to get distracted by his good friend who doesn't seem to be in his right mind as well. "…Is what I think going on going o-" Gene pauses as he sees Lena trying to… do something with Sydney. Reddening rather quickly, he points toward the door.

"This is a bad time or something?" he asks in a meek tone. A couple seconds go by before the compliment finally reaches Gene's brain. "Thanks?"

Sydney's mood shifts significantly as Lena jumps on her, putting her into a headlock. "Dammit Lena!" she screeches rather loudly before she crumples to the floor. Her body curls into the fetal position as every muscle within Sydney's body tenses. Her arms and legs shake uncontrollably as her temperature rises dramatically within just a few moments. "So… cold…" her teeth chatter loudly. Her anxiety and paranoia are now surmounting. "Wh-what … did… you dooo?" she chatters.

"Sydney's power is getting broadcasted, and she got some of Lena's lip-balm so she was feeling really happy there for a moment and was broadcasting and she really /does/ look good in that outfit…" He shakes himself out of it as his head swings towards Tiago. "Sorry man, I can't let it go on so long and…" He steps forwards to push the door shut and start to deadbolt it before he looks towards Gene. "…you might want to sit down." Pause. Looking back left and right and around his eyes fix on Lena. "…what happened? I just asked if you could reverse it not knock her out…" Pause. "I'll get a sheet or something for her, she looks like she's freezing…"

Oops. See, the problem is that Lena is still practicing this new trick, as Dex told her to do. So the finer nuances of the effect are still a relative unknown. She was expecting the oily sweat, the shakes, the fever. What she was not expecting was for the other woman's knees to hinge, meaning that they both end up on the floor. "Oh god, did I break her?" It's awkward, trying to lift herself off of Sydney; finally Lena just rolls to the side and scoots back away from her with a very concerned look. "I didn't…it is reversed! That's what happens, okay? Ugh, so gross."

Another grimace, while the teen wipes at her arms. "You might wanna get a towel too…"

Tiago arches his brows finally, pursing his lips as Sydney's emotional influence is lifted from his shoulders. Suddenly, that sense of unexpected happiness disappears, and his /real/ happiness disappears as well, as soon as it becomes apparent that the women are /not/ going to wrestle in chocolate pudding. What a cruel, cruel world they live in. This all leaves the lad in a rather glum, relative sober mood. He's not /actually/ sober, seeing as he's practically always on something or another courtesy of Lena, but it's close enough.

"…Buzzkill, man," Tiago grumbles under his breath, though he doesn't look terribly heartbroken. With a sigh, he makes his way to his feet, lifting his hand to halt Eric. "S'cool, man. I'll get her the sheet. I need ta go put on pants or somethin' too - since apparently the entire buildin's decided ta pop up," this is said as he squints at Gene, shaking his head once he confirms that he doesn't recognize the lad. His disappearance through the hallway bears the defeat of a man denied his hawt girl fight. It's heartbreaking.

Like a good super genius, when information is presented, Gene listens carefully. Eric's words are given a nod of understand. "…I see," Gene replies with the tone that suggests that this is everything BUT the case. Still, the young man has been around Evolved enough to just take things one step at a time.

Moving toward Lena and Sydney, the awkward young man tries to help the detox girl up, trying to hold her close unless she slaps him. Body heat is supposed to help with this, right? Of course, as he gets closer, he asks, "Um… There a reason why you're wearing that? If it's to impress me, well, color me impressed."

"I'll get a towel…" Eric replies as he steps towards the bathroom and comes back with a bathtowel for the detox'd girl that he just drapes around her shoulders for a moment. A nod towards Tiago before he smirks slightly. "You can get a girl-fight some other time man." He tosses towards the younger man's back before he frowns at something that strikes him. "…er…Lena, I don't know if you know or not…but…she just had a hit of your lip balm. It shouldn't have been /that/ severe a reaction should it? Whall all doe that use of what you did…do?"

"S-s-so c-c-cold," Sydney chatters still hunched into the fetal position. The oily sweat coming out of her body would disgust her if it weren't for the horrible sinking feeling in the pit of her stomach. Amongst her shaking, sweating, and general discomfort her face pales, and this isn't from the disappearing high. Rather, it's from the wearing off of something else. Something eating at her before, "I… I… I'm so getting fired…" Tears burn the sides of her eyes, as she hisses threw clenched teeth, "Her muscles tense more as she clutches her own stomach, "G-g-garbage! Under the sink! Now!" Yes, the therapist is going to hurl.

Lena pulls her knees to her chest, the oversized tee drawn over her legs so she looks like a potato sack with bad hair. The official terminology is turtling up. "She was…it isn't her fault," she remarks to Gene, shooting Tiago a dark look when he goes by. Shame on him for sulking over someone else's misfortune! "Um. If it's stuff I use a lot, it gets stronger, you know?" Her tone suggest it isn't her fault either. The scene before her is watched through a wild spray of bangs, blue eyes looking moody.

"It was just E. And I pushed it all out of her. Everything that didn't belong there. She should be okay in a little bit once the shakes…uh…that's new." Showing a lack of modesty akin to Tiago's, Lena scrambles away from the cabinet door, bare legs flashing as she gets out of the spray zone.

Wordlessly Eric dashes for the sink and complies with the garbage. Must resist quote. Must resist Quo—oh hell with it.

"If you are going to spew, spew into this." As he sets the can within easy reach.

When Tiago returns, he is mostly dressed. Wearing a pair of comfortable grey sweats and a black wife beater, the man carries with him a bed sheet and authority. Now, he doesn't expect them to /still/ be fussing around Sydney at this point - after all, he's been detoxed a number of times. It's never that bad. But…he's never been enthralled, either. "What…is she alright?" He inquires, suddenly solemn. Beneath the sheet is what looks to be a change of clothing for the natural posing. "…What's goin' on with her? Y'need to get the goo off of her. Y'need ta clean her off and get her in a change of clothes. Is - wait, is she upchuckin'?" Tiago needs to know whether its safe to approach or not, and so he stares at Lena for the answer.

The young man doesn't look too amused. After all, if it was no one's fault, then it was just some random accident. And random accidents usually don't end with people ready to puke. Gene tries to do the right thing regardless, helping Sydney toward the trash can and holding her stable so if (or when as the case may be) pukes, she will have someone holding her hair. Usually that's what a girlfriend does, but well, she's puking in the kitchen, not the women's bathroom. For the time being, he's mute, though he does peek at Lena's legs and looks back at Tiago, who was… not wearing that last he saw. Looks like Gene's presence makes people want to put on clothes, not take them off.

Hot. Or not.

Sure enough once the garbage is produced and Gene stabilizes her moderately, Sydney heaves into it. Her face is still freakishly pale and her lips still worse-chapped than before she used the chapstick. She continues to shake, except now her shakes are accompanied by loud sobs in between which the occasional word can be heard. "I." Sob. "Hate." Sob. "Ivory. Hiccup. "Wynn." Her cheeks are wet with tears. "I could lose my license…" Coherent thought dominates Sydney's brain as she continues to sob. This has little to do with her previous condition. "What was I thinking?!" The words aren't directed at anyone other then herself. Furrowing her eyebrows she glances down at her costume, sniffling instead of sobbing, "Why am I wearing this?" she ask disconnectedly.

"Ugh." That about sums up Lena's opinion. Once safely out of range of spatter, standing beside Tiago, she folds her arms across her chest and shifts uneasily from one foot to the other. "It isn't my fault," she reiterates. "That never happened to Chi, I swear to god. Um…you got her, Vader?" But what is this? A frown appears as her brain slowly translates the soppy, sticky words Sydney's managing to get out. "I'm confused…I totally did not do that to her…" Pause. "You used my chapstick, Syd. Or I used yours, I dunno. Are you…you want some ice water?"

Eric had been thinking, but Sydney's choked words and what Lena said makes everything clicks right into place. "Oh Thor's hammer," He says softly. "Gene, Lena's thing purged her of /everything/ additional in her system. Including whatever was making her obsessed with Wynn. She's going to be…" Pause. "We might want to call Bert. She went though the same thing." He says quietly as he looks towards the obviously sick woman.

"No, its not your fault Lena. Actually I didn't know you could do that…this…is going to be a good thing." Pause. "Eventually." Not right now at least. "…and you might want to go take a shower once you feel steady enough to Sydney." He says quietly as he lets Gene console her.

Poor Tiago is so confused. He's staring at Sydney with a mixture of blatand concern for her wellbeing and subtle distaste for the bile coming out of her her mouth. Literally. "Wha's goin' on? Who's this Ivory Wynn fellow?" He inquires solemnly, brows furrowed. A quick glance to Lena leads to the lad shifting all of the things he's holding into his right arm and allowing his left hand to rest upon her lower back, supportively. "Hey, Syd. You'll be okay, man. You will. It's…it's good for ya. Hang in there."

The Geek God nods silently to Eric, voicing what he assumed from Sydney's sobbings. Understanding the why doesn't make any easier. "It seems we didn't need Elena to free you like I thought," Gene states softly, used to the response from another woman that he helped out. "But now… Things can be better." Gene readies into his leather jacket's pocket, pulling out a travel size of tissues. He offers them to Sydney as he continues to hold her. If she fights to move away, Gene gently lets go. If she seems to lose her footing due to the sorrow, he puts his other arm around her. "It wasn't your fault… You just wanted to help and things got out of hand. If it was anyone's fault, it was mine." Gene's eyes get watery, but he doesn't cry. Men in leather jackets aren't allowed to cry (Gene Rule #81). "If I had been more aggressive and not let you go back to him, I'm so so sorry…"

As Tiago and Lena are unsure about Ivory, Gene doesn't give them a word, figuring that Eric can fill in if he so desires.

And she loses her footing as Sydney hiccups to choke back the tears, choosing to remain held. She clutches the tissues and trembles quietly before whispering, "It's. My fault. I— I shouldn't have… I went back… so naive… such an idiot." And she fell for everything. In fact, she amplified everything without meaning to. "I feel disgusting… and cheap…" she continues to tremble as she recognizes she essentially prostituted herself while under the Senator's power. She takes a deep breath and manages towards Eric, "No amount of water or soap will wash this off —"

"The Senator," Lena murmurs to Tiago, accepting the offered comfort and reciprocating by leaning into his side. "He's the guy in charge of the trains, the round ups. I was gonna tell you but I was so tired last night, from everything…" While the teen might not understand the entire story, or the finer details, Eric's initial explanation and reassurance, Sydney's own ramblings, fill in some of the pieces. There's an ugly sort of knowledge in her eyes as she watches Gene tend to Sydney. A sympathy that has unhappy weight to it. "I'm gonna get dressed," she decides. It's an abrupt decision, made in an instant and followed immediately by her turning to leave the kitchen and go into the bedroom. The door closes behind her.

"Don't beat yourself up about it Gene," Eric cautions towards him before he stands from his crouch slowly. "It wasn't your fault either, or if it was then it was our fault. We both should have stopped her." He murmurs before looking back towards Tiago and Lena. "Ivory Wynn, he's a Senator. We found out that somehow…it has to be some power…the people around him become obsessed with him. It changes the brain chemistry. I thought only one of our friends could fix it, but apparently you can even it out as well Lena." He murmurs with a sad shake of his head. "It affects anyone around him apparently, and after only relative minor contact. I'll get you a picture of him, if you /do/ see him then don't talk to him or let him talk to you."

A shake of his head then before he crouches once more to rest a hand on Sydney's shoulder. "Sydney. Sydney listen to me. It really wasn't your fault…you didn't have control at the time, you are /not/ an idiot…"

Tiago glances down at Lena as she explains under her breath, and his demeanor grows progressively darker, grimmer. When the unnatural blonde excuses herself, heading off to the bedroom, he casts a fleeting glance in her direction, only to have it return to Sydney as he begins straightening himself up, drawing himself to his full height. This information is soaked up somberly, but soon enough he's marching forward, bending over Sydney. He recognizes this. He recognizes the self-loathing, the pity party in full effect.

"Sydney," Tiago grumbles, eyes narrowed. "Cut it the fuck out. Look up at us. /Look/. If you were disgustin' and cheap, we wouldn't be here. We wouldn't be here in your kitchen, prayin' for ya ta get better. This ain't your fault, and you better cut this self-pity bullshit out, now. We /need/ you, Syd. We need ya ta be strong for us, okay? We need…ya ta go take a shower and change inta diff'rent clothes. Y'gotta do this, and you can't be gettin' down on yourself."

"You got it," the young man offers as he lets Sydney go to do her thing. A hand moves to rub the back of his neck. For now, he doesn't know what to say, so he just coughs. "Well, that went well," he whispers with a sigh.

The therapist sighs, as she manages to get a handle on her tears. "I… I… ugh…" is all she manages as the full weight of the situation sinks in. She takes a few deep breaths to try to clear her head under the touch of both Gene and Eric, but it's useless. These emotions won't go away. Defeated and unable to do anything but accept her current state, she staggers to her feet, removing her stilettos, before chucking one angrily against the far wall of her apartment. With a swallow, she pads towards the hall, but before she trudges down it, a fleeting glance is given to the garbage can as Sydney grimaces, "I think I lost my vampire fangs in there… that's just… gross…" Frown. Some things just aren't worth the pain. She disappears to the shower.

Just in time for Lena to emerge from the bedroom, wearing a pair of jeans and a fitted white tee. No catchy slogan, alas. It isn't easy to maintain a snappy wardrobe while on the run from The Man. Her hands are occupied in scraping her hair back into a rough ponytail. A glance is given the closed bathroom door before she makes her way back into the kitchen. "Is she…uh. It fucking stinks in here." Ever the practical soul, the teen eases past the menfolk and gathers up the garbage bag to tie a knot in it. Needless to say, her breath is held and her nose crinkled.

"Here, I'll get rid of it…" Eric says as he watches the woman start off and away from the little group. He stands from his crouch though and strides towards Lena to just snatch the garbage bag away from her should she let him. Then his eyes close for a moment, flickering benith the closed lids. A slight nod. "Back alley is clear, be back in a tick." He says softly before he simply stares at a wall next to him and watches as it covers itself with black shadow that he simply steps though and…poof…gone…

…he'll be back in a moment. Hopefully with good aim too.

Tiago stares off with a frown as Sydney disappears behind a closed door, and his gaze remains in that general direction until the movement around the trash barrel begins to draw his attention. He sighs emphatically, sliding his hands into his pockets before turning to eye first the disappearing Eric and - !

"Holy fuck, man!" Tiago exclaims, surprised by the swirling darkness. But, soon enough, he settles himself down. Why /should/ he be surprised? What with everything that he's seen in the past month… "Fuck. What a fuckin' perfect way ta start the day. Anyway…who're you, again? Vadar?" He peers to Gene's back, nose lifted proudly. "What're you guy's doin', anyway, fightin' the government and all? Y'seem alot more organized than a couple of runaways. Y'got like…a name and a secret batcave or somethin' too?"

Lena was holding a garbage bag and now she is not. She stares blankly at the wall through which Eric vanished, then down to her empty hand. "That…was creepy." Pause. "Why does everyone else get the cool powers?" Fireballs, shadow portals, emotional manipulation…SO MUCH COOLER than making people get naked. When her gaze lifts, it fastens upon Gene. Not without some suspicion. What can he do?

"Okay, you know what? I think…I need some air. And a new phone. I'ma go do that, Chi, you keep an eye on Syd?"

True to his word Eric is indeed back in just a tick. A moments time passes. However…the one thing that he /wasn't/ is on target with his portal.

There is a reason that one of his nicknames happens to be Launchpad.

The first thing he notices as he steps out of the portal is…water? Running water? "…the hell…it wasn't raining outside…" He mutters as he steps out of the portal and glances around to see…shower curtin. Tile. Water. Bright lights.


This isn't going to end well…

The shriek from the shower belongs to a certain already-traumatized blonde therapist. "Eric! I— " the words are loud, angry, emphatic, and clearly less than impressed. Sydney grasps the shower curtain and wraps it around herself while literally pushing Eric out of the shower. "O-out! Now!" There aren't even words.

Tiago recoils afterwards, allowing Gene to do his silent brooding hero bit and instead returns into himself, highly pensive. This is a sober Tiago, troubled with things much too large for his brain to handle. He is, after all, just a manboy! When Lena declares that she's going out, the man gulps sullenly, before nodding in her general direction. "Chyeah… Okay, baby. Be safe. Take the knife, yeah?" With this advice given, he approaches her, clearly looking to brush his lips over hers in a goodbye kiss.

Except it never comes. What /does/ come is a high pitched, non-understandable scream from the actual blonde in the apartment.

What follows is Tiago's instinct coming into play. He barrels down the hallway, before proceeding, without thought, to kick open the bathroom door (even though he didn't need to - she forgot to lock). "Sydney! Are you al-…Wait a tic."

Thump thund thwack. "Sorry! Sorry!" Eric's voice comes from the shower as he stumbles out of it. Managing to catch his foot on the side of the shower and go barreling into Tiago as he overbalances his reatreat. He's soaked, and wondering if he's going to be beaten with a loofa.


"…my aim is off sometimes…" He explains lamely towards both Sydney and Tiago before he starts to scramble to his own feet and haul Tiago back to his own feet.

"Sorry again!" He calls into the bathroom before adding in a softer voice. "…I think its time I got back to my place…"

Well. Lena can't exactly leave immediately, not with Sydney shrieking in the shower. She comes pounding in after Tiago just in time to see the collision. Her jaw sags. She stares. She presses against the wall to let Eric go by. Dripping.

It's been a very strange day.

"Yeah…uh…oookay. Syd, you alright?"

There's another shriek as the door is kicked open. After a few deep breaths, the therapist manages to calm down. After a few moments she collects herself, still wrapped in the blue shower curtain. "Good grief," Sydney murmurs as she steps out of the shower. "I… I have a headache." She sighs as she just shakes her head. "I need… a nap…" With another frown, she shrugs fleetingly, "I've lost the will to scold…" "…thanks for the support guys… but I… I need sleep …" Or something. That said she skulks off to her room.

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