2007-02-27: So we meet again, Nakamura


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Adam and Hiro meet in an alleyway just after Adam escapes the mayhem in Times Square.

Date It Happened: February 27th, 2007

So we meet again, Nakamura

An alleyway off Times Square

Ducking into the first available alleyway, Adam escapes the mayhem of Times Square. Groaning, he finds the first available dumpster and slams his shoulder into it. Thus relocating his shoulder properly. "Crimeny…." he gasps, as he reaches around in time to feel the three gunshots to his back heal right up. The bullets pushed out and deposited on the ground. Not wanting to stick around, should those who were in chase show up he rounds the corner of the dumpster and starts to run down the empty alleyway.

It is at this moment that Hiro Nakamura winks into existence at the end of the alleyway. He looks the same. Modern clothes, modern shoes, and he's put the Kensei Sword in some sort of black plastic case, a case whose top is now unscrewed, one hand grasping the hilt of the weapon. Hiro's eyes widen as he sees Adam, close up, for the first time.
"<Kensei—>" he says, in Japanese. "<Wait! Please. Wait,>" he begs, his free hand held out, palm open.

Startled by the voice calling out one of the many monikers he's used over the last 400 years, Adam comes to a stop. Barely sweating, his eyes glance down the alleyway and find….him. "You…." he glares, eyes narrowing and a frown rearing it's presence. "The last I saw you, you left me to die in a fire." Though surely by then Hiro knew that even a fire wouldn't stop him.

Adam frowns. Would you hold a 300 year grudge if your so-called best friend stole your woman right out from under you? "I used to believe that, Carp." he growls, not moving yet as he's in no position to defend himself. "Right up until you stole Yaeko right out from under me." A quick glance around to find possible weapons, or even start planning an escape route. "Why?" he continues, frowning ever deeper. "Why should I help a world that has kept me locked up for the last thirty years? When I could have been out there helping people. Think of the uses my regenerative blood could have."

Hiro takes a quick step back, almost as a reflex. But he's still in the reach of a sword-stroke. Hiro might not know the exact meaning of what Adam's talking about it, but he knows the hard details. The important parts. He switches, now, to English. "Yaeko chose with her heart. I never meant to hurt you," he says. "We saved Japan. We can still save the world." Well, Hiro saved Japan. From Kensei. But the point mostly stands.

"She chose with her heart. Only after /you/ showed up." Adam matches the step, also backwards. Maybe it'll put him out of sword-stroke range. "We saved Japan." That draws a laugh from Adam. "No, I started it. Then you betrayed me. And even more, finished it using my name and taking credit for it." Oh look, a leftover piece of pipe. That could come in handy. If he can get to it. "What if I don't want to save the world? Does the world even need saving?" Is this just a rant, or a monologue? "Think about it, Hiro. Poverty. Disease. Famine. War. What's really worth saving about the world?"

"It is not our place to judge the world," Hiro says. "A hero must protect the people who need him. You knew this." Hiro takes a step… /forward/. He's beginning to recognize that there is something of a battou-jutsu duel taking shape. If Adam makes a move, it seems Hiro is going to have to react. "Yaeko believed in you. I still believe in you."

Adam eyes the step and makes a corresponding sidestep. Let's see what that does. "Oh, I think I'm in my place judging the world." he states plainly, eyes staring down Hiro now. He know his plan, and will act if needed. "I've watched generation after generation go by. Decades. Centuries. Some from the outside world. Others from that damn cell they had me in. Either way, I think it's safe to say the world would be better off if we cleaned it up a bit." The mention of Yaeko again is just like driving another knife into his heart. "None of that matters now. As much as I want to hurt you, this is not the time nor place for it. There are people after me. People who would love to have you in their grasp as much as I. I would highly recommend disappearing again and letting me do the same."

"I will fight the Company," Hiro says. "Don't you remember? Together, there is nothing we cannot overcome. We have defeated an entire army!" he adds, growing desperate. He's trying to appeal to the hero in Adam. Is he still there? "You are *not* a villain. I believe this still. It is never too late. There are people in this world worth saving. There are people like Yaeko."

"/You/ defeated an entire army." Adam retorts, shaking his head. "Last I remember I was a burning charred mess of flesh in a test in Whitebeards camp. So don't even include me in that." Adam's hatred is deep rooted, but not without end. You just have to work a little harder. Though maybe not right at this moment as there are voice down in the far end of the alley. Judging from the words, it sounds like NYPD making a sweep of the area to ensure it's clear.
"Kensei…" Hiro's eyes tilt towards his feet, but the sounds of police coming are enough. He can't remain here much longer. He finally disappears, leaving Adam to flee.

Adam frowns, and doesn't have enough time to respond before Hiro disappears. "Kensei…." he repeats, almost lost in thought before the voices recall him to the present. "Damn." he mutters, searching the nearby doors and disappearing into the first open one he finds.

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