2010-02-18: Soft Science



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Date: February 18, 2010


Psychology isn't REAL science, is it?

"Soft Science"

Building 27, Staff Room — Governor's Island

It's a quiet day in the staff lounge. If there's anyone around, they're in and out without a second thought. Grab food, eat elsewhere. Or grab food, deal with inmates. Dr. Fred Flint Stone seems to be the only one who has yet to stay there for a significant amount of time. With his feet up on a table, his briefcase resting on the table near his feet, and his chair leaned back, Dr. Fred is reading a comic book. Which comic book? Ice Man today, but it changes from day to day…should someone catch him doing it.

"But Timothy, didn't you see her?! She looked horrible! Frail and pale and just not good — maybe she's reacting to medication that you're giving her! I don't know what it is… people could react…" Janet objects as her and the tall dark skinned man enter the room.

Agent Morris just shakes his head and grabs his lunch. "Dr. Fred, talk some sense into my medical friend," he quips before he walks to the door. "I have more inmates to deal with. I'll come grab you for more rounds in a few." Shaking his head, Morris disappears out the door from whence he came.

Janet sits down at the table across from Fred. "Interesting reading," she notes with a small dimple appearing on her cheek. "Enjoy comics? Or just superheroes?"

Fred glances up as Janet and Agent Morris enter, before looking back at his comic as he responds to Morris. "Timothy, my friend…if there's one thing I've learned…it's that people in the medical field are difficult to sway the minds of once they've set their mind to something. Unless, of course, you can prove them, beyond a shadow of a doubt, to be incorrect in what they believe." He glances up from his comic, giving Agent Morris a little grin and wink before going back to his comic. He doesn't seem to bother taking his feet down just yet, nor looking away from the comic as he responds Janet. "Oh, comics of all kind. Today it's Ice Man, tomorrow it might be the Simpsons or the Flintstones." After a moment, he folds the comic, remembering his place in it, and drops his feet to look at Janet more clearly. "I'm Dr. Fred Stone." He says with a bright smile.

"Dr. Janet McCarty," she introduces herself, also smiling as she reaches out to shake Fred's hand. "Pleasure to meet you Dr. Stone." She issues him a bright smile. "Timothy… he worries about me. He's my official escort when I treat patients." She shrugs a little. "Although a lot of them have been in rough shape these days." She chuckles a little, "Ice man is an interesting choice. I just saw a patient who claimed she could shoot ice out of her fingers. Can you imagine?" She chuckles nervously. Everything is coming into view.

Fred continues to smile as he shakes Janet's hand. "A pleasure to meet you as well, Dr. McCarty." He chuckles. "Timothy…I think he just wants things to run smoothly, you know? As efficient as possible." There's a little nod before he frowns. "She said she could shoot ice? Well…I'd believe it, in a place like this. With what others can do and all." He says with a shrug. He's not exactly disproving what the 'crazy' girl said. In fact, he believes it quite a bit. "People in here can do some pretty dangerous things."

"What? Are you saying you think she was telling the truth?" Janet asks as she arches both of her eyebrows. "Honestly Dr. — Fred, can I call you Fred? I just assumed she was delirious with fever, seriously sometimes people are just soooo delirious with fever! And I'm not allowed to talk to prisoners, probably for good reason… so I wouldn't know what anyone is actually capable of AND I don't know what is going on around here…" the female doctor tilts her head at Fred. "Ummm." That's a lot of questions. All of which turned into a rant. "So… what do you do here? I'm an MD.. medical personnel and everything…"

Fred bows his head in a nods. "Fred is fine, Dr. McCarty." He smiles, waiting until she seems done with her little rant before daring to speak. He takes into careful consideration everything that she's asked him. He can't help but ask himself: 'Wasn't she briefed on what we do here?' He takes a deep breath in, finally speaking. "I do believe that she was telling the truth. All of our captives here are capable of something. I had assumed that you were briefed on that subject matter before being granted clearance to come here." He shrugs. "I digress on that matter though. While fever induced delirium is something seen amongst the particularly ill here, the fact that all of them is capable of something beyond that which many of who work here can imagine doing, except in the realm of imagination." He smiles. "This girl you speak of could very well be like Ice Man in the sense that she can do something with ice."

"Thats… not… genetically possible," Janet quips back with widen eyes. "Look. I'm not a fool, Dr… Fred. I'm a doctor. I can't… they're not… they're terrorists." She purses her lips and shakes her head. "No. No. No." She shakes her head. This is making too much sense in light of what Tracy and Erin told her. "Look. I fix people up, I patch them, and I look after their healing. That's my job. I'm to ask no questions for my own protection." At this she nods.

"What kind of doctor did you say you were?" She hmmms quietly. "I'm guessing… psychology? Or something else equally social-scienc-y. Because obviously a real doctor wouldn't believe something like that… I'm sorry, I didn't mean to imply… I'm… tired… and busy… and had this terrible dream that left me feeling very unsettled and then my sister… and her crazy friend…"

Fred smiles a little. "I'm afraid to say that it is quite genetically possible. I've seen it in action myself." He says softly and with a tad bit of understanding. "I am a psychologist. But…" There's a pause for a moment. "Let me gauge to you this question, Doctor. Whether or not I were a medical doctor, is it not safe to say that I, being a highly trained psychologist, am in the best position, aside from a psychiatrist, to determine the validity of the statements of these people? Am I not trained to determine the mental state of these people? As well, am I not trained to discover whether they are telling the truth or whether what they are telling us is fictitious?" He smiles. "You have no need to apologize. All I ask is for the respect that my position and training as a psychologist has earned me."

"But let's not get carried away, you're not a real - real doctor. We both know that. And all of that Freud stuff it's a completely disprovable theory which, in terms of good science, means that it's complete FAIL. FA-IL. And no, I'm not discrediting you personally, just your discipline in general." Janet shrugs with a cluck of her tongue. "And we don't need people to tell the truth, we need the science to talk. It works just as well as lies a whole less." At this she smirks. "And I don't mean to offend, I just believe in logic and nothing else," she says this matter-of-factly.

"I still have a lot going on though. And I think there's validity to talk and chatting, but honestly, I don't need a good therapist, I need a freakin' sounding board from time-to-time. I mean talking to a good wise friend is just as effective as talking to a therapist. You can't disagree. Isn't that your role in life anyways? Being a friend-like-stand-in when necessary?"

Fred clears his throat. "Thanks…just…thanks for that." He sighs, but tries to keep a smiling face. "Look, you may not think my profession to be a 'real' science. But this is my life's work. No, I realize I'm not that old, but it's what I live for. I do some real good work, all of psychology does. Now, I don't believe in Freud's work myself. There are plenty more sources that I believe to be more credible. But while we're on the same side here, I'd like to ask, with the greatest respect, that you do not demean what I do, nor the career I've chosen, whether in specific terms or in general. After all, psychology has done some good. Besides, psychology is defined as 'the scientific study of the human mind and its functions, especially those affecting behavior in a given context.' The scientific study. I may not be an MD, but I'm just as qualified when it comes to matters of the human brain and all the science thereof." He smiles. "And I do believe I would disagree. Friends, even friend-like-stand-ins, don't get paid as well as psychiatrists and psychologists are."

He smiles. "Now, if I haven't convinced you there, can we at least agree to disagree?" Is asked of the woman sitting across from him. "Trust me, though, when it comes to these being doing strange and unusual things, I am not lying. There is proof. For obviously, logical, reasons, we don't want said proof to be leaked to the public. If it were, who knows what the consequences might be."

"Paid well or not, friends are just as effective as sorting out thoughts, particularly as psychologists make their patients do all of the work. I don't do that. I do the work." Janet smiles simply as she nods, "Fine. We can agree to disagree, but I'll never believe psychology to be a science. Nothing can be scientific if it's not disprovable and half of psychology really isn't."

"I… Hmmmm." She would talk to Fred about her dream, her sister, and the terrorist at her door if she'd come to any kind of conclusions, but she hasn't so she just shrugs instead.

"Psychology is all about proving and disproving facts about the brain. And you can test me on anything scientific to do with the brain and I'll know it." Fred tilts his head. "Besides, psychiatrists are just glorified psychologists. And they're MDs." He nods. "Good, agree to disagree. Though that wasn't an excuse to take another hit at my profession, Doctor." He smiles widely. "And whether you like my profession or not, there is prove as to these abilities. I've seen it with my own two eyes. I've known that it hasn't been an illusion."

"Oh. I like psychiatrists. I did a round in the psych ward and ended in genetics before I was pulled onto this project." Janet smirks. "I didn't take another hit. Not really. You just left the discipline open to ridicule." And then she adds in response to the illusion of abilities, "Have you considered getting a CAT scan? A person can't ignore the symptoms of a brain tumour. I went for one… last week? Recently. Results were inconclusive so I'm going for another." She doesn't seem to torn up about her potential brain tumour, in fact, she appears quite the opposite.

Fred chuckles softly. "I've seen proof. Scientific proof. The people I…we work for? I'm sure they have genetic proof." He smiles widely as he speak happily. "I go for a check up once a year to make sure everything is in tip-top shape." He nods. Leaning back once more he says, "I can understand wanting concrete scientific proof, of course." He frowns. "Though of course…the only way other than scientific testing…at least around these parts, is taking off the collars and taking away the drugs. BUT! We don't wanna do that with terrorists, do we?"

Janet hmmms and then tests the waters with her secret powerz, "Do you think it's possible for one of these terrorists to kill a plant — like give it a disease? Or to freeze the locks off a door? Or … something?" She arches both of her eyebrows, punctuating the question. "What if a terrorist escaped? And what if a terrorist found a staff member's house? What would happen then? OR what if one of us was living with someone like that? What would happen then? Or what if someone like that visited them and someone found out — what then?" So many questions.

It doesn't take Fred too long to consider most of the questions asked by Janet, and he's quick to start answering. "It's very possible for them to kill plants, I believe. There are a lot of different things these people can do, a lot of which can do harm to plants and even to people." He explains. "And yes, I do believe it's very possible for them to freeze the locks off a door. Like, for example, this person you saw today who claimed she could shoot ice out of her fingers, was it? She might be able to." He believes it, too. "If a terrorist escaped, it would be very serious indeed!" He pauses for a moment, curious at the direction of the questions. Freezing the locks off the door…a terrorist escaping…a terrorist being found at a staff member's house. "If an escaped terrorist was found at a staff member's house and said staff member hadn't reported it…well, let's just say, my advice? Don't let it be discovered." He has an itch, a feeling. But he won't tell her that. She doesn't believe in psychology after all. "If that person only visited you and you're not harbouring them, hypothetically, then, of course, there was nothing you could do to keep them there. What's done is done. But it wouldn't look good to not have reported it right away."

Janet hmmms quietly. "Well it's good that I'm in the dark then; I wouldn't know if one of them visited me." She grins at Fred as she rises from her chair and pads to the fridge to take an apple from her lunch. "Everyone chose to keep me in the dark, and so I can't really say if it happened anyways. I'm just curious more than anything." She shrugs. "So… what kind of crimes have these people committed?" the question is asked as she returns to her chair and takes a giant crunchy bite out of her apple.

Fred says, "APPLE EAT! Plus 3 to vitality!"

Fred shakes his head. "I don't think people should be left in the dark about what they're doing…although…I suppose it kind of makes sense. Makes less risks to be had about it being leaked." He shrugs. "The crimes they have committed are varied. But in the end, they've harmed others. Americans. And they've threatened the safety of America on the whole. And we just want to stop them from harming others. That's all."

"Well of course they've done something to spur on the government" have they? Erin claimed not. "The American government wouldn't just take its own citizens — that would be absurd," Janet says with an idle smile. Not that she believes what she's saying. Erin was right. For once. She takes another bite into her apple. "And have you ever connected with one of our prisoners? Why do they commit their crimes? I always thought that if I could do something amazing, I'd help the world, not hurt it…" And KeLyssa seemed pretty harmless.

Fred smiles and shrugs. "I've connected with a couple. Those who have wanted to speak. I mostly observe. I occasionally watch the tapes and listen to the recordings. Some people do really people they should be kept in a place like this, while others believe in their innocence." Fred? Well, he doesn't seem so show what he thinks, one way or another. "I could list off any number of reasons why they've committed their crimes. My thoughts are in their files, should you choose to read the psychological profiling I've done."

"Profiling? Really?" Janet almost whines before she takes another bite of her apple. "I can't handle more soft science. Sorry Dr. Fred. No dice." She flashes him a sweet enough smile before she finishes her apple. "And now, I'm afraid, I must be off. Morris is probably missing me by now." At this she beams as she rises and pads out the door, calling musically, "Oh Timothy~"

Fred smiles. "Well, good day to you then, Doctor. It was…pleasant, talking to you. I do hope I get a chance to meet you again sometime real soon!" He says with a wide, bright grin.

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