2007-10-01: Some Explanations


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Summary: Kitty and Sharon discuss the craziness after their encounter with Sylar.

Date It Happened: October 1st, 2007

Some Explanations

Kitty's Apartment

So. Sharon hauled Kitty through the sewers, and hasn't explained just why she can carry the woman as easily as she does. But, she's direted to Kitty's apartment, and they pop out and head on up towards Kitty's apartment. "I hope the others made it out alright. I don't know who that was, but when Peter and Elena started getting out like that, I figured that running would be the safest bet," she tells Kitty.

"I hope they got out too, if I don't see Elena at NYU, I'll go hunting and I need to call Jane later. She needs to know what we saw" Kitty says as they enter the apartment and Tiger, her cat races forward and nuzzles Sharon and Kitty, the young woman drops her messenger bag on the floor and hops onto the counter top in the kitchen. "That was some craziness" Kit offers and swings her legs, she looks down to the floor. It would seem that Kitty still feels bad about shooting two innocent people.

"You alright?" Sharon asks, going over and grabbing herself a chair or stool to sit on, even as the cat decides to nuzzle the two. She reaches down to give the cat a scratch. "I know the sewer isn't a pleasant way to travel, but you can lose people quick down there".

"I'll be fine in time" Kitty gives Sharon a soft smile and then looks down at Tiger as she speaks, "Ya know, this stuff is crazy. Meeting all these people like us, it's like fate is drawing us together" Kitty scratches her head and then looks back to Sharon.

"Seems that way," Sharon says, testing her arm a little bit. "Though it looked like that electricity using girl knew the people who showed up later," Sharon tells Kitty. Then there's a pause. "Remind me never to take a full blast from her anytime soon," the woman adds with a small grimace.

Kitty chuckles softly and nods, "I can't be sure but I think they are apart of the Company. It's a group of people who hunt people like us down and make sure that we aren't a 'danger' to society. At least that is what I've been told" Kitty sighs, "There are so many things to remember once you realize that there are more people like us out there"

"People like that crazy guy who tried to take Elena through some extra furniture," Sharon says. "And the Company. Does it have a name? Or just The Company?" Hey, Sharon is curious about this stuff. "Somehow I don't like the idea of some company taking me in and trying to figure out if I'm a danger to society or not. Just to sleeping pill companies".

Kitty nods, "I have only heard the Company called just that and exactly like that man, I think he was the one I was warned about. He can steal our abilities. He kills people" Kitty looks scared and she bites her lip, "I never thought I would encounter him"

"Some sort of absorbion technique through killing," Sharon says. "I'm…glad that he was knocked out quickly. Things could have been worse," he tells the woman. "Though it does make me rethink my standard strategy of dealing with attackers. Hitting them in the back of the head with particularly hard sticks might not be completely effective". There is a little bit of nervousness in Sharon's voice, but so long as they got away, they should be alright. Right?

"Yeah, our powers aren't as flashy and useful as Peter's and some of the other evolved I know. But we can still help ya know?" She looks nervous as well and then her expression changes into something of a serious face. "That dream/vision or whatever. It cannot be allowed to happen"

"Just what was with Peter's ability? I thought he was like you, but then he healed me completely," Sharon says. That seemed…strange. Very strange to her. "But no, it can't be allowed to happen. I admit that I don't think I knew anyone there, but the vision of the world…". Sharon shakes her head.

"I don't know what his deal is, but he seems to have some powerful mojo inside of him" she nods again, "We still need to do something, but I guess all we can do is wait until we get more information" Kitty doesn't like the sounds of that but she doesn't have any other ideas at the moment.

"We can investigate," Sharon says. That's one of the perks of never needing sleep. You make a great lookout and information gatherer. "And I was serious back there, about the gunshots. I'm not upset. It was a fluke," she tells Kitty. "It'll just mean going over the information and seeing what we can deduce from it".

"I agree with that and thanks again for forgiving me. It means a lot" she says and then looks at the clock on the wall. "Should I call you tomorrow? If I don't get some sleep, I might faint" Kitty chuckles, "Eve though we were sleeping before!" the chuckle turns into a full on laugh. She then takes her phone out and holds up a finger to Sharon to indicate one moment please.

When Kitty gets done dialing the number, the phone rings a few times and then goes voicemail. Kitty looks worried, "Hey Janie, it's Cat. I need to talk to you, it's very important. It involves 'special' things that have happened tonight. Please call soon. Love ya" with that she hangs up and then throws her cellphone on the couch, "I hope she answers soon"

"Yeah. It should be safe enough to make my way back home. I'm pretty confident they didn't follow us, but if the woman with the lightning gave up our names, then we might get a visit from the company," Sharon says to the woman. "You've got my cell phone, right?"

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