2010-03-09: Some Kind of Moron


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Date: March 9, 2010


Cody is putting her life in danger, because she's (see title)

"Some Kind of Moron"

Secret Apartment!


The shower is on full blast as Cody begins the morning routine that she had abandoned over the past week. It's a good thing that the bathroom is in between the two bedrooms, otherwise Erin might miss out on the alarm (read singing) and might sleep in.

"You an' me going fishin' in the park! Lyin' on our backs and reelin' in carp! Where the cool grass grows!!"

Yes, it's country music. Horribly wretched country music. If Erin didn't like the stuff before, Cody's twanging voice is probably enough to send her to madness. Cody would likely care, except it's the morning routine. If you have a shower, you have to sing. No matter how bad you do it.


The woman is completely bald, mostly due to the fact that she hasn't chosen a disguise for her day of job hunting. It's a disturbing sight, a completely hairless person. Without even eyebrows or eyelashes to speak of. But the good news is, Erin is guaranteed not to have any stray shedding in her food. This morning's menu is omelettes and toast.


Cody would have been treated to a very irate Erin McCarty pounding on the bathroom door several times during the 'morning routine,' often accompanied by shouts of 'shut the hell up!' and other more unpublishable insults, some of which clearly insulted Cody's mother. The actress was very clearly unhappy with the whole ordeal. After some time without, Erin was sure that her roommate had gotten it all out of her system.

Erin will get her back somehow. One day. When she least expects it. Even meditation can't heal a grudge like this one.

"You know, with the way you sing, I'm surprised anyone even wants breakfast in the morning. Are those even the right words? At least pick something you know how to sing. Jesus." No, it's okay. Erin is always this grumpy in the morning, regardless of WHEN she has to get up. And to be fair, technically, Cody let her sleep in an extra two hours beyond the norm. "You look weird."

Tactless, as always.

"What kind of power is 'hair,' anyway?" Despite all this, she doesn't seem averse to enjoying the breakfast that Cody's working on. She pulls out her chair, sitting huffily in it, as she glares and her unnecessary alarm clock. "I did it, by the way. What you asked. I did it. And I think I have an idea for the barracks."


Erin's usual grouchy behaviour doesn't phase Cody in the least. Grabbing a piece of bacon between her fingers, she munches on it as she casually comments, "Well if you don't want any, I'll eat it." She's not going to argue if Erin doesn't want to have any. In fact, she's not argumentative at all. The fact that she looks weird is met with a blank stare and then her hair begins to grow out in a lovely shade of chestnut brown.

"I don't know, what kind of power is making viruses? What kind of power is turning water to ice? What kind of power is changing colors?" The woman shrugs and continues to prepare their morning meal in relative silence. It's better to let Erin get the grouch out of her system instead of riling her up, less chance of surprise herpes or SARS that way.

"You have an idea? Lay it on me… I've had a few but they rely on a few other things before they'll start working right." Mainly, getting back together with Mark and Micah to review what they learned, maybe getting closer to Lane industries in general. "By the way… I'm going to go get a job today. I was thinking about seeing if there's anything in translating or maybe checking with my friend Mark to see if he has anything."


"Weird," Erin repeats, shaking her head and grabbing at a piece of toast. Whether or not breakfast is actually ready, it's best to just let Erin have what she wants sometimes. "Yeah, I bet you would eat everything. There's enough here for ten people." Actually, just Erin and Cody, but since Cody eats for nine, well…

Erin doesn't seem fazed by Cody's retort. In fact, she gets rather quiet at the mention of her own power and the others, ultimately commenting on none of them. Perhaps her silence is an apology, or maybe she's just too tired to say much else.

"Yeah. It's actually not too hard," Erin says. "I need you to get Janet here, though. She's still on the inside, right? She won't even have to do anything. I made this… Chicken Pox-Measles hybrid kind of thing that only effects people with powers. Back— god, I dunno. A few years ago, there was this virus that really affected people with abilities. It specifically went after this… gene, like an on-switch. I mean, it affected other people, too, but people with powers, it just… destroyed. So I figured why not use that, right? We got a highly contagious virus like chicken pox with something fever-inducing like measles, with enough differences that they can't just diagnose it as one or the other…" She pauses to allow Cody to think about that for a minute. "It's not deadly, but it could end up looking that way. Janet treats them, they 'die…'" Erin makes little finger quotes in the air, "And we get them out. Janet doesn't have a power, but she can still carry it in there."

Easy? Maybe.

"You're getting a job? What if they come after you?"


"I'll get Janet here as soon as I can." Cody grunts, she's got a paper out and she's reading it in between serving up the breakfast and pouring coffee. Perhaps a career as a short order waitress is in order. Once the dishes have been laid out, she takes a seat on one of the island counter stools and pushes the front page over to her room mate. "See this story? About the birds going nuts? You think a special had something to do with it?" It's a quick topic change, but there's definitely something to the story. It's just all sorts of odd.

"Hmm… if they're all dying, we're going to need to find places for them to go. Pyle's dried up as a source of funds, we're on our own. I have about five grand in cash… but I don't know how long that's going to last. Especially with the way you eat." Or don't eat. Or get rid of power bars for the fun of it. Then Cody flashes her one of her easy going smiles and takes another bite of the omelette. She looks up to the second floor and knits her thin eyebrows into a small V as she concentrates. "Mmm… We've got a little room… but how many shower singers are you going to be able to stand?"

As for the job? The woman shrugs. "If they come after me, they come after me. I got a new lead on the protocols, so I'm going to follow it. Don't worry, if I don't come home one night, I'll make sure you're taken care of." She sounds too much like a man leaving his wife to go to war…


Erin smiles a little to herself. She can't wait to see Jan after the couple weeks they haven't spoken. It's weird. They didn't talk for years, and Erin didn't think twice. Now they haven't talked in days and Erin misses her. It's just not logical! Her attention turns to the paper as Cody pushes it her way. "Special? Like we all belong on a short bus? C'mon, Cody." Special. Evolved is fine - that strikes a sense of superiority into the hearts of non-believers! But 'special?'


"We could cut back. You could say you shaved your head for some weird Buddhist holiday. Then, God, we'd have enough food to feed an army." Erin eats, but not like Cody. That's seriously amazing. Erin's power wears her out, but it's nothing a good nap won't fix. There's silence between them for a moment, then… "Look, they'll make do. Even if they get outta there with nothing and nowhere to go, it's… Better than being there. We both know that. And hey. I figured out how to exploit you, so." She shrugs, picking up the paper so she can turn to the second page of the article.

Despite meditation, Erin's temper goes from fairly easy-going to pissed off in less time than it takes to flush a power bar down the toilet. "Are you some kind of moron?! You are, aren't you? For— For someone smart enough to sneak their way into some top-secret organisation, you're a moron." Does she explain that sentiment? No. She just tosses the paper aside and eats her damn piece of toast!


"Special like the Olympics and the cereal, baby," is the quick retort to Erin's grip about the designation. Unlike her room mate, Cody doesn't feel the need to evoke superiority. She would rather be underestimated than feared. She continues to much on a piece of toast as she pulls the day's track schedule from the middle of the paper and studies it.

Then Erin gives her a verbal punch to the gut.

"Oh hell no. I buy the groceries around here, if someone needs to go bald for a guest or two, it's going to be you." Not that Erin would go bald, but still, Cody values her food. Already Cody is spacing out the warehouse space for another two, maybe three guests. "I can probably get another warehouse, not as pretty as this one. But something with a few cots and stuff. I'll make some arrangements, but we're not going to pull them out and just leave them hanging." Other arrangements somewhere else would be ideal, so Cody adds it to the mental list.

The agent keeps calm through the entire little tirade not even looking up from the schedule. "Huh, did you know that Three Times Lucky is running today? He's a good horse, comes from good lines. I used his chip number in a code I wrote once." Then she turns the page and looks directly at Erin. "This is something I need to do. I hit something big when I went to Lane Industries the other day, if it pays out it will be more than worth it. Trust me."


"Yeah, way to miss my point," Erin says, obviously sulking as she hunkers down in her chair. "I'm not saying we should plan for nothing. I'm just sayin', anything's better than what they have there. So if they have to eat potatoes and wear sack cloth, I'm sure they'll still be plenty grateful. And I know we can give them more than that, so just— Chill." Besides. BESIDES. Erin's hair doesn't just fall out if she doesn't eat sixty-four pounds of food every hour! SO THERE.

"Whether you need to do it or not, just…" She could say a lot here. It'd be easy to end that statement with 'I don't really care,' but she kind of does. What Cody's doing - or did, or will do, or whatever - is admirable. "You're a moron."

Yeah, that clears things up.

"You know what pisses me off? You think the only reason I'm telling you to be careful is 'cuz I wanna be looked after. That's just— It's stupid. It's moronic." Erin's kind of come to like the agent since they moved in here together. And if Cody were to disappear, she'd be sad or something. Maybe just mildly distressed. But it would suck, dammit! "Just look out for yourself, too. You've earned that." That's about as close as Erin gets to saying 'I like you, be careful.'

"What'd you find out, anyway?"


"No, I really don't think you want to be looked after. You're actually pretty bitter about having to rely on someone else when you can do everything on your own." The brunette shrugs and gives the woman a half smirk. "I'm the same way. The reason you're telling me to be careful is because you liiiiiiiiiike me." Oh yeah. Cody's teasing now, SARS and herpes be damned. She gives a little chuckle as she finishes off her plate of food and reaches across the counter to place her plate in the sink. "Don't worry, I won't tell anyone."

She won't either, it might ruin Erin's street cred.

"As for what I've found, I don't know. It's something big though, it'll be important. You'll be the first person that I tell, if that makes you feel any better at all." Cody shrugs and gets up from her chair. Making the short jaunt toward the coffee pot, she refills her mug and lifts the rest toward Erin, offering her a refill as well. "Warm up?" Maybe waitress would be a great job.


Hey, Erin doesn't abuse her power! Except when she does, then it's gloves-off. No, she wouldn't make someone sick if there wasn't a reason for it. Cody's already experienced that, and Erin thought she had a good reason to kill her at the time. There's some guilt there because of that whole ordeal. It's just a good thing Cody's a quick talker and Erin isn't heartless.

And now, she's in a corner. "There are worse people I could be stuck with," she says, narrowing her eyes. "Break a leg, then." Saying 'good luck' is bad luck! "Break every bone in your body. Fall flat on your face. Inadvertently start nuclear war." Does that cover everything? Sounds about right. Essentially, she's wishing the worst luck possible, because then things are sure to turn out right. That's her superstition of the day. Holding up her coffee mug, she says, "Why not."

Not like she'll be going anywhere for awhile.

"Just get Janet here today if you can. It's making me nervous the longer we wait."

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