2008-05-26: Something Wicked This Way Comes


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Summary: There is someone new lurking the halls of Pinehearst. And she's decided to make her presence know to Gene.

Date It Happened: May 26, 2008

Something Wicked This Way Comes

Fort Lee, NJ - Pinehearst Research

The department where Gene works at, Engineering, is very quiet. Most people have taken off for the holiday, most people have taken some extra comp time on top of it to avoid coming into world. People have claimed there is a different air in the workplace, a tension that few people can put their finger on, whispers about seemingly 'unneeded' extra security measures.

As often is the case, Gene knows what is going on, though as often is there case, there is little he can do personally to stop it. While he works on the time to act, he bides his time and right now, is at his desk, using a remote link to help someone access their e-mail after locking themselves out for the seventh time in a row.

"Now, remember, WRITE DOWN your password. I don't care how high up you are, you need to have it somewhere. One is understandable. Some people do it twice. Three times in a month is bordering on… Not good." The Geek God sighs after changing his sentence ending at the last second. His skin is pale, his eyes still red from lack of sleep. "Of course. If you need anything else, Sir, feel free to call." After the man hangs up, Gene rips off his headset in frustration before going to handle the next work order from his desk.

"Incompetence," behind Gene, a blonde-haired woman stands in the doorway. Evone watches him a few more minutes before she speaks again. "Though I suppose telling a superior how much of a imbecile they are could get you into a bit of trouble. Especially in a job like this, no?"

The voice flusters Gene, but as he turns to find the woman, he finds she is not one of the Upper Brass. Not that it doesn't many his life any easier, but Gene's learned to take every blessing he can in life. "I'm a child genius. Last I checked, if I didn't show a little ego, someone would be horribly wrong," Kensington replies with a faint smirk. Turning his attention back to his work, he continues speaking. "I don't remember seeing you here before. New or just never been up here?"

Evone gives a small shrug and what appears to be a polite smile. "Oh believe me, I know how that goes," she tilts her head slightly to one side and ammends, "Sort of anyway." With a slow, steady walk, she moves towards him, seeming to be impressed with the set up. "The former," she gives in response and pauses to offer her hand. "Evone Bane. And you are… Mr. Kensington, then?"

There is a prolonged pause as he checks the hand in front of him, seemingly unamused at the mention of his name for whatever reason. "Yeah, that's me," he replies taking the hand and giving it a small shake with his slightly clammy hand. "So, what department do you work for around here?" he inquires with a weak smile.

"Oh," Evone's face contorts slightly as their hands part. She gives another small smile and looks back at him. "I'm a psychologist," something in the seems to glow with self-satisfaction behind her dark eyes. "I've got my bachelor's and it seemed like an appropriate job while I work on … furthering my education."

Eve watches him silently as he returns to the project before him. "Well, I guess they're wanting to make sure they have all their bases covered." She'd offer a smile but, seeing as he's not looking, she doesn't. "A lot of big companies are making sure they have psychologists on staff these days. What with everybody and their brother going crazy." A small, perhaps even sadistic giggle escapes her lips before she returns to her previous polite composure. "Thought a day like today would be great for getting the layout of the company. Might be able to meet a few of my new coworkers."

Gene frowns at that fact. He doesn't seem to think that she is there solely for that. Police Stations, Hospitals, FBI… Those are the sorts of groups that have psychologists or counselors on call, not Genetics Companies. Considering what he already knows, he isn't sure he wants to know if there is 'second' reason for Evone's employment here. Still, he has to keep the conversation going. "Well, it's good to meet you. I hope that your time at Pinehearst is an enjoyable one," he states, his tone pleasant enough, despite the frown.

"Oh most definitely. My pleasure and all that," Evone gives him an very broad smile. "I'm sure that it will be. Everyone does seem so… welcoming." She smirks slighty and casts one last glance over her shoulder at his work. "But, as much as I'd love to get to know you more. You did come all the way in on what could have been your day off and I'm sure it wasn't to chat up the new girl. I won't keep you." She bobs her head a little and begins to whistle softly to herself as she heads for the door. A keen ear might recognize the tune as 'It's a Small World'.

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