Sophie Celeste Petrov
Portrayed By Lizzie Caplan
Gender Female
Date of Birth November 1, 1989
Age 19
Zodiac Sign Scorpio
Aliases SOP
Place of Birth Upstate New York, USA
Current Location New York City, NY, USA
Occupation College student/working for the University Library
Known Relatives Michael Petrov (Father), Adrienne Petrov (Mother), lots of siblings.
Significant Other None
Known Abilities Memory Manipulation
First Appearance I Remember Now

A recent arrival to NYC, she grew up in the boonies of Upstate New York. Yes, there IS more to New York State than the Big Apple. She is going to NYU, and studying to be a librarian.


Sophia Celeste Petrov was born to Michael and Adrienne Petrov. Her parents are, not surprisingly, of Russian ancestry. They settled in upstate New York, in one of the more rural areas that people often forget are available in New York State. They are Russian Orthodox, and moderately devout.

Sophia is the middle of five children. From oldest to youngest, there is Gregory, Elena, Alexander (Her fraternal twin), Sophia and Pyotr, the baby. Quite the clan. Sophia's life was busy, noisy and a little chaotic. The oldest brother went into the priesthood, which, for Greek Orthodox, meant he could actually BE married. But her twin brother, his life took a different path. He never did totally fit in. He was too emotional, too flashy, too.. well, when his father told him that he wouldn't pay for college, took off for New York, saying that he would work his way through school and stormed off. The family hasn't seen him since, though there were a few letters and phone calls. They are terribly worried, but.. her parents are too proud to admit it. Sophie is another matter.

Sophie had decisions to make, once she graduated high school. She didn't have an overriding drive, or talent. Just a love of books. She loved the library, so.. when a librarian finally suggested the career, it seemed a natural. So, with the desire to find her brother, a small grant/scholarships to NYU, and youthful determination, she has packed off to the big city. Finding a dorm room, classes, and a job are first on her list. It is like her world is finally truly starting.

Just an ordinary girl going out into the world. She's going to be a librarian, for goodness' sake. Obviously, her life is planned out and nothing weird is going to happen to her.. is it?


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