2007-08-10: Sorry, Can't Help You


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Summary: Samantha's search for Namir continues. Mo knows, but he ain't tellin'.

Date It Happened: August 10th, 2007

Log Title Sorry, Can't Help You

Phone Conversation: NYC to Unknown Location

After having received a voice mail from Dr. Applebaum, Mohinder picks up the phone and dials her number to return the call. Patiently, he waits as the phone rings.

Samantha clicks on after the first ring. "Hello, Dr. Applebaum speaking." She has that 'was-just-in-the-middle-of-something' sound to her voice.

"Dr. Applebaum, this is Mohinder Suresh. I received your message. I apologize for the delay in returning your call. How can I help you?"

Long distance to Mohinder: Samantha sounds relieved. "Oh, Dr. Suresh, thank you so much for returning my call. Just a moment." There's footsteps, the opening of a door, and then the subsequent closing. "I understand you might know an aquaintance of mine, Namir Dayan?"

Mohinder blinks on his end as he listens, "I have only met him the few times, when he was so kind as to let my ward and I hide at his apartment briefly. I've not spoken to him or seen him since."

Samantha snaps her fingers. "I think he helped me arrange to see Molly." she recollects. "But as it happens, I haven't seen him or spoken to him in nearly four days. He hasn't been into work, his family hasn't seen him, and he hasn't been home. I believe something has happened to him, and I don't think it's Sylar - there'd be a body by now. Given how much you know about certain types of people, I was hoping you could tell me if there's anyone you know of who might have," she hesitates, "Taken him."

Mohinder frowns, despite Samantha not being able to see the expression. "He did. My ward was left at the hospital following a kidnapping. I'm most grateful to him and to you." There's a pause however as he digests the information. "I see.. and you are correct. If it was Sylar.. and he has been laying low as of late." There's a tapping of keys heard as Suresh looks into a few things on his end, running a search. "Off the top of my head, no. No one in particular is coming to mind." Seeing as he had no clue of Namir having an ability..

"No one?" Sam tries to hide her dismay. "Not the government, nor any corporations is interested in people who can do things? Namir is very well trained, and the only way I can imagine him disappearing that might not be related to what he can do is either political - in which case by now it would have been publicized, or someone he might have previously arrested, and in that case…like I said, he's very well trained."

Mohinder is again frowning at his computer screen as he finds something under the name search. "I see.. yes.. I do believe that he is, as he worked with the New York Police Department." Lying is becoming an all too natural thing these days for the geneticist and he doesn't like having to say the next few words to and about a pair of people who were helpful with Molly, "I apologize Dr. Applebaum, but I can't think of anyone who would have taken him. I take it this disappearence is out of the ordinary?"

Samantha takes a breath. "It's completely out of pattern for him, yes. But I'm surprised that you wouldn't think so too, didn't he go to you for your casework? For help with what he could do?" She's hesitant to use certain words over the phone, and she'd assumed that he knew about Namir's abilities. Hence her confusion. But how do you come out and ask that question. Then with a sigh, "If you think of something, could you please call me? I'm really worried." Scared, even.

"No.. I never got an appointment with him. I will have to doublecheck, but off the top of my head, I don't have a recollection of sitting down with him. If I hear anything, I will be sure to contact you, Dr. Applebaum. I'm going back through my appointments for the past few months as we speak."

"Alright. Thank you for your time, Dr. Suresh. Pass on my hello to Molly, if you would. I hope she's well, and Officer Parkman"

"She's quite well, a little bit of cabin fever, but we do what we can to keep her busy. I shall pass on your greetings.. and I apologize that I couldn't be of further assistance to you right now."

"I'll keep looking. Thank you again, Dr. Suresh." With that, Sam clicks off.

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