2007-04-03: Soulja Boy


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Summary: Lia goes home, boys make fun of her, crazy Doc Otto and Micah intervene!

Date It Happened: April 3rd, 2007

Soulja Boy

Lia, Micah, and Molly's School

There's a soft humming noise that echoes off the wall and the sidewalk by tone of the many New York City private schools- from the soft voices of children's chattering, and the way the sun is set in the sky, it's apparent school has just gotten out, and Lia opted to take the long way home- that is, by wheelchair, rather than by bus. Sure, she'll get yelled at later, but it's actually relatively nice, and she enjoys the wind in her hair.

"Hey guys, check it out. There's the cripple girl." A voice squeaks out as a chubby boy by the name of Bradley calls out, giving one of his pals a nudge as he points a fat finger in her direction. "Hey there, TIMMAH! HEY TIMMAH! Where you going?!" He belts out as his group of friends chuckle. The kids are a bit older, about fourteen. The four of them have only this year left, and they head off to the high school, and it seems that they've gotten a bit too big for their britches. Teasing the younger grades has become practically a sport.

"T..T.. Timmah! Riblah!" Another croaks out between laughs as he leans forward, planting his hands on his knees. "Oh Man, B, that's hilarious. You think she got a BFF named Jimmy?"
"Maybe. I bet they're both in her 'window licking' class together." Bradley seems quite smug, and proud of himself as he watches Lia in the chair, grinning like a wild cat. Leaning over, he plucks up a rock, then rockets it at her, watching it bounce off one of her wheels with a loud clang!

Dr. Otto Metzger was talking one of his afternoon strolls, as was his habit, through what should theoretically be the quieter part of New York city. The police made regular patrols here, and so the neighborhood was relatively safe. He particularly enjoyed this route, because it happened to pass by a school. An institute of knowledge and learning. It reminded him of his own childhood, back in West Germany, before the Wall fell. Ah, to be young again… Unfortunately, his rememberance is interrupted by the sound of children shouting. Damn kids. They should be at home, studying. Not throwing rocks in the street!

GAME: Lia has rolled WILLPOWER + DISABILITY and got a result of MEDIOCRE.

At the first sound of the older boys' voices making fun of the 'cripple girl', Lia shifts her head slightly to the right, and she tries to ignore them as she goes. T..T…Timmah! Riblah! They just make her cringe as she lets one single tear slip frmo her eyes, and she can't help but let out a soft shriek as the rock makes a connected hit with her wheelchair.

"Go away!" She finally screams, brushing her hair out of her eyes. "I don't HAVE a boyfriend, I don't know anyone named Timmy or Jimmy." She puts more power into the wheelchair, however, it isn't enough- and she's starting to cry now.

"Awww. Dude, she's /crying/. You made a cripple girl cry!" John says with a loud laugh as he gives Brad a swat on the shoulder. "You're totally going to hell for that." Amused, Bradley looks back to his pals, then picks up another rock. As he cocks his arm back, he goes to launch it, that is, until his wrist is caught from behind.

"You know, that's not really nice. You shouldn't throw rocks at anyone, especially not girls." Micah is standing there behind the four boys, dressed in his khaki slacks, and a button down shirt with a loose, dangly tie. "Just leave her alone, OK?"
"OH, /snap./ The nerd just told you off dude!"
Brad twitches for a moment, before yanking his arm back from the young black kid, then gives him a hard shove with his hands, sending him sprawling to his rump. "You want me to start messing with you, computer dork? You ain't nothing but a nigger with a tie on. I don't even know why they let you into this school."

Dr. Metzger frowns, and puts his hands on his hips upon noticing the bullying. Idiot children. They are certainly the cancer that is killing the world. He waits a moment, assuming a teacher or parent will come and settle things, but when no one shows up, Dr. Metzger sighs, and decides to tell the children off himself. Then he can get back to his walk and his work. Unfortunately, when he begins yelling, it isn't in english. It happens sometimes. German is his native tongue, after all.
"He! Sie! Sie Kinder sollten zu Hause sein und studieren! Herum herumbldelnd nicht, in der Strae, mgen Sie ein Paar Esel des Pferds. Erhalten Sie Ihre Esel zurck zu Arbeit, bevor ich Ihre Eltern anrufe!"

Lia stops crying, briefly, when Micah shows up and stands up for her- he gets a brilliant smile from the other girl, but then as they shove him down and move in on him, Lia's pulse sppeds up like a rocket- "Leave him alone!" she screams, briefly. Then, Otto Metzger, king of German, scares her even worse. She stares briefly, then..

Hefting her hands down on her parmrests, Lia closes her eyes and deliberatly flings herself at the boys, hoping to bowl them over after a quick movement of flight. However, does she have the willpower to bowl them over, or the strength for it? There are always disabilities to deal with…
GAME: Lia has rolled I BELIVE I CAN FLY and got a result of GOOD.
GAME: Lia has rolled STRENGTH and got a result of GOOD.

As Micah tumbles to the ground, he glances up at them, squinting his eyes from behind his bouncy curls of hair. Did… did they just call him /that/? That word! He gives himself a scoot backwards, then pushes himself up to his feet. "I don't want any trouble. I'm just saying, you shouldn't throw rocks at girls. That's really messed up."
"Yeah? So whatcha gonna do 'bout it, huh Mickey Mouse? You gonna type at us? You gonna hit me with your hard drive?"
"Dude, B, that's pretty lame. Hard drive? C'mon man. Let's just kick his ass and go home, before Hitler over there calls the cops on us." Johnny says jerking a thumb towards Otto who's yelling at them in a weird language.
".. I.. I think he just called us a jack ass." Cory says as he blinks his eyes a few times, then starts to laugh. "Dude, that's awesome." Leave it to the one kid with the German grandmother to know all the swear words.
With a frown, Micah backs up a bit more, holding his hands out. Before he can try and protest again, Lia, who's… now launching herself at the group like a Bullet Bill from Super Mario, barrels into the group, knocking a pair of them over with a yelp.

Dr. Metzger throws his hands up in exhasperation. What is wrong with children today? He makes his way over to the scene, and then watches Lia somehow launch herself from her wheelchair. That is unusual. Perhaps the situation will resolve itself, now than the crippled girl has knocked the boys over. But wait, no. These are violent american children. The situation can only get more out of hand. As he reaches Lia's wheelchair, he pushes it over to where Lia now lies.

Lia, from where she's on the deck, pinning the two boys: "Now. Listen. To. Me." She says hoarsely. "Y'all gonna go home, leave me and him alone, and that nice adult that wants to help. Ya hear me?" She thumps them both with her fists, then, slowly, she attempts to pull herself up- a hovering motion, just to get over to her now-by-her-side-wheelchair. Is she succeds, she gives a sweet "Thank you." To Metzger.

GAME: Lia has rolled SOARIN' and got a result of SUPERB.
GAME: Lia has rolled STRENGTH and got a result of AVERAGE.

The bullies, though surprised, are more shocked than anything, that a girl who can't even walk, just flew out of her seat, and rammed into them. "What the hell man? What the hell!" One of them cries out, that wasn't knocked over. "That's some weird shit right there. That's freaking Ripley's Believe it or Not weird!" Before he can yank her off, she ends up.. floating into her seat, sort of. Cripple girls shouldn't be able to do that. When Brad gets to his feet, he takes a few steps back, then watches Otto grow closer.
"C'mon guys, we're out of here. Screw this man, we'll just kick his ass tomorrow." With that, the four kids start off at a quick pace, too proud to run. They aren't afraid of Otto, but the last thing they honestly want is an altercation with an adult, especially one who can't speak English.
Brushing the dirt off his pants, Micah lets out a sigh as he notices a hole in the knee. "Man. Mom is gonna throw a fit.." He mutters. "These pants cost like.. twenty dollars." Which is a lot when it comes to their little family of chaos. "You OK there, Lia?" He asks, pushing a hand back through his springy hair. "Those guys are real jerks."

Dr. Metzger raises an eyebrow and nods slightly. "Yes, well, I'm glad that is over with. Children these days. They don't stay in school, they don't do their homework. They pick fights. What is this world coming to? They have no desire to better themselves through hard work and education. In 50 years, we'll be back in the bronze age, constructing edifices out of marble and praying to make-believe gods to forecast the weather…," all the while, Dr. Metzger has continued back to the sidewalk, talking animatedly with himself before slipping back into German and becoming completely incomprehsensible.

"Thanks, Micah." Lia says, leaning back against her chair. "Stay out of trouble, okay?" She says softly, watching the other four kids run off. "And I'm fine, and yeah- they are jerks. Bigtime ones. Oh… heck." She purses her lips. "My aunt's gonna kill me if I don't get home soon. See you tomorrow, Micah."

Hearing the honk of the horn, Micah turns to see his mother waiting across the parking lot. Hopefully she didn't see anything. "No problem, Lia. Take care!" With that, he snatches up his bag and barrels his way across the parking lot to where his mother waits, then climbs in with a smile. He gives her a quick hug, then starts to argue with her about the radio station, effectively winning with a cute smile and a bat of the eyes. Soulja Boy on the way home!

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