Special Projects

A working group formed to counteract Alpha Protocol, a government program to abduct people with abilities under the guise of fighting domestic terrorism. Having weathered the storm, its members have quietly returned to their original as-needed consulting roles.



George Dawson: Congressman for most of New York City. Upon learning about Alpha Protocol, he brought together his odd-job staff to help deal with the situation.


Ophelia Hunter: As a street-smart psychology major, she was the team's designated specialist in ulterior motives, and his top advisor on general-purpose crowd persuasion.


Clarence Mayberry: Political aide, former diplomat, friend of George's father. Skeptical about the existence of abilities without first-hand evidence.


Robin White: A computer geek at both work and play. Quick to prove his skills at gathering basic intel. Kitty's half-brother. Privately revealed an ability to manipulate electromagnetic signals, and is aware of George's as well.


Colby Durden: A communications major at Georgetown, and primary point of contact for the team's Washington office.


  • Team Petrelli: Nathan was trying to join Alpha Protocol so he can shut it down from the inside.


  • Alpha Protocol, obviously.


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