2009-11-14: Speed Detox



Date: November 14, 2009


Lena keeps her appointment with Dex, bringing Tiago along to play guinea pig.

"Speed Detox"

Uptown, NYC - Upper East Side

Early evening time and leaning against a wall is none other than Andrea Dextris Neal, or 'Dex' as her new student knows her. Her hair is pulled into a loose bun and a few strands do fall into her eyes. Then her eyes travel around the surrounding area, she tilts her head and drums her fingers against the wall she is leaning on. Dressed in all black as usual, this time though.. only a black tank top and a pair of long black cargo shorts.

Her booted feet tap on the cement, she is waiting.

"So, yeah, this chick says she's going to help me. But who fucking knows, right? The world's gone crazy. Bring your gun just in case."

That began their expedition to this side of town, Lena inviting Tiago along as back-up and insurance in the event of emergency. She seems to have taken a page from the book of Dex's fashion. Emo gear has been traded for black camo pants and a white tank top under a red hoodie. Some rich bitch has her purple one, and that is sad.

The pair come ambling down the side walk, one tall and one short. Lena's got her bare hands thrust deep in her pockets, shoulders hunched, blue eyes peering with paranoid intensity through a mussed spray of black hair. When Dextris is spotted, she taps Tiago's arm with her elbow and veers towards that wall.

Tiago has never been one for camouflage gear, especially since it's counter productive in such an urban environment. He is, however, always an advocate of baggy hoodies, designed to hide whatever goodies might be at play in the circumstance. In this particular case, a loaded pistol sits within his pockets, safety engaged, but prepared to make a stand, if one is necessary. Not that it'd really help with Dex, but, the attempt would be made.

He glances over towards Dex once Lena motions to the woman, his brows furrowing quite thoughtfully as he attempts to visually inspect the woman. "She's it? Uhh…you sure?" Beat. "Well…okay, cool. Hey, babe, d'you want me ta go with you ta talk ta her? Or, I could jus' hang 'round here and make sure you're fine or somethin'…"

"About bloody time you got here. I was just about to leave, I don't just wait on your hand and fuckin foot." Dex says as she comes up to Lena and Tiago after seeing the two. She tilts her head and jerks her thumb in Tiago's direction, a light grin on her face. "Ah, whose the lover boy eh?" she says and then she studies the man, foe or friend?

"Come on then.." Dex says and shrugs as she begins to leave the immediate area. She doesn't look to see if Lena and Tiago are following, she's pretty confident that they will.

"Yeah, come with me. If she knows anything useful, you should hear it too, right?" Lena glances up at the man with her and flashes a brief, strained smile. Dex and her offer are both intriguing but having seen what the woman is capable of doing…she'd rather have Tiago right there.

And it would appear to have been the right choice, as their reception is anything but warm. "Jesus…we're only five minutes late," Lena remarks (taking special care to pitch her voice low). Off she goes, quick-stepping to keep pace with the other woman. "Yeah, this is Tiago. He's cool though. Where're we going?"

Tiago blinks at their greeting, looking momentarily taken aback by Dex's unfamiliar irritation-plus-mocking technique. "Uhh - I'm…yeah." He offers once Lena introduces him, and he pulls his lips back into a rather grim frown, lifting a hand to scratch the top of his head with some confusion. "Err - who're /you/? And…well, what she said." He tosses a curious look to Lena, mentally questioning the safety of following an admittedly powerful freak out of the public.


The answer to Tiago's question. The trio come to a alley and Dex waits for the two to follow her in before she looks around and then folds her arms, her eyes growing dark as various objects, none to harmful up and fly directly at Tiago.

"Are you going to be able to handle this world?" she says fiercely. She looks at Tiago's reaction and then shakes her head, "If you are here, you must understand that.. things will never be the same for either of you, you've already began to see evidence of others of our kind." She could be talking out of her ass, how would she know that Tiago wasn't Evolved. "You have.. to be ready."

"Hey…hey!" There isn't a hell of a lot that Lena can do about the sudden assault by alley garbage; she's strictly a full contact kind of freak. But she throws herself in front of the man anyway, meaning she takes a few hits before whirling on Dex. Looking furious. Her hands are out of her pockets, held up before her as if she can't decide whether to launch herself at the woman or throw a few fake punches. "What the fuck, lady! He's fucking been there with me through every step of this, if he couldn't handle it I wouldn't be here!"

Tiago doesn't move. He had some warning, prior to appearing, that Dex can move things around with her mind, but seeing is an absolutely different experience altogether. At first, it's all he can do - gape at the items floating about, with wide eyes and awe reflected themselves in his demeanor. When they start flying towards him?

Well, it's a good thing Lena isn't as much of a baby as he is, really. She throws herself in front of him, taking a couple of the harmless blows until Tiago comes to his senses, throwing his hands to Lena's shoulders in an attempt to jerk her out of the way of the flying trashcan lid. It also serves as a restraint, keeping Lena from attacking Dex or doing anything equally stupid. "Whoa! Whoa, Lena, chill. It's okay, babe! She's jus'…actually, I dunno what the fuck you were doin'. Are you sayin' I aint ready, lady? That I can't fuckin' handle it?"

"A simple test." Dex chuckles and throws her head back before she unfolds her arms and leans against the wall, sliding to the floor. "Ok.. let's get started. Now, you can get people high? Or other things as well.. demonstrate.. on him." she nods her head towards Tiago. "If he's been there the whole time.. there should be no problem with this. I need to see what I am working with."

Then her gaze goes to Tiago, "I'm saying.. be very sure that you know what you are getting into." Is all she says but her gaze stays on the young man. A light grin crosses her lips.

Lena catches lower lower lip between her teeth and looks up at Tiago, plainly reluctant to use him as her human guinea pig. "I…I'm not gonna use everything on him, there's no way of knowing how long he'd be out," she says, tossing a roadblock in the way of Dex's testing methods. "I suppose I could…um…" A deep breath is taken and expelled slowly, forcing the girl to relax.

"Chi? You cool with going up and down a little? She said…she said she'd be able to teach me to do more, like we were talking about."

Tiago narrows his eyes to Dex contemplatively, his lips pursing in thought. Reluctantly as well, he ends up drawing away from Lena, allowing his hands to drop away from her person. His eyes fly over to his roommate, and he takes time to examine her before offering his nod. "Chyeah, baby. I'm fine with it. But, uh, yeah…" Weakly, he reaches into his pocket to pull out the fire power, holding it out to her by the nozzle. "You, ah, might wanna hold on ta this for me then, babe. I don't want ta accidentally shoot 'nebody. But go on - I should be good. I'm used ta bein' high all the time."

"Ok, 'baby' and 'babe'." Leveling a gaze at the two young women she taps her foot and then shakes her head, "Get on with it!" she rolls her eyes, ahh young love.

Dex's eyes study the pair as she notices the firearm. "Nice.. wanna see my toys?" with that she bends down to pick a long and wickedly curved blade from her boot. "This is.. Lips." She says and caresses the blade before she let's her telekinesis take hold of it and she wave sit around before she slips it back into her boot.

The pistol is accepted with uneasy grace and shoved a la Hollywood in the waistband of her pants. "Not all of us can just blink and make shit happen," Lena mutters as she reaches for Tiago's wrist. Not the best attitude to be entering instruction with, truth be told. The knife gets a look, because hey, she has a knife and blades are sweet, but then focus is set to the task at hand. A line appears on her forehead as the brunette concentrates and Lena takes Tiago for the ride of his life.

It starts out with a relatively mellow high. All's cool in the world, right? Yeah man. Whoa. Then it builds gradually to pink clouds and euphoria, but that's nothing, really. Tiago gets to spend all day every day rolling that way, courtesy of his chemlab girlfriend. It's the last one that's the doozy, as she's never hit him with it before: the world changes, the laws of reality shifting to throw full-blown hallucinations at the young man. Audiovisual overload.

Tiago tosses a look over his shoulder to Dex, faint irritation written on his features as she makes fun of them. He only /just/ manages to keep from gracing her with a protruding tongue of immaturity. Instead, he focuses his attention back on his girlfriend, standing there complacently in that stoic: I Am Man stance.

It's a very gradual process. His highly structured, precise posture starts to give away. His lips spread into a broader, goofier grin. And his attention? Well, it's all /over/ the place. "Ngnn…I feel…good," he sighs out, closing his eyes and lolling his head backwards with a laugh. "So good. So. Good. I feel. So good." This last is, of course, accompanied with a little bit of a hip movement as he proceeds to dance. Suddenly, his eyes shoot open - and his dilated pupils take in everything all at once. "Holy FUCK! Holy - holy fuck, Lena, the ground is lava! The ground is lava! Quick, take off your clothes, it'll - fiiire!" With a (manly) yelp, he uses his free hand to tug and grab at the fabric of his hoodie, struggling valiantly to get the constrictive material off of his back.


"Take it back, now." Her words curt and quiet as she watches, if Lena can affect the chemicals in someone's body to make them act and experience this.. "I want you to try something, visualize and work with me, ok?" a much more soft side is being shown to Lena now.

"Or we could watch his strip show." She says and raises an eyebrow at Lena.

"Shit!" It's impossible, there's no way that Lena is capable of holding onto Tiago's wrist when he's thrashing around like that. So she does the next best thing: slaps her hand against his back and hits him with a small dose of her knock-out rush. It isn't a bad way to go out, and it'll wear off in a minute or so. "Take it back? What do you mean, take it back? Like, out of him? I dunno how to do that." She looks from unfortunate Brazilian to sensei with a rather bleak expression on her face. Then she crouches beside the man to curl her fingers around his wrist again. "You hang around with us long enough, you'll see plenty of those…okay. Visualizing what?"

"Now.. just close your eyes and see the cord of energy.. it's.. blue and it's connecting you and Tiago as you hold onto him." Dex folds her legs under her and begins to levitate in the air as she closes her eyes as well, before snapping them over to look at the two. "Hold onto him and imagine and see that blue link leaving Tiago and coming back to you.. the energy leaving him." she says softly, she knows that Lena can do it. She has to be able to. You giventh and takenth away.

Dex looks at Tiago and blinks. "Feel the rush of the energy, the state you have put him in, vanishing. He is going to turn back to normal."

Tiago has managed to peel off his hoodie, and has his grey T-shirt over his head with a gaggle of terrified screams of being on fire by the time Lena touches him. And when she does - that's it. He's out, like a light. Sprawled against the gravel of the floor, with a steady line of drool running down his cheek oh so attractively. Isn't he a hottie, with his ass in the air and all?

"Lady…Dex…there isn't no energy. I sweat, I spit…I'm like a goddamned psychadelic slug." Betraying just a little frustration there, Lena. Time to reel it back in with a deep breath. She casts a look at the woman in the air, eyebrows knitting down over her eyes at the floating act, then looks down at Tiago. Her fingers flex around his wrist as her eyes scrunch shut. Energy. Right.

Unfortunately, the closest thing to energy that Lena possesses is MDMA.

"I'm sorry, do I hear complaining?" Dex says and she growls softly, "You want to learn more about your ability and what you can do? How to control it.. how you can touch your boyfriend without sending him into crazy land? Then.. try it. And not that cheap pussy way of trying.. really try it." She says and floats closer to Lena, her eyes dark from the use of her ability.

"There is energy in everything.. girl and the sooner you learn to tap into yours, the better for yourself and everyone else."

Lena grinds her teeth to keep a sharp reply behind her lips. Best to not argue with someone capable of dumping a garbage can on top of your head without moving a muscle. It's a good thing for Tiago that she's a little wimp; her hand has closed as hard as it can around the man's wrist while Lena visualizes. Energy. Right.

But something happens. Lena can't see it, eyes closed as they are. Dex might. And Tiago would certainly feel it. Beads of oily sweat begin to rise to his skin as the brunette's concentration results in the drugs she's pushed on him being forced out of his system.

Any normal person would assume that its sweat, beading up in his skin. But if someone were to lick him at this moment? He'd be more powerful than a handful of those exotic toads people generally enjoy licking. With the narcotics out of his system, Tiago begins to be aware of the chatter, the noises of the city surrounding him. It is then that he starts up, letting out a cry of surprise and his pushes himself off of the gravel, half naked with only one arm in the hole of his shirt.

"Well I'll be.." Dex says softly and she floats to the ground to stand to her feet and walk over to Lena and kneel down next to her. "Look at what you did. Very good." She praises her student, postivie reinforcement and Tiago is patted.. on the ass. "Does he snore all the time? I could.. make his nose close for you." She offers, but she's joking.. right?

Her eyes half lidded at Lena, "How'd that feel, grasshopper?" a light grin on her face. "Free from Trip Land?"

Lena slides her arm under Tiago's to help him rise, shooting Dex the patented look of death for getting all happy hands with the man. "You okay, darlin'?" That's for the boy. For the girl… "Don't fuck with him, okay? He's been through a lot of shit and none of it's been his fault. That felt…" Pause. "I dunno. Kind of weird. Not energy, like you said. But…I could like feel what was in his blood. The…it was heavier than him. So I pushed it out."

Tiago is dimly aware that his ass is indeed being touched, but this is overwhelmed by the confusion he feels as he blearily opens his eyes, inhaling deeply. As a side effect of the purge, he is warm - almost feverish, as though he had just been running for the last fifteen minutes or so. "Wh-what?" He huffs, looking around weakly. "Wh-what jus' happened? Lena? I…I don' remember. Somethin'…fire…" With a groan, he clutches at his head, willing the memories to return.

"Lady.. I'm not fucking with anyone." Dex says and she shakes her head at Lena. "Good, there was progress. Homework." She says as she begins to exit the alleyway, "You do this at least ten more times before we meet again. Also.. work on this sensing in the body.. you may be able to sense the chemical imbalances in people's bodies, but that might be a long shot."

She says and then she's trailing her fingers down the alley wall as she nears a entrance back to the street, her head turns and a small black device, one of those prepaid cell phones is tossed to Lena. "Call the number programmed, tomorrow. I'll tell you where we will meet in a week." With that and a softly called out, "See ya Lover Boy." Dex is gone, around the corner and off to relax for the rest of the day.

Lena, considerate child that she is, presses her hand against Tiago's ribs and lets him enjoy the warm fog of his usual drugged state again. Speed detox can't be fun. "I think I just learned something new," she admits. "Here, let's get you dressed again." Cue another narrow look at Dex, and a clumsy grab for the phone. "…wha? Hey! But…!"

This being a student business is somewhat frustrating.

Tiago is breathing rather heavily, though the sudden infusion of low-level narcotics manages to calm and relax him. Thank god for Lena and her marijuana replication. "…What? Learned what?" He inquires, shivering slightly as the autumn air plays across his slightly dampened skin. Petulantly, like a child, the man proceeds to try and shove on the shirt he wears. "Ugh…wait - where's she goin'? Did I miss the whole lesson? Fuck!"

"You kinda were the lesson. Cmon, let's go home, Chi. I'll tell you on the way." Lena waits until the young man has his clothing issues settled before offering the gun back.

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