2010-03-01: Spies Like Us



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Date: March 1, 2010


Janet and Cody chat in code.

"Spies Like Us"

Staff Room - Building 27

Somewhere a little out of the ordinary for Cody, but she's in one of the staff rooms reviewing some files. Her notebook is out and she's making little notes in a new alpha-numeric code that she's devised. The files are prisoner files, all of the captures in the past two weeks. Of course her own non-captures are also in there, in their own separate section and graded just like all the rest. It's quiet in the room, not so much on the outside because there are agents bustling all over the place.

Over the past week or so the place has turned into a refuge for every ex-military that's still viable in the United States. It's like an expensive version of Blackwater and Cody is displeased about it. She doesn't like mercenaries, she finds them flawed and feels that they are failures to her country. Men who just couldn't handle the military, so they went private sector for a bigger paycheck. In her eyes, it's just a little treasonous.

"GOSH! Timmy, I can't even begin to explain — where did all of these people come from?! It's like chaos in motion! Seriously — I don't know how or why the halls…" Janet's voice can be heard as the door to the staff room opens. "…they're like so busy. SO busy!" The doctor steps into the room and hesitates a moment before glancing at her cohort who shakes his head idly, "Dr. McCarty." He then disappears into the hallway again before Janet sighs.

Eyebrows are raised at Agent Baker. "Agent Baker," she greets as she glances about the room. Nothing like a bit of silence from the chaos of the hallway.

That voice, it's so grating. So perky and… and… perky. Pinching the bridge of her nose, Cody closes her eyes and keeps jotting tiny little notes into the leather-bound book for a moment or two. "Doctor… I don't suppose you've found the answer to my questions yet, have you? Should I just assume that you've been too busy?" She has been busy. Securing the release of her sister, pretending not to know about anything, being perky.

Lifting her head, Cody heaves a giant sigh and looks over at the doctor for a moment before steepling her fingers together. "Where did 'Timmy' head off to?"

"Well it's been nearly impossible nailing Nurse Wallace down. I think she went on leave or something — probably couldn't handle the pressure," of a patient OD'ing on her watch followed by a 'death' on it. Janet shrugs nonchalantly. "And it has been busy. The medical staff has been pretty unavailable with the move of the prisoners."

Her lips curl into their easy perky smile. "Oh Morris is trying to figure out the schedule for today. We're making rounds again. With everyone in the barracks us medical types are being watched closer. Makes sense in a way, don't want prisoners attacking us or something —" She smiles again.

Letting off a grunt, Cody purses her lips and starts making notes again. "Useless…" is the near silent word uttered from her lips. She's a little sleep deprived, it might have something to do with her new room mate not having mastered her meditation enough to control her dreams all the way. At least she doesn't have a fatal disease yet. But it's starting to take its toll. This can also be blamed on Janet.

"So, what have you been busying yourself with during your free time?" The agent says, her tone is a light, conversational one. Almost pleasant sounding. "Anything new and interesting in your life?"

Janet wrinkles her nose at the question. What is there to say? "Well… I have been working at reviving this plant of mine…" That was diseased thanks to Erin. "Otherwise, I'm here most of the time. You know. Flu outbreaks, vaccines, random other illnesses that prisoners get from who-knows-where… it's all very… busy. I don't have a lot of free time for my hobbies and such. Although I did go watch Morris play hockey the other day. He's pretty good I think (?) don't tell him that I don't understand the game, but I don't and I sit there and I have no idea what's going on at any given moment. Otherwise… I'm at home… doing home things. Like cooking. Although I've never been particularly good at cooking. There was this one time when I almost set the apartment on fire. Now believe you me that it wasn't good and I will never make another stir fry in my life. Did you know you can't leave oil on the stove unattended?! It's incredible! It lights up like that!" she snaps. "How have you been busying yourself, Agent Baker? Anything new and exciting in your life?"

Cody is just staring at Janet with this unbelievable, blank, gaping expression on her face. Her cooking prowess is something that the agent just hopes didn't get passed through genetics just because she's away from the apartment 16 out of 24 hours in a day. It's quite possible that Erin just as good in the kitchen as Janet is. One more worry on the list, wonderful. "I did know that actually. Just a little something I picked up along the way, oil burns. I'm surprised that you didn't, actually, being a doctor and all."

Putting the files away, Cody sits up at her chair and turns fully to face Janet. "So, does Morris play hockey every night? Or just certain evenings?" The silent question is, how often does he bring his bag to work with him.

"What? Did I say something wrong? I'm a scientist not a cook, Agent. You see, my mom was never much for cooking growing up so I had to teach myself. And because I went the science route in school I never had time for things like home economics." Janet hmmms as she pulls out a seat from the table and lowers herself on it, "Every night pretty much. He at least has practice when he's not playing a game. They practice a lot." She presses her lips together and watches Cody skeptically. "Why? It's one of his hobbies…"

"My new room mate likes hockey. She needles me about it all the time." Cody says in an off handed manner, pushing some of the files around. Some of those files find their way closer to Janet while others are a little further away. "But enough about hockey, I'm a little worried about some of our detainees and how they are coping. You know these people can be very dangerous, I'm sure. I'm afraid that if they become a little too unstable they might be exterminated." Then she taps at one of the files in particular. The name on the front says Alexandra Lambert. "This one for instance, I wonder if I could have you check up on her when you make your rounds. You do visit the barracks, don't you?"

The mention of the roommate liking hockey is met with another nose wrinkle. Does Cody know? Narrowing her eyes she peers at the file. "I could check up on her. I can't say I've met her yet, but if you think she's in need of attention, I could make it happen." Her lips curl upwards into a small grin. "Yeah, I visit the barracks sometimes." She continues to peer at Cody skeptically. All of this seems just a little off and then coyly, she adds, "Sometimes I wonder what would happen if everyone in the barracks got the the chicken pox or measles or something. It would travel through there like wildfire. Probably have to connect people to fluids all day, change their drug regimen or something…. It would mean having to order way more supplies… clear fluids… the like…" She shrugs. It's an odd thing to say, but then, she isn't known for making much sense to the agent-types.

There's the slight twitch of an eyebrow as Cody begins to put two and two together. Nodding once, she places her hand to her chin and rubs it thoughtfully. "We need to be careful that something like that doesn't happen then. Chicken pox and measles are supposed to be very dangerous to adults, aren't they? We better hope that it's not something that's going around." Gathering the files, Cody nods once to the doctor and stands.

"By the way doctor, I'm sorry to hear about your sister. I know what it's like to lose a family member, especially so suddenly." Cody lowers her voice a touch and narrows her eyes just a touch to the woman. "You only had a day or so… didn't you." And then she slips out of the door.

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