2008-01-06: Splintered


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Summary: Peter finally gets Heidi's messages and comes over to see what she needs. Turns out, he's quite angry that Nathan's missing.

Date It Happened: 6 JANUARY 2008


Petrelli Mansion, Hyde Park

The phone showed up in his mailbox, with a little note. "I helped myself to a couple numbers, can't lie. Met Hiro thanks to that, and now he's helping me and I'm helping him. See you around, Peter." Signed Rochelle. At least now he remembers where he left his phone…

There were many a voice mail when he went to check it. One from Jane he'll need to return soon, but it's the following voice messages from his sister-in-law that get his attention first. Peter, I need to see you. It's important.

Many of them. None giving details on what's going on or what she might need them for, and having come in the last day or two.

This is why he takes a cab over to the house, opting not to teleport due to a conversation with Nathan not too long ago where he didn't want him teleporting into the house anymore—

Stepping out of the cab, eyes narrowed with seriousness as he hands over the cash, he walks up to the front door and pulls out his key to unlock the door, after knocking first in warning. "Heidi? You home?"


Heidi is actually still at the table, exactly where she was when Jack left. It's a couple hours later, her coffee is still sitting in front of her on the table - unfinished, though the addition of alcohol to it does mean there's more missing from the mug than there would have been. At least Heidi did at some point put the fruit and cheese back into the fridge so the boys could enjoy it later.

"In here," she calls, with her forehead still down on the table, sounding just barely awake. It's been a rough few days, and she doesn't even have the energy at the moment to get up and greet Peter properly… Even if she's been worried, even if she's been attempting to contact him, even if she's glad he's finally here and not missing like Nathan. Pushing herself to her feet, she goes to meet Peter on his way to her.

She looks like a wreck. At least she's dressed, though. Blue eyes look almost electric against the dark circles surrounding them.

Leaning against the nearest convenient wall, she waits. There's notably no sign of Nathan in the house. He could be busy, or he could be asleep, or out. The kids are at school, so it's understandable why they aren't here, but with the way Heidi looks, something's definitely wrong.


Closing and locking the door behind him, Peter takes off his coat and hangs it up before he moves further into the house to find where Heidi's sitting at the table with her coffee and alcohol. It's her state that draws his eyes, blinking visibly, "Heidi? What happened?"

He hasn't seen her since… Christmas Eve. One of the many visits he shouldn't have been able to get, but did thanks to an ability he picked up. "I lost my phone a while ago, and I didn't get it back until today— I would've answered your messages earlier if I had it back…"

He glances around the room, then moves closer to the table, frowning down at the coffee— that doesn't quite smell like coffee. Irish cream has a distinct smell to it. Surely they would have gone by his apartment to find him if it was something really bad… But the tension is showing, tightening his jaw, lowering his eyebrows.


Luckily for Peter, Heidi isn't drunk. She's not even a little tipsy. It takes more than that to fell a Petrelli! Seriously, though, nothing is sitting right on her stomach. It would have been stupid to drink anything.

What happened. It's too bad she can't just put a bulletin out and have everyone read it, so she sums up the situation the best she can, starting with "Nathan's gone." By now, she actually does look on the verge of tears. Why aren't they calling? Why hasn't Jack saved the day yet? At least Peter's here. He can do anything.

It's hard to summarize everything, but she tries, explaining that she received on odd phone call that she's not even sure was a phone call after Nathan said he was going to see Mohinder Suresh about the split personality problem. "The phone call was the worst part. It sounded just like him, but I know it wasn't. Then I went to the lab where he said he'd be, and it was destroyed. Just— broken things everywhere. That Mural, Peter, the one that shows New York blowing up. I saw it… There was blood on it and I don't know if it was Nathan's or not."


"Mohinder Suresh?" Peter asks for a repeat, tense expression growing darker at the mention of the man who his brother opted to go visit about that situation. And from his expression, that isn't a man he'd choose to visit over this sort of thing. The rest just earns small nods as he takes in what she has to say, her explaination, which doesn't give him much to go on. "How do you know it wasn't Nathan who called you? What happened with the phone call?" He's asking questions, but at the same time he moves over to the kitchen cabinets, where he knows a few things are.

The drawers he opens doesn't have food, or even utencils, but a map of the city. That's the best he can come up with. It's only the greater Manhattan area, but it's worth a shot… he also grabs some push pins from another drawer and brings it over to the table. "I can try to find him— it may not work, but I should— if it doesn't, I'll track down Mohinder— or… I'll find him, Heidi." It's his brother, after all. There's no one he owes a bigger debt to, for the same explosion that she mentioned seeing— that would be the first place to look.


That's definitely a name Heidi's sure about, so she nods. After finding the book by 'Chandra' Suresh, then tracking down the lab and going to it, she is one hundred percent sure that Nathan said 'Mohinder Suresh.' She can detect that look - that unfavourable look that Peter gets regarding the man's name, and suddenly… Well, she really wishes she would have insisted on going along.

Not that it would have done any good whatsoever, but at least she'd know what happened to Nathan, in a way.

The phone call is something she hates describing in detail. "I could hear static all around me," she says. He'd repeat the same thing the same way, pete. Like a recording. Then." Holding up her hand as if to demonstrate, Heidi continues. "I had the phone in my hand, but it was on the base at the same time. It was only for a second or two at a time. Jack said it was like a hallucination. He's right… That's how it felt."

As Peter finds the map, Heidi scowls. Find him by pulling out a map? She knows Peter is multi-talented, but this… "You can't search the whole City," she says quietly, and should he set the map down, she'll try to push it aside. It's not going to help. They won't find the clues to Nathan's disappearance on a map.


"Hallucination… I've heard of people who can do stuff like that," Peter says softly, frowning as he remembers about the Elle that wasn't Elle and her… issues with an illusionist of the long past. Now that he knows she wasn't Elle, he has to wonder if she even knew she wasn't— if her memory had been played with. She seemed to legitimately be afraid that he might be tricked into being with someone who looked like her, but wasn't her… He can't help but wonder what happened with that situation. It's something he can never resolve. It makes him angry the more he thinks about it, how Sylar stole such a resolution from him…

He shakes his head and spreads out the map, grabbing the push pin. "I can find him with this, Heidi," he insists voice growing a little harsh, until he takes a slow breath and tries to settle it down. He needs to think of a sweet little girl to use this… or in retrospect, he can think of her future counter part. Somehow, that one comes more quickly. Holding the push pin over the map, he closes his eyes and thinks of his brother, and the girl at the same time. "Remember when we were afraid that something would happen to you or the boys? I got this ability so if it did happen… if they disappeared, or if you disappeared, that I could find you— no matter where you were. It doesn't work perfectly, but…" His hand starts to shake and move around, similar to how someone might use one of those divination games.

A single flash of his brother comes into his head. Just his face, not even his physical state, or anything about the room. And down the pin goes— into the table itself, missing the map completely. It hits the wood and then slips from his fingers and rolls away off the table.

He opens his eyes and curses, looking at Heidi. "He's alive— I can tell you that much. Not in the city— at least not in Manhattan."


The bite in Peter's voice is tangible, and Heidi can't help being just a little hurt by it. Why shouldn't she question it? She's worried, and Peter's pulling out a map instead of some sort of huge arsenal, and she doesn't always understand these abilities at first. "Sorry," she says quietly, not trying to explain herself, but instead taking Peter at his word. She can understand her brother-in-law's anger with Nathan being missing. She just wishes it hadn't been directed at her.

At least the temper passes as quickly as it appeared. Nodding in response to Peter's question, she understands - this is one of those Things he can Do. Her doubt does a one-eighty as he opens the map on the table, and she watches. Hopes.

Then the pin lands on the table, which is spectacularly unhelpful. The pressure behind her eyes and in her throat almost drives her to tears, but she swallows the sensation back, and looks away from the map. News that he's alive does cause her shoulders to relax a little, but he's not here. "Where?" she asks, jumping to her feet with renewed hope - and as if she's going to run out into the winter and find him on her own, right now.


"I don't know," Peter says, looking at the map, at the scrap on the table where the pin hit. "Hell, he might even be in the city for all I know," he says with an angry growl, leaving the useless map where it is and bending to retrieve the pin before one of them steps on it. Just as he directed the anger that isn't at her in her general direction, he's growing angry again. Perhaps at his own uselessness, or perhaps at whoever, or whatever, took his brother away.

The Company? It could be. Mohinder works for them after all. That could be a factor. And he's been known to turn people in in the past. He got Cass and Niki and Lachlan all mindwiped because of Lachlan's sister. But why would they kidnap a Senator who might actually need to be in Washington very soon?

It could also be Jack's situation— Elena had mentioned Jack wanting Mohinder as his doctor, and they'd already attacked HIM once over it… So many possibilities… and all the factors are just making his frustration grow. He needs to figure this out. He has to understand it.

As his stands up, his eyebrows are lowered in stress, and he clenches his fist. The table starts to shake, along with the coffee mug. He'd been aiming to toss the map away, in anger at it's uselessness… instead the entire table lifts up and flies across the room into the counter top and cabinets, shattering and cracking as if struck by a battering ram. The coffee mug and the map will meet a similar fate… and as for the other person in the room…


Heidi can't possibly understand what's going on with Peter. She's angry, too, in her own way. Mostly frustrated with the fact that there's not a damn thing she can do to help, and even if the intent was there, she already knows it would be stupid for her to go out and try to fix things herself. It's just that sitting here in the kitchen is accomplishing nothing, and no one's calling her about anything…

So she lets Peter vent his anger. The growl is noted, and she half-turns away to just let her brother be mad in peace. Or, relative peace, at least. As peaceful as things can be with another person in the room, and the cloud of knowledge hanging over your head that someone you love is missing. Alive, though… At least that's encouraging!

"Pete," she says quietly, blue eyes fixing on the table as it shakes. "Peter, it's— "

As the table goes flying, destroying not only it, but tiles and structure of the counter, the cabinets, and things in the cabinets, Heidi shouts, crouching down and bringing an arm over her face to shield her from the flying splinters.

For the first time since the phone call, the abject numbness of the situation abates, and once the timber has stopped flying, Heidi pushes herself back to her feet, and wraps her arms around Peter, gently rubbing his back. "It's okay, Piglet. It'll be all right. It's okay."

Stuck in the arm she used to shield her head is a rather large chunk of wood. She can't feel it beyond a vague recollection that she's been hit by something - there's no pain yet outside a few bumps and scrapes from where the table shattered around her, but as she attempts to comfort her angry sibling, she feels the warmth on her skin…


Alive, but missing. There was blood on the floor mural. The table flying across the room snaps him out of it rather effectively. He'd not intended to lash out quite that badly. The splinters don't just fly toward her, but also to him, slashing his cheek and hitting him in the shoulder. Smaller, thinner pieces, wounds that heal away as she pushes herself to her feet and hugs him. He's still blinking at the table, confused, unsure on how such a thing could happen. He knows exactly what happened, though… it sets into place. He lost his temper. "I didn't— I didn't mean to throw the table." He could have destroyed the whole house… He could have done so much more. The arms around him pull him out of it, looking across at his sister-in-law and taking in a slow breath, "Sorry. I'll find him, Heidi. I promise I'll find him." And… hopefully after they get the kitchen redone… His brother already gets angry at him… at least the boys aren't home. At least none of the help were here.

But the warmth finally catches his attention, and he pulls back to look at her arm. The shock's visible as he sees the damage. "I didn't— sit down. I'll… I'll— I should be able to fix it."


"It's okay, Pete," she says, voice shaking, not from the fact that he threw the table with his mind, but because she's allowing that pent up emotion to seep through. It's comforting to finally cry, even if it's just a little bit. Heidi can get used to just about anything. Flying tables? Yeah, it could have been worse. But they're both okay! Unfortunately, they're going to have to come up with a good reason for the boys as to why the kitchen is in shambles. Luckily, they might buy 'Dinosaurs' as an answer. Or, thanks to their Christmas present, perhaps 'Wraith' would be a better explanation.

As Peter pulls back, Heidi finally catches sight of the piece of oak stuck in her forearm. Now that she sees it, it's starting to hurt! Isn't that always what she tells the boys? It didn't hurt until you looked at it. She has no idea how deeply it's stuck in there, but it's bleeding pretty freely at this point.

After getting over her own initial shock, her eyes meet Peter's. They say what she's thinking better than she could ever vocalise - fear is among the emotions displayed there, but it's more surprise than anything. "I didn't even see— Ow. Ow, it hurts." Far from sitting down, she reaches for the shrapnel in an attempt to pull it out.


"I'm really sorry, Heidi," Peter says, the guilt settling in full. It's rare he injures someone with his little… well he knows it was a tantrum. Something he wants to take out on whoever might be keeping Nathan from coming home. As she reaches to pull out the piece of shrapnel, he doesn't even have time to really stop her, as he puts his hands fully on the arm and think of a doctor that he recently had dinner with. The healing that follows should take away the pain, close up the wound, and heal the skin in a quick moment, leaving the blood that flowed out of her behind.

At the sight of the wound disappearing, he relaxes. At least he can still do something right. "I'm sorry. I'll— I'll go find him. I'm sorry." He lets his hands move away, and already starts to move in the direction of the front door, and his coat. He could teleport, but he certainly isn't about to leave his coat behind in this situation.


As she pulls the large splinter out and the wound heals, Heidi never really feels any severe pain. Dropping the piece of wood to the floor, she instantly heads over toward the sink to clean the blood off her arm. Her breath feels like it's coming in little gasps; she's a little dizzy from seeing the wound, but other than that, she seems unharmed. Now, anyway.

At the sight of Peter leaving, though, she sighs, shaking her head. "Hey. Uh-uh. You know it takes more than that to get to me, right? Come on. By now I've seen just about everything." The fact that she doesn't even think twice before she puts a hand on Peter's shoulder and clamps down is telling of how she feels. It was an accident. Sure, she's a little angry that she's going to have to have the kitchen remodeled, but in the vein of trying to make the best out of any situation, this takes her mind off the fact that Nathan's gone - a little.

Just in case he doesn't stop, Heidi will move in front of Peter to intercept him. Her eyes are red, wet from tears, but hopeful. "He's alive. That's more than we knew before. That's good, Pete. He's alive, probably okay, too, because it's been days. Jack is already out looking for him. Give him a call if you think of it. Maybe you guys can find him together. He's alive."

Heidi searches his face for some indication that her words are helping at all. He helped her, but this is more than just returning the favour. "If you go, be careful."


"Yeah— he's alive," Peter says with a small nod, stopping in his trek to find his coat and looking back at his sister-in-law, and past her into the kitchen, where he grimaces at what he did. "I just wish I knew exactly where he is. I can't— I didn't even see that much of him. Just some of his face— a flash. That's all I got." There's frustration in his voice still, as he tries to figure out why he couldn't get more. There must be something he missed… something that could help him. He just knows he can't blindly teleport just based on his brother's face.

"I'll give Jack a call, see if we can't narrow down where he might be together. I got some people I can question, at least." Mohinder's lab being a starting point— though if she hadn't mentioned the mural on the floor, he might not have any idea where that is. He's never visited Mohinder inside Isaac's Loft before.

Reaching up, he touches her cheek gently, then pulls her arm off of his shoulder. "I'll be careful. I can help Nathan if something happens to me, can I?"


Heidi looks down at her arm. It's healed, but she didn't get a chance to wash it off before Peter started running away. Rubbing at it only manages to push the remaining blood around a bit… As soon as Peter leaves, she'll allow herself to shake, to be afraid of what he did, to let the reality of the fact that his abilities could easily kill someone slip into her mind, only to be pushed aside soon after by the assurance that Peter is her brother, and would never do anything like that on purpose. That he's learned his lesson now without anyone getting seriously hurt. He'll be careful in the future.R
"Yeah, go find him," she says, reaching up as if to touch his cheek in return, only to give his face a playful shove to the side. It looks like she wants to cry, even if she's smiling. Heidi's strong, though. She's toughed things out before, she'll do it again this time.


"Go on. I'll be okay."


There's a worried look, before he reaches to grab his coat and pull it on all the way. "I really am sorry. I didn't mean to hurt you— or mess up your kitchen." Peter grimaces again, before he starts to make his way to the door. This is exactly what happened to his balcony once upon a time, lashing out with telekinesis when angered… but this time someone got hurt. Which means he shouldn't stay here much longer. At the assurances that she'll be okay, he steps out of the door and closes it firmly behind him, and pulls out his phone, trying to think of how he can call to help him with this… Jack's looking. There's so much going on. It's only a matter of time until he finds where his brother went, though, right?

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