2007-08-28: SPOILER ALERT


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Summary: Does anyone really care if a soap opera is spoiled? I think not. But Taine's still trying to get Erin to go out with him. She is resistant to his charms. Alas.

Date It Happened: August 29th, 2007


Lucky Joe's Diner

After a long day of filming, sometimes dinner is the best answer to things. Even if that dinner also happens to be breakfast. Stepping through the door, Taine's dressed in normal, civilian clothes, with a pair of sunglasses perched on his face. As if that's needed in the failing light INDOORS. It's a disguise. The show is getting popular. It works, right? Maybe he's hiding a black eye. He doesn't remove the sunglasses even now. Disguise. Waitresses watch soap operas.

"Booth or table you think?" he asks, in his recognizable Australian accent, looking around and what's available. There's plenty of both right now, including a few seats at the counter. His tone is slightly different than his characters, more rugged and lower class, but the sound remains similar.


Erin keeps her own sunglasses on, too, but for a different reason. It's stressful enough worrying about whether her eyes are acting weird on the set - especially on a dark set where they'd be a lot easier to see if they… But anyway, this is her time to relax a little, so the sunglasses stay on. They're the kind with the little shields on the side - expensive, too. But they do the job they're supposed to do. Ironic, that one would wear dark glasses to keep light in.

"Booth." More private, for one. They're not sitting in the middle of a room surrounded by people. They're still likely to be recognised; now that she's on the show daily instead of, say, weekly, more people are recognising her. And Taine? Well. He's hard to miss when you put him together with the accent. "I knew a day in a soap could last a week, but this one's gone on forever. I'm tired of being rained on."


While she's the one worrying about glowing eyes, Taine's the one who actually has to— nevermind, confidental. The show hasn't aired yet. Spoilers are banned! They've had a local tabloid spread or two, but nothing major yet. Some people suspect they're dating. And part of the rumors are true. He cleared out most of a flower shop of their flowers and stuffed animals in an attempt to woo her. It'd been more an attempt to get her to forgive him, but… it'd worked. Partially. They're talking at least.

"It's been a long day." And he's not talking about the filming day, either. Though that has also been especially long— for him. Due to the… That's also a spoiler.

Moving over to one of the booths, near the closed shades so they won't be seen by people walking down the street, he settles in. The waitress appears, not really looking at them yet, just dropping the menues. "What can I get you to drink today?"

All business. "Iced Tea, sweet," he responds in his accent, which earns a glance, but— she shakes her head. No way, right?


A confidential fact which Erin finds extremely amusing, but they can't talk about that just yet. Or, well, they could. Soap opera spoilers are some of the easiest to come across, since it's hard to keep secret the actions of a show that films daily. Still, there's no reason to spoil the surprise for anyone.

Her hair's still a little damp, even though she tried to dry it. That's why it's back in a ponytail. She's not looking her best at the moment, but that's all part of the disguise, too.

Forgiveness from Erin is hard-won at times. She's stubborn; add that to scared and confused, and you get a woman who's so worried she's going to slip up that she'd love to be able to push everyone away. But Taine… It was more than the flowers. It was the fact that he bothered at all, and while she seems to be resistant to his charm, she can't say she doesn't want him around at all.

She tries to hide her smile by looking down at the table. "Sorry, Taine. It'll be over soon." To the waitress: "Just water for now." After the waitress walks away, Erin leans in, pulling her sunglasses up briefly. "This is karma, you know," she says gleefully. "This is karma, and I'm enjoying every. Single. Minute of it."


The waitress narrows her eyes at the two of them, but takes the drink orders and leaves. Suspicious!

"I wouldn't count on it being over soon," Taine grimaces, his accent making that sound off. Some of the spoilers have already leaked, definitely— hiring certain people to do certain things— that gives away quite a bit, actually. But that still doesn't mean they should ruin the surprise. Resistant to his charms… maybe that's part of the reason he's still trying so hard. So few people are resistant to him. "Karma… I don't believe in karma," he says with a frown, lifting up his menu and flipping through the sections. He stops by the dinner menu. No breakfast for dinner for him. Then he lowers the menu and looks across at her. "What do you mean it's karma? I didn't do anything to deserve this." And she already made him sick. Wasn't that bad enough?


She lowers the sunglasses over her eyes again, sits back, and looks at her menu. "All right, it's not karma," she says. He's right. It's not 'Karma' at all. "It's more like irony." Maybe he can live with that. He probably didn't know what would happen to the character when he was cast as Doctor Pryce. Then again, things have changed so much with their storyline since they both came on board, ideas were formed, and… "I'm glad it's you and not me. And I don't just mean because of the early hours." Other reasons, like… Well, Taine would understand. She hopes.

"And really, it's a good storyline. How often does — " She pauses as the waitress returns with their drinks, then lowers her voice again. "How often does a soap opera stray from amnesia and who's-the-daddy scripts? No one's done this before." She pauses, thinks. Okay, so it has been done, but not quite like this. "It's like cable TV meets General Hospital. It's gonna be awesome."

Then again, to some extent, she's kind of glad it's him and not her. "At least you can come in at a normal time tomorrow, right? We should get breakfast on the way. I'll pick you up." Peace offering for laughing at him, maybe. "…You know, though. I think it's cute."

Erin raises her menu again to pre-emp any thrown dinner rolls.


"It's like a Scifi Made for TV movie night. The ones they show on Saturdays," Taine says with a minor hint of a frustration in his voice. It's certainly unlike anything that he's ever done before, though— it's a strong test of his acting skills to pull it off in a way that isn't entirely terrible… Like some of those Scifi Made for TV movies. Wait, he watches those? Everyone has to have a secret, right? Right. "It's not so bad, though— it certainly isn't the normal soap opera storyline. Else I'd be in about three triangles by now." None of them aware of the other. Maybe with a pair of sisters. Or twins. Or the same woman who's playing evil twins.

It could happen.

"Know what you mean, though," he agrees, putting down his menu now that he's decided. He looks across the table at her, though it's hard to tell through sunglasses. Did she just —- invite him to breakfast? And then say that she thought what he went through every morning was cute?

"…Breakfast it is," he answers, a smile tugging on the corner of his mouth. Laugh it up all she wants. She just asked him to breakfast.


"Come on, it's not that bad." Though that is kinda what she meant by 'cable TV meets General Hospital.' At least both her and Taine can act, unlike made-for-TV Sci Fi movies. They're so horrible, they're almost good, sometimes. Smiling, she goes back to actually looking at the menu instead of using it as a shield. Somewhere, she's hearing whispers. 'That can't be— can it? Nah. He's too short to be Doctor Pryce.'


'Oh, yeah, did you see last night's episode?'

Erin peers over the menu at Taine, mouths 'Kenny,' then goes back to reading. All in all, that was a good episode. And the set work was amazing, so she can give herself a pat on the back for that one. Though… "You know, there was this one part right at the end— " She trails off before she can totally ruin the moment by telling Taine he sounded like he belonged in a Sci Fi movie. "Where the rain was really starting to get to me." At least it's not freezing. STILL. Annoying.


It's easy to recognize character names when people say them. Taine can't help but smile a little. They're gossiping. It's humorous. And thanks to camera angles, he does look taller on screen. "You're not the one who spends four hours in make up…" he reminds her, giving her a look across the table, even lowering his sunglasses enough that it can take. It's not a long look, though, before he pushes it back up over his eyes. But at least she's tactful enough not to tease him TOO much more. Except with the Kenny part.

"Ha-ha. I know the internet forums were probably going crazy. They killed Kenny." She'd said it would happen. She even got a similar line in an upcoming episode that hasn't aired yet, where she thought he was dead. But she still didn't call him Kenny.

"I think they're calling for a dry set, soon. I heard someone complaining that the water bill is getting too high." She's on set. She should know this more. But he's also checking on her all the time with her set crew… because that's what he does. "When will you be picking me up for breakfast tomorrow?"


"Yeah, yeah. I said I don't envy you." She's sure she couldn't do it. "Besides, my face is too pretty." There's a smile, before she sets the menu down. Having decided on what she wants, Erin leans back in the seat and crosses her arms. It's pretty obvious that she's enjoying this immensely. There's other people on set going through the same thing Taine is right now, but none of them are people Erin really knows! Extras are nice enough, but they come and go. Taine has a contract.

"Something to tell your kids about someday."

Ah, the set. Erin does like acting, but she loves the work she does behind the scenes, too. "We have grates in the floor to recycle the water. They don't always work like they're supposed to, though. The filters are breaking, they want more rain, there's always waste. By the end of the day, we only have a quarter of what we started with." Good idea in principle, but yeah. "Apparently August is rainy season in Pennsylvania. No one ever told me that." And she should know. She's from there!

"I dunno. Six?" That'll give them a little time before they have to be on set. At least it's not three or four, like it'd have to be if Taine needed extra time in the make-up chair. "You know what I really hate?"


"You do have a pretty face," Taine compliments her quietly, even if she's covered most of it with sunglasses. But, a moment later, he smiles smuggly, "And I'm just so damn good looking it should be a sin to cover it all up." And it's true! Some of his make up is just terrible. And it's changed like five times while filming. He's sure people in the forums will notice. They keep trying to find cheaper and more efficent ways to apply it, so each episode, he practically has a new nose.

"That's assuming I ever have children," he tags on. Though his children would be beautiful, wouldn't they?

Rain. The fact that they're recycling it at all bugs him. Because make up comes off in it! And it's… dirty. And stuff. It's a good thing it's not cold. "It'll be a short August if they don't make more days out of it. It'll be two days til Halloween at this rate." Halloween. Silly holiday. But he knows that's what they're building towards.

"Six it is. I look forward to seeing you." Six is early, but it's a lot better than the times he's been rolling out of his apartment these days… A lot better. Leaning forward, he can't help but ask, "What do you really hate?"


Erin… Isn't sure what to say to that. She thinks she's pretty, but the compliment from Taine… There's still some hesitation from her regarding him. He's a nice guy, she can't blame him for what she did at all, in any way. If his eyes started glwing, she'd be freaked out, too. She knows this. But it was so crushing at the time… One moment, you have a freak roommate, and you can deal with that! But when you become the freak? Erin's so afraid of hurting people now that she spends most of her time thinking about what she can do. Eventually, though, she smiles.

When the waitress returns to take their orders, Erin orders pasta and a side salad to go along with her water.

Maybe it's the compliment that finally gets her to take the sunglasses off. Her eyes are clear, blue, and un-alien; she leans forward on the table again. "I really hate that despite the fact that Kenny — you know. Right after, his hair is absolutely perfect. Like nothing ever happened. I mean, seriously, come on." Is she going to have to duck flying silverware this time? Raising the drink menu up, she HIDE FROM HIM.


The pasta and side salad that she orders is complimented by a melt sandwich and a stack of fries, which Taine says in a weird way that shows he wants to call them something else all together. Oh well. They're fries here. Once she's gone, he's smiling across the table again, waiting for what she's come up with that she dislikes… and she dislikes his hair? Well, not his hair. But… "Kenneth." Not Kenny. He's never referred to as that by anyone except people off camera. "And yeah— that is rather silly, especially since your hair is still stringy and wet from the rain."

There's a reason behind this. Women with damp hair are often thought of as sexy— and making women look dirtier than men helps make female audiences feel more comfortable.

No thrown silverware. No mocking of her choices, and he even reaches up to pull her menu down some, so that he can smile at her. "The thing I hate the most about it is the wardrobe. I'm wondering how many episodes I'll be stuck wearing the same clothes in the same condition." Which isn't the best condition at all.


Chips! Ha, Erin's totally heard him say it before. Poor Taine. "Kenneth, fine. It's…" She cuts herself off, smiling, shaking her head. She thinks it's a dorky name. The poor guys always get stuck with the weirdest ones. Seriously, there was a 'Drake' on General Hospital. Lucky, too. And Kenneth is like— The kid with the glasses and the overbite who had an IQ of maybe 4 in school. Kenny just sounds cooler. Ken, even better. "You sound like a shoe." It could be a brand name of a shoe, too. THE KENNETH.

A family sits down nearby. Two adults, two kids; one of the little ones is sick. She can't hear it so much as feel it, which is something she's still getting used to. It's not bothersome, just… different. Just in case, she puts the sunglasses back on. Plus, it means that she can pretend she's looking at the drink menu while her eyes are realling cold so she can get rid of the damn virus before everyone else in the restaurant gets it. "Seriously, bringing your kids to a restaurant when they're sick, come on, she mutters under her breath.

With her eyes still closed, she shrugs. "I don't know why you're in such a hurry to be rid of it. It suits you," she says with a chuckle. She does add, however - in comfort - "Don't worry. One day it'll be my turn, I'm sure." No one's safe in a soap opera. Not now, not ever. A perfectly stable storyline could turn upside-down in a matter of an episode. "When I was younger, I told myself to just enjoy the experience. Didn't always work, cuz I— " Was a complete bitch to everyone on set. "Anyway, point is, at least you can say you did it."

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