2008-01-27: Spot of Peace


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Summary: Kory and Peter lead Nathan and Heidi into the dreamworld so that they can all talk, while a war rages around them.

Date It Happened: 27 JANUARY 2008

Spot of Peace


There is a lot to go over before this can begin.

No, there is to much. Let us sum up.

In the last day, Peter met with his dreamwalking friend to discuss strategy. He injured Logan/Nathan under difficult circumstances, and he's being forced to remain in the hospital for a short time. This meant that him and Heidi would be in the same place, likely forced to sleep at certain intervals by the doctors, making it possible for them to dreamwalk into the dreams of a mentally shattered man and his physically shattered wife. Maybe help him out, maybe figure out a way to help him, and hopefully not making things worse.

The dreamscape looks very different when they try to gather together two seperate dreams. Where the two of them lay, half awake, half asleep, is only a block and a half from the hospital, making the stunt easier on the both of them, but still further away than the most idea distance. "Just be careful— Logan already wants me dead. And I'm not very good at hiding my appearance. If he tries to attack me… just don't worry about it, okay? Protect yourself." He can heal— just not from a gunshot to the right part of his head. "If anything goes wrong, get Heidi out first, okay?"


Kory had been preparing to hear from Peter, though certain other things had made it difficult for him to reach her on the first try. Even when they finally made it to the hotel room where they could work together to dreamlink husband and wife, Kory seemed a little fuzzy around the edges, a little cottony and dreamy-eyed. But the effect didn't seem to stop her once she reached toward the hospital and found the dreams. The cotton fell away from her as if blown by a warm western wind as she floated into Heidi's dream first.

"I understand, Peter," she tells him. But her intentions are otherwise. She is tired of seeing people she cares about hurt. She is angry that so much wrong is done. She is angry that the bad guys seem to be winning everywhere but in the comic books, and she's tired of letting the dreams be sweet ones while all this horror happens all around her. She takes the warning seriously, but she prepares, mentally, for the worst.

"Heidi?" she greets the woman. "It's me." She doesn't say her name. Not just yet. Heidi already knows her, and Logan doesn't need the head's up, as she reaches for his dream as well.


Today, Heidi's dream is a little different than it was the first time they spoke. She's been asleep for awhile, and so has had a better opportunity to create a world for herself apart from a hospital room with fluffy clouds.

She's been dreaming about storms a lot.

When Kory appears, there's a slight hesitation on Heidi's part as if she's caught up in the dream and unable to push herself toward reality again. It's raining heavily, and there are clouds as black as tar overhead. There's no thunder, but the threat of tornado seems imminant in the roiling, smokey atmosphere. Slowly, Heidi realises that Kory is here. And if Kory is here, this must be some sort of repeat of last time. And so, she must be dreaming. As this thought crosses her mind, the rain tapers off into a shower, the black clouds become grey, and Heidi pushes wet hair back out of her face, attention on the dreamwalker now. "Did you tell Peter?" she asks.

At least it's not cold in her dream.


And across the way, towards Logan's side of things, there is the sound of distant urban warfare.

Hard to say what it's like when a dream is being shared by two entities already, but there appears to be only one man, sitting on the ledge of a rooftop and peering up a sky that seems to have an approaching storm. It might rain water, it might even rain ash, considering that the spread of city around him seems to have been destroyed. It's not even recognisable as New York anymore, lying broken not from a bomb, but from chaos. In the distance, tanks crawl through the streets, the continual sound of gunshots in the distance punctuates the silence. Logan, or Nathan, or whoever this man is, surveys this kingdom without emotion, perched with his legs precariously over the edge, wearing clothing of nondescript black. If he senses the presence of people who shouldn't be here, he doesn't indicate as such.


"I'm here too, Heidi," Peter says, looking over at his rain soaked sister-in-law. As he'd tried to explain to Kory, there's no real attempt to hide who he is. His hair seems to have gotten longer, and his chin and cheeks far more stubbly than the last time she'd seen him. "I know you're mad at me, but— we're going to try to find Nathan. So we can deal with you being mad at me later." Even though he has stopped in to visit her, read her chart a few times and even drop off flowers, and a picture frame of happier times. She may not have noticed, though, since each time he'd been invisible, and choosing the later hours.

And then… they settle into the new dream and he looks around. His coat is suddenly longer, black, and those bangs fall into his eyes as he surveys the damage. Damage that he would have created if he hadn't been stopped. The rest seems very similar to the future he witnessed… And they're standing on the rooftop— the very one upon which he met "Logan" the first time. A year and a half from now, and half a year ago. And where… for a moment his eyes flicker toward the roof access door.

A deep breath later, and his eyes move back to the man against the ledge. "Nathan?" he opts to call out first.


"I —" Kory was going to finish the sentence, indicating she kept her word to Heidi and told him that she was mad he didn't come by, and that it was Logan. But Peter's presence pretty much makes all that clear, as does his disclaimer.

Kory shimmers in and out of view, as if the stormy skies in both dreams she's pulling together are causing her a signal-to-noise trouble. So she doesn't waste any more time trying to converse. Peter can do that. She makes sure the connection is strong, and settles onto the highest point of the rooftop, a specter, watching from above.


As the dreams join together, as Heidi sees the ruined city from far above, perched on the same building Nathan's on, only with her back to him. Eyes narrowing, she looks down on the chaos, looks over to the clouds that signal the approaching storm, and sees her own dream far in the distance, even if the two have now become one. It's hard to describe, really, but in summary, she'd feel much more comfortable in the storm.

When Peter speaks, she turns toward him, almost smiling, but not quite able to get to that point. As last time, Heidi looks exactly as she sees herself - whole and unhurt, even if she's been a little rained on. Her eyes are somewhat bluer, hair a little shorter, giving her a younger appearance. It's pretty.

Any chance of a smile disappears, though, when she sees Logan sitting on the edge of the building opposite her. Bad dream suddenly got a whole lot worse, and she finds herself trying to decide whether it'd be better to jump off the building and have one of those disturbing falling dreams, or face her would-be killer.


The call of that name makes his back stiffen, shoulders tensing as if preparing for the worst of something, before he braces his hands against the stone ledge and turns to see. No matter which one it is, this one is at least whole as well, none of the bruises from recent scuffles visible, and none of the scarring from even before that there either. There's a long pause of hesitation before he swings his legs back over the ledge to land his feet against the floor of the rooftop, stepping off the ledge and walking closer to the images of his wife and his brother.

"What are you doing out here?" Nathan asks them, tone confused, unable to follow this line of dream-logic. "It's dangerous."


The partial smile would likely be returned over any other circumstance, but this roof— this dream— this person… It steals most of Peter's attention. He breaks from the side that they're standing on, moving away from the younger version of his sister-in-law, the dreamwalker holding them all together, and right to his brother. While he's confused and giving them a yell. Each step has meaning— to get him there quickly.

What are they doing here? Apparently, to start off, the younger of the two brothers is intent on hugging. Arms wrap around the slightly taller and darkly clad man, and he closes his eyes. "I love you, Nathan," he says in that hoarse whisper of his, using the same words that started this whole mess— right before his brother carried him away to nearly get atomized by the bomb that would have turned the city into the sight around them.


It was easy to tell someone to tell Nathan that she still love him, but now looking at him, Heidi feels trepidation bordering on terror. It's hard to separate Nathan from Logan, because they are one in the same, even if they have two distinct personalities and states of being. At least she doesn't opt for the jumping off the roof, which would kind of be a scary experience before she would jolt awake, but… Somewhere in her mind, she does realise that this is her best chance to talk to Nathan. If it's Nathan.

Terror isn't all she feels, though. Much like what happened to her after she broke her back, there's temper. It's an unfamiliar and ugly feeling that is, for now, under her control. While it won't split off into a separate entity like Logan did, it'll eventually rear its head. In any case, she's not running to hug her husband, though at this point, she doesn't believe it's him. She has, after all, been tricked before.

Taking a step closer, she watches the brothers carefully, especially Nathan, to see how he reacts to this hug. Heidi's being careful, and for damn good reason. Last time she trusted Nathan, Logan took over and put her in the hospital.


Nathan doesn't retreat when Peter goes to hug him, too bewildered to really even react at first. The hig feels astonishingly real, as if it weren't merely wishful thinking inside a hallucination. With great uncertainty, Nathan's arms go up to press his hands against Peter's back in answer, blinking over his brother's shoulder at Heidi, as if silently asking her what's going on, or perhaps trying to figure it out himself. However, the sentiment whispered to him steals back Nathan's attention.

Three, two, one— he mutters a curse word and hugs Peter back tightly. "How are you here?" Nathan asks, readily accepting this reality - perhaps it's just better to believe than the alternative. That this is all a trick. He releases Peter, hands gripping his shoulders and pulling him back to study, before looking towards Heidi, almost as if to ask: are you real?

Meanwhile, automatic rifles go off a few blocks away, breaking brick although no screams sound out. Perhaps there wasn't time.


Kory turns, slowly, to stare in the direction of the gunshots. She gestures, and the wind blows around the rooftop, twirling bits of paper and leaves, but making enough whooshing to drown out the sounds of strife and danger. When she's convinced the aerospatial interference has done its job, she returns her attention to the brothers, blinking slowly, like a curious owl.


"Many talents— and the help of good friends," Peter says, pulling back from the hug with his brother's hands on his shoulders and even smiling just a little. Not as much as he might if rifles weren't firing off around them, but at least he's hugging his brother and not getting stabbed or shot in the back. Though he'd been so careful with it before, he glances toward the woman gesturing, as if trying to thank her. He's a terrible liar, even in his dreams.

"Heidi's here too— we both are." And his dream muse as well. There's a pause. A hint of hesitation, even tension. Almost as if he has a question he wants to ask, but he starts to step away— making room for Heidi to get closer if she so chooses. "Don't worry. You'll be safe." Well… she'll be safe. Nathan will be safe. Him and Kory might be another matter.


Again, Heidi tries to smile, and it succeeds to an extent, with the expression showing up in her eyes. It's Nathan, she's sure of it. She thinks she's sure of it. What if it's not? The ghost-smile fades, but she decides to throw caution to the stormy wind, anyway. Covering the distance between them in a few seconds, she'll turn the hug between brothers into a family group hug.

Cold, though. She can feel it when she touches Nathan, like a shock that seems to make her realise that she's been rained on, and she's soaking wet. Letting that water be the infinitesimal distance between them, she takes a step back, putting her close, but not too close. The ghost-smile reappears. "Hey, Poohbear," she says - and yes, she's really here. She won't question how, because powers still don't make the greatest amount of sense to her.

The crack of the gunfire causes her to turn, the sound as much of a reminder as Nathan is of the accident. Her eyes stray upward to Kory as she drowns out the sound, before she turns back to the brothers. Her gaze stays on Peter for a couple seconds, before her focus returns to Nathan; anger, for now, can wait. There are things that are much more important. "…We should talk."


The gunfire is drowned out by a wave of Kory's hand, but perhaps there something bigger out there combating it. As if in defiance, a squadron of fighter jets suddenly roar across the skies, too low for comfort but vanishing into the distance speedily - just not after making the earth tremble a little with their presence.

It's a reminder. There's more than just this man in the dream, one with a little more experience at controlling the subconscious than he.

Nathan glances up at the sky, at the trail left behind by the planes, with obvious wariness, a hand still gripping onto Peter's arm. He doesn't seem to notice Kory at all, focusing now on Heidi. The initial relief he'd shown at the embrace from two of the most important people in the world to him is gone, drained away with remorse, wordless guilt. It's like the first car crash all over again. "I don't have much to say," he admits


Kory frowns, her serene face darkening and furrowing in concentration as more elements of strife keep intruding on this dream that's supposed to allow Nathan and Heidi peace, time to heal. She takes a deep breath, still seated atop a high parapet, legs crossed in lotus. The sky clears, allowing beams of warm sunlight to peep through and comfily spotlight the trio below. The quality of the air seems to change as well, warming from a dismal wintery feel toward something more springlike. Renewal. Rebirth. Redemption, perhaps…


Poohbear. Yeah, Logan wouldn't show guilt after being called that. Peter looks between the man and wife, their dream forms, and then up above to the jets speeding overhead. It makes his brow furrow slightly, but the dreammuse exerts control to try and manage things and he takes in a soft breath. The lack of conversation as yet also seems to have heightened some tension. His clothes have shifted slightly as he bounces in place. Anticipation. They only have a limited chance— who knows when they'll be able to speak to Nathan again. Even if he forced him out once…

He looks around. A wariness visible on his face. Even if Kory's trying to craft the dream into a better one… it could change drastically and she might not be able to stop it… "Nathan— is— he here?" Would his brother know if he was?


As the fighter jets go overhead, Heidi calmly closes her eyes, bites the inside of her lip, and manages to fight off the yell of panic that's threatening to further disturb the calm that Kory's attempting to make for them. Breathe.

Outside the dream in a hospital bed in a sterile, cold room, Heidi's heart rate picks up just a bit, before dropping again.

Eventually, she calms herself again, eyes opening, still valiantly attempting to smile. This fails eventually, though, because she just can't feel it, despite the sunshine and spring that's breaking into Nathan's nightmare. "Was it you? Before the accident. Was it you, or was it Logan?" It's important for her to know, to perhaps confirm that she can still recognise her husband through the fog - and that Logan hasn't stepped up his game.


"Look around you," Nathan says to Peter, a little bitterly, hand finally releasing his arm and instinctively backing up from both. The backdrop is what he indicates, the ruined city, the militant force in the distance, the utter lack of order and control. And the smoke in the air that Kory thins, although Nathan doesn't register the change too much, which is good. Or else Logan might. "He's everywhere." His hands come up to loosen the jacket he wears a little when the world around them becomes a little warmer, less severe, gaze shifting back to Heidi. "…it was me. He was waiting," he says, voice becoming a little rawer. "Only until you knew it was him."


And how, exactly, do you fight something that's everywhere? Peter looks around him, squinting over at the force that he can see down below, the military force, trying so hard to regulate everything within a broken landscape. Just by being here, they're promoted a kind of chaos, took some of the control out of that man's hands… he won't like it. "You're not alone now, at least," he says, once he looks back at his brother, then back to Heidi. There's a pause, before he looks toward Kory again. She's the psych student— she knows far more about how the brain works than he does.


Heidi's answer is a nod. The question is, why isn't she shaking him, telling him how disappointed she is, how she honestly thinks he just wasn't strong enough to prevent it? He and Logan are the same person. Yes, he's sick - this is a disease, and not something so easily controlled by willpower alone. Logically, Heidi knows this, and yet, in practice, she's the one who had to suffer for it. Other people are suffering for it.

And because Nathan is suffering for it, too, that keeps her anger in check. She could yell, but if Logan is this dream and Nathan is just one small part of it, what would shouting do? Cause him to lose himself further? For a moment, a steely irritation is present in her bright eyes, and to hide it, she looks away. Reassurance she can do.

"I'll be all right, Nate," she says. In a halting maneuver, she reaches for his hand. Her own are cold, but if allowed, she'll hold him tightly and try to prevent him from getting away from her. "You know I love you, right?"


Kory would, if asked, tell Peter that Nathan has to want to get better. He has to want to find the strength inside himself to defeat Logan. He has to believe it's better for Logan to be gone, and Nathan to be the strong one. He has to embrace the love and draw strength from it of his own volition. No amount of psychobabble will help unless Nathan decides or chooses to step up. She could, if she weren't taxing her abilities at the moment, say it aloud. Which should be a yellow flag to Peter, that she's so focused in and on the dream. It wasn't this hard for her when they went to see Sylar.

As Heidi speaks of love and Peter speaks of Nathan being not alone, the sunbeams peeking through the clouds brighten and come together over Nathan, warm and clear — a visual indication of what his wife and brother are trying to say to get through to him.


Sunlight in contrast to the cold of his wife's hand, although Nathan doesn't have the audacity right now to tug his hand free of her touch. It was a smart move, on her part - faced with this, the honeymoon period is over, and Nathan sees the open sky as a good medium to run away. Logan has already done enough damage to make it tempting to just sink into this and never come out again, especially when he's surrounded by it, even in dreaming.

"I love you too," Nathan says, with trepidation. No, this, he can't quite stand - this limbo between fleeing and wanting to hold her close. He gives into temptation on one of those counts, perhaps encouraged by the warm of the sun on his shoulders. No matter how angry she is at him, or disappointed, he can't help but pull her into an embrace. Too quiet for Peter, potentially so with Kory but who knows how much awareness she has of this dream, Nathan murmurs to Heidi, "I'm going to fight him."


The returned affections are enough to make the younger of the two brother's smile, though it doesn't last too long. Mostly because… Kory's looking rather rough. Peter forces himself enough out of the dream to glance over and look at her, where they lay beside each other. As he does this, his presence in the dream shifts somewhat, going a little transparent before he determines her nose isn't bleeding or anything. Moving away from his brother and sister-in-law, wrapped in their closeness as they should be, he reaches to touch the dreammuse with his hand, "You're doing fine…" he says, though there's that concern. How much time do they have left, before she stops doing fine? Combining dreams, especially over a distance… he should have realized it'd be hard on her.


The pain's always there, she notices, even when she's dreaming, and Heidi knows that as soon as she opens her eyes, it's going to hurt so much worse than it does with the aches on the periphery of her consciousness. She could list her injuries so that Nathan knows - at least so he knows that her back is just fine, luckily - but that wouldn't help, and she only barely knows the full list herself. It's impossible to focus when they're pumping you full of morphine.

How can you look at someone and feel such an enormous spread of emotions all at the same time? Anger, pity, pain, hope, fondness, love! And finally, when Nathan pulls her close, Heidi sobs and wraps her arms around his shoulders, fingers digging into his back so she can just hold on. Maybe if she keeps him close enough, he won't be able to get away again. "You better," she returns quietly, voice a little heavy with her tears. When Heidi pulls back so she can look him in the eye, a real smile has finally appeared on her face. For the moment, she's lost Peter and Kory, the terrible world around them is sunshine and butterflies and maybe kittens. The feeling will only last for a moment. "I can't yell at you if you're not there." Beat. "You know. A little incentive."


Nathan allows himself a faint smile at her 'incentive', a hand up to brush along her cheek. "Can't wait," he says, head ducking to kiss her, allowing himself to, instead, be lost in this rather than the war torn New York City they're surrounded by. It can't last, however, such equilibriums rarely do.

Kory's control is good, better than Logan would have counted on, and so it's in the very distance that something explodes. The crack of cement and fire makes the world shake a little, but too far away to harm them. Still, there is light from the flames even if they don't feel the heat, Nathan turning his head to look across the cityscape as a skyscraper is taken down. By terrorists? By the military? Does Logan even care?

"You have to go," Nathan murmurs, clearly paranoid, glancing towards the only half-there Peter, then back to his wife, even if he doesn't physically release her. "Don't trust him. Never trust him. If he lies to you, says he's me— he's done it before." A glance to Peter, gaze darker, betraying some deeper hurt. "Jack, he's convinced him too."


Kory can sense the disruptive element, though. She winces, feeling it attempt to shake loose the idyll she's tried to built for the husband and wife reconciliation. "Peter…he's trying …to break in…" she murmurs, almost atop Nathan's warning words to Heidi. "Nathan…if you want to fight…" She trails off, even as she shores up this skyscraper so Logan can't just knock it out from under them all. The clouds break up altogether, bathing Nathan in rejuvenating warmth, reminding him that all darkness can be ended by the light.


The explosion attracts Peter's eyes, startling him as he looks across at the landscape. The city, whether destroyed by him, or by something else entirely, shows the madness that could damage them. It is dangerous— especially with the strain that he can sense from his dreampartner. "We're too far away— it's dangerous for you if we try to stay much longer. If he gets in…" he says to her specifically, in response to the command given by his brother. His eyes look back to his brother, a small nod follows. "I know. Jack's… Jack's on his side. I already promised Trina I'd avoid hurting him, and I will. It's the— no one's quite themselves right now." It's like everyone's equilibrium has exploded into tiny little pieces. And Jack's got drugs to blame for it. "I'll try help him— and I'll try to make sure Logan can't keep using him." Try. So many people to save.


"You'll be okay," Heidi says, though Nathan will definitely feel her tense after the explosion, hands clenching into fists as she again fights the desire to scream. Like Logan had implied, it's all history repeating, and the blue-eyed Petrelli is far away from fixing the emotional scars the accident and the betrayal will leave. She hates Logan like she's never hated anyone, but she loves Nathan so unconditionally in this moment that she doesn't want to let go.

When the panic passes, so does her smile. Her eyes narrow, her gaze practically turns to stone as Nathan tells them that they have to go. Heidi's hands take his face - and not too gently, either. "You fight that son of a bitch," she says. Lets go. Turns her back.

At one point, Heidi asked Peter to test her resolve by trying his pursuasion ability on her. To add to that, Heidi isn't stupid, so, turning to Peter, she says, "Keep Logan away from my room. Do what you have to." The look she gives Nathan over her shoulder is… Genuinely sad, but she doesn't want Logan getting any ideas about controlling Nathan by threatening her. "Tell him he's not allowed near my room, Pete. I'm sorry, Nathan."


"Move her in the day. Another facility," Kory suggests weakly. That way there's no concern over whether Logan can get in her room. If he has no idea where she's been put. They have the money, the Petrellis. "Hide and seek. Mole hole games." Kory doesn't usually speak this cryptically, either; another telling sign that she's not entirely herself, though she's still holding the dream together remarkably well despite the signs of her strength flagging.


It hurts, but it's practical. Nathan only nods his understanding for Heidi's request to Peter, unable to actually vocalise it. "I love you," he tells her instead, backing away. He looks towards Kory at her instruction, almost puzzled. Fight him. Fight him here? He's just one man, Logan is the military, the terrorists, the fire that burns everything to ash. But he nods once. There's really no other alternative, not with people counting on him to do so. His hand goes out to touch Peter's shoulder before he's backing away from all of them. He can tell things are about to fall apart at the seams. "Go," Nathan tells them, as another detonation makes the city tremble, a flash of light, a plume of black smoke combating Kory's sunny skies.


"Moving her won't be enough. He's her husband— the hospitals won't hide her from him without very good reason, and they don't know what's going on." And Peter's not about to tell them either. His brother shouldn't be punished for the actions of his alter ego. "But… I can keep him away from you. Keep Logan away. Don't worry. Forceful restraining order." He looks at his brother, a hint of apology on his face. But then… he looks up at the sky again, the trembling he can still feel. "Yeah, we need to go. Get us out of here."


Kory gestures again, and from somewhere in the distance a flight of pure white doves appears, winging smoothly on the updrafts. One lands on Nathan's shoulder. The rest simply wheel and circle around, cooing in that soothing manner doves have. Another lands on Heidi's shoulder. A third on Peter's. "Easy," Kory says. Domestic violence issues happen all the time. She doesn't give words to the notion, because it speaks of violence, but it shouldn't be difficult to make it out as though the wife and husband are having violent problems between them — problems she needs protecting from. "You can do it, Nathan," Kory says, stepping down and returning to Peter's side. "We'll help." She offers a hand to Heidi first, to get the woman safely back into her own dream. "We can do this again if you need." Her voice is almost ethereal, drifty.


So it's time to get back to the rainstorm. She can feel the dove on her shoulder, looks at it blankly, and allows Kory to take her hand. At least she'll sleep peacefully now, knowing that Peter knows, that Nathan will be fighting Logan, that one day, the world will return to normal. Still, she can't help allowing a couple tears to fall before she leaves this place. Her hand mops them away.

She wishes she could be there for Nathan, but she can't at the moment. The memory will have to do. "It'll be okay," she says again, before allowing herself to be guided back into her dream.


Kory glances one more time at Nathan, meeting his eyes unflinchingly, before she takes Heidi's hand. She wraps the other woman in her arms, and a sunbeam falls on them. They ride it upward into the brilliance of the sun, vanishing into the sky. ON the other side is Heidi's quiet storm, where Kory makes certain the woman is securely back in her own dream before letting her consciousness drift off the dreamtime altogether. In their hotel room, she will drift from dreamtime to sleep, almost at once. Peter will find it very difficult to waken her for some time.


"We can do this again— we'll be here for you, Nathan," Peter adds with a hint of a smile tugging on the corner of his mouth, before he moves to push himself back into his body. On his own. Kory did all the hard work keeping the dream together, but he still has to make it back… "Sleep well, Nathan," he adds, hoping that his brother will someday have better dreams waiting for him. Once he's awake, he stays near the dreammuse, until she wakes up, standing by with water and food both. It will take some time before he can make it to keep his promise to Heidi.


And he's alone on the roof once more, watching as they seem to fly away, and clouds and rains of ash begin to blot out that ray of sun. The dove on Nathan's shoulder takes off, spreading white wings to soar over the ledge of the iconic rooftop, a pure smudge against the grey and hellish landscape. Then, the chain reaction begins, buildings imploding and crumbling inwards as explosions take them out, cutting a path through the city landscape towards him, an enraged trail of destruction drawing a new scar through the desolate city, headed for the building. As if it would help, Nathan backs up several feet, watching the blazes send cement sky high.

This is his mind. He should be able to have some control, damnit, and as tempting as it is to fly away, there's only so much fleeing can do. There's only so much strength he can lend Logan.

Nathan reaches out a hand towards the stone ledge, warmed from the recent sun exposure, waiting as the destruction comes closer. He flinches as a building gives in not so far away, other arm coming up to protect his face from the heat and debris, and he can feel the structure he stands on begin to tremble.

Easy, like Kory said, Nathan decides this building is his… and the trembling stops. The war continues around him, but in the middle of it, the building stays standing. With a shuddery sigh, Nathan simply leans there, before resuming his perch on the ledge, his claimed spot of peace. Easy.

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